Kelly Clarkson's Stirring Rendition Of "The Dance" Honors Garth Brooks At The 43rd Annual Kennedy…


  1. Cryptic17


    5 hours ago

    Oh my goodness. How absolutely lovely. What I liked as much as Kelly’s singing is watching Garth and Trisha’s reactions. So tender and beautiful.

  2. Tyson Madding

    Tyson Madding

    5 hours ago

    That was sad

  3. Debbie Blakeley

    Debbie Blakeley

    6 hours ago

    Simply beautiful 😍

  4. Brenda Liffengren

    Brenda Liffengren

    6 hours ago

    Is there anything she can't sing? I have listened to this countless times and tear up everytime!

  5. R L

    R L

    6 hours ago

    There's not a song out there Kelly can't sing 💓

  6. Agg J———

    Agg J———

    6 hours ago


  7. John R

    John R

    6 hours ago

    Wow that’s great nice job

  8. The Official Andy Saenz

    The Official Andy Saenz

    7 hours ago

    Kelly Clarkson is a legend in the making! This was such a beautiful, emotive, captivating performance! Well done, Kelly! Love you, girl.

  9. Beauty & Beyond

    Beauty & Beyond

    7 hours ago

    "Like a montage in a movie right before the hero dies. Like the first time that you listen to your favorite singer live....I want to move you like that." Oh, honey -- you moved Garth Brooks (and anyone else who watched this) like that!! Love Kelly Clarkson SOOOOO much!! Just wow!!

  10. Jesse S

    Jesse S

    7 hours ago

    I watched this like 4 times.

  11. The Official Andy Saenz

    The Official Andy Saenz

    9 hours ago

    WOW, Kelly, that was a beautiful performance! Your voice is amazing!

  12. Karen Prokop

    Karen Prokop

    9 hours ago

    Kelly this was so beautiful. You are beyond talented. I just love you and your beautiful voice . What a beautiful tribute for Garth. It brought tears to so many ♥️♥️♥️

  13. Anita Olsen

    Anita Olsen

    9 hours ago

    That poor girl needs a new stylist!

  14. Lucy Manglona

    Lucy Manglona

    10 hours ago

    Beautiful beautiful

  15. Mamasun01


    10 hours ago

    Nailed it

  16. Paula Jay

    Paula Jay

    10 hours ago

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  17. vicci park

    vicci park

    10 hours ago

    Brooks is why new country music has been garbage for the last 25 years.

  18. Dani S.

    Dani S.

    11 hours ago

    Love it. Love that he stood up!

  19. Tom MacKay

    Tom MacKay

    12 hours ago

    Great voice, though I hate C&W music/

  20. Richard Grohs

    Richard Grohs

    12 hours ago

    The Crying Garth Brooks is like the Plandemic..

  21. Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester

    Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester

    12 hours ago

    Garth one of the Greats

  22. Richard Grohs

    Richard Grohs

    12 hours ago

    Hype...I know The Knew Queen of The World. SARA LOERA

  23. Jackie T

    Jackie T

    12 hours ago

    This shade of blonde suits Kelly awesomely.

  24. Brenda Bodwin

    Brenda Bodwin

    12 hours ago

    Wow! Kelly! Been a while since she stunned me, but, Wow! This is the best cover of this song I have ever heard. Bravo! Bravo! ❤

  25. bethcody32


    12 hours ago

    Kelly killed it

  26. Anie A

    Anie A

    13 hours ago

    Why dosen't Kelly try to lose weight. To fat.

    • Paula Jay

      Paula Jay

      12 hours ago

      Why do you care what a shallow person you are shame on you you don't know her so really its none of your business

  27. Kassandra Ramirez-Buck

    Kassandra Ramirez-Buck

    13 hours ago

    D.A.M.N! 😭

  28. Mike Baker

    Mike Baker

    14 hours ago

    He is a Biden lover hell with him

  29. london von

    london von

    14 hours ago

    kelly is doing amazing things....she's now taking over ellen. Big things coming for this lovely women. I hope she always stay this positive and down to earth.

    • Jessica Mcdaniels

      Jessica Mcdaniels

      13 hours ago

      This is singular as in one. Women is plural as in two or more. How is Kelly who's one person "women"???

  30. JeremyFacelift


    14 hours ago

    Isn’t this where some of our COVID relief bill money went? They fleeced us for this?

  31. spiraljoe1273


    14 hours ago


  32. Keystonecowboycoors1


    15 hours ago

    He is woke

  33. K Siepert

    K Siepert

    15 hours ago

    Gosh. I didn't feel it at all. Pretty voice, but not the same feeling as Garth.

  34. J S

    J S

    15 hours ago


  35. Greta Carter

    Greta Carter

    15 hours ago

    Who doesn’t cry when Kelly Clarkson sings ??

  36. Amanda Cox

    Amanda Cox

    15 hours ago

    Settle down Chris Gaines. 🙄😂😂 💀

  37. Jennifer Adkins

    Jennifer Adkins

    15 hours ago


  38. Camille Ward

    Camille Ward

    15 hours ago

    I just love everything about this and these people so much.

  39. strom cameron

    strom cameron

    15 hours ago

    On Garth’s best day,he couldn’t touch this woman’s vocal skills

  40. George Horn

    George Horn

    15 hours ago

    Who's fatter him or her, and what's with the gay pride ribbon? That's not country that's just "Gay"-GSH

  41. hews


    15 hours ago

    Quite simply this woman is a national treasure, a once in a generation talent. She has the innate ability to arrange a cover to complement its setting. This was the most remarkable way to honor Garth and this beautiful piece.

  42. john girgenti

    john girgenti

    15 hours ago

    Hey Garth I’ve always been a big fan but what the hell is with that rainbow around your neck come on man

  43. Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel

    15 hours ago

    She is beautiful inside and out, and sings like an Angel.

  44. RJ Moes

    RJ Moes

    15 hours ago

    ❤️ beautiful💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  45. Serena H

    Serena H

    16 hours ago


  46. Delia Gentry

    Delia Gentry

    16 hours ago

    WOW! That was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  47. puppetmaster


    16 hours ago

    Thou shall have no other Gods. This is a form of worship. Creepy

    • puppetmaster


      14 hours ago

      Everybody worshipping Garth, your right it's ridiculous.

    • Emily Thomas

      Emily Thomas

      15 hours ago

      That’s ridiculous.

  48. Jen McKinney

    Jen McKinney

    16 hours ago

    Accidentally came across this and now I’m bawling 😭

  49. Wanda Yarbrough

    Wanda Yarbrough

    16 hours ago


  50. Jackie C

    Jackie C

    16 hours ago

    Always gives me goosebumps 😁💯

  51. M


    16 hours ago

    Simply put, wow

  52. T Gaskin

    T Gaskin

    16 hours ago

    Just beautiful!

  53. waterRat


    17 hours ago

    Can't stop listening

  54. What's There Everywhere

    What's There Everywhere

    17 hours ago

    So very beautiful...

  55. cynterslave


    17 hours ago

    My God, she’s amazing. So much talent!

  56. Debbe Borders

    Debbe Borders

    17 hours ago

    Kelly Clarkson shows once again how her voice touches the hearts of the world.

  57. Marshathe Fishy

    Marshathe Fishy

    17 hours ago

    Incredible rendition of this classic! Beautiful is an understatement

  58. Eyeris625


    17 hours ago

    OMG! I just wanted to cry..

  59. Ron Jaime

    Ron Jaime

    17 hours ago

    Kelly can sang anything

  60. L B

    L B

    18 hours ago

    Burleson girl right there! 💕💕

  61. Cindy K

    Cindy K

    18 hours ago

    Kelly Clarkson 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  62. C Burkens

    C Burkens

    18 hours ago

    After years of watching Garth I finally have the words to describe what I observed all this time.....he is openly emotionally appreciative of everything.

  63. Richard Wood

    Richard Wood

    18 hours ago

    Wonderfull tribute to a wonderful man.

  64. Melissa Lee

    Melissa Lee

    18 hours ago

    Look at all the social distancing nonsense- Jesus effing Christ so fed up with these germ phobe freaks!

    • Paula Jay

      Paula Jay

      12 hours ago

      What is wrong with you they are being responsible have you lost a loved one until you do you can make all the ridiculous statements you want but your attitude will change when you do

  65. Kate Marlowe

    Kate Marlowe

    18 hours ago

    You know you’ve nailed it when you make the original singer/songwriter CRY with your performance of their song.

  66. Rick M

    Rick M

    18 hours ago

    There is no song that this girl can’t sing! She is absolutely amazing!❤️

  67. Susan Prather

    Susan Prather

    18 hours ago

    Is there nothing this woman can't sing... 👏

  68. Suzanne Cater

    Suzanne Cater

    18 hours ago


  69. Roslyn Caskey

    Roslyn Caskey

    18 hours ago

    I broke down in tears because the emitionscof Garth Brooks and the soul stirring voice of Kelly Clarkson. That woman can, "sang"

  70. Roxann Ross

    Roxann Ross

    18 hours ago

    All I can say is it's amazing to watch Garth cry as Kelly nails his best song of his career ! Way to go Kelly and Garth deserves this honor!

  71. James Price

    James Price

    18 hours ago

    Absolutely. Nailed. It.

  72. Lexi DuBoi

    Lexi DuBoi

    18 hours ago

    Stunning lady and such an angelic voice. I cried too.

  73. Michael Petry

    Michael Petry

    18 hours ago

    He didn't write it. Not sure why he would cry.

  74. chris r

    chris r

    19 hours ago

    I think this lady is one of the most amazing an talented singers out there. Theres nothing she cant sing an every thing she sings is just amazing. An you know shes doing it because she loves it.

  75. shawn31


    19 hours ago

    0:17 Did you guys catch the way Trisha naturally and lovingly pulled Garth close just as she seen him start to fall apart allowing him to regain his composure? Oh this right here.... I could NEVER in a Million years get lucky enough for someone to love me like this.

  76. Kris S

    Kris S

    19 hours ago

    That song is already one of my favorite Garth songs but this tribute takes it to a different level. Garth's reaction at the end said it all.

  77. Tammy M

    Tammy M

    19 hours ago

    Kelly Kelly Kelly!Dang that was beautiful! My heart feels it. Thank you for honoring Garth

  78. Ann Day

    Ann Day

    19 hours ago


  79. patricia sherman

    patricia sherman

    20 hours ago


  80. Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson

    20 hours ago

    I love Kelly but nobody will ever sing that song like Garth!! I saw him in concert and I was hooked!

  81. Rejoyce Jones

    Rejoyce Jones

    20 hours ago

    My favorite Garth Brooks song and she did just amazing as he did 💕

  82. The Kilted Adventurer

    The Kilted Adventurer

    20 hours ago

    Such a beautiful rendition! ❤️🇺🇲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  83. Suse G

    Suse G

    20 hours ago

    This just takes my breath away!

  84. Sara Christine

    Sara Christine

    21 hour ago

    The range. The expression. Kelly deserves her flowers while she's here 💖

  85. laura


    21 hour ago

    I wish I knew what he said while she was singing. "It's beautiful "?

  86. laura


    21 hour ago

    Got me all in my feels with this one. Hey! Dont touch me there. That's my no no square

  87. Danny McDowell

    Danny McDowell

    21 hour ago

    Sorry, but she does this classic by Garth Brooks no justice. Her voice is too shrilly to sing this beautiful song. Just my opinion but somebody else would of been a better choice to honor him and this great song.

  88. D V

    D V

    21 hour ago

    God damn her voice is perfect in this

  89. Cassie Meigs

    Cassie Meigs

    21 hour ago


  90. John Anthony

    John Anthony

    22 hours ago


  91. terri e

    terri e

    22 hours ago

    Kelly, you are just the most amazing songstress! Amazing.

  92. Krista Jones

    Krista Jones

    22 hours ago

    She has got that entire audience CAPTIVATED. My favorite artist performing my VERY FAVORITE song. Loved it.

  93. RedheadedMusic


    23 hours ago

    Such a brilliant voice, awe inspiring. What a great tribute to Garth. She is such an incredible talent and apparently Garth agreed. Deeply moving.

  94. Jayne Bartholme

    Jayne Bartholme

    23 hours ago

    Love her

  95. Just Sayin

    Just Sayin

    23 hours ago

    Pure artistry. Kelly Clarkson is a MASTER.

  96. Gloria Krueger

    Gloria Krueger

    23 hours ago

    Absolute perfection!!!

  97. Shauna Carpenter

    Shauna Carpenter

    23 hours ago

    Tears when he’s crying