If every planet was as close to us as the moon is.... 😳

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  1. Olly Evans

    Olly Evans

    32 minutes ago

    Surely Jupiter would be way bigger, talking about a planet 1300x the size of earth

  2. Reegan Potz

    Reegan Potz

    Hour ago

    Wait why would venus be bigger than mars?

  3. Elianna sun Plays

    Elianna sun Plays

    Hour ago


  4. Patrick Deakin

    Patrick Deakin

    Hour ago

    Reaction videos are the lowest form of content

  5. Kanye Cain

    Kanye Cain

    Hour ago

    Dig the music

  6. God Zero

    God Zero

    Hour ago

    If Saturn was near to Earth.Everyday be like : I’m in danger

  7. Jason Kerekesch

    Jason Kerekesch

    Hour ago

    Be a new meaning to high tides. We wouldn't be here if that were the case.

  8. Gunbloxian


    Hour ago

    Hey its urmom

  9. Никита Отдельнов

    Никита Отдельнов

    Hour ago

    If they were so close, “high tide” would be “world destroying tsunami”

  10. Sychonut • 37 years ago

    Sychonut • 37 years ago

    Hour ago

    I don't want to see Uranus outside either. Nor inside for that matter.

  11. MooPowerBaby Cosplay

    MooPowerBaby Cosplay

    2 hours ago

    You said Uranus wrong

  12. Lincoln Woodberry

    Lincoln Woodberry

    2 hours ago

    “Neptune rises” Sambucha: What’s that that Uranus Me: Nah it deez nuts

  13. danny


    2 hours ago

    What's that? Ur- anus........ 😂

  14. hanna widiasih

    hanna widiasih

    2 hours ago

    Where is was mercury

  15. Pringles Sauce

    Pringles Sauce

    2 hours ago

    Bro if Saturn was our moon we would’ve not even be alive

  16. Werq


    2 hours ago

    "I would never go outside" Man I already don't...

  17. Rezonite


    3 hours ago

    This is so dope

  18. Karma


    3 hours ago

    I saw Uranus in the sky

  19. Wafflest Waffle

    Wafflest Waffle

    3 hours ago

    "What is that, Uranus?" Yes, yes it is. Thank you for noticing. I've been working on it for about a year and a half.

  20. Kawaii _Wolf_

    Kawaii _Wolf_

    3 hours ago

    It's actually really cool to look at this, but I wouldn't want it to happen irl

  21. Kate Minney

    Kate Minney

    3 hours ago

    "I would never go outside" pfft lol

  22. Please let me change my name Goddammit

    Please let me change my name Goddammit

    3 hours ago

    Now how would it look if Kars was as close to us as the Moon is

  23. Al_ J

    Al_ J

    3 hours ago

    I was so distracted by bloody stream playing in the bg i couldn't focus on the planets omg 😂💃🎉👏🏻💖

  24. Elijah Garrison

    Elijah Garrison

    3 hours ago


  25. Benny Gregory

    Benny Gregory

    4 hours ago

    Me thinking about Saturn’s astroid belt

  26. Aliou Diallo

    Aliou Diallo

    4 hours ago

    Random guy outside: uranus , different guy: Is huge , man: looks down "no it's not"

  27. Tinka


    4 hours ago

    This is getting me meglaphobia 😭

  28. Mostly ForYT

    Mostly ForYT

    4 hours ago

    That Joseph Joestar music is lit, I actually know some of the lyrics.

  29. Nicholas Aire

    Nicholas Aire

    4 hours ago

    I'm almost certain if Jupiter was as close as the moon is to us we'd be inside Jupiter.

  30. Micheal Tesfaye

    Micheal Tesfaye

    4 hours ago

    Actually, I would go out more often

  31. :3


    4 hours ago

    This man deserves a like just for the song AAAAAA (btw we all know Joseph is the best Jojo😩❤️)

  32. caretonotcare_


    4 hours ago

    Isn’t Jupiter the biggest planet??? In the solar system

  33. Bartu İlhan Soysal

    Bartu İlhan Soysal

    4 hours ago


  34. Neuroo


    4 hours ago

    They fucked over mercury

  35. Jamie -Leigh

    Jamie -Leigh

    4 hours ago

    Bro, I'm casually vining to jjba in the back like 🗣️🗣️

  36. Antoine Arsenault

    Antoine Arsenault

    4 hours ago

    So you'll talk about anything for attention

  37. Emily Pernesky

    Emily Pernesky

    5 hours ago

    Me knowing all the planets: ayo where the fuck is mercury

  38. Arianna Morris

    Arianna Morris

    5 hours ago

    That would be absolutely beautiful

  39. Matthew Klingensmith

    Matthew Klingensmith

    5 hours ago

    He looks like that dude from malcolm in the middle

  40. I Know Things

    I Know Things

    5 hours ago

    I would Never ever go outside



    5 hours ago


  42. Manny Gomez

    Manny Gomez

    5 hours ago

    Yeah.. don't know how to appreciate nature.. if it was in your face..

  43. The AgentZero

    The AgentZero

    5 hours ago

    Never go outside for Saturn. What a loser.

  44. Nina Simone

    Nina Simone

    5 hours ago

    Wouldn't even be able to look out the window without xanax

  45. Ken Lawrence

    Ken Lawrence

    5 hours ago

    We would be the moon

  46. Gaius Julius Caesar

    Gaius Julius Caesar

    5 hours ago

    "I would never go outside" Saturn: Oh no, he's inside, surrounded by a 5 inch thick plywood wall. What am I going to do now? My plans are ruined.

  47. AyeItz Emma

    AyeItz Emma

    5 hours ago

    I think I saw kars next to Saturn 🤔🤔

  48. AyeItz Emma

    AyeItz Emma

    5 hours ago

    The jjba music in the background, is that bloody stream? 👀👀👀

  49. Bc302


    5 hours ago

    If Jupiter or Saturn were as close to us as our current moon, wouldn’t that make us a moon? 🤔

  50. Bc302


    5 hours ago

    Why do I feel like this isn’t actually to scale? I have no evidence to back this up except for the non-specific memories about the size differentials between planets and I feel like Saturn and Jupiter are supposed to be a lot bigger.

  51. adjc.official


    5 hours ago

    I would be afraid of getting used to seeing Jupiter or Saturn. Like, if I saw it every day, I think I would start to lose interest over time. Or not, I'll never know, I may even never sleep at night cause it would be so cool to see Jupiter or Saturn.

  52. Legoum Legoum

    Legoum Legoum

    5 hours ago

    What is that Uranus?

  53. Israel Garcia

    Israel Garcia

    5 hours ago

    Poor Mercury and Pluto, 🪦

  54. Nott Mark

    Nott Mark

    5 hours ago

    I wouldn’t go outside 😂😂😂

  55. Dark_Hours


    6 hours ago

    Pluto when

  56. durmus zaza

    durmus zaza

    6 hours ago

    I hear jojo music and i know what you are planning 😈

  57. Robert H

    Robert H

    6 hours ago

    If anything larger than Mars was that close we’d probably be dead

  58. Jéred


    6 hours ago

    Did you know that if Jupiter was as close as the moon the earth would become one of her moons that mean the earth would revolve around Jupiter

  59. Cat With No Name

    Cat With No Name

    6 hours ago

    So apparently this is a reaction video.

  60. Great Scott

    Great Scott

    6 hours ago

    Should have thrown the sun in there

  61. ITZ BRAD


    6 hours ago

    If we were in or close to the rings of Saturn we would be hit by massive meteors every fee hours

  62. XD_Panda YT

    XD_Panda YT

    6 hours ago

    I though the last one was going to say your mom

  63. Jdawg


    6 hours ago

    But wouldn’t Saturn’s rings just look like a bunch of rocks

  64. Logan Miller

    Logan Miller

    7 hours ago

    Fun fact... you can fit every single other planet in our solar system in between the earth and moon.

  65. Hfjbtn 17cF

    Hfjbtn 17cF

    7 hours ago

    I was expecting "your mom" in the end

  66. lity fity

    lity fity

    7 hours ago

    Bruh people really still be making a living by putting your annoying "reaction" over someone else's content. USgone will never change

  67. Kevin Mitchell

    Kevin Mitchell

    7 hours ago

    The moon is roughly 384,000 miles away.

  68. Beth


    7 hours ago

    Besides the fact that this literally couldn't happen without it disrupting our lives, I really wish this was real. It looks amazing and I bet it would look even cooler through a telescope

  69. Rains of Healing

    Rains of Healing

    7 hours ago

    Now keep watching your real sky, because Planet X/Nibiru is here and everyone will see it shortly. See Dr Claudia Albers Physicist.

  70. a wolens

    a wolens

    7 hours ago

    Like Star Wars with some of these planets

  71. Jonathan


    7 hours ago

    Uranus isn't a planet

  72. YellinMelin


    7 hours ago


  73. Random Guy

    Random Guy

    7 hours ago

    What would happen to earth with each different planet

  74. diego juarez

    diego juarez

    7 hours ago

    Lmao I would never go outside lmaook

  75. Angus Nock

    Angus Nock

    7 hours ago

    I don’t understand why people are so shocked over this. The planets are real and are above and below us right now.

  76. 187


    7 hours ago

    Thats mad scary i wouldnt come off the prayer mat if i saw that

  77. Danny Luxray

    Danny Luxray

    8 hours ago

    Ok but the Jojo music make this video even better

  78. Neo62003 ‘

    Neo62003 ‘

    8 hours ago

    Research flat earth

  79. 24hrs


    8 hours ago

    Imagine if sun was close to earth as moon is we all melting or burning we probably couldn’t even exist on earth tho

  80. {Corona Virus}

    {Corona Virus}

    8 hours ago

    Random person: “So what’s your biggest fear?” Me: “Planets” Random person: thoughts-“Wtf..” -------- I’m not even joking I’m legit scared of planets like y’know that one video that shows the smallest to largest planet and the milky way, black hole etc. that gives me the shits

  81. Nightmare Gamer BG

    Nightmare Gamer BG

    8 hours ago

    I like how he uses bloody stream as his videos musix

    • Nightmare Gamer BG

      Nightmare Gamer BG

      8 hours ago

      @Konrad • yee i get u man

    • Konrad •

      Konrad •

      8 hours ago

      For we did not follow cleverly devised stories when we told you about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty. 2 Peter 1:16 And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life. 1 John 5:20 ....,

  82. Grass


    8 hours ago

    This is the laziest content bro

  83. Julez Ludz

    Julez Ludz

    8 hours ago

    You do realise that this is all nonsense.

  84. Hamster Sisters

    Hamster Sisters

    8 hours ago

    And this is why the Earth is perfectly made :)

  85. Michael Finklea

    Michael Finklea

    8 hours ago

    They forgot mercury😭

  86. Helty


    8 hours ago

    When Jupiter came up I was honestly scared and anxious... Bro it's huge

  87. andre swanson

    andre swanson

    8 hours ago

    I would never go outside of I saw that

  88. Tod Mas

    Tod Mas

    8 hours ago

    I’d never go outside

  89. Ethan Viramontes

    Ethan Viramontes

    8 hours ago

    I thot neptune looks the same like Uranus

  90. cheese Louise

    cheese Louise

    9 hours ago

    bloody stream 😩

  91. Nice


    9 hours ago

    You know ur a Chad when you use bloody stream

  92. Born


    9 hours ago

    Bloody Stream...great song 🎵

  93. BK Brown

    BK Brown

    9 hours ago

    Isn’t that Uranus? It’s kinda big

  94. coolkid


    9 hours ago

    was that *uranus* ?

  95. Cleo - MMVI

    Cleo - MMVI

    9 hours ago

    My megalophobia would forbid me from going outside.

  96. Marien


    9 hours ago

    how can mars only be twice the size of the moon?

  97. Hannah Y

    Hannah Y

    9 hours ago

    Majora's Mask. Alright we got 3 days, y'all.