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Director: Liz Clare lizclaretv
Creative Direction: Black Skull Creative weareblacks...
Lighting Design: Pixelmappers pixelmappers
Choreography: Jay Revell jayrevellcr...
DOP: Nat Hill
Camera: Curtis Dunne
Produced by Kate Sinden & Rob Lane

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

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  1. Jaafar Abbas

    Jaafar Abbas

    3 minutes ago

    This is the guy who wrote I’m on a horse….

  2. AwesomeShamz


    2 hours ago

    This song needs a proper music video

  3. Faze UP

    Faze UP

    4 hours ago

    Never seen so many virgin ksi’s

  4. Mohammad Towhidul Aziz

    Mohammad Towhidul Aziz

    5 hours ago

    Didn't really feel the song the first couple of times but then it grew on me and now I listen to it eveytime I go for a drive. This is the KSI effect ❤️

  5. quang võ

    quang võ

    7 hours ago

    the verse kinda sounds like lil uzi :))))

  6. JiuJitsu Guy

    JiuJitsu Guy

    8 hours ago


  7. Jamie


    8 hours ago

    Lip Sync champion

  8. Jacob Meza

    Jacob Meza

    8 hours ago

    Even though it’s probably touched up a bit, his performance and live singing is actually hella impressive.

  9. Mob House

    Mob House

    11 hours ago

    This song, along with “no time” are so so dope

  10. Reqz Vile

    Reqz Vile

    12 hours ago

    Fucked up logam Paul my guy

  11. Thibaut Lalloum

    Thibaut Lalloum

    12 hours ago

    hard af! 😳

  12. ChuckzzTV


    19 hours ago

    It is amazing to see how this man got started and where he is today. KSI you really are an inspiration brother. Amazing to see how successful you’ve become and excited to see what you come out with in the future. Keep doing you bro 🤙🏼💪🏼

  13. Aaron


    19 hours ago

    Can't wait for the Lil Uzi remix👀

  14. Harry Lewis

    Harry Lewis

    19 hours ago

    KSI please get Lil Uzi on the Remix for the Deluxe

  15. Harry Lewis

    Harry Lewis

    19 hours ago

    Lil Uzi on this beat would be fire ngl

  16. Harry Lewis

    Harry Lewis

    19 hours ago

    Should get Lil Uzi on this

  17. Daniel Goldsmith

    Daniel Goldsmith

    19 hours ago

    JJ you're a legend mate you overcome and conquer everything in your path I wish I had you're confidence. Keep going with the music bro you are killing it. Respect.

  18. Brotund


    20 hours ago


  19. Prabin limbu

    Prabin limbu

    20 hours ago

    Keep going bro one day you singer star

  20. George Woodfine

    George Woodfine

    20 hours ago

    Which ones KSI

  21. S3L


    22 hours ago

    The beat hits hard, Fire as always JJ.

  22. Ben Mercer

    Ben Mercer

    23 hours ago

    Bro the way he came in on the last chorus hits different!!

  23. rimas kurd

    rimas kurd

    Day ago

    AOTP is the best thing ever

  24. Luther Gomez

    Luther Gomez

    Day ago

    Jj your performance was enough I enjoy the video

  25. Cousin Boss

    Cousin Boss

    Day ago

    KSI GF: To many KSIs :)

  26. Akita


    Day ago


  27. Duh it'sAryan

    Duh it'sAryan

    Day ago

    worst song in the album, doesn't mean I hate it. everything else was fire

  28. Ali Israr_420

    Ali Israr_420

    Day ago

    The instrumental sounds like millions if it was a drill song

  29. ZeefanPlayz


    Day ago


  30. Hamza Zanaty

    Hamza Zanaty

    Day ago

    this song is literally my favorite hype song

  31. TMAN


    Day ago

    Best song on the album

  32. Dylan Sunday

    Dylan Sunday

    Day ago

    this guy smacks the fuck what people said regardless he is killin it

  33. Seun Jay

    Seun Jay

    Day ago

    This song is too 🔥🔥🔥😩🤧 Dope performance too🔥

  34. Boy Phantom

    Boy Phantom

    Day ago

    This song is my motivation. I recently started trying to take this USgone thing seriously and it's super hard in a country like mine where you get judged for doing such. The moment I listen to The Moment no matter how sad I am at the fact that I get 4 views I get the motivation to do more and more videos. All thanks to KSI. The Sidemen are a real motivation to me.

  35. TkSharma


    Day ago


  36. GGsparrow


    Day ago


  37. Jarvis Kennedy

    Jarvis Kennedy

    Day ago


  38. Jack Ripper

    Jack Ripper

    Day ago


  39. Comton Dotbrid

    Comton Dotbrid

    2 days ago

    1.25 speed

  40. scatlar2


    2 days ago

    the ksi show looked amazing lol

  41. shahmir saleem

    shahmir saleem

    2 days ago

    I am a fan of ksi but he should stick to rapping his singing is sooooo baddd

  42. ScopedKnight


    2 days ago

    God damn JJ you nailed this album. 💯

  43. Emily An

    Emily An

    2 days ago

    Your buggin if you don’t think this is the hardest song from the album

  44. Stan Kira

    Stan Kira

    2 days ago


  45. michael oloyede

    michael oloyede

    2 days ago

    This sounds like entrance music for a boxing fight.

    • michael oloyede

      michael oloyede

      Day ago

      @Emily An this is my favorite song on the album I’m just saying it sounds like something he would use for a boxing fight.

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      Day ago

      Your buggin if you don’t think this is the hardest song from the album

  46. GhostMP4


    2 days ago

    KSI my friend, you've made it

  47. Simen


    2 days ago

    Love the passion

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      2 days ago

      Lyrics = MADDD😳🥵

  48. Ash Ash

    Ash Ash

    2 days ago


  49. Joey Koch

    Joey Koch

    2 days ago

    I don't know how bad the skits where but these performances slap. I only 've watched 2 of the songs rn and its already worth the 15 pounds.

  50. ToddthaGod


    2 days ago

    I get old lil Uzi feels from this

    • Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      19 hours ago

      We need a lil uzi remix

  51. Jrdxb


    2 days ago

    "IAM the one who chosen" 🔥🔥🔥 my night anthem right here thanks king 👑

  52. Jeremy Ndun

    Jeremy Ndun

    2 days ago

    best song

  53. Rya N

    Rya N

    2 days ago


  54. Itz Lean

    Itz Lean

    2 days ago

    Ksi go against tyron Woodley if Jake looses

  55. Itz Lean

    Itz Lean

    2 days ago

    Damn he Carries everyone he beats

  56. ChromeDreamer


    2 days ago

    only thing I have to say about jj's music is, too much autotune man, if you need this much autotune to fix your voice, then idk

    • Jamzy 33

      Jamzy 33

      2 days ago

      It’s his mic he bought some autotune one he needs to lower it down or

  57. kian Rana

    kian Rana

    2 days ago

    KSI you are killing it man keep up the hard work

  58. Dan 77

    Dan 77

    2 days ago

    Actually hard

  59. hugo cahill

    hugo cahill

    2 days ago


  60. Goat.D Shinzo

    Goat.D Shinzo

    2 days ago

    0:22 which one is ksi I can't tell

  61. 11Habib


    2 days ago

    Lyrics = MADDD😳🥵

  62. ByebyeMcfly


    2 days ago


  63. GhettoPanda21


    2 days ago

    Listening to the album now to give it my personal opinion and this song slaps ass’s 🔥 good start so far 🔥🔥🔥

  64. bananamunching


    2 days ago

    Jesus Man... You devolved. This is horrible.

  65. Ahmed Zaqi Jawad

    Ahmed Zaqi Jawad

    2 days ago

    Babatunde when he finally finds water

  66. KiranK28


    2 days ago

    Favorite song of JJ right now

  67. Steve


    2 days ago


  68. TheRealMitat


    2 days ago

    I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner

    • AwesomeShamz


      2 hours ago

      @J nah generic stolen comment from multiple music videos of different artists

    • J


      Day ago

      underrated comment

  69. Sans


    2 days ago

    Turn that shit up

  70. Yo yo yo its Joe

    Yo yo yo its Joe

    2 days ago

    What a tune

  71. ruby-lou young

    ruby-lou young

    2 days ago

    big clap to this guy

  72. Anthony Adams

    Anthony Adams

    3 days ago

    Rice is so mad but I would love to see them be back as family

  73. Rishabh Ghosh

    Rishabh Ghosh

    3 days ago

    May Jesus completes your dreams 🔥🔥✝️✝️

  74. Memealorian


    3 days ago

    This guy is a legend

  75. Gurvir Singh

    Gurvir Singh

    3 days ago

    This is fire how are ppl complaining ab this show?

  76. Astronomical


    3 days ago


  77. Miko Avo

    Miko Avo

    3 days ago

    This is sick!!

  78. It’s Just Yasin

    It’s Just Yasin

    3 days ago

    He’s really wearing those shoes to show that he’s 6 foot tall 😂

  79. Talents Beatbox etc,

    Talents Beatbox etc,

    3 days ago

    Too much autotune sounds like a fucking robot

    • NitrousNOX


      3 days ago

      @SynnAce tell that too op

    • SynnAce


      3 days ago

      @NitrousNOX i mean insulting someone isnt a valid arguement but alr

    • NitrousNOX


      3 days ago

      shut up roblox kid

  80. KOD


    3 days ago

    Probably the best song from the album

  81. Thomas Amoah

    Thomas Amoah

    3 days ago


  82. Oliver Derengoski

    Oliver Derengoski

    3 days ago

    Man jj doesn't know how to do music

    • NitrousNOX


      3 days ago


  83. Akshat Saxena

    Akshat Saxena

    3 days ago

    Comgrats ksi!!!!!!!!!! Love from india

  84. kcegan nylo

    kcegan nylo

    3 days ago


  85. OTW_arts


    3 days ago

    Snowpiercer my train eughhhh

  86. OTW_arts


    3 days ago

    Everyone spam EA sports to put this on FIFA 22 we need this man

  87. Nicholasitis


    3 days ago

    This is better than the album version

  88. Ansah Family

    Ansah Family

    3 days ago


  89. Switch _Start

    Switch _Start

    3 days ago

    Damn did not know ji had Identical twins

  90. Fitzy


    3 days ago


  91. Sharkys2Hyper


    3 days ago


  92. Dragonboy


    3 days ago

    This hits different.

  93. Ashwin Valluvan

    Ashwin Valluvan

    3 days ago

    Don't care what anyone says this is his best song ever

    • Beni K

      Beni K

      Hour ago

      no time i think is a bit better

    • Ashish Kumar Dash

      Ashish Kumar Dash

      Hour ago

      His every song is a banger..picking best out of them is like picking between models

    • AwesomeShamz


      2 hours ago


    • Sanjeev Vijayan

      Sanjeev Vijayan

      3 hours ago

      Silly is better

    • T Dont Play

      T Dont Play

      6 hours ago


  94. short meme

    short meme

    3 days ago


  95. Hyp3rjxrdn


    3 days ago

    This is 🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥 blew me away

  96. Gerald


    4 days ago

    I bet they arms almost snapped

  97. Insane Mok -khan

    Insane Mok -khan

    4 days ago

    Slaps hard af

  98. Philip Memphis

    Philip Memphis

    4 days ago

    This was epic 🔥 Like this masterpiece

  99. Marche Van Neel

    Marche Van Neel

    4 days ago

    This goes hard no cap😵