Kevin Garnett's beef with the "snake-like" Wolves owner got even worse without Flip Saunders around

BEEF HISTORY NEEDS YOUR HELP ok maybe that’s dramatic but not far off. It’s nominated for a Webby Award and if you have a minute to vote, we’d appreciate you endlessly:
Kevin Garnett loves Minnesota. That's where he spent most of his legendary playing career, and he still loves the city, the fans, and many of his former teammates. But from the time Garnett became a Timberwolf until well after he retired, one man owned the franchise, and Kevin Garnett does not like that man. At all.
Glen Taylor is a billionaire, one of Minnesota's richest people. He bought the Wolves in the early '90s, and brought in the regime that made the Wolves relevant, including Garnett and his first, beloved head coach, Flip Saunders.
But making the Wolves "relevant" wasn't really enough with a generational talent like Garnett on board. This episode of Beef History explains how Taylor failed his superstar employee, disparaged him after he departed, and ended up alienating one of the greatest pro athletes in Minnesota history. And just when a reunion and happy ending seemed possible, Garnett and Taylor lost a crucial moderating presence with the tragic death of Flip Saunders.
Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
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  1. Jessy Cho

    Jessy Cho

    19 hours ago

    is it just me or is there like a weird light flicker effect on this video? driving my eyes crazy

  2. Custom Shade

    Custom Shade

    3 days ago

    Sell/move the team to Seattle and reincarnate the SuperSonics!

  3. JR Brennan

    JR Brennan

    4 days ago

    To suggest that Taylor was the only reason KG didn't win in MN is a definite hand on the scale situation. You're letting the NBA off the hook as well

  4. JTJC9


    4 days ago

    Who is here after Alex Rodriguez bought the team

  5. Lannis31


    5 days ago

    It's amazing that old rich snobs like Taylor attack KG for taking care of his friends while Taylor takes care of his friend. Especially the friends he tossed money to.

  6. Lannis31


    5 days ago

    Joe Smith actually was good at that time. He career average was about 15 ppg and 8 rpg and 1 block per game and shot nearly 80% from the line in more than 30 minutes of action per game. He just wasn't franchise wrecking good.

    • IkedaTike 25

      IkedaTike 25

      3 days ago

      Yeah he was actually all right but not worth you know all of that he was one of the most infamous journey men in NBA history but he definitely wasn't mediocre

  7. Daniel Amone

    Daniel Amone

    6 days ago

    Racist wolfs owner.

  8. Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett

    Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett

    7 days ago

    Maybe you would save a lot of time and effort if you would just get intellectually lazier than you already are now by just saying that any beef video that includes a white guy and a black guy… It’s the white guys fault because he’s a Republican. And white privilege. That really could save you a lot of time.

  9. Čađava Mehana

    Čađava Mehana

    8 days ago

    Luckily 2 months after, J-Lo's bf, i mean, A-Rod is now a new owner, so KG will probably retire his jersey, he deserved it, he made Timberwolves relevant

  10. John Tschida

    John Tschida

    9 days ago

    as a wolves fan from the twin cities i appreciate the love and respect given to Flip in the video... a real mn hoops legend

  11. MR.WILLIE 95

    MR.WILLIE 95

    10 days ago

    This what happens when a bad owner with alot of money

  12. Gurts


    12 days ago

    Whos here after AROD bought the team??

    • ELV


      12 days ago


  13. James Tayloe

    James Tayloe

    12 days ago

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  14. Satans Pit

    Satans Pit

    12 days ago

    Wow if Kevin isn't good enough. To retire his jersey. Who the hell is.

  15. John Smith

    John Smith

    13 days ago

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  16. Andrew Pruett

    Andrew Pruett

    14 days ago

    Will you quit with the some billionaire get way way richer than he will crap. If the team sucks it could go under. He could have to sell the team. Where do you people get off thinking that because someone has more money than you they will always have more money than you.

  17. Jeet Singh

    Jeet Singh

    16 days ago

    Kg is the best pf blow me if you don’t think so

  18. lbcycl3 Mak

    lbcycl3 Mak

    16 days ago

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  19. J. Kendall

    J. Kendall

    16 days ago

    Cassell is a goat

  20. D S

    D S

    17 days ago

    I don't trust ANY rich white guy!

  21. savagevibes300 tbe

    savagevibes300 tbe

    17 days ago

    Rest is peace flip

  22. Arjun Wali

    Arjun Wali

    19 days ago

    Losing chauncey billups AND stephon marbury when you have a young KG should be a firable offense

  23. A54321


    19 days ago

    Superstar: “PAY ME” Also Superstar: “why can’t you afford any other great players?!?!” Media: “I don’t understand why they can’t get good supporting talent”

    • Gilbert Morgan II

      Gilbert Morgan II

      17 days ago

      Put the opiods down bud

  24. Simon


    23 days ago

    K.G, don’t lean on the glass!

  25. Enji Karb

    Enji Karb

    23 days ago

    lmao Glenn Taylor sounds like the Midwest version of Dan Snyder

  26. Bird Doug

    Bird Doug

    23 days ago

    Republicans are the good guys; very anti-fascist

  27. Dan Liu

    Dan Liu

    24 days ago

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  28. funmachine100


    26 days ago

    do Carlsen vs Nakamura

  29. Micheal Kelly

    Micheal Kelly

    26 days ago

    How TF Aaron afflalo afford the Wolves?

  30. Micheal Kelly

    Micheal Kelly

    26 days ago

    KG has suffered close losses before as well...One of his icons and teammates , Malik Sealy, died during his season

  31. Vinny Mac

    Vinny Mac

    26 days ago

    Dude got no help.

  32. TheBdavis231


    28 days ago

    If it were not for KG, the Wolves would have been the Detroit Lions of NBA.

  33. Ben Flikeid

    Ben Flikeid

    28 days ago

    That one stings

  34. Lou R

    Lou R

    28 days ago

    This fool couldn't help throwing political shots and trying to paint this owner to a group of people thats disgusting I won't ever listen to another video on this channel

  35. Bose Gaurav

    Bose Gaurav

    29 days ago

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  36. Eunice Reeves

    Eunice Reeves

    Month ago

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  37. Josh Jones

    Josh Jones

    Month ago

    That new logo is cold on the hat

  38. Ricky Godette

    Ricky Godette

    Month ago

    You deserve an award 🥇 for this mini documentary!

  39. Larry Love

    Larry Love

    Month ago

    First of all your liberal bias is showing once again and you're wrong again at 1:14 and who cares where he donated money ??? how many people donate to communist BLM why dont you call them out?? Steve king is a Patriot and American not some clans man do some easy research and you would see that but you're probably blinded by that liberal bias🤢🤮 that everyone in the media has

  40. Kirby BL

    Kirby BL

    Month ago

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    Casey Ray Harris. Esquire

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  42. mucked line

    mucked line

    Month ago

    R.i.p flip. He got my trash pistons 50 wins

  43. Franco Bradshaw

    Franco Bradshaw

    Month ago

    Can y’all do some classic beefs. Russ vs Dame, Suh vs Rodgers, Brady vs Manning family. Feel like y’all do pitty ones lol

    • JMT


      Month ago

      Russ vs Dame isn't a classic beef

  44. Josh aka UnclefOOlio

    Josh aka UnclefOOlio

    Month ago

    How about Oakley vs James Dolan?

  45. TBe Coolin

    TBe Coolin

    Month ago


  46. ChumblesMumbles


    Month ago

    The lost first round picks is certainly an embarrassment and it had to have hurt to some extent, but their picks would have been unfortunately too high to have been game-changers for the most part. The players available in those slots in the draft in those years weren't particularly good. Still, something is better than nothing.

  47. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy Asdent

    Month ago

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  48. Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung

    Month ago

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  49. Arkham


    Month ago

    I vividly remember how much love Garnett gave to Minnesota when he was here in Boston. Minnesota deserved KG at his best, the owner didn't.

  50. Dwayne Deveaux

    Dwayne Deveaux

    Month ago

    You gave FLIP Saunders more respect than the Timerwolves ownership did.

  51. Walter Baker

    Walter Baker

    Month ago

    George Shinn vs the City of Charlotte

  52. J.


    Month ago

    One of their somewhat mistakes in the 1996 draft was trading their pick Ray Allen to the Bucks for stephan Marbury

  53. Peter Burns

    Peter Burns

    Month ago

    Well after what Kevin said he better look at other franchises because this owner will sell to anyone but him

  54. Aubree Emmalee

    Aubree Emmalee

    Month ago

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  55. Julio Velazquez

    Julio Velazquez

    Month ago

    Flip, flip, game ova.

  56. Mr.8Oh8!


    Month ago

    People hate on Taylor so much but he saved the Wolves from potential relocation.

  57. Jake Llano

    Jake Llano

    Month ago

    thats the reason why wolves never went back to wcf coz they never retired his number..wolves still suck up to this wonder jimmy left...

  58. Christian Buna

    Christian Buna

    Month ago

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  59. Me Too

    Me Too

    Month ago

    Crazy you said "Alienated" when cassel face pop up lool

  60. Roc_Official


    Month ago

    It’s unbelievable and soo disrespectful that his jersey isn’t retired for the Wolves.

  61. Baxter Tanner

    Baxter Tanner

    Month ago

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  62. Mohammad Al-Awadi

    Mohammad Al-Awadi

    Month ago

    Michael Kay vs Mike Francesa or Mike vs the Mad Dog

  63. Stingers MadHouse

    Stingers MadHouse

    Month ago

    Starbury didn't play his best years elsewhere, make no mistake he was the best version of himself in minn w KG for that short period idgaf what nmbrs u give me from NJ or phoenix

    • Alexander Adonyae

      Alexander Adonyae

      Month ago


  64. Sarc4sm


    Month ago

    Who turned out to be that 1st round picks that shouldve been in Minnesota. Please tell me.

  65. Sarc4sm


    Month ago

    Most nba owners are old ppl that dont know what to do with their team lol

  66. Ben Thornton

    Ben Thornton

    Month ago

    Timberwolves 101: KG is God & Glen is Satan

  67. frank


    Month ago

    "Minnesota *alienated* Cassell" Bruh

  68. Dan Liu

    Dan Liu

    Month ago

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  69. Tim Tate

    Tim Tate

    Month ago

    I got an idea for your next video Charles Barkley vs The Warriors

  70. It’smebro


    Month ago

    Lebron James vs Kyrie Irving?? Or is too soon

  71. Christopher Mccarroll

    Christopher Mccarroll

    Month ago

    It's cute how you tried to paint Taylor as a racist based on him being a Republican and contributing to someone's campaign. Meanwhile you probably voted for Biden who called black people super predators and thinks they can't use the internet. You're a dork.

  72. Finn


    Month ago

    Sam Hinkie sighting 10:40

  73. Authority The Videocast

    Authority The Videocast

    Month ago

    The audio is off ...

  74. i komment at Beginning and end

    i komment at Beginning and end

    Month ago

    Rip Flip ... well only hope trade 4 Booker GQ 3 Baby LoL yeah yall stiLL aint retire KG number YaLL Deserve these Ls

  75. i komment at Beginning and end

    i komment at Beginning and end

    Month ago

    Owner got greedy have 2 give his props really best era of T wolfs

  76. Isaac


    Month ago

    erving vs bird

  77. Hristijan Zdravkovski

    Hristijan Zdravkovski

    Month ago

    Here after KG's professional instagram post about how Glen rejected his offer for buying the team.

  78. Reid Allen

    Reid Allen

    Month ago

    One of my favorite sports moments was Garnett winning his chip and immediately shouting out Minnesota in his postgame interview.

  79. ZeR0goth


    Month ago

    You guys should make a video about how the Eagles won a super bowl. And then basically burned it all down from within

  80. Mitchell Donaldson

    Mitchell Donaldson

    Month ago

    scottie pippen and jerry krause please

  81. Josh Fox

    Josh Fox

    Month ago

    0:44 of course they make way more money than the players. That’s the way it works in the world. The workers, or in this case players, make a LOT less money than the owners/top execs, but they still make a ton of money just to play a sport. Yes they do bring in a lot of money for their franchises, but I would argue that the people who work at places like Amazon or Wal Mart also bring in a lot of money for the company they work for, yet they don’t make near as much as athletes do. So....yeah, of course owners make a lot more than the players. It’s how it works for everyone else. Except the athletes still get a pampered lifestyle

  82. MasterofSheepdogs


    Month ago

    this video is soul-crushing. and also very, very well done

  83. Matthew Robert

    Matthew Robert

    Month ago

    Update. Garnets bid attempting to buy the twolves has officially ended

  84. Kimyongtai Kim

    Kimyongtai Kim

    Month ago

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  85. Ramone W

    Ramone W

    Month ago

    100% forgot Flip Saunders died.

  86. Zeke


    Month ago

    What a disgrace of a franchise, Minnesota Timberwolves ladies n gents

  87. Nbahangtime27


    Month ago

    Please do a beef history of Daniel Negranu vs Doug Polk !! Just beefed and the beef became a one on one battle for over 1 million dollars!!!

  88. Jclarkis


    Month ago

    There is a lack of beef in this video about beef

  89. Lestus Mitchell

    Lestus Mitchell

    Month ago

    They screwed over, Jimmy Butler, Robert Covington, Zach Lavine, Kevin love, and now kinda Kat, and DLo just doesn't fit. They never cared to develop Andrew, which really concerns me with Culver and Edwards.

  90. 4rmDEC2FRE


    Month ago

    thank you! as a t-wolves fan i really appreciate this video

  91. antfbi


    Month ago

    Idk every one making not a living wage makes the billionaires richer

  92. The People

    The People

    Month ago

    I’m 21 and a wolves fan, so I don’t remember him much. But this makes me so sad. Hope he buys the team.

  93. This world is ours

    This world is ours

    Month ago

    This is why this franchise is one of the worst in the NBA. If you want your career to be wasted then go on the T'wolves 😂

  94. Adam Mokdad

    Adam Mokdad

    Month ago

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  95. Loturzel Restaurant

    Loturzel Restaurant

    Month ago

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  96. Stones S Torres

    Stones S Torres

    Month ago

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  97. skooly nugenator

    skooly nugenator

    Month ago

    Wolves fans want Taylor to sell the team.

  98. Northern King

    Northern King

    Month ago

    Most sports franchises are run like old plantations, and the Master is NEVER gonna bow to a field..... The sad part is it’s not a color thing as much as a sociopathic lust for ultimate power! 💔

  99. Lochie Smith

    Lochie Smith

    Month ago

    should do Pat Riley vs Knicks next

  100. Jon Summers

    Jon Summers

    Month ago

    Actually joe smith was kinda nice until he got injured