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Is the 400z Enough to Save Nissan?

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  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media

    10 months ago

    Hey did you guys know we have a podcast? James, Joe Weber and I go in depth on the automotive history stories you NEED to hear. Check out this week's episode HERE

    • Cars And what not

      Cars And what not

      28 days ago

      2:51 Nissan magnite

    • mk94mati


      2 months ago

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    • Andrew Perez

      Andrew Perez

      4 months ago

      What ever happen to the Nissan Altima SE R? The last time they made it was in 2005 why did they stop making it?

    • TheMoonchild1969


      4 months ago

      This videos is not about the 400z is about you...isn't it?😒

    • Ace Ggkspade

      Ace Ggkspade

      4 months ago

      @Boofman Bop haha who else has aspergers here and loves a good pun! Lol

  2. Caspar Nikolai

    Caspar Nikolai

    Hour ago

    The 400z looks like an F-Type.

  3. Melvin Brown

    Melvin Brown

    12 hours ago

    Blah...Blah...Blah...and nothing about the car!! BS video! Fn clown

  4. kylruby


    16 hours ago

    car enthusiast waiting for top trim nismo version

  5. Seraph1m


    Day ago

    sorry i don't understand i always had an headache if i think about politics,can someone explain the Carlos Ghosn drama for me?

  6. Abu Jacob

    Abu Jacob

    2 days ago


  7. George Cupac

    George Cupac

    2 days ago

    does the vet come in manual ?? I'd prefer the Nissan 400Z wait opinion doesn't even matter , I'm not even in the car market anymore because the Greens and Nanny's destroyed the enthusiasts cars. they destroy EVERYTHING!

  8. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    4 days ago

    Fuck a 400z, just remake the 90s gtrs in left hand drive and sell em in the US.

  9. Sabastian Gipson

    Sabastian Gipson

    4 days ago

    Awesome the new Nissan juke is even uglier than before I don't know how the managed to make the juke uglier

  10. Double Eco

    Double Eco

    5 days ago

    I feel bad asf for whoever wins the corvette, that 20k is gonna go to insurance and be gone in like a year and a half

  11. Farrokh Bulsara

    Farrokh Bulsara

    6 days ago

    literally just an f-type

  12. Huxley Hey

    Huxley Hey

    6 days ago

    F type

  13. Foxx Ninja

    Foxx Ninja

    7 days ago

    I love Nissan I really hope it gets saved 😥

  14. garrett smith

    garrett smith

    7 days ago

    just saw the 400z at cars n coffee in franklin tennessee! Looked great, didnt get to hear it though

  15. 300zxdriver


    7 days ago

    Hell no! They need to stop making those junk cvt transmissions.

  16. Lucky Luciano

    Lucky Luciano

    8 days ago

    it seems like a really cool car but i don’t think it will save them. i think nissan has killed themselves with all the garbage they’ve put out.

  17. GG


    8 days ago

    Jaguar F type

  18. Humping Raider

    Humping Raider

    13 days ago

    That’s a Jaguar...

    • Kuri TV

      Kuri TV

      12 days ago


  19. Rey Fernandez

    Rey Fernandez

    14 days ago

    Nissan needs a proper SI/TypeR fighter in the form of a real Sentra SE-R, not that watered down garbage they did 2 years ago. They need a good 1.5 - 1.8 turbo motor w/lsd. They can use that motor on a lightweight RWD Sylvia/240sx replacement.

  20. Marquavious Chester

    Marquavious Chester

    15 days ago

    Faster than a mk5 supra, cheaper than a focus rs? I want one

  21. Plamy CT

    Plamy CT

    16 days ago

    Front end look likes aston martin

  22. KingO


    17 days ago

    Personally the 400z looks sub par

  23. Kayzoid ‘

    Kayzoid ‘

    18 days ago

    The z look like a Jaguar in the thumbnail

  24. Harley & Kerstan Cantrell

    Harley & Kerstan Cantrell

    18 days ago

    I'll buy Nissan cars again when they replace the transmission in my 15 sentra for free.

  25. L.Storia IV

    L.Storia IV

    19 days ago

    400z looks like a remodeled S30Z,,, if yes then gg pro

  26. Nihar Potluri

    Nihar Potluri

    21 day ago

    Still waiting for a follow up episode on the new Z

  27. Guillermo Zuniga

    Guillermo Zuniga

    21 day ago

    Now that Carlos is "Ghosn", great pun, hahaha

  28. Guillermo Zuniga

    Guillermo Zuniga

    21 day ago

    That Nissan "M" must be the "March"

  29. Hunter Allan

    Hunter Allan

    22 days ago

    $2,800 in this context is literally just paperwork to make it look like they did something

  30. David Piccolo

    David Piccolo

    22 days ago

    All Nissan has to do is bring back the quality and reliability back to the brand. Sounds simple enough

  31. David Piccolo

    David Piccolo

    22 days ago

    And my friend had an 87 Nissan Maxima I loved that car.

  32. David Piccolo

    David Piccolo

    22 days ago

    I also had a 87 Mitsubishi starion. That was when Mitsubishi was Mitsubishi. Lol

  33. David Piccolo

    David Piccolo

    22 days ago

    I had a 92 Sentra se-r that was when Nissan was Nissan

  34. Kalasmourn Rex

    Kalasmourn Rex

    22 days ago

    149 hrsprs is less than my beginner motorcycle (yea, I'm crazy).

  35. kevin aguirre

    kevin aguirre

    24 days ago

    I hope they leave Mitsubishi and start fixing their CVT transmissions

  36. kelvin herrera

    kelvin herrera

    25 days ago

    Is not enough specially here in America where most of people only buy SUV

  37. Murray


    25 days ago

    It's a 400z, yet it has a

  38. Faggiano Pasta

    Faggiano Pasta

    26 days ago

    “Us lower class plebs” lol I like how he still trying to pretend he’s not making bank off 5mill subs

  39. Darien M

    Darien M

    26 days ago

    bring back the S chassis, everyone knows the s13 was the best nissan ever built

  40. Luke Evans

    Luke Evans

    27 days ago

    came her to comment 1 thing, it looks like a Jaguar F-Type

  41. MrAnxious


    27 days ago

    I’m getting it

  42. Marktuyet


    27 days ago

    Nissan has such great designs . It's ashame they made such poor quality vehicles . Did they think we wouldn't notice ? Come on Nissan . RELIABILITY !

  43. Xander Bn_

    Xander Bn_

    28 days ago

    We need that "datsun" badge on the new z.

  44. Fitness Guru

    Fitness Guru

    28 days ago

    The once great Nissan absolutely SUCKS now. The bread-n-butter cars look lame as hell. They ruined the Maxima, the Frontier still looks like 1999, and they only make two good cars which are the Z and the GT. Maybe they should just refine those two cars and just sell sports cars, go more upscale to challenge the Sports and Exotic market?

  45. Asad Chishti

    Asad Chishti

    29 days ago

    Nissan is gonna comeback big. Because they have big chance of fresh start than other developed companies for which it is difficult to change directions

  46. Jason ead

    Jason ead

    29 days ago

    So.. When will 370s go on sale? Coz I've been waiting 😔

  47. Jeff hufana

    Jeff hufana

    29 days ago

    I love the Nissan GTR but I hate Nissan Company behind the scenes

  48. Poverty Spec

    Poverty Spec

    29 days ago

    Nissan's sales are already going up.

  49. Ashton 2176

    Ashton 2176

    29 days ago

    Omaze is a big lie, they don't show who won these vehicles, and they should just take that $20,000 and donate that towards the charity

  50. Mark Maxwell

    Mark Maxwell

    Month ago

    Nissan is doing just fine... One of the fist EV vehicles, evolving vehicles all the time... Nissan is far from out of the game...

  51. Nathan K

    Nathan K

    Month ago

    Ik I'm late, but the M on the trailer is Nissan Magnite. It's a more compact suv from Nissan kicks

  52. Skylin3


    Month ago

    Put Skylines back in production, that's all.

    • So Amazing

      So Amazing

      25 days ago

      That’s All !! Z’s and Skylines

  53. Cameron Cullen

    Cameron Cullen

    Month ago

    Is that a f type

  54. The Michael

    The Michael

    Month ago

    I blame Brie Larson and telling people to throw away tacos.

  55. WallStreet Review

    WallStreet Review

    Month ago

    China money will save Nissan

  56. Ricky Thomas

    Ricky Thomas

    Month ago

    Also the new skyline looks kinda good

  57. Moodipie Gaming / review channel

    Moodipie Gaming / review channel

    Month ago

    I’ll never forgive. Ghosn for killing. The r34 and the Silvia Angry noises. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡



    Month ago

    2:49 "M" is actually for the nissan magnite it released in december 2020 thats,ofc in india idk when it launched in other parts of the world

  59. Kaleb Robgoz

    Kaleb Robgoz

    Month ago

    Unfortunately the skyline has been discontinued 😩

  60. Sean T

    Sean T

    Month ago

    Is it really a Sentra if it doesn't look like a 90s Honda on the interior?

  61. Plant plant

    Plant plant

    Month ago

    Nissan wants to sell cars to their feminists.

  62. David Q

    David Q

    Month ago

    Nissan has to redesign thier front and tail end of thier vehicles they look to boring.the Z cars are amazing but the rest of the line look cheap and boring.

  63. Covert Prepper

    Covert Prepper

    Month ago

    Make the Z super sick and bring back the Xterra new and improved to compete with the 4Runner. Boom, Nissan saved.

  64. EJK k

    EJK k

    Month ago

    That looks like a Jaguar F-Type.

  65. Derin Çapanoğlu

    Derin Çapanoğlu

    Month ago

    the m, is for Nissan Magnite !!

  66. Eros Nunez

    Eros Nunez

    Month ago

    I still think Nissan should be a self sustained company. Look at what happened with Mitsubishi

  67. Mason Schanzenbach

    Mason Schanzenbach

    Month ago

    We need a titan Warrior

  68. Dafa Afdhal Dhiyaulhaq

    Dafa Afdhal Dhiyaulhaq

    Month ago

    2:48 I think "M" stands for Nissan Micra

  69. IzzyMoments


    Month ago

    The nissan 400z on the corner of this video is way sexier than the real one.

  70. Nurburgrings Fastest

    Nurburgrings Fastest

    Month ago

    on behalf of me and my father, my son, 2 brothers and grand dad.... i would like to issue Mr. Carlos Ghosn a formal apology from the Iacobucci family. As Italians we can be quick to judge another man at times. Mr. Ghosn we are concluding that the terrible things nisson has said about you is now Fugazi to our family. You are welcome to come by for pasta and red sauce whenever you like. All i ask is to please take your shoes off at the door as my mah takes wearing shoes on her carpet as a sign of disrespect. I apologize for my prior judgments and hope to squash our bad blood over a fine glass of none other than the blood of the gods, or the blood of the grape as we call it here in my household. After that you will be once again our Pizanno! and you are welcome to eat my mahs very fine tiramisu again.

  71. Nike Life

    Nike Life

    Month ago

    Make a base model Gt-R with a crazy engine walla 🪄.

  72. Gamer Boy366

    Gamer Boy366

    Month ago

    the thumbnail looks like a Jaguar...interesting

  73. Dookie Butt

    Dookie Butt

    Month ago

    If they use the q60 engine thatd be soooo dope

  74. Shota Toriumi

    Shota Toriumi

    Month ago

    The moldy postage unintentionally concern because modem conformably gaze lest a optimal lyre. volatile, zonked friday

  75. Beyond Absolute Infinity

    Beyond Absolute Infinity

    2 months ago

    Looks kinda like a Maserati.

  76. Gabriel Suhm

    Gabriel Suhm

    2 months ago

    I hope it doesn't spike the 350z prices.. I'm tryna get one

  77. Matt M

    Matt M

    2 months ago

    No. No matter how good the car is they need a basic car that sells like a civic. They need to offer some sort of incentives or discounts so people also consider it an option. And lastly, MARKETING.

  78. ClintGreasewood


    2 months ago

    Infiniti quality has gone down so much in the last 15 years.

  79. Ryan Mills

    Ryan Mills

    2 months ago

    Can we get another up to speed on the Nissan Z? The 2017 episode is depressing.

  80. The Cool dude

    The Cool dude

    2 months ago

    That m is the nissan magnite

  81. David Begaye

    David Begaye

    2 months ago

    Just like Delorean :/

  82. 정예진


    2 months ago

    The cut cost neurally breathe because representative coincidently launch before a absent guilty. quaint, spotless cymbal

  83. B K

    B K

    2 months ago

    Title and pic was enough for me to say, “no, it’s a wrap”

  84. Jerry Justice

    Jerry Justice

    2 months ago

    Putting hope on one car is folly and will not save the company. I love my 2012 370Z and the 400Z looks pretty good.

  85. Hawre Zangana

    Hawre Zangana

    2 months ago

    This video was not about the Z, you just wasted our time with something we didn't come here for. Such a misleading title. Thumbs down 👎.

  86. tim kahn

    tim kahn

    2 months ago

    no only a 4 door sedan will save any car co. we have seen the cool sports car be the last car of way so many car co.

  87. Taaha R

    Taaha R

    2 months ago

    Stg if the 400z is just a re-skinned clk😂

  88. GlockNinja


    2 months ago

    400z looks ugly.

  89. Harry Poter

    Harry Poter

    2 months ago

    it looks AMAZING in silver

  90. CyberCat


    2 months ago

    11:34 subtitles: Speaking in japanese.... if lebanese people sound japanese to ya, you better clean em ears up

  91. AboutLastKnight !

    AboutLastKnight !

    2 months ago

    Cant wait to drive one off the lot and to pass down my em2 to my son 👍🤘✌

  92. Limi Xhemalwi

    Limi Xhemalwi

    2 months ago

    Nolan’s not even a car guy really he just drives a Mustang

  93. Not_Real


    2 months ago

    Is it just me or pretty much any Nissan Z is a good drift car.

  94. Rookie Machinist

    Rookie Machinist

    2 months ago

    My first Nissan was a 280ZX. I haven’t owned a Nissan since, however, this new 400Z might change that.

  95. Rali272


    2 months ago

    Looks cartoonish

  96. Kaan Yazici

    Kaan Yazici

    2 months ago

    Nissan is to expansive and to boring

  97. TheWizard


    2 months ago

    Just goes to show you can't make boring, unreliable cars and stay in business.

  98. Draconis


    2 months ago

    I won that C8 corvette and sold that shit the next day.

  99. The Truth

    The Truth

    2 months ago

    I'll wait for the 420z

  100. Kitamayoru


    2 months ago

    Honnestly, i hope nissan will break appart of Renault, In France, Renault has a bad reputaion, their vehicles are well known to be a pain in the ass to work on, cheap build, they arent very reliable and since they got into a partnership, nissan has gone down