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I attempt to cut Dan's hair ..our floor will never recover from this.

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  1. Mai M

    Mai M

    Hour ago

    the sims 4 looking lamp in the background makes me miss Dan and Phil games 😭

  2. j j

    j j

    11 hours ago

    Feels like I'm 12 again :)

  3. asmaa


    23 hours ago

    almost 20 and they’re still as funny as when i was 11

  4. cyrbstomp


    Day ago

    Im kinda crying a little bit, they give me so many memories of better times of being a 12y/o seeing them live in toronto :)

  5. Joan Wong

    Joan Wong

    2 days ago

    idk where to put this but Dan and Phil give off Bert and Ernie from sesame street energy

  6. Creamcake Coffee

    Creamcake Coffee

    2 days ago

    You two are my childhood

  7. Mic Katt

    Mic Katt

    2 days ago

    I wish they would continue Dan and Phil gaming :(

  8. Emily


    2 days ago

    15:17 he sounds like Elmo lmao

  9. ObliviousPoptart


    2 days ago

    as someone who shaves their own undercut once a month, phil's technique for shaving dan's hair is frankly terrifying. not the razor part, the guard makes it v safe, but his entire technique is......so scary and i was terrified for dan's hair and whatever the end result would be the whole video

  10. Emma Smith

    Emma Smith

    2 days ago

    15:03 phils face

  11. Jessica Cleveland

    Jessica Cleveland

    2 days ago

    Im getting middle school flashbacks

  12. Modernjuliet247


    3 days ago

    I wonder when Dan will post again

    • Stephanie


      17 hours ago

      on june 25th

  13. Your Brother Will

    Your Brother Will

    3 days ago

    anyone else here because they forgot about these dudes for like 4 years then out of nowhere were like " ah dan and phil, i remember those guys"

  14. Lomair x

    Lomair x

    3 days ago

    There will always be a special place in my heart for these two

  15. Max The Random Lepurchaun

    Max The Random Lepurchaun

    3 days ago

    y’all already moving houses?

    • Stephanie


      17 hours ago

      they actually have finally moved

    • Ella Elliott

      Ella Elliott

      3 days ago

      They've been trying to move for the past like five years

  16. ivyginny


    3 days ago

    D'you know what, Phil? That bit from the editing at the end, with you just calmly, genuinely speaking about something that's important to you? In your glasses and all? That made me the most happy, and I would like to see more of that. You gently telling us about interesting things just because; no big production or anything.

  17. singularityves !

    singularityves !

    4 days ago

    1:11.... WHY IS HE SO LOUD PLS DAN 😭

  18. sini cree

    sini cree

    4 days ago

    Dan: goes into talking about depression and anxiety and how far he's come from 10 years ago Phil: says something awkward and funny I swear they just make each other laugh everytime. I love you both

  19. Pinche puta

    Pinche puta

    4 days ago

    1 minute in and we have Phil getting his finger stuck in a pair of scissors

  20. Rose-Rainicorn


    4 days ago

    The link to Dan's book doesn't seem to be working? Might just be my phone though lol. Happy to see you guys happy! :)

  21. Itz_ Ella

    Itz_ Ella

    4 days ago

    I’m 17 and still loving them both just as much as I did when I was 14 damn I guess it was never a phase

  22. Alaska Moran

    Alaska Moran

    4 days ago

    Dan literally looks like my mom in her 20s. Omg

  23. Cassie


    4 days ago

    Phil got his finger stuck in the scissor is a wonderful (hilarious) start to this adventure :)

  24. Mary fir

    Mary fir

    4 days ago

    ‘The very top is ok, It’s fine I’m a good top...just the bottom, people might want it but it’s not there’ Well 🤔

  25. Mary's Side

    Mary's Side

    4 days ago

    i laughed so much, i kicked the wall.

  26. Harley Ponder

    Harley Ponder

    5 days ago

    My stomach hurts from laughing

  27. N Ifeoma

    N Ifeoma

    5 days ago

    Wow bringing back memories from being 14 and I’m now 20 graduating. Thanks lads!

  28. rue


    5 days ago

    i missed yall so much

  29. Milo will commit arson

    Milo will commit arson

    5 days ago

    i love that im watching this video while cutting my own hair. - i guess i should say was bc now im focused fully on the vid

  30. Kiara Rose

    Kiara Rose

    6 days ago

    I started watching them when I was 12 and now I’m almost 20. I still love them just as much.

  31. the devilizzed

    the devilizzed

    6 days ago

    timestamps of screamers: 0:19 1:07 5:30 6:05 6:21 8:04 8:50 11:56 12:10 12:37 12:56 14:13 14:15 15:16 15:39 15:52 17:43

  32. Zap Husky Plays

    Zap Husky Plays

    7 days ago

    Aldo can we talk about Phil's little secret message at the end of the video it's so sweet and heartwarming!💓💕💓💞

  33. kc


    7 days ago

    This is amazing I've missed this so much I am so happy to see this

  34. L X

    L X

    7 days ago

    You were both hilarious.

  35. Alysia Says Hss

    Alysia Says Hss

    8 days ago

    who else misses Dan and Phil gaming:(

  36. Melena DiNenna

    Melena DiNenna

    8 days ago


  37. Katelyn Marsh

    Katelyn Marsh

    8 days ago

    18:27 just a lil bookmark

  38. Booyah Purgatory

    Booyah Purgatory

    8 days ago

    i forgot how much this banter makes life feel doable

  39. Skullboy64


    9 days ago

    I remember when I was still a wee lad watching dan and phil playing games. And now that we are seeing more of dan again, all those memories I had of them being dorks playing video games just started flooding in and I almost cried.

  40. Raissa


    9 days ago


  41. SevyPlays


    9 days ago

    Those scissors were ready to be a ring

  42. Isabella Jego-Trunk

    Isabella Jego-Trunk

    10 days ago

    Petition for Dan and Phil to recreate Phil is not on fire 1

  43. Jupterinabottle . . .

    Jupterinabottle . . .

    10 days ago

    "guys basically i'm FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY"

  44. Kaleigh Dawn

    Kaleigh Dawn

    10 days ago

    It warms my heart to know at the age of 13 they made me laugh and now at 21 I’m laughing just as hard as I did back then thank you for being a constant in my life ♥️♥️♥️

  45. Wyrihu


    10 days ago


  46. Wyrihu


    10 days ago


  47. RandomStuffz


    10 days ago

    Phil looking so good in longish hair, he should keep it

  48. Clary Radford

    Clary Radford

    10 days ago

    Literally been cry laughing this entire video

  49. Emma Abdul-Jabbar

    Emma Abdul-Jabbar

    10 days ago


  50. Gizmo_PugLife


    11 days ago

    -100 out of 10

    • Irina Waldo

      Irina Waldo

      10 days ago

      lol why were you wearing a blindfold while watching XD

  51. Vi Cardoso

    Vi Cardoso

    11 days ago

    I just love seening them... Just being them

  52. Bella James

    Bella James

    11 days ago

    i have never related to anything more than i do to phil getting trigger happy with the scissors and just randomly snipping

  53. Space Monkey

    Space Monkey

    11 days ago

    My hearing was almost restored without Dan but here we are again

  54. Dani Brooks

    Dani Brooks

    11 days ago

    Dan was fully about to say "One star: A guy trapped me in his house for ten years" as if he wasn't the one who kidnapped Phil 😂

  55. Jennity


    11 days ago

    DAN: Decapitated And *Live* 👍👍

  56. Werdo


    11 days ago

    I just found out I’m dan’s birthday buddy.

  57. Priscilla Salcedo

    Priscilla Salcedo

    11 days ago

    I love them together lol

  58. ксюша


    11 days ago

    the editing is so well done!!

  59. Diana


    11 days ago

    It's insane to me that phil started making videos when i was 2, and now im 17... (2006-now)

  60. Kinsey Stubbs

    Kinsey Stubbs

    11 days ago

    As a hair dresser this was very stressful to watch 😁👍🏻

  61. Dorka Molnár

    Dorka Molnár

    11 days ago

    Okay, am I the only one who cried at the end of the video?

  62. amessofalynn


    11 days ago


  63. Ashton


    12 days ago

    I’ve been replaying 15:52 for a while

  64. Megalodon_shark


    12 days ago

    I love Dan's attitude

  65. Emma Mayo

    Emma Mayo

    12 days ago

    That little bit at the end where Phil is talking about how proud he is of Dan 😢

  66. Drama Llama Ding Dong

    Drama Llama Ding Dong

    12 days ago

    These guys are cute, ar they a couple?

  67. Lyndsey Pierce

    Lyndsey Pierce

    12 days ago

    When Dan showed the sides of his hair he looked like David Dobrik😳

  68. Manuela Panzarelli

    Manuela Panzarelli

    12 days ago

    How much I love "Tik Tok watch me murder my friend" love that even tho their bfs their friend too * sobs *

  69. marshall


    13 days ago

    i missed them sm What the frick HELLO

  70. Small Baby Joongie

    Small Baby Joongie

    13 days ago

    I miss them so much 😭😭😭 they were my childhood

  71. Aubrey Stanley

    Aubrey Stanley

    13 days ago

    Man it’s been awhile last time I watched you guys it was a vid called pants on fire

  72. Pauli


    13 days ago

    The ending was so sweet!

  73. Melanie Conway

    Melanie Conway

    13 days ago

    "I'm a good top. Just...the bottom, people might want it but it's not there."

  74. Melanie Conway

    Melanie Conway

    13 days ago

    I've been sick with food poisoning (or the stomach flu 😷) today so I decided to catch up on the last couple of Phil videos

  75. Melanie Conway

    Melanie Conway

    13 days ago

    Oh how I missed Dan's "BAHDE BEbEhDe daBaH Bah!!"

  76. Melanie Conway

    Melanie Conway

    13 days ago

    "Do I look like a Hot American TikTok Zoomer?" 💀

  77. olivia kindschy

    olivia kindschy

    13 days ago

    i am like emotional watching this i missed them so much... their chemistry is literally unmatched

  78. Jessica Sharpe

    Jessica Sharpe

    13 days ago

    my FRIENDS ring finger 😢😢😢

  79. krldwns


    13 days ago

    This is absolutely beautiful!

  80. Bea Del Rosario

    Bea Del Rosario

    14 days ago

    Dan being loud again gives me will to live

  81. Hello


    14 days ago

    Phil’s sweaters always make me feel safe, help I’m a grown adult what is this

  82. Kacie Morgan

    Kacie Morgan

    14 days ago

    12:12 Dan unleased his inner Snape at this moment in time.

  83. nicolecaroline k

    nicolecaroline k

    15 days ago

    “DId yOu JUsT ShAVe thE ChAIR”

  84. Noah5461


    15 days ago

    omg dan is baack

  85. Lexi Egan

    Lexi Egan

    16 days ago

    when i read "pop" in the subtitles while dan was pulling the scissors off of phil, I was terrified

  86. Micheal Jackson

    Micheal Jackson

    16 days ago

    Why is Dan just 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  87. Maria L

    Maria L

    16 days ago

    The gay jokes in the new content went 📈📈📈

  88. Heather Moore

    Heather Moore

    16 days ago

    Dan should give a mullet a go

  89. Jay Walker

    Jay Walker

    16 days ago

    Do we know if dance book is going to be audible lysed for the visually impaired

    • ☁️


      15 days ago

      yes it's available as an audiobook on audible and any other place that has audiobooks!

  90. myosotis scorpioides

    myosotis scorpioides

    16 days ago


  91. Eliisabet Soosalu

    Eliisabet Soosalu

    16 days ago

    2:02 Phil trying to soften the blow of what he knows is gonna happen, by giving Dan treats. Good strategy

  92. Leahanne Haworth

    Leahanne Haworth

    16 days ago

    I cut my ex boyfriend’s hair during lockdown. His was curly like Dan’s, I think I did a good job! My Mum chopped loads off mine last week, she did a good job too! Xx

  93. ester ferreira

    ester ferreira

    16 days ago

    This felt nostalgic

  94. aaron agustin

    aaron agustin

    17 days ago


  95. Maeve Marshall

    Maeve Marshall

    17 days ago

    LITERALLY ME when I'm doing my own hair lmfao "for someone who's hacking and slashing, it's kinda coming together"

  96. olivethunderbird


    17 days ago

    @bradmondo should react to this

    • K :D

      K :D

      13 days ago

      for sure lol

    • simply willow

      simply willow

      14 days ago


  97. Fadi Shahzad

    Fadi Shahzad

    17 days ago

    1:07 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Mickey French

    Mickey French

    17 days ago

    Oh Danny so scared, just like how I am,

  99. Brandon


    17 days ago

    when you didn't know how much you needed something until you're watching a Dan and Phil video in 2021

  100. Eliza Pancakes

    Eliza Pancakes

    17 days ago

    Haven’t watched you guys in years. I miss my childhood.

    • ☁️


      17 days ago

      Eliza you're still alive??