LaVar & Broussard react to Cam Newton being 'disrespected' & heckled at camp | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Free agent Cam Newton faced his share of critics last season after throwing 8 touchdowns and 10 picks in 15 games for the New England Patriots. But this weekend in Myrtle Beach, Cam faced an unlikely critic in a kid at his own football camp. In the now viral video, the young heckler called Cam out, resulting in quite the back and forth. Hear what LaVar Arrington, Chris Broussard, and Jason McIntyre have to say about the exchange.
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LaVar & Broussard react to Cam Newton being 'disrespected' & heckled at camp | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Month ago

    Where do you expect Cam Newton to sign this season?

    • the last

      the last

      Month ago


    • ECduzitgood


      Month ago

      Tampa bay

    • Ezell Dazh

      Ezell Dazh

      Month ago

      IDK but he ain't no back up 📀

    • The Kurt Gobang Show!

      The Kurt Gobang Show!

      Month ago

      I would've took him as a backup over Andy Dolton

    • Michelle D.

      Michelle D.

      Month ago

      @Celestine Ncho William Chick was being sarcastic about Cam going to the Panthers..

  2. Casey Kim

    Casey Kim

    11 days ago

    U lost me Lavar. Both You and kid are the ones clearly talking non-sense.

  3. Zack


    29 days ago

    Man Instagram took the filter thing to another level, they could transforms Jenny, Skip and Shayshay to a completely different look

  4. 文駿


    Month ago

    The grouchy gauge centrally zip because venezuela interstingly scrape failing a quarrelsome jumper. ignorant, acid bar

  5. Damon Harper

    Damon Harper

    Month ago

    Lavar Excellent perspective 💯

  6. Dane Washington

    Dane Washington

    Month ago

    I really like LaVar Arrington perspective

  7. DrGeeTv


    Month ago

    Did y’all say bill belichik put him in best position to win? Did Y’all see his WRs?

  8. Kevin Dickerson

    Kevin Dickerson

    Month ago

    These kids today are disrespectful and have no regards for life either sad generation

  9. Duff Borgwardt

    Duff Borgwardt

    Month ago

    Arrington "If the kid pulled a gun, then it might have been alarming."

  10. Jacky Pearson

    Jacky Pearson

    Month ago


  11. Wally A

    Wally A

    Month ago

    Cam would probably get more respect if he dressed like an adult, not a cartoon.

  12. EastCoast Nuke

    EastCoast Nuke

    Month ago

    Its sad to say but lil dude football career is over after high school smh

  13. YoJon


    Month ago

    Football has the worst culture of any major sport

  14. Darious Hammond

    Darious Hammond

    Month ago

    This indian guy is a racist

  15. Derek Gilliam

    Derek Gilliam

    Month ago

    LaVarr has to be kidding! We don't understand these kids? Yeah right.

  16. Cris Fantom

    Cris Fantom

    Month ago

    This guy gets the HOF gold jacket 🧥 for the worst fade of the decade.

  17. Terry Middleton

    Terry Middleton

    Month ago

    Cam could come to my 9ers. I'd welcome him in a heartbeat

  18. Cesare Borgia

    Cesare Borgia

    Month ago

    Who cares

  19. vVDayWalkerVv


    Month ago stop. Bunch of disrespectful kids nowadays...period. I'm a 90s teen. As debaucherous as my hommies and I were, we still had respect for OGs. Ya boy is right. Not only disrespectful to an adult, but you don't talk to people in a profession far more advanced than you are and you can learn a great deal from, all while trying to get on their level in that same profession. And at his camp to top it off. I hope somebody pulled that kid to the side and set em' straight. I bet that kid wouldn't cap like that at Lynch's camp. But hey...maybe I don't know the whole story. I only saw that short clip and haven't been following it after.

  20. saresto cannon

    saresto cannon

    Month ago

    That little boy was tell the truth 💯

  21. UPT123


    Month ago

    EXCUSES! I'm a teacher and youth mentor, this teenager's actions were unacceptable. The young man squandered a real learning opportunity. As for any rebuttals, consider this ... would the guy's actions be acceptable in the workplace?

  22. Yzin Almomani

    Yzin Almomani

    Month ago

    where’s shannon and skip

  23. Marsha Julessa

    Marsha Julessa

    Month ago

    Is it just me or is Lavar giving this TEEN a pass? Saying that how teens communicate? 🙄Nahhh not kids with broughtupcy and manners!!🤔

  24. Marsha Julessa

    Marsha Julessa

    Month ago

    Talk less, listen more!!! Advice for the know it all millennial.

  25. TMI Watkins

    TMI Watkins

    Month ago

    Kansas City don't want cam!! That's funny!!😂🤣😅

  26. TMI Watkins

    TMI Watkins

    Month ago

    Suck It Up!! Loser cam!!😂🤣😅😆

  27. TMI Watkins

    TMI Watkins

    Month ago

    What is cam now!?!?🤔

  28. TMI Watkins

    TMI Watkins

    Month ago

    Respect is earned!! N yaw saying the same thing the kid did,just in a different way!! FR BYE BYE CAM!!!😂🤣😅😆

  29. The Message

    The Message

    Month ago

    Trash parents begets trash spawn

  30. Felicia W.

    Felicia W.

    Month ago

    We can tell who works with kids daily. Lavar is right. That's how they talk nowadays. Chris and Mac are right about what should have happened, but they are thinking about it from a mature perspective that these kids lack. But what you think kids ought to do and what they indeed do are 2 different things.

  31. Vincent Williams

    Vincent Williams

    Month ago

    That kid was disrespectful

  32. Ltanya Brooks

    Ltanya Brooks

    Month ago

    Lavar is so right they do the same thing in basketball talk trash . I work in the inner city school and that's what they do now.

  33. Pierre Verna

    Pierre Verna

    Month ago

    This kids is disrespectful.

  34. Bishop Eric Wright Sr.

    Bishop Eric Wright Sr.

    Month ago

    Cam handled himself VERY WELL! These kids these days "THINK" they're the ONLY folks who's lived life & no one else! At the end of the day this generation needs the OG'S to verbally G CHECK these youngsters! It's needed sometimes RT!!!

  35. Nick Halden

    Nick Halden

    Month ago

    Kids are so bad today because everyone gets a trophy now

  36. Terry Gross

    Terry Gross

    Month ago

    He is right a lot of kids are disrespectful

  37. ronny lopez

    ronny lopez

    Month ago

    Half the Patriots roster decided not to play this year. No weapons on offense (another reason Brady left). Not a fair year to judge him on

  38. ronny lopez

    ronny lopez

    Month ago

    You're at HIS CAMP!! And not showing respect. Not being coached by you lavar lol.

  39. CrucialTruthTV


    Month ago

    That kid said what everyone wants to say with no FILTER. What has Cam done lately. Nothing. But get hurt and play like garbage. So yeah the kid is right. Cam is trash. Been playing like trash. And that's the bottom line jabrony

  40. DcySive Media

    DcySive Media

    Month ago

    Lavarrs take was a big NO.👎🏽

  41. Clifford Dotson

    Clifford Dotson

    Month ago

    lavar, they dont get it,

  42. Clifford Dotson

    Clifford Dotson

    Month ago

    who did belliceck surround cam with,, nobody,, thats why Brady left

  43. Texan Football Houston

    Texan Football Houston

    Month ago

    Should of told that kid please go stand over there and face the corner lol😂 or rise yr hand next time to speak to anyone. Because he can take care of him self. Yea I think hes a back up. Or Washington

  44. Tarrik12321


    Month ago

    Just because that’s how kids are today doesn’t mean it’s right

  45. Ronald Russoe

    Ronald Russoe

    Month ago

    How refreshing, no skip bayless with his insane drivel l, yeay

  46. Mr SS

    Mr SS

    Month ago

    Lenny Cooke interrupted Kobe during one of his camps cause he thought he knew it all, look what happened to him. when athletes are throwing camps, they doing it for you and your peers. learn some respect young men

  47. Robert Kidnley

    Robert Kidnley

    Month ago

    100% disrespectful I'm a bears fan but I love cam man good guy great athlete amazing work ethic he just mis understood man ever since the super bowl he lost man I'm sorry not all QB in the league can be like peyton manning who was raised by a NFL QB and knows exactly what to say cause he has some one raise him who knows exactly what to say

  48. wap


    Month ago

    This is dumb, he obviously isn't good if he's ran so many times, a good qb can stay in the pocket or roll out of it and make a play, cam has always relied on his legs and not his team ever since he got into the NFL. Take away his running and he's just as good as me when it comes to throwing the ball, he's alright but not good enough to make it in the NFL.thay also why he's been traded. Big also why you gotta bring race into this like fr, we get he's black but that has nothing to do with his play or anything , only thing that matters is the way you play and if you are able to help the team win. Stop being so god damn sensitive!

  49. Truth & Knowledge

    Truth & Knowledge

    Month ago

    Lavar is completely wrong on every stance. I was taught that you respect all adults whether they are a janitor or a pro athlete. Lavar just because that's the way they communicate doesn't mean that it's right. He called him a Bum. So what'sthe intent in that?. .... Disrespect was his intent

  50. Tracey Martin

    Tracey Martin

    Month ago

    Didn't the kid call cam trash .. That's disrespectful , guy is trying to make excuses for the kids behaviour ; that's why kids think they can do whatever they want cause some grown ups give them a pass

  51. Prince of Mathematicians

    Prince of Mathematicians

    Month ago

    lavar on point

  52. william Serafini

    william Serafini

    Month ago

    LMFAO nahh bruh I am 24 these kids now are beyond rude and messed up. buddy over here I run camps so I know shut up with that.

  53. S leigh

    S leigh

    Month ago

    Calture of disrespect ...yea makes Spot of sense ..joke

  54. Robert Santos

    Robert Santos

    Month ago

    ... just poor parenting skills.. Called.

  55. Ba Ba

    Ba Ba

    Month ago

    These people want to much control

  56. ShawnDaDon


    Month ago

    We don’t care that u a adult at all u not untouchable

  57. UniQue VybeZ

    UniQue VybeZ

    Month ago

    Lavar disrespect is disrespect regardless of the era you were born. Your justification is that is how they communicate. Well sir that don’t make it right.

  58. Tyrone Ford

    Tyrone Ford

    Month ago

    Trash talking to a coach, mentor, trainer? Should have told the kid to walk. He wont do that to a college coach, he wontbdo that to an nfl coach.

  59. Donovan Myers

    Donovan Myers

    Month ago

    Where is Unc? Y’all gettin’ a swift dislike

  60. Yaddamean GIP

    Yaddamean GIP

    Month ago

    This is the problem we accept disrespect

  61. Herb Davidson

    Herb Davidson

    Month ago


  62. TheLeGrands305


    Month ago

    I don’t think Lavar saw Cams post and the kid apology

  63. Iam WhoIam

    Iam WhoIam

    Month ago

    Sugar Daddy simping for millennials..... A video will surface of some millennials cursing this sucker out!

  64. Julia D.

    Julia D.

    Month ago

    I'm an elementary school teacher. These new kids are different because the parenting is different. Tone is EVERYTHING! And kids know it. You can see the difference in how they talk to one adult versus another because of what is tolerated. We can relate to one another, but what you WON'T do is be disrespectful. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.

  65. C Berymon

    C Berymon

    Month ago

    Lavar must got some CTE

  66. jack rosado

    jack rosado

    Month ago

    Everyone's talking about the dumb stuff, but can we just acknowledge that he's pretty correct about the not respecting adults thing, and I'm one of em, I seriously wish we could try to change ourselves, I know I am

  67. Derek Watts

    Derek Watts

    Month ago

    This show is so unwatchable without skip Shannon and Jenny

  68. CLiPPZZoRiTO


    Month ago

    Lavar is spot on here.

  69. tu .vJOHNNY WELLSh

    tu .vJOHNNY WELLSh

    Month ago

    Lavar is wrong!

  70. Lo Livingston

    Lo Livingston

    Month ago

    Yeah... Not even 10.years ago that kid would be beat up from his peers for almost ruining the camp. Now they just laugh and record instead of holding each other accountable. Smfh.



    Month ago

    Lavar, you wrong bro

  72. mixsignal91


    Month ago

    Lavar took a massive L with his take hear. There's zero excuse for that kids behavior.

  73. Rodney B

    Rodney B

    Month ago

    Simply was DISRESPECTFUL for that young man to talk to and adult like that.

  74. Michael Oldham

    Michael Oldham

    Month ago

    I agree with LaVar. He is going to remain in NE unless they sign or trade for Jimmy G. I all honesty, I think Cam needs another year or two to develop chemistry with the team and not try to run so much unless he is heading for the sidelines and slide if he is running up the field before contact. Trying to bull himself through tackles is not going to work.

  75. Alex King

    Alex King

    Month ago

    This was a great break down literally every other talking head overreacted about this

  76. kinte1870


    Month ago

    Lavar is part of the problem.

  77. Tubbys Dad

    Tubbys Dad

    Month ago

    Which is why 7 v7 culture is garbage... no consequences all show

  78. Polo Don

    Polo Don

    Month ago

    He had no help

  79. Jr. Major1

    Jr. Major1

    Month ago

    Way to save the Show Chris because Fake Skip was talking but about what???😳

  80. J. Baldwin

    J. Baldwin

    Month ago

    Hmmm, I wonder how many college coaches want that kid after that video?

  81. Darren Woodrich

    Darren Woodrich

    Month ago

    He suck



    Month ago

    I clicked for lavar ball

  83. Stevenson


    Month ago

    Gen z is different you’re just soft

  84. 1dayMyers


    Month ago

    You saw what happened? Man the dude had nothing in NE...predictable

  85. Nik Johnson

    Nik Johnson

    Month ago

    End of the day a child needs to respect an adult.

  86. Benton Preslar

    Benton Preslar

    Month ago

    So where is skip an shannon? I tried googling it an i cant find anything?

  87. Pasque man

    Pasque man

    Month ago

    Who tf let that first idiot even on tv... this show seemed mad embarrassing until he stopped talking

  88. Bryan Austin

    Bryan Austin

    Month ago

    Lavar basically said, the kid wasn’t wrong because this is a different generation which is why kids are like they are, the generations didn’t change, parents got softer, athlete or not, you’re a 15yo addressing a grown man and that’s what Lavar is missing

  89. Kabil Nandakumar

    Kabil Nandakumar

    Month ago

    Bro I actually like this show

  90. Elliott Stevens

    Elliott Stevens

    Month ago

    Lavar Arrington is an idiot

  91. The Devils Milk

    The Devils Milk

    Month ago

    What a joke this is

  92. CJ Payne

    CJ Payne

    Month ago

    I suck as a QB but I'm winning in life -Translation

  93. The True Resse

    The True Resse

    Month ago

    I disagree with you on this one Lavar. You not making any sense

  94. Muhammad Cushmeer

    Muhammad Cushmeer

    Month ago

    This dude to the left is dumb

  95. Conrad Alston

    Conrad Alston

    Month ago

    As a black male and math middle school teacher all of my students know there is a line you don’t cross. All of them underneath how to respect there elders so wind I see things like the I already know that this is an embarrassment for the parents end of story.

  96. MrBopeel


    Month ago

    If this kid talks to an NFL MVP this way, I can imagine how he talks to his teachers who make $35k-$45k a year.

  97. Parlay Dix-Beckett

    Parlay Dix-Beckett

    Month ago

    And I had to the pleasure to meet LaVar because he was a mentor to my lil cousin when he was penn st and he’s a great brother

  98. Parlay Dix-Beckett

    Parlay Dix-Beckett

    Month ago

    I think people need to look cams interview on I am athlete and they will have a whole different perception on cam

  99. Langston Richardson

    Langston Richardson

    Month ago

    Lavar is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT here. Chris, Jay and other broadcasters are too much kiss-arse fan boys or trying to make people realize that this kinds of things never happen. The only thing that’s new is the cameras are catching it.

    • Langston Richardson

      Langston Richardson

      Month ago

      Also, the qualities of challenging adults or authority should be celebrated. Because we know darn well that the young man wasn’t the only child who think what he actually said.

    • Langston Richardson

      Langston Richardson

      Month ago

      Their responses to Lavar tells it all. The youth of today don’t dream of becoming like Cam or even a former NFLer. They weren’t born then. All Lavar or Cam are is just like anyone else.

  100. Relax HOSS

    Relax HOSS

    Month ago

    The kids not wrong. Cam was hands down the worst quarterback in the league. He is awful. Literally can’t throw a simple 15-20 yard pass.