My New Home Tour!


On my ten year anniversary of living in the city of angels, in the ultimate shopping spree I BOUGHT A HOME! My absolute dream sky castle in the city I love - Los Angeles. And this is the empty home tour! (before I DIY everything, of course lol)

From broke b*tch tips to buying my dream home, it is all 1000% thanks to you. Thank you. I love you so much, more than you'll ever know. For my home, my life, my dreams...thank you. For all of it.

Dream forever.

3,440,000 kisses!
Amber :)



  1. C B

    C B

    52 minutes ago

    Congratulations Amber!!! I am so happy for you!!! Your home is beautiful and it is perfect for you.

  2. The Loner Stoner

    The Loner Stoner

    Hour ago

    So proud of you!!!!🤩😘🤗🥳🥳

  3. Joanna Stoeva

    Joanna Stoeva

    Hour ago

    Can't wait for the decoration tour,aaah🤠💖

  4. Candy Cruise

    Candy Cruise

    2 hours ago

    Huge so big so beautiful house Congrats to you Amber wish I have a house too with my kids too ~ Black and Gold Silver color nice your house is just like a Cinderella

  5. Nasmina Sayaz

    Nasmina Sayaz

    2 hours ago

    You should get a cat😍😍😍

  6. Nasmina Sayaz

    Nasmina Sayaz

    2 hours ago

    She is so thankful for us🥺

  7. Anisa feka

    Anisa feka

    2 hours ago

    The best thing following a USgone for many years is seeing them grow✨✨ So proud of you 🌸🥰

  8. Zita Balogh

    Zita Balogh

    3 hours ago

    mirrors, white marble, and chandeliers

  9. Anna Vazquez

    Anna Vazquez

    3 hours ago

    Love it! Congratulations ❤️

  10. Belisse Rodriguez

    Belisse Rodriguez

    4 hours ago

    The view!!! Espectacular!!

  11. Kyra Murdock

    Kyra Murdock

    4 hours ago

    are you able to change the fence thing on the balconies? cause you should get like a solid one (maybe even clear!). it would aesthetically pleasing and just in case so you dog doesn't slip through😱

  12. jessica M

    jessica M

    5 hours ago

    Wait it's not a house it's an apartment??

  13. Denise Erbe

    Denise Erbe

    6 hours ago

    with these mirrors ur gonna have a shit ton of spirits in ur home and theyre gonna be so confused

  14. Diana Negroiu

    Diana Negroiu

    6 hours ago

    Imagine the dog jumping off the balcony after you accidentaly leave the door open 🤡

  15. Anna Collado

    Anna Collado

    6 hours ago

    Congratulations on your new home. You deserve it 😘. Doe the cabinet in the dining room maybe you can turn it into a fancy China cabinet. I love all the renovations you will be making. I love love your mirrored paradise 😍

  16. L


    7 hours ago

    How do you lock your front door when the front door is an elevator? 🤔

  17. Riddhima Rawat

    Riddhima Rawat

    10 hours ago

    I hope you don't have anything to do with spirits because you definitely have a lot of vortexes lol

  18. Joy Kent

    Joy Kent

    10 hours ago

    Imagine a little kid coming over putting their hands everywhere. The cleaning for those mirrors would be a full time job......

  19. W S N A

    W S N A

    10 hours ago

    Congratulation on ur first home and its beautifulllllllll happy for u.

  20. Luvyouth


    10 hours ago

    11:37 honestly looks like one of my dreams I had, For some reason if I went to a public bathroom and pushed a random button or whatever, a bunch of bathrooms would show up.

  21. Evelyn Gonzalez

    Evelyn Gonzalez

    11 hours ago

    You really said a mirror maze lmao i wonder how you dont bumb in the mirror

  22. Morella Továr

    Morella Továr

    11 hours ago


  23. charli simone

    charli simone

    11 hours ago

    your real-estate agent did a great job, like who else would own this house lol congrats

  24. TM M

    TM M

    12 hours ago

    I’m so happy for you

  25. Oshiona Davis

    Oshiona Davis

    12 hours ago

    I would leave those walls to have for extra clothes or a panic room 😂

  26. Oshiona Davis

    Oshiona Davis

    12 hours ago

    Definitely need a red carpet down that long mirror haul 😂

  27. Forever Twisted

    Forever Twisted

    13 hours ago

    White marble in the kitchen to match the rest of the house. The black might feel out of place

  28. Zayndrick Dayrell

    Zayndrick Dayrell

    13 hours ago

    wow, congratulation Amber scholl

  29. Sherry G

    Sherry G

    14 hours ago

    You do know we are headed toward a massive housing crash bigger than 2008. Market expected to collapse this year . California will get hit hard . That's why a lot of super rich moved out they know it's coming

  30. belen arzate

    belen arzate

    14 hours ago

    Congratulations girl !!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  31. Estrella Verbeck

    Estrella Verbeck

    15 hours ago

    Two of my favorite USgoners bought a house this year Freddy my love and Amber I'm so happy

  32. Judy Zeller

    Judy Zeller

    16 hours ago

    Wait is this a house or apartment? I’m confused it’s gorgeous though definitely Amber style

  33. Joey Tsetso

    Joey Tsetso

    16 hours ago

    YAY... So excited for you .

  34. melissa Thomas

    melissa Thomas

    17 hours ago

    The little closet in dining room take off the doors put glass doors and put China in it!

  35. ria banerjee

    ria banerjee

    17 hours ago

    Lucky girl 🥳

  36. Mama93 MC

    Mama93 MC

    17 hours ago

    I don't understand how people don't cook hahahah like do u just get take out all the time?

  37. Joylynne Rivera

    Joylynne Rivera

    17 hours ago

    This house is soooo you!!!! Im so HAPPY for you!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼💕💕..

  38. arabella.•.


    18 hours ago

    Witches rn: 👁👄💧👁

  39. JENNARAEtionY


    18 hours ago

    Omg how much must this place have cost!? Epic

  40. Olivia Pass

    Olivia Pass

    18 hours ago

    Sam and Colby coming into this house and getting scared because of all the mirrors facing mirrors, loving the house so much ❤️

  41. Genee Mendez

    Genee Mendez

    19 hours ago

    Weird comment but when I saw just how many mirrors you had the Mexican in me just thought “Damn, all these mirrors are going to have to be cleaned every day “ 😂😂🤷‍♀️

  42. Kawthar 1D

    Kawthar 1D

    19 hours ago

    Congratulations queen I can’t wait to see you working on this houseeeee

  43. Miss Hollywood

    Miss Hollywood

    19 hours ago

    Amber graham invited you on the iced coffee hour go check his video out. Btw loooooove the new home.

  44. Cadence


    20 hours ago

    Also, the wood room would be an awesome entertainment center and work space! and 10/10 recommend tile for the laundry room. If a pipe bursts or the washing machine floods, the water damage will be a nightmare with carpet. But you can find some awesome tiles to put in there and then do something fun with the walls instead!

  45. Cadence


    20 hours ago

    "I'm gonna add a chandelier because blegh" bless you lol. Can I come help you with dinner parties 😁

  46. Ada Wood

    Ada Wood

    20 hours ago

    I'm just thinking, how much money is this going to cost.... also if she's making this much, how much are the bigger USgoners making (no offence)

  47. SapphireMoonJo


    20 hours ago

    Seeing you accomplish your goals over the years makes me emotional, you're truly an inspiration. I look forward to seeing you continue to achieve your goals as magically and graciously as you do 💕💫

  48. Hanna Landa

    Hanna Landa

    20 hours ago

    GIRL this is stunning

  49. Yumiko *

    Yumiko *

    21 hour ago

    I love the mirrors, however mirrors facing each-other creates bad juju so be safe 🥰

  50. Rea Petersen

    Rea Petersen

    21 hour ago

    Amber I think you might have moved into my dream house lol. Congrats hope you live happily ever after in your new home!

  51. Jellybb Baby

    Jellybb Baby

    21 hour ago

    Amber, that little closet in the wall is very usefull for keeping your china !

  52. Litzy Mozo

    Litzy Mozo

    22 hours ago

    You should put like a red carpet in the entrance (elevator) so it could look so fancy OuuuUu

  53. Linda Beyda

    Linda Beyda

    22 hours ago


  54. Shawty Des

    Shawty Des

    22 hours ago

    life goal: be amber , i’ve never been so inlove w a house

  55. sashay1028


    22 hours ago

    Congrats I will also be purchasing a home soon so I understand the excitement

  56. Anna Maria Barbosa Foubert

    Anna Maria Barbosa Foubert

    22 hours ago

    Omg... Where did you get those shoes from ???

  57. Jasmine Carter

    Jasmine Carter

    23 hours ago

    Omg I remember when you got your first apartment 🥲 I’m so proud of you amber

  58. Rebekah Rojer

    Rebekah Rojer

    Day ago

    You can put your wigs and costumes in the storage hallway thingy. Btw love the house. Love the bathroom and you❤❤❤😊😊😋

  59. Rebekah Rojer

    Rebekah Rojer

    Day ago

    I can just eat coffee out there. Hahahhahah

  60. WendyDork


    Day ago

    aww congrats amber!! can't wait to see the renovation! :D

  61. Mara TwasntHere

    Mara TwasntHere

    Day ago

    Not gonna lie I’m super jealous! So happy for you Amber!!! You deserve it

  62. Quiliette_


    Day ago

    ON ONE OF YOUR BALCONIES GET A HOT TUB.... THINK OF THE INSTAGRAM PICTURES YOU COULD GET!!! Super aesthetic and relaxing! I really recommend a hotel facing to a city it is just so beautiful and calming. (From experience)

  63. Aries


    Day ago

    You deserve it Amber Congratulations 👏 💖 🥳

  64. dasia benard

    dasia benard

    Day ago


  65. dasia benard

    dasia benard

    Day ago

    is any one else superstitious and scared ab the mirrors?

  66. Sara saif

    Sara saif

    Day ago


  67. Charintron Junsawut

    Charintron Junsawut

    Day ago

    I have no idea if you will see my comment or not. but I saw your video since your first video and I am so pround of you, Amber. I come from Thailand and you're one of my favorite english class, listening and watching you for many years was improved my english a lot. and you're such an inspiration to me. I won't give you any blessing cuz you will get everything you need on your own, sweetheart. LOVE

    • Amber Scholl

      Amber Scholl

      12 hours ago


  68. A. Khan

    A. Khan

    Day ago

    I too have also been here since the vinyl marble floor video. I really admire how much hustling you did to get to this point. Really wish i could figure out how to pick myself up by the bootstraps to do the same.

  69. Sarika Magar

    Sarika Magar

    Day ago

    now i think i have to start dreaming,.. seeing you motives me a lot... i love u so much.......

  70. AlyMew


    Day ago

    Amber Amber Amber!!!! Your place looks amazing as is. I cannot wait to see all your process/projects for making it even more fabulous! Congrats!!! 😍

  71. Phoenix Reign

    Phoenix Reign

    Day ago

    Omg I’m going to miss the apartment but I’m so excited for your new chapter!!!!

  72. Liz Black

    Liz Black

    Day ago


  73. Masa Minic

    Masa Minic

    Day ago

    Builders:How many mirrors do you want? Amber:Yes.

  74. All89


    Day ago

    I’m so proud of amber I remember when I first started watching u I’m really happy for u😃😄🤩

  75. Aurora Jade

    Aurora Jade

    Day ago

    It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m very proud for you. Since you’re considering remodeling. I have a couple of suggestions. When the sunlight hits all of those mirrors it’s going to cost a fortune to keep cool in the summer. Also, if you are spiritual. Maybe remove facing mirrors. It will be healthier & happier for you in your home!!!💖

  76. Ella Stansfeld

    Ella Stansfeld

    Day ago

    Wait was there no guest bedroom? The house is beautiful 🤩 I’m so happy for you , you deserve it sooo much 💕💕

  77. Ale


    Day ago

    Wouldn't want to be drunk in that house XD

  78. Maria Dacles

    Maria Dacles

    Day ago

    the amount of mirrors in the house is scaring my superstitious ass HAHAHA

  79. Sarah-Louise Rossi

    Sarah-Louise Rossi

    Day ago

    Love it such a blank canvas for you can’t wait to see what you do with it

  80. Tenzin Yangkey #10

    Tenzin Yangkey #10

    Day ago

    2030 : Amber's gona own a castle 🏰 😑

  81. Breanne Blaquiere

    Breanne Blaquiere

    Day ago

    Is it just me or do you feel like if you lived in a place that big that you would feel like you’re being watched?

  82. Breanne Blaquiere

    Breanne Blaquiere

    Day ago

    I’m waiting for a video where she says the place is haunted. Mirrors across from each other are a portal for spirits.

  83. Isa Almodovar

    Isa Almodovar

    Day ago

    Amber with all those mirrors you made me motion sick. I don't want to tell you how to do your job but could u please be careful about that. I love your videos and you continue making them until your kids go to college and you are growing old with your of course gorgeous husband.🥰

    • Isa Almodovar

      Isa Almodovar

      Day ago

      And hope you*

  84. Patrice Hawk

    Patrice Hawk

    Day ago

    OMG!! the view and mirrors gave me so much life lol. My only suggestions because I know you're about to kill it in decorating your home (OMG!! YOUR HOME!! Ok), is to (if possible) take it one room at a time. Trying to decorating all together can be overwhelming and exhausting. 2nd; find a spot where you forget about all the extra & just be in that thankful moment. Anyhooize, AYE 🙌🏿 Congratulations🎉❤

  85. Sabine


    Day ago

    put a swing on the balcony

  86. Mk Mk

    Mk Mk

    Day ago

    I can not even imagine how expensive this must have been . So proud of you amber ❤️

  87. Tanya Karazan

    Tanya Karazan

    Day ago

    I can’t believe this exists. Talk about the perfect buyer

  88. Magic Marie

    Magic Marie

    Day ago

    Omg. So happy for her. ❤️

  89. Adventures In love

    Adventures In love

    Day ago

    You deserve it bb all of it 💖 happy for you

  90. Isabella Sb

    Isabella Sb

    Day ago

    Congratulations doll!

  91. Ashley Schneider

    Ashley Schneider

    Day ago

    U will want to use that cabinet in dining room for tableware or anything you might need for the room. Makes things easier

  92. Wendy Alvarado

    Wendy Alvarado

    Day ago

    Can I come live with you. Your house is beautiful lol. Omg you cry I cry stop

  93. Maria Juliana Plata

    Maria Juliana Plata

    Day ago

    Just imagine coming home drunk and boom! all those mirrors… mannn it’s another party over there!

  94. The Holcomb Fam

    The Holcomb Fam

    Day ago

    You can use all the extra storage closets to store all the windex you’re about to need🤣

  95. jessica postiglione

    jessica postiglione

    Day ago

    amazing! so so proud of u but def get rid of some of the mirrors, might be tooooo much:) love everything tho!

  96. Erica Adelis

    Erica Adelis

    Day ago

    A red carpet would be awesome on the Versailles hallway

  97. ari rose

    ari rose

    Day ago

    Your gonna need allot of windex😂 but congratulations 🎈 you deserve it !

  98. KoCoe Writes

    KoCoe Writes

    Day ago

    I have a love-hate relationship with the view. I'm afraid of heights, so living there would be a nightmare, but I'm happy for Amber.

  99. Mariah Nicole

    Mariah Nicole

    Day ago

    I've always wanted tons of mirrors but seeing this I'm rethinking everything just the anxiety of those mirrors being dirty. Nope

  100. Natalia Is 14

    Natalia Is 14

    Day ago

    Amber do you need another dog 🐶? I can bark 😌😏