I survived 100 Days as a COW in Minecraft

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►Episode - I survived 100 Days as a COW in Minecraft


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  1. Uros Blazic

    Uros Blazic

    17 minutes ago

    my brain be like:why u just dont kill him bro :/

  2. Marcus Mousoulou

    Marcus Mousoulou

    26 minutes ago

    Why is this pinned

  3. British Pug productions

    British Pug productions

    30 minutes ago

    soo 100 days as your mom haha

  4. Karen Marston

    Karen Marston

    40 minutes ago

    Lol the name tinkebell

  5. Chrisnugget10


    Hour ago

    1:18 when the doom music kicks in

  6. Chazy!


    Hour ago

    H..he has cooked beef in his hand! Ahhhh

  7. Kalse


    2 hours ago

    47:41 JoJo Reference

  8. Tan Nicholas

    Tan Nicholas

    3 hours ago


  9. Jon Ligwatan

    Jon Ligwatan

    4 hours ago

    A cow eating cow meat

  10. Lorna Claydon

    Lorna Claydon

    4 hours ago


  11. Boris Hugejass

    Boris Hugejass

    4 hours ago

    If that vegan teacher was a gamer

  12. ally’s tea

    ally’s tea

    5 hours ago

    I love these vids

  13. Roslyn Marshall

    Roslyn Marshall

    5 hours ago


  14. SweetPoisonYT


    6 hours ago

    This is ass he takes 0 damage like its not even anything cool and he acts like its so hard

  15. Carsen Gaspar

    Carsen Gaspar

    6 hours ago

    How to did he not see you on the fence

  16. Khôi Anh Đặng

    Khôi Anh Đặng

    6 hours ago

    I see a cow ate beef XD

  17. marco polo

    marco polo

    7 hours ago

    French rabets

  18. Mae Ikerd

    Mae Ikerd

    7 hours ago

    52:00 seep

  19. Frog


    9 hours ago

    I surviver th3 auction! Black people in the 1900s be like: first time?

  20. Mansion Booker Studios

    Mansion Booker Studios

    9 hours ago

    Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that need to be freedom

  21. crusher 226

    crusher 226

    10 hours ago

    Yea uh when breaking blocks in that texture pack you can see a nazi symbol

  22. Nora Tamashasky

    Nora Tamashasky

    10 hours ago

    Unicorn: blah blah blah my great amazing cow Ryguyrocky: Gertrude’s dead. Unicorn: dang it Me: *celebrating*

  23. Bob Miller

    Bob Miller

    10 hours ago

    i think the dumbest part is when he goes down stairs because cows cant go down stairs

  24. a weird noob

    a weird noob

    10 hours ago


  25. Traci Daly

    Traci Daly

    10 hours ago


  26. SÃM Plãyz

    SÃM Plãyz

    10 hours ago

    i feel like he might start with sheep or pigs

  27. Ty_ Time

    Ty_ Time

    11 hours ago

    He is so mad about these buildings one-ten but they look so fun!!!

  28. ROBLOX seashell Studios

    ROBLOX seashell Studios

    12 hours ago

    Can you survive 100 days as a horse

  29. phantom rblx

    phantom rblx

    13 hours ago

    Says u can fall here and fail the challenge in the mine place when he has fell to his death before and ignored it

  30. Ford Sturgill

    Ford Sturgill

    13 hours ago

    county fair more like cownty fair

  31. Godzilla


    13 hours ago


  32. Dead Shot

    Dead Shot

    13 hours ago

    On day 26 where did you get that steak 😂😂

  33. Fishy


    14 hours ago

    Why you say you like to save your comrades but you have cooked steak

  34. Jennifer Crumpton

    Jennifer Crumpton

    14 hours ago

    Do 100 days capitalise a dolphin



    15 hours ago

    Can you do a fish restraunt and a aquarium

  36. Eric French

    Eric French

    15 hours ago

    Be a sheep for 100 days

  37. Alice Walicy

    Alice Walicy

    16 hours ago

    10:4 Dude you are a cow right? *Then why are you eating steak?*

  38. Lunar


    16 hours ago

    Him: lOoK At ThE rEmInDeR Me:oh shi-

  39. johanna nordstedt

    johanna nordstedt

    16 hours ago


  40. fåřłīøň


    16 hours ago

    Can you do sheep pls

  41. Nicole Fetchko

    Nicole Fetchko

    16 hours ago


  42. Cyrus Scheidler

    Cyrus Scheidler

    17 hours ago


  43. Jet’s  Next Story

    Jet’s Next Story

    17 hours ago

    A breakfast place with pig

  44. OK_Booner


    17 hours ago

    The texture packs mining texture is a nazi symbol

  45. dreaded ascendance

    dreaded ascendance

    17 hours ago

    Would love to see you do this as a cat or wolf

  46. Jet’s  Next Story

    Jet’s Next Story

    17 hours ago

    Cows are worth like 5000 dollars not 75

  47. Springtrap the destroyer

    Springtrap the destroyer

    17 hours ago

    He ain’t a real cow he a human in a cow costume

  48. Jinksyy


    17 hours ago

    3:37 noticed how whenever he broke something a swatztika would form

  49. xX0chako_Uraraka152


    17 hours ago

    “Tinker belle” 😂😂😂

  50. Addisu Bekele

    Addisu Bekele

    17 hours ago

    TV be like: ORA (no one is talking about the mojo refrence

  51. The Port Killa

    The Port Killa

    17 hours ago

    Whenever he mines something there’s a nazi symbol

  52. Hayden Brendel

    Hayden Brendel

    17 hours ago

    Cows are actually worth 2000 dollars or more sometimes. Cheap ones are 500 dollars or more

  53. lillybethel


    18 hours ago

    Why was uni a cow?-

  54. Tuan Rishan

    Tuan Rishan

    18 hours ago

    I think pig

  55. Bogdan Pitigoi

    Bogdan Pitigoi

    18 hours ago

    48:42 Jojo Bizarre Adventure SP

  56. IronRiver L

    IronRiver L

    18 hours ago

    Why do you have steak in your inventory you you cannibal

  57. Hans Macalintal

    Hans Macalintal

    18 hours ago

    *see the day 100 cow of the thumbnail* Me: IS THE MUSCLE MILK COW!!! Tinderbell:MOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  58. Robby Jack

    Robby Jack

    19 hours ago


  59. Elijah Hughes

    Elijah Hughes

    19 hours ago

    sheep next?

  60. HaRae Jordan

    HaRae Jordan

    19 hours ago

    Umm WHAT.. you are literally EATING your FRIENDS huUh

  61. Darkmoonxnight


    19 hours ago

    You should do a video where you’re the farmers dog and your job is to destroy the farm and save all the animals but don’t get caught

  62. Kevin Young

    Kevin Young

    19 hours ago

    I think it’s gonna be a sheep next since in the chicken episode at the end there was a cow. Now in this one there is sheep in the back.

  63. Bwdt G3ame

    Bwdt G3ame

    20 hours ago

    I know they roleplayed it it up buts its fun to watch

  64. negative YT

    negative YT

    20 hours ago

    vegan teacher's sec channel XD

  65. afifraiyan


    20 hours ago

    Vegans be like

  66. Kunal Pandey

    Kunal Pandey

    20 hours ago

    a dragon farm :)

  67. T Mc

    T Mc

    21 hour ago


  68. REDA FF


    21 hour ago


  69. Robert Wessinger

    Robert Wessinger

    21 hour ago




    21 hour ago

    He is a cow and he is eating steak

  71. Jennifer Crumpton

    Jennifer Crumpton

    21 hour ago

    Try survive 100 days as a pig

  72. Jennifer Crumpton

    Jennifer Crumpton

    21 hour ago

    Survive 100 days as a pig

  73. Poopyfarts


    21 hour ago

    What’s next a pig

  74. The weird guy

    The weird guy

    21 hour ago

    10:28 his food is cow

  75. random games

    random games

    21 hour ago

    Dig down dig strayt true the wall done

  76. Edmund Gadrina

    Edmund Gadrina

    22 hours ago

    I want shep

  77. Cakeyplaysroblox


    22 hours ago

    Sheep farm!!

  78. mass


    22 hours ago

    Mad cow disease

  79. Pro58


    22 hours ago

    3:39 The tree breaking pattern looks like a swastika

  80. Kait Mob

    Kait Mob

    23 hours ago


  81. Phoenix Gaming

    Phoenix Gaming

    23 hours ago

    sheep hmm ?

  82. Anime Fan1

    Anime Fan1

    Day ago

    Do pigs and add a character called technoblade

  83. Anime Fan1

    Anime Fan1

    Day ago

    Yes jojo op let’s go dude

  84. X botcenzo

    X botcenzo

    Day ago

    Pig or sheep

  85. Pig🐷🐽


    Day ago

    Omg This is so fun and so cool



    Day ago

    i think it goats or sheep

  87. Oliver Kucza

    Oliver Kucza

    Day ago


  88. Dieren leven XD

    Dieren leven XD

    Day ago

    I realy think sheep’s

  89. Man of space

    Man of space

    Day ago


  90. Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Day ago

    The scarce lion neuropathologically snore because bedroom meteorologically imagine pace a receptive mimosa. marked, chemical football

  91. DutcharnyYT


    Day ago

    Do a scheeep

  92. HiddeForceOne


    Day ago


  93. Mr anything Shawn

    Mr anything Shawn

    Day ago

    Dude There was sand in the corner of the map

  94. Fungal Kid

    Fungal Kid

    Day ago

    You should have tina and goldy helping making is harder and better and more fun