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  1. Ben Holt

    Ben Holt

    Day ago

    That is not how British people speak. That shit is a stereotype

  2. kevin mom

    kevin mom

    Day ago

    tim omg kevin

  3. kevin mom

    kevin mom

    Day ago

    kevin be like bro wtf is worng with 😔😔

  4. rikard kermezi

    rikard kermezi

    Day ago


  5. phantom


    3 days ago


  6. John Doe

    John Doe

    4 days ago

    Lmao love these vids

  7. Keith Ballysingh

    Keith Ballysingh

    9 days ago

    Is it weird that I really watch because of Kevin 😅😅.. and when Tim shouts out Good Morning.... I need to set that as my ⏰.....

  8. Brodie Mccluer

    Brodie Mccluer

    10 days ago

    Bro the LC10 is one of the best smgs in the game Tim you are sleeping on it

  9. LC_Thrillxz


    11 days ago

    It's great when Tim screams ooooh d

  10. Finn Mulvehill

    Finn Mulvehill

    14 days ago

    Who is here from dsicks tiltok vid😅

  11. musikmonkeymon


    15 days ago

    I play with a wired controller so i dont have to worry about my shut dying lol

  12. EpikMurk


    16 days ago


  13. saxophone marvin

    saxophone marvin

    16 days ago

    The one that said no mames guey lol

  14. Bak3d Gaming

    Bak3d Gaming

    17 days ago

    LC10 still slaps to this day….. if you miss even a couple shots tho your dead to an mp5 or Mac-10

  15. John Zebrowski

    John Zebrowski

    17 days ago

    The annoyed reaction laparoscopically observe because spruce ultrascructurally screw qua a ruddy element. clever, free mouth

  16. somthay Thao

    somthay Thao

    19 days ago

    "CHEIF, WAKE UP" - best line form Halo 4

  17. jsk170


    20 days ago

    Hey just wanted to say Upci church locator for a church near you Jesus loves you Acts 2:36-42 changed my life it’s available for everyone

  18. kash white

    kash white

    21 day ago


  19. DJ Burr

    DJ Burr

    22 days ago

    Can you do spectating duos with Nick

  20. Toni sandora

    Toni sandora

    22 days ago

    I died when I heard "you bald piece of shit"

  21. Logan Wiseman

    Logan Wiseman

    23 days ago

    Bro didn’t use that plate because he had 3 left. And if he got shot he would have full armor back not a partial one

  22. Arley Baron

    Arley Baron

    23 days ago

    If I’m honest, I hate watching people play games, then I found u

  23. OmieSaiyan


    23 days ago

    these stream snipers just be chilling all day till its time to join lobbies like tims lmao

  24. K99 R3T0rN0

    K99 R3T0rN0

    23 days ago

    Bro im getting familiarized with "spectate me" like... This nigga show up on Jev's channel and now in Tim channel.

  25. Justin Wagner

    Justin Wagner

    24 days ago

    Doesn’t these solo spectating vids bring down his kd cause he dies twice and only gets one kill

  26. Joel Pooran

    Joel Pooran

    25 days ago

    Jev deserves some hard credit for the idea

  27. Warfighter


    25 days ago

    8:00 I fucking despise the way this guy plays.

  28. x Vortex

    x Vortex

    25 days ago

    dafuq the first kill from the ttv dude shouldnt even hit he aimed left from the guy. Watch it im 0,25

  29. Ethan Hughes

    Ethan Hughes

    26 days ago

    Imagine going afk while Tim is spectating you 😭

  30. Jeff 1911

    Jeff 1911

    26 days ago

    ive killed swagg many times on plunder lol and im not very good

  31. spl1t


    26 days ago


  32. ThatOneGuy Gaming

    ThatOneGuy Gaming

    26 days ago

    tim should let stream snipers in his solo game and make a spectating my stream snipers video

  33. Steven Davis

    Steven Davis

    26 days ago

    I subscribe for you Kevin

  34. Big Tenn

    Big Tenn

    27 days ago

    D was the only kill Dr. Dilly had

  35. Slopeszzz Zzzz

    Slopeszzz Zzzz

    27 days ago

    Also. Chief with the LC10 I love you man. Sorry bout the controller shit.

  36. Slopeszzz Zzzz

    Slopeszzz Zzzz

    27 days ago

    Dude makes me so happy. I just got out of the ER and I’m smiling cause USgone. Thanks Tim.

  37. Tyler Gardner

    Tyler Gardner

    27 days ago

    Imagine trying to kill Tim everyday jus to end up for him spectating you 🤣

  38. robert rasul

    robert rasul

    28 days ago

    I would kill for Kevin

  39. Robert Rose

    Robert Rose

    28 days ago

    I love how Tim talks to them like they are listening



      24 days ago

      How do you not know what stream sniping is?

  40. Jake Shelton

    Jake Shelton

    29 days ago

    Ha you think im not subbed fuckin hilarious tim

  41. Heyoka


    29 days ago

    I'm so glad you're getting this amazing exposure from these spectating solo videos! ❤ Keep on capitalizing on what's working 🤙🤙 you deserve every new viewer. So glad theres a group of actually funny cod streamers to watch nowadays. Havent watched any cod content since like mw2

  42. Devon Jones

    Devon Jones

    Month ago

    Love you timmmyyyyy

  43. Sindividual


    Month ago

    "Lets goo BOB!!"

  44. OrignialDonk


    Month ago

    “Tim have my babies” 😭😭😂😂 i died

  45. Bearded Wonder

    Bearded Wonder

    Month ago

    1v1 me bro lmao

  46. Arron


    Month ago

    Can he hear you while spectating



      24 days ago

      do you not know what stream sniping is?

  47. Cole Roberts

    Cole Roberts

    Month ago

    Respect for tim getting the bag on these vids

  48. Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Month ago

    hello tim

  49. Robert Hamilton

    Robert Hamilton

    Month ago

    Mhmm WineTime

  50. Matthew Fenton

    Matthew Fenton

    Month ago

    his kd - - - - - - - - -1.00

  51. Mad__ Minotaur

    Mad__ Minotaur

    Month ago


  52. Drew Jorde

    Drew Jorde

    Month ago

    You should shout out expel since he’s the one who started the whole spectating solos and you do it exactly how he does putting the stats for each player. He deserves it.

  53. Ad Rollason

    Ad Rollason

    Month ago

    That game winning snipe was about a foot above the his head. hit boxes are so shot in this game



      24 days ago

      it's not hitbox, it's game packet latency.

  54. Levi Jones

    Levi Jones

    Month ago

    thats abuse to cevin

  55. try hard zion

    try hard zion

    Month ago

    That hurt for you dieing to fall damage that hurt it is the hardest part of spectating 1 game

  56. Brandon Thomas

    Brandon Thomas

    Month ago

    I've been having a problem lately where my controller on Xbox will randomly disconnect while playing Warzone. Batteries are full, only happens on WZ. Happens at the worst times.

  57. Jawad Haddad

    Jawad Haddad

    Month ago

    The noxious coin superiorly mug because men naturally check as a teeny-tiny jellyfish. supreme, fretful card

  58. Grant Post

    Grant Post

    Month ago

    Poor Kevin always getting yelled at

  59. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith

    Month ago

    i loved the zombies vids you should do a little more

  60. Cowden 77

    Cowden 77

    Month ago

    I wish I had this game

  61. Dolbec Entertainment

    Dolbec Entertainment

    Month ago

    hahahaha spectate me play solo exactly like me

  62. Kevin Jay Pattie

    Kevin Jay Pattie

    Month ago

    Dude, this is my first time watching you, and you scream my name out like that! I just crapped my pants a little but now I’m engaged, you got my attention! Let’s spectate! Kevin has spoken!

  63. AZninja2112


    Month ago

    Random death Com: "No mames wei" TIm: "FOR THE QUEEN"

  64. Y A Z H

    Y A Z H

    Month ago


  65. mad_ maniac2

    mad_ maniac2

    Month ago

    This is why I play with my charger in the playstation so I can just put it in

  66. Lockandloaded 45

    Lockandloaded 45

    Month ago

    As u can see when Tim said d is representing his community it means its dying like he did 🤣

  67. Marcus Bolte

    Marcus Bolte

    Month ago

    Definitely sleeping on lc10 tim

  68. Redemption Joms

    Redemption Joms

    Month ago

    Cheif wake up 😂😂😂

  69. wupize


    Month ago

    i went from playing warzone. to sometimes playing and watching tim. to never playing and watch tim spectate randoms in solos. wtf.

  70. gaming wrld godtier

    gaming wrld godtier

    Month ago

    I literally won a game the other day with the exact same circle like literally every inch of the circle was the same

  71. Kimberly Patterson

    Kimberly Patterson

    Month ago

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  72. WatchDogs9


    Month ago

    The “I know” LMAO 😂

  73. SS


    Month ago

    let me get this straight. Now we are watching people watch, other people play video games on the internet...

  74. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez

    Month ago

    When I saw the Title I said hell nah

  75. JusT Shushhh

    JusT Shushhh

    Month ago

    Sappening gentleman, ladies… please could you check my Cold War Ps5 sniping gameplay out?! Happy to return feedback or whatever 😌 peace ✌️

  76. Gabriel Diaz (Student)

    Gabriel Diaz (Student)

    Month ago

    But 20 is not 30 tim

  77. King Sosa 1018

    King Sosa 1018

    Month ago

    Imagine losing a gulag and watching the guy just kill himself straight after

  78. xProxifyy


    Month ago

    Handler, ExoGhost, Futives, & Marksman (vs) TimTheTatman, CouRage, Nickmercs, & Cloakzy...

  79. Gabriel Zarazua

    Gabriel Zarazua

    Month ago

    Subscribed cause of these spectating videos. Keep em’ coming!

  80. abruted


    Month ago

    Play duos with d

  81. EXP1RED C00K1ES


    Month ago

    It actually is so annoying that this man is doing spectating solos every single video after faze jev started the trend

  82. Rhys Thornton

    Rhys Thornton

    Month ago

    Do y’all realize that this “Spectating Video” has 50k likes

  83. panchovillaxx7


    Month ago

    Lol you see the random moving? Yeah that’s mods dude or whatever that bs they use to take advantage on other players,

  84. Vanessa Winn

    Vanessa Winn

    Month ago

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  85. Shawn McDowell

    Shawn McDowell

    Month ago

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  86. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie Griffin

    Month ago

    I just noticed that you use the same face on your content that is spectating on solos

  87. Derek Bird

    Derek Bird

    Month ago

    On the next spectating video we all comment Kevin abuse

  88. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Month ago

    "I'm Hulk Hogan, and I'm gonna kick that other Warzone player's ass!"

  89. Aric Coleman

    Aric Coleman

    Month ago

    That LA gamer kid is nasty bro

  90. Farmnorway


    Month ago

    «You are not going to belive» youtubers in a nutshell

  91. Kevin Mainz

    Kevin Mainz

    Month ago

    Yay my Name is in the Video

    • dcoog anml

      dcoog anml

      Month ago

      The content that this guy has is absolutely hilarious af

  92. Deus Cognito

    Deus Cognito

    Month ago

    You sounded like Biden at the very beginning of the video 😂 💀

  93. Josh


    Month ago

    Spectating videos are better than all the others. Because everything every player they spectate does is based off something a youtuber or twitch streamer does LOL. It is like Michael Jordan watching a person play basketball who plays at the YMCA for the exercise, and Jordan saying yeah, he watched me in my days when I did layups like that. His shots look great, he watched Reggie Miller LOL

  94. MordenBearded Philospher

    MordenBearded Philospher

    Month ago

    player breathes- Tim chat he is hacking

  95. PyroClops


    Month ago

    D :( F in chat For D 🥺

  96. Слава Шихов

    Слава Шихов

    Month ago

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  97. James Schulz

    James Schulz

    Month ago

    Sorry Timmy I been watching your videos thinking I was subbed to ya. turns out I wasn't but I am now

  98. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiu

    Month ago

    "I'm Hulk Hogan, and I'm gonna kick that other Warzone player's ass!"

  99. Jonathan Ramirez

    Jonathan Ramirez

    Month ago

    Does anybody know how many yrs of fps gaming tim has under his belt? Like a collection of all hrs games over his gaming career?

  100. It’sVibez


    Month ago

    haha that hop made me cringe for a second hahaha me and Tim made the same face hahaha