Making American Food in a Place That is NOT America


I am in the UK now, so I decided to make the most American food possible to feel more at home. Subscribe for more amazing American meals.

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I say dumb things
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  1. Deemy


    3 minutes ago

    "I should not have put my hand on top of the grill that's not a smart idea" *does it again*

  2. David Jember

    David Jember

    11 minutes ago

    Im sorry i didnt watch this i was busy with homework

  3. No Tragic fen

    No Tragic fen

    13 minutes ago

    3 mil

  4. Evel1na


    16 minutes ago

    That's why I love Ranboo

  5. Kaiden Larose

    Kaiden Larose

    18 minutes ago

    ranboo I know that it is hard to show your face but you have 3 mil people supporting you and your chose to show your face. Idk if you did this but you can do a name reveal hint hint anyways love you your my fav youtuber

    • Blackz


      11 minutes ago

      Uhhh- wdym “your chose to show your face”? He hasn’t shown his face and let him do it in his own time.

  6. Dripzz


    23 minutes ago

    Why do americans make sausages in the form of dil*os

  7. Ch0colate


    24 minutes ago

    Two times the disease Ranboo 2021-

  8. Molly Edmonds

    Molly Edmonds

    26 minutes ago

    If i ever get a year book quote im saying "Double the cheese Double the disease WOo"

  9. Boxymann


    37 minutes ago

    I was feeling like shit before this. And then I saw this. I don’t feel like shit anymore. Coping👍

  10. The Diamond Cow

    The Diamond Cow

    38 minutes ago

    when did this become a cooking channel

  11. Dust streamer Player360

    Dust streamer Player360

    39 minutes ago

    Oh so close to 5M subs nice

  12. HydraPlays


    40 minutes ago

    i am from the philippines which is probably one of the most american countries in asia and american food are the best

  13. Kyle Yohanne Velasquez

    Kyle Yohanne Velasquez

    49 minutes ago

    that dr pepper can looking at him the whole time

  14. your average internet user

    your average internet user

    51 minute ago

    Congrats! 3M ( for now )

  15. MS VC

    MS VC

    52 minutes ago

    He already hited 3 mill... Is it just me or does he get a million subs per video...

  16. griskatt


    58 minutes ago

    The moving hotdog is haunted

  17. Alex BG

    Alex BG

    Hour ago


  18. Elizabeth Ross

    Elizabeth Ross

    Hour ago

    Have a good day and why are you so tall

  19. Alisa Chertova

    Alisa Chertova

    Hour ago

    7:43 You tried to kill god and now asking him to help?

  20. Layla Wisegirl

    Layla Wisegirl

    Hour ago

    Let's all get Ranboo to 5mil! But we can't post anything about his face ✌️

  21. andrea collins

    andrea collins

    Hour ago

    Happy 3 million subscribers

  22. FireWolfff


    Hour ago

    yay he hit 3m

  23. sweetpitts


    Hour ago

    why do you look like an early 2000's era video game protagonist, also much like tommy innit why do you dress like a lesbian.................................................................................................................................................... ok so scratch that lesbian comment after thinking it over a little bit you look like a retired greaser from the 80's. you look like your a bout to do the twist, you look like your about to sell me motorcycle insurance , you look like you drink doctor thunder, you look like you season your, you look like you do psyco shit like grab the still burning hot food off the heated grill that is still on with your bare hands with no protection ,i'm sorry I just had to get it off my chest.

  24. Alexis !!!

    Alexis !!!

    Hour ago

    "Guess what I've got!" **LITERALLY THROWS HIMSELF ON THE FLOOR** "Look at those bad boys!!"

  25. Head of a thousand sheep's wool

    Head of a thousand sheep's wool

    Hour ago

    We all know he likes Unus Annus so I just half expected him to stare at the patty while slapping it and going "YOU CLOSE?"

  26. Lara Saku

    Lara Saku

    2 hours ago

    I was late, and everything is sold out 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  27. Ellie Sparklez

    Ellie Sparklez

    2 hours ago

    Someone count how many times he said "american' in this video

  28. Tristan Sauer

    Tristan Sauer

    2 hours ago

    i love all your videos and your amazing p.s. say hi to tubbo for me

    • Jesni Linke

      Jesni Linke

      2 hours ago

      Hi. Yes I very much agree. Ranboo, please continue your hard work to make these videos! Hope you're feeling well!

  29. Agirlwhoeatscarrots


    2 hours ago

    ranboo,your not making other countrys veiws on us any better i mean its accurate but still

  30. Nightfeather


    2 hours ago

    I can't get over how fluffy his hair looks

  31. October Stefanya

    October Stefanya

    2 hours ago

    🤺I might have to fight you 🤺😛

  32. chpmnk terminator621

    chpmnk terminator621

    2 hours ago

    What hair product do you use to make it so...magical??

  33. October Stefanya

    October Stefanya

    2 hours ago

    I’m 11 and I’m a better cook- I cook like every meal for my family ;-; it’s fun tho -,-

  34. Lauren Beahm

    Lauren Beahm

    2 hours ago


  35. mishkat al masabih

    mishkat al masabih

    2 hours ago

    congratulations on 3 mil ranboo

  36. Leah Dunk

    Leah Dunk

    2 hours ago

    Do u have braces ? Please answer mw

  37. WestWasTaken


    2 hours ago


  38. Emmaline Force

    Emmaline Force

    2 hours ago

    Congrats! 3.1mil subscribbers!

  39. Da bee

    Da bee

    2 hours ago

    OMG HE POST!! Lmao

  40. Gacha_Paige


    2 hours ago

    🖤🤍 I love you 🤍🖤 Ranboo 🤍🖤 I'm deleting this in 24 hours because I'm embarrassed 🙂😭

  41. jenettesofia sambile

    jenettesofia sambile

    2 hours ago


  42. jenettesofia sambile

    jenettesofia sambile

    3 hours ago

    Im in philiphimes

  43. Matthew Rhodie

    Matthew Rhodie

    3 hours ago

    Hi chef Ranboo

  44. Räiny_.childX


    3 hours ago

    "This is cooked cuz if its not then my friend will die" I'd rather kill my friend then that

  45. Ella Has a last name

    Ella Has a last name

    3 hours ago

    3:13 no ranboo, that is not America

  46. Ryan_Bread


    3 hours ago

    "it still looks like it has plastic on it" that's how you know it's American lol

  47. Jillian Schneider

    Jillian Schneider

    3 hours ago

    My first time watching ranboo and I can’t get over how FLUFFY his hair is. It’s absolutely amazing

  48. Archiel james

    Archiel james

    3 hours ago DONT BAKE a burger....

  49. Jeaninegg


    4 hours ago

    This is the most american video ever made

  50. June Ze

    June Ze

    4 hours ago

    0:21 nice flexible ranboo and no, I am not jealous.

  51. Artemis_plays


    4 hours ago

    make Tubbo suffer the wrath of uncooked american food

  52. James Dussias

    James Dussias

    4 hours ago

    Ranboo Can we be friends

  53. James Dussias

    James Dussias

    4 hours ago

    American food is good

  54. Ritzy Mammal

    Ritzy Mammal

    4 hours ago


  55. Professional Florida Man

    Professional Florida Man

    4 hours ago

    If I may, don’t press the burger, it will squeeze out the grease A.K.A the tasty stuff

  56. AvocadoAioli


    4 hours ago

    When the green light turns on it means its done. Just telling you for future cooking videos.

  57. Elizon Isaac Razon

    Elizon Isaac Razon

    4 hours ago

    3M 2more i guest face rev

  58. Cyrus Allen Quitquitan

    Cyrus Allen Quitquitan

    4 hours ago

    all ranboo's burgers probably tastes better tha the "gourmet" food you can buy in fancy restaurants

  59. Ashlene Macam

    Ashlene Macam

    4 hours ago


  60. Priscilla Salcedo

    Priscilla Salcedo

    4 hours ago

    2 time the cheese 2 time the diease

  61. Sophia Ormond

    Sophia Ormond

    4 hours ago

    how do they eat during the week like dose ranboo cook or do they have someone else? like I don't want them to die on accident from food poison

  62. Priscilla Salcedo

    Priscilla Salcedo

    4 hours ago

    The oh lol

  63. Priscilla Salcedo

    Priscilla Salcedo

    4 hours ago

    Tubbo not even knowing this is happening makes his funnier

  64. Priscilla Salcedo

    Priscilla Salcedo

    5 hours ago

    I love this lmao

  65. × GH0ST -! ×

    × GH0ST -! ×

    5 hours ago

    HAPPY 3.01M RANBOO!!!

  66. MouseMaster


    5 hours ago

    I like my burger with ketcup lettuce pickles and sometime a bit of mustard and mayo and also i live i america and he be saying alot of out stuff is plan and its slightly offensive-

  67. Damon


    5 hours ago

    Hello, You probably won't see this but, I just wanted to say, no matter how stressed you are, how sad you are, how angry you are, how insecure you are, me and all your supporters have your back, we would never judge you for who you are, your an amazing person and you've changed my life, you've brought happiness and joy into my life and your supporters life, and I just want you to know, we love you no matter the mistakes you make, Love you and I always will❤

  68. MouseMaster


    5 hours ago

    How does ranboo have almost the same amount of vids as me but has 3 mill but i only have 18 ;-;

  69. The meme Lord

    The meme Lord

    5 hours ago

    2 mil to go

  70. Liam Connor

    Liam Connor

    5 hours ago

    The stereotypes are making me laugh so bad

  71. MouseMaster


    5 hours ago

    ⊑⟟ ⍀⏃⋏⏚⍜⍜

  72. Laris_ Club

    Laris_ Club

    5 hours ago

    Ranboo, you are in North America and Brazil (example) is also in America, but in the South :D (Hugs from Brazil

  73. fishboy123


    5 hours ago

    6:52 Literally me when cooking anything, I always aggressively hit it with a spatula for some reason.

  74. Snake Lolo

    Snake Lolo

    5 hours ago

    My sister is a big fan of the smp I don't know why o,o

    • Snake Lolo

      Snake Lolo

      5 hours ago


  75. •dreamnotfound Beez•

    •dreamnotfound Beez•

    5 hours ago

    congrats on 3M!!!

  76. Ayla FM

    Ayla FM

    5 hours ago

    No way he washed his hands that whole time with those gloves on 😂

  77. { monkey milk }

    { monkey milk }

    5 hours ago

    Hey ranboo you might not see this but thats ok You are the minecraft youtuber that i watch all of the time when im sad. You are the person that always brightens my heart and you make me smile. When ever you make a pun or a joke i wheeze worse than dream. You are so important to me and nobody will take that away. If any haters tell you nobody likes you i want you to think that all of your subscribers will always be there for you. I always smile everytime i see you it just makes me so happy! Your videos are so amazing, i love them so much!! If i had a choice between you and my bf i would choose you :> Ik you probubly get a lot of these and you might not even read this but if you do i want you to know that nobody can stop you from what you do best!!! My dream is to have all of your merch and wear all of the jackets at one xD. Oh and fyi you should have put those noodles in lol. But have a wonderful day!! Also i am getting twitch now so i can see you Live EEEE

  78. Theodore Dawn

    Theodore Dawn

    5 hours ago

    “ I slap my weenie on the grill “ PPPFFTTT I JUST FUCKIN DIED-

  79. The Steeds Students

    The Steeds Students

    5 hours ago


  80. The Steeds Students

    The Steeds Students

    6 hours ago

    I love how he looks like a divorced uncle. Rock on uncle Ranboo 🤘

  81. Albinoenderplayz


    6 hours ago

    Is it bad that phase 3 is what I do with my food, but without the pickles, I'm American ;-;

  82. Mha simp

    Mha simp

    6 hours ago

    two times the cheese Two times the disease WOO

  83. Maura Harkins

    Maura Harkins

    6 hours ago

    Tubbo: This is a lot of calories Me: RIP my sanity and stomach

  84. Shyguy


    6 hours ago

    That's a bad idea probably shouldn't of put my hand on the grill Also ranboo: "puts hand on grill again"

  85. Ethan Beckley

    Ethan Beckley

    6 hours ago


  86. midnight moon

    midnight moon

    6 hours ago

    ............................🤣What is happening in this video

  87. Alisha


    6 hours ago

    This video is just another reason for me not to like burgers or hotdogs So thanks ranboo I now have something to show my parent if they ask me why I won't try eating them :)

  88. Amber King

    Amber King

    6 hours ago

    MURICA is what I heard when he cooked the last one

  89. Candy the schaunzer

    Candy the schaunzer

    7 hours ago

    I believe it’s called F L A T B O Y

  90. ha ha

    ha ha

    7 hours ago

    throughout the whole video i just imagined myself there, hugging him every now and then, i just feel like he needs a hug :( idk

  91. Alexa Mandato

    Alexa Mandato

    7 hours ago

    Baked a burger? Sir huh?

  92. Darcy Kenny

    Darcy Kenny

    7 hours ago

    worth it

  93. Darcy Kenny

    Darcy Kenny

    7 hours ago

    i was in a zoom when i was watching this

  94. Ashton Skyes

    Ashton Skyes

    7 hours ago

    How much do I have to pay you to restock the plushies?

  95. Jacob Cruz

    Jacob Cruz

    7 hours ago

    Ur a hand and pain is American if ur in uk ran boo dies

  96. Adelyn Williams

    Adelyn Williams

    7 hours ago

    Ok us American's dont just eat burgers🙄

  97. Pxddinq


    7 hours ago

    Congrats on 3m!