My First Slumber Party - Storytime

Yes. This is a true story.

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3D Animator and Designer:
Potatoman: PotatomanNg?s=20



Vimhomeless: VimHomeless?s=20

Baldemar Rivas : marsisanart...

Justin Greger: imadeasong?s=20

Samuel Long:


  1. MeatCanyon


    9 days ago

    Trying something new. Was a trip getting this thing together. Hope you all dug it!

    • Creepa AHH MANNN

      Creepa AHH MANNN

      2 days ago

      No meat u don't get to "Take a Break" u will keep posting videos and you'll never get to have a break my little piggie

    • rudy rodriguez.

      rudy rodriguez.

      2 days ago

      Keep doing this!

    • Murloc RJ

      Murloc RJ

      2 days ago

      You should make more of these this one is pretty good honestly I like your original work over your parody

    • Noah Quintana

      Noah Quintana

      2 days ago

      Hell yeah dude pleaseee do more of these cause this rocked

    • Ki Fenty

      Ki Fenty

      3 days ago

      I dug it indeed

  2. Damián Abello

    Damián Abello

    3 minutes ago

    Wtf xd

  3. Terry The Shark

    Terry The Shark

    55 minutes ago

    I love how the peppa head was mounted on the wall

  4. Green Apple

    Green Apple

    Hour ago

    i love this WE NEED MOREEE

  5. Og Deezi Baby

    Og Deezi Baby

    Hour ago

    this gave me “hello neighbor” vibes

  6. Keith Chismody

    Keith Chismody

    Hour ago

    I love this! Any creative genuine idea that knocks your noggin you should go for it. I kinda miss the Day Drinking Guy

  7. randiposcramp


    Hour ago

    I want more of these horror stories

  8. TJ Tompkins

    TJ Tompkins

    Hour ago

    goodnight to you too :)

  9. Mr noseybonk

    Mr noseybonk

    2 hours ago

    good question. If your child has guests, and you have some pizza rolls, why not make some for them instead of bringing them banana slices every now and then?

  10. Pedro Pires

    Pedro Pires

    2 hours ago

    Praise the bananas!

  11. TheDark - Skull

    TheDark - Skull

    2 hours ago

    10/10 sus

  12. DeathStalker1499


    2 hours ago

    Was that a legitimate representation of you? Like, kind of a face reveal?

  13. DeathStalker1499


    2 hours ago

    Mr or mrs meat, if youre running out of ideas, you can make one off of... Me. I will send you the creepiest damn face a person could give. You can make whatever story or creepy shit that goes on, but use my face as the face of whatever character in your art style

  14. Roselyn Arambulo

    Roselyn Arambulo

    2 hours ago

    Slumber partmare

  15. Kaan Işık

    Kaan Işık

    3 hours ago

    Could ya make a video about the Amazing World of Gumball?)

  16. Misty Blah

    Misty Blah

    3 hours ago

    So y’all just ain’t gon say nothing about Peppa Pig just mounted up on the wall?

  17. ThisChannelIsAJoke


    3 hours ago

    I love how he has the peppa pig head indicating that he killed it.

  18. lighter


    3 hours ago

    More of this its really good content plz

  19. Bansi


    3 hours ago

    I swear I saw this a month or two ago

  20. Tristan van Marle

    Tristan van Marle

    3 hours ago

    @MeatCanyon I have send you an e-mail around a week ago. Really interested in hearing your answer!

    • Tristan van Marle

      Tristan van Marle

      3 hours ago

      It is a question about the copyright of the Sunrise video.

  21. SouthernShotProps


    4 hours ago

    This is like a Brewstew story with a Meatcanyon twist

  22. Izaiah Raymonda

    Izaiah Raymonda

    5 hours ago

    i have a idea - Aladdin

  23. Speed Is kool

    Speed Is kool

    6 hours ago

    Can u please do Penguins of Madagascar

  24. Jamie Ison

    Jamie Ison

    6 hours ago

    A sour taste in my mouth with a hint of banana 💀 am I the only one who picked up on that messed up shit 😂😂😂 tragic

  25. cykablyat420


    7 hours ago

    You should do one with the simpsons next

  26. RealmJD


    8 hours ago

    I'm so thankful that there's only 0.05% molester energy in this short versus the 110% in the Regular Show one.

  27. Mr. Mutou

    Mr. Mutou

    9 hours ago

    I am second-hand uncomfortable good job bro😅😂



    9 hours ago


  29. David Lambert

    David Lambert

    9 hours ago

    Yooo the animation is hella smooth

  30. Abe Link

    Abe Link

    9 hours ago

    Me: mom, can we get bart simpson? mom: no we have bart simson at home Bart simpson at home: 3:25

  31. Fes


    9 hours ago

    *I once was indoctrinated like that kid, thinking I'd see my family again. I grew the fuck up and moved on*

  32. Nick Farnan

    Nick Farnan

    10 hours ago

    I'm still going to hodl, no matter how weird this was.

  33. Santiago Matamoros

    Santiago Matamoros

    10 hours ago

    Would love to see more of youre life stories, Also would love to see another Jawbreaker ed edd n eddy parody to see them arrested lol youre a genius stay safe i love your videos keep being you

  34. Alex Frog

    Alex Frog

    11 hours ago

    3:24 that shit fucking scared the fuck out of me

  35. JameyHamey & Bacrackers

    JameyHamey & Bacrackers

    11 hours ago

    I beg you not to ruin beyblade

  36. Austin cool Time

    Austin cool Time

    12 hours ago

    -3/10 didn’t give us pizza rolls

  37. KNAX_NO4H


    12 hours ago

    Nobody wanna talk about the head of 4-eyed peppa pig? No? Ok.

  38. Yvan BOBI

    Yvan BOBI

    12 hours ago

    Bro what

  39. Maz0ku Azure

    Maz0ku Azure

    12 hours ago

    Fine line this dude here

  40. Butters Stotch

    Butters Stotch

    12 hours ago

    I love how he interrupted the story to bitch about pizza rolls



    13 hours ago

    This is just... Great!



    13 hours ago

    They are BANANA-MAD

  43. Awesomebinj


    13 hours ago

    I love how he can turn a somewhat normal thing into a terrifying story

  44. 209 T

    209 T

    13 hours ago


  45. Kai kitty

    Kai kitty

    13 hours ago

    3:53 yeah felt like someone was watching me uhh still do

  46. AltoAtic


    14 hours ago


  47. McKenna Lindahl

    McKenna Lindahl

    14 hours ago

    When your done do the amazing world of gumball

  48. •Løsërnådë•


    14 hours ago

    At 3:15 why did the dad look like a who from Dr.Suess 😂😂

  49. Bradley Chaves

    Bradley Chaves

    14 hours ago

    U got touched as a kid smh

  50. animal adventures

    animal adventures

    14 hours ago

    Donkey konga

  51. AaronXGaming


    15 hours ago

    I'm a Christian and I just want to assure you guys we're not all like that

    • ZomDino


      3 hours ago

      @Christopher Suarez damn that's fucked up

    • AaronXGaming


      14 hours ago

      @Christopher Suarez I'm sorry to hear that Chris, that fucking sucks that you and your family went through that

    • Christopher Suarez

      Christopher Suarez

      14 hours ago

      Yeah, most are worse. 3 generations of my family (myself included) were abused sexually, emotionally and physically by members of the church and this cycle of superstitious hate and fear mongering garbage continues because people are so scared to die they’ll believe damn near anything no matter how ludacris and fantastical to bypass it, but the only solace I find is that one day, like every other religion, it will be seen and studied as a bygone mythology that can’t do harm to society anyone any longer.

  52. Joelle Grr

    Joelle Grr

    15 hours ago

    Why they like bananas so much

  53. Legodude15


    16 hours ago

    Please do more story time animations, this was funny as shit

  54. Mighty Whitey 25

    Mighty Whitey 25

    16 hours ago

    Can you make a undertale markiplier game.

  55. Gabriel Henrique silva

    Gabriel Henrique silva

    16 hours ago

    That is not the kid messiah from minecraft ?

  56. josselin Izquierdo

    josselin Izquierdo

    16 hours ago

    I think I heard a similar history doubted in Spanish from reddit So similar 👀 I GOTCHU

  57. Meme Guy

    Meme Guy

    16 hours ago

    This was actually good 😂

  58. YourOldMan


    17 hours ago

    This looks like it took so much work. Great job!

  59. IDK


    17 hours ago

    Geez the attention to detail in this did y'all see the dad's knuckles

  60. An-it V. S . F

    An-it V. S . F

    17 hours ago

    Love the Amazing World of Gumball vibes

  61. joseph dwsad

    joseph dwsad

    17 hours ago

    This vid should be 360

  62. Isaac Vasquez

    Isaac Vasquez

    17 hours ago

    The Dad's bruised hands...

  63. David Patton

    David Patton

    17 hours ago

    Ok what 3:10

  64. Celebrimbor


    17 hours ago

    As a Christian, I can confirm this is 100% accurate

  65. Derek Brandt

    Derek Brandt

    17 hours ago

    Do The Amazing World of Gumball next please.

  66. A Person

    A Person

    17 hours ago

    I think we are all hoping this wasnt his first sleep over

  67. fregs sibling

    fregs sibling

    17 hours ago

    We need the invincible one

  68. Shotu Playz

    Shotu Playz

    17 hours ago

    So he made out with the dad

  69. F3 HYPE

    F3 HYPE

    17 hours ago

    Johny Test??

  70. ssspike1


    17 hours ago

    DEAD ASS???

  71. Derek Brandt

    Derek Brandt

    17 hours ago

    George and his family was avenged.

  72. DTG 3D

    DTG 3D

    18 hours ago

    I love pizza rolls

  73. 1990Souve


    18 hours ago

    Brewstew meets meatcanyon

  74. ren hayden Kesslar

    ren hayden Kesslar

    18 hours ago

    He pulled out a bananna... And ate it...

  75. Meat.Eater.Meteor


    18 hours ago

    Late to the party, but the fact that he was slumber party age when Gen 3 was out, and owned Ruby; just means he's on the winning team.

  76. Ahmed Meliani

    Ahmed Meliani

    18 hours ago

    Wait a second so he played konkey Kong but how he had really fast on his count that make no sense

  77. WDC Billy

    WDC Billy

    18 hours ago

    Man as a Christian i feel violated lol

  78. Rafael Parreno

    Rafael Parreno

    18 hours ago

    Few I thought it was going to be scary

  79. EzFix Doctor

    EzFix Doctor

    18 hours ago

    amazing animations

  80. theiind


    18 hours ago

    this shit is beautiful

  81. mokusei


    19 hours ago

    hearing "wE hAvE cHurCh iN tHe MoRnInG" at a sleepover is basically disappointment in a nutshell.



    19 hours ago

    is it crazy that i wanna see you anímate a rocky vid..

  83. Hi Im PUBG

    Hi Im PUBG

    19 hours ago

    what Mario Party is this???

  84. Brent O.

    Brent O.

    19 hours ago

    Hahaha I love the monter peppa pig head above the fireplace

  85. Nathaniel Thomas

    Nathaniel Thomas

    19 hours ago

    Meatcanyon finally ruins his own childhood

  86. Shahidah Oliver

    Shahidah Oliver

    20 hours ago

    Secret:he killed peppa pig he has destroyed the devil and also are we not gonna talk about a finger in the freezer well it looks like a finger

  87. Dallas


    20 hours ago

    You could make this into a point-and-click horror game.

  88. scp-999 scp-miclp

    scp-999 scp-miclp

    20 hours ago

    Peppa isn't even safe look at where his gun is

  89. roxorsoxor


    20 hours ago




    21 hour ago

    No entendí una mierda porque no se ingles pero está extremadamente turbio esa wea

  91. Οδυσσέας - Νικόλαος Κεχαγιάς

    Οδυσσέας - Νικόλαος Κεχαγιάς

    21 hour ago

    2:08 the nail

  92. Luke Appel

    Luke Appel

    21 hour ago

    Dammit,you would have one named Luke that looks like me and is roughly around same age. Hah



    21 hour ago

    Did y’all also see pepa pig 🧍

  94. hytgrf tnynunu

    hytgrf tnynunu

    21 hour ago

    that is not a gorgeous smile 👁👄👁

  95. Sux


    22 hours ago

    I’m actually Christian myself and I just am fascinated with it

  96. Cid. La

    Cid. La

    23 hours ago

    tas bien?

  97. Logan Custodero

    Logan Custodero

    23 hours ago

    Makes me think of when I was in boy scouts I didn't have no choice but to pray

  98. Carsten Wyant

    Carsten Wyant

    23 hours ago

    Plot twist: The dad was just sad that they were playing donkey kong without him

    • S t r a w b e r r y C o w

      S t r a w b e r r y C o w

      21 hour ago

      Why doesn’t this have any likes?

  99. Tacopug cat 2.0

    Tacopug cat 2.0

    Day ago

    That sucks I would of just ask her for the pizza rolls

  100. xigfree


    Day ago

    Note to self have a slumber party on a Friday and not on a Saturday