I used a Special JAPANESE FUNGUS to dry-age steaks FASTER!

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It's not a secret that I love dry age, today I made an insane experiment using a special Japanese rice called koji and the results are in.

Koji Rice: amzn.to/2QnDk0r

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    Day ago

    Cara eu tinha seu inglês como referência , e agora que descobri que você é brasileiro que eu adoro seu inglês mesmo hehehe szsz

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    2 days ago

    I play mortal kombat, and it's "choose your destiny" lol

  3. TonyOj


    2 days ago

    Koji Riceeeee

  4. BryGuy


    3 days ago

    Dude I really do hope you saw a gastroenterologist after this or plan to. That was several times over not the way to interact with that mold product. Just be safe.

  5. Erik Hedberg Karlsson

    Erik Hedberg Karlsson

    7 days ago

    Johnny Cage would be proud 🥲

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    Bryan Rodriguez

    8 days ago

    Remember to seadon it well

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    Lucky playz

    9 days ago

    Nice ad bro I didn't want to even skip because of how good it looks.

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    Tyler Ln

    9 days ago

    Watching this video because I am fasting for Eid good content as always Guga!

  9. RedX17


    10 days ago

    Guga spent too much thinking if he could do it he didn't think if he should ddo it.

  10. Jewish Father

    Jewish Father

    10 days ago


  11. k k

    k k

    10 days ago

    The reason why it was so tuff on the outside is because you did trim it like you usually do dry aged meats

  12. Zepper 1089

    Zepper 1089

    11 days ago

    9:26 Guga "you don't like that one? Whatdoumeanudon't you like that one?" Same Guga : face says I'm gonna vomit...

  13. JoshTyrReece


    12 days ago

    Oh god...I think I would have thrown up seeing the 1 month old really in front of me. Already seeing it in the video was horrible.

  14. Wild One

    Wild One

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    The last one is disgusting

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    Steven Currier

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    Uh miso come from fermented soy beans bruh......

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    Hey Guga, question ... why didn't you remove the pelagos from the last one?

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    Austin Currie

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    "I dry aged a LITTLE GIRL in my Basement for a Month and this happened"

  22. AXLExGREASE jensen

    AXLExGREASE jensen

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    I'm dry aging a hotdog in my pocket

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    10:26 homeboy almost kicked the bucket

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    i swear Angel looks exactly like 6ix9ine if he had a normal childhood

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  30. spreadeagle


    26 days ago

    Why would you age your steak? I feel like I’d want my meat as fresh as possible, and as juicy as possible. Not some shriveled up dry pitri platter. Like why not just make beef jerky at that point?

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    i play mortal kombat

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    I play Mortal Kombat, specifically MKX. Sub-Zero main all the way. W's in the chat

  33. Dmytro Marushkevych

    Dmytro Marushkevych

    28 days ago

    I did a similar experiment, but with Shio Koji. 1-2 days are great. Anything more is not.

  34. John


    29 days ago

    That ffffascinating was hilarious.

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    Boot Noot

    29 days ago


  36. Metatron


    Month ago

    That last steak was absolutely rotten.

  37. qe qe

    qe qe

    Month ago

    Pfffff what a noob! I used special fungus to dry most of my products since i living alone. I even dry liquids and sometimes dishes with it!

  38. chris winchell

    chris winchell

    Month ago

    I’m not sure the fungus had much to do with the results. Try dry aging with some usual long grain rice.

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    “Rock hard” Squared

    Month ago

    I’m vegetarian and I thoroughly enjoyed this video!

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    Cleaning SEMO

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    First time I’ve watched one of these videos without my mouth watering.

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    You know it's bad if Angel spits out steak. A month might have been too long, but great experiment!

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    He kinda sounds like keralis

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    when guga says cheers everybody i take a toke of the green smoke. hey Angel and Moma(spell check) how are you?

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    Jason Garza

    Month ago

    You don’t rinse it I’ll just rinse it

  62. Brian Sullivan

    Brian Sullivan

    Month ago

    You can also do a wet age with shio koji (liquid marinade). I would have trimmed the aged surfaces off though, same as you do with dry aging. There’s a great book called “Koji Alchemy” where they also make charcuterie using koji

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    With each Guga videos you can see Angel being more confident and livelier in front of the camera, giving more detailed reactions and following the production flow nicely. Character developement!

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    why not trim the 1 week

  71. projektaquarius


    Month ago

    Videos I have seen using koji for similar purposes ground the koji into a fine powder. That may be worth exploring because it is easier clean up and more "fermentation". You don't have to knock grains off and there is more surface area for aging.

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    Six pest

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