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Lexus LFA | A Proper Goodbye

We review and celebrate the long gone Lexus LFA, a car briefly made from 2011-2012. With only 500 manufactured, this extremely rare and largely misunderstood car, has mystique. We attempt to break down and tell the story of what made it special. The LFA despite the badge speaks a universal language. Whether you are a Ferrari, Porsche, Chevy or Ford fan there is something in this video you will appreciate. If you are big fan of the Toyota Supra, 86, LC500, F Products you may wonder if this Lexus is the next $1,000,000 car?
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Soundtrack By: Yi Nantiro
00:00 - 1:24 Intro
1:24 - 5:47 The Story of the LFA Owner
5:47 - 8:40 Interior Impressions
8:40 - 11:08 The Lexus Dealer and Service Options
11:08 - 15:26 The Development Story and Toyota F1
15:26 - 18:47 Switching to Carbon Fiber and Parts Costs
18:47 - 23:52 Suspension, Brakes and Oil System
23:52 - 28:21 Rear Suspension, Cooling, Drivetrain, Transmission
28:21 - 38:33 Engine Design, Sound Design, Oiling System and Dry Sump
38:33 - 44:49 Driving Impressions at Autobahn Country Club
44:49 Final Thoughts and Saying Goodbye


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    Johnathan Trentwell

    3 hours ago

    Honesty/Integrity Car Dealership You may choose one.



    10 hours ago

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    tobias schmelzer

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    Sikai Xiao

    7 days ago

    It's funny how nowadays, Lexus is the one of the few left who still puts a big NA engine into their performance car. Hopefully one day I will own one

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    Glenn Nichols

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    Glenn Nichols

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    Glenn Nichols

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  16. Jaybruhh


    10 days ago

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    Laolu Adegbesan

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  19. Nick Morizio

    Nick Morizio

    12 days ago

    I’m sorry, but why put so much engineering work into a car that is nothing more than a collectible. In the numbers they made, these cars were doomed to never actually be driven. Which is sad for those of us that love cars. Toyota proving a point? Was that point that they can design something too expensive to put into mass production? Okay golf clap

  20. Vasily Bondarenko

    Vasily Bondarenko

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    Skipper Scott

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    Saeed Rahimi

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  23. Tim Winchester

    Tim Winchester

    17 days ago

    The best review of a automobile ever! The LFA is a very special vehicle. Just heard today that Lexus is reviving the LFA! But will be using a TT V8 on a whole new platform, same platform as the new IS with a few tweaks. The reveal is going to be around 6 months from now. And the release in 2023. This should be interesting.

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    Just Juw

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  38. Auto DIY

    Auto DIY

    25 days ago

    Amazing story telling. Thank you for sharing the magnificent LFA with us. I find it sad that there are LFAs out there with almost no miles. If you can afford this machine you owe to the heroes that made it happen to drive it and let it sing.

  39. F1hotrod


    27 days ago

    Cool car. And I do think it is very special. But a standard C8 is probably not that much slower on the track, Z06 will waste it. And the destroked LS7 in the detroit speed Camaro sounds better. 1 billion dollars is kind of ridiculous to produce 500 cars.

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    Dwight Looi

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    • -


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      @Dwight Looi mmmkay. look, im not really in the mood to flip out on some random person on the internet right now so lets just agree to disagree

    • Dwight Looi

      Dwight Looi

      Month ago

      @- It's called being SMART... (1) It's faster. (2) It can be worked on anywhere and everywhere. (3) While the LFA tried (and failed) to have a 48F/52R weight balance, it actually does have that magic 48/52 ratio. (4) Despite having a traditional Steel and Aluminum chassis, it is actually 200 lbs LIGHTER than the LFA. (5) ONE EIGHTH the price.

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    • Dwight Looi

      Dwight Looi

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