MY WEIRD ICE CREAMS: a cooking video

this is my second cooking video where i teach you to make 3 or 4 or 6 of my favorite weird ice creams. you can find the recipes here:

join my patreon to see the very long blooper reel:

shot by karen han: karenyhan

this is where brian david gilbert is:


  1. Haythen Crooft

    Haythen Crooft

    11 minutes ago

    Food Network has hopefully taken notes and will start incorporating more Explosion gifs into their cooking shows

  2. ya girl lila

    ya girl lila

    38 minutes ago

    word of warning if you make the pb&j ice cream with grape jelly and you have a dog, don’t let your dog anywhere near it because anything with grapes is super poisonous to them

  3. GuyG


    50 minutes ago

    I'm slidersing into the timeline where you do this full time

  4. Sweaty Dynamite

    Sweaty Dynamite

    Hour ago

    I swear, BDG has all the jingles of a 90s kids show and the energy my high school drama teacher. Can't get enough xD

  5. TomFoolery


    Hour ago

    That's a really nice mixer.

  6. Angie Halstead

    Angie Halstead

    Hour ago

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      Patrick Vernon

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      Richard Connors

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      Geoff Harrison

      18 minutes ago

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  7. hell yeah

    hell yeah

    3 hours ago

    proud to have bdg as a fellow marylander

  8. C Johnston

    C Johnston

    5 hours ago

    Finally good content

  9. Potatoes, Mashed

    Potatoes, Mashed

    8 hours ago

    Is Karen like his girlfriend or something

  10. sugarC12


    9 hours ago

    Brian. You are an icon

  11. Olivia Lemaire

    Olivia Lemaire

    9 hours ago

    We don't have Skippy peanut butter in Canada anymore, but we used to. :(

  12. Toushyrou


    9 hours ago

    i sweat my grandma has a curtain version of that shirt

  13. Pastel L

    Pastel L

    10 hours ago

    Oh this is gonna ruin the week of everyone in my presence because you've reignited my love for homemade icecream

  14. Moomoo Poopoo

    Moomoo Poopoo

    10 hours ago

    What is old bay?

  15. Al the CHICKEN

    Al the CHICKEN

    11 hours ago

    Oh boy 90 in ny.... I know it's hot relative to the regular heat there but it was 112 on my back porch the day this came out

  16. noémie maurice

    noémie maurice

    11 hours ago

    This vid is weirdly low energy from what I've seen you make which is not bad but is kinda jarring

  17. Morgan G.

    Morgan G.

    11 hours ago

    bdg tucks in his shirt exactly how i tuck in mine, complete with the arm thing

    • Morgan G.

      Morgan G.

      11 hours ago


    • Morgan G.

      Morgan G.

      11 hours ago

      brian i very much disagree with your texture statement fruit in icecream is bad

    • Morgan G.

      Morgan G.

      11 hours ago

      seeing brian gilbert instead of brian david gilbert is the same thing as seeing robert downey instead of robert downey junior

  18. BIGGZMcGEE 2.0

    BIGGZMcGEE 2.0

    12 hours ago

    i would have toasted the coconut would be great

  19. Menameh


    13 hours ago

    Sequel where he makes scrambled egg ice cream

  20. Milo Perzo

    Milo Perzo

    14 hours ago

    I see your haircut's coming in nicely

  21. Hellish Jewel

    Hellish Jewel

    14 hours ago

    16:17 I hate that you're right

  22. GreenbloodLady


    14 hours ago

    Ok but I'd at least try all of these, which scares me a little.

  23. Kris Herrick

    Kris Herrick

    16 hours ago

    Captions disappeared after you finished the lychee ice cream!

  24. lost empire

    lost empire

    16 hours ago

    Friends? What is friends?

  25. YoonseOmg


    16 hours ago

    i always go into his videos with a certain amount of expectation for a bit of chaos and he never disappoints.

  26. Zarabatana Productions

    Zarabatana Productions

    16 hours ago

    0:30 wow both of these are wrong for me, where I live it is currently winter, and where I live the president has barely vaccinated people and I still have to quarantine. please if anyone here is from brazil and doesn't want to get vaccinated please get it I want to get back to normal school I miss normal life

  27. Smiley Man

    Smiley Man

    16 hours ago

    The Charmery is one of the greatest ice cream chain of Maryland. As a Baltimorean, I love oldbay with every food, and ice cream is included. I could not recommend it more.

  28. Drake White

    Drake White

    17 hours ago

    can't decide which was the better video purchase - hurdy gurdy or ice cream machine

  29. NullPoEx


    17 hours ago

    You're still falling for the trap that ice cream needs to be super sweet. Instead of leaning on the leg of sugar, lean on the other leg of ice cream: Fat. For example: Curry Ice Cream Browned Butter Ice Cream Guacamole Ice Cream and for the very brave among you, Sea Urchin Roe Ice Cream.

  30. Ray


    17 hours ago

    Peanut butter + spicy jam cheeseburgers are great as well

  31. João Pedro Hallberg Ribeiro Martins

    João Pedro Hallberg Ribeiro Martins

    17 hours ago

    15:05... I live in Brazil, a cant rent a car and go to Baltimore * sad-face *

  32. Alt Delet

    Alt Delet

    19 hours ago

    Ooooh I want to make a szechuan peppercorn and taro ice cream 😈

  33. Jacob Geiser

    Jacob Geiser

    19 hours ago

    BDG is a legend.

  34. Raven Sim

    Raven Sim

    19 hours ago

    Wow I watched this whole thing until I realized it was Kurtis Connor

  35. Slagathor Screesnauce

    Slagathor Screesnauce

    20 hours ago

    i never cared for old bay until i started watching bdg, and i say this because now i can’t have popcorn without smothering it in that sweet, savory goodness. put old bay on your popcorn, kids. really, please do.

  36. andrijor


    20 hours ago

    YOOO!! Harina PAN in a BDG video??? Iconic. You should try venezuelan arepas ;))))

  37. HealerLFG


    20 hours ago

    Protip: get a reasonable kitchen scale, and measure by weight. That way you don't have to futz with washing measuring cups over and over.

  38. genericgorilla


    21 hour ago

    won't the chunks of pineapple and cherry freeze rock solid when you take the ice cream out of the freezer?

  39. Matteo Bellissimo

    Matteo Bellissimo

    21 hour ago

    Brian just made me buy an ice cream machine. The power he has on us is inimaginable.

  40. lindsay couvion

    lindsay couvion

    21 hour ago

    The folks 👏🏼 at the end made me realize I need a KurtisTown and BDG crossover

  41. Eli Wolper

    Eli Wolper

    21 hour ago

    S a v o r y C r a b I c e c r e a m

  42. RobinoK


    21 hour ago

    I've never been able to convince someone else to do it, but I love sprinkling loose tea leaves on top of my ice cream like sprinkles. They harden up and get crunchy, and it makes the pool at the bottom of the bowl taste like tea.

  43. Juan Silva

    Juan Silva

    21 hour ago

    that precooked cornmeal hit me like a truck

  44. anabesque


    22 hours ago

    bdg did Kurtis Conner's iconic "folks *claps*" and I lived for it 19:34

  45. Emily Merckx

    Emily Merckx

    22 hours ago

    bestie I can't rent a car I'm not long do you think it would take for me to bike to Baltimore from Oklahoma?

  46. Anthony Ruiz

    Anthony Ruiz

    22 hours ago

    "Brooklyn househusband" is a powerful title 😂

  47. Ricky Rowe

    Ricky Rowe

    23 hours ago

    You have all that Bacchus D in the fridge and didn't make ice cream with it?!?!?

  48. HashSl1ng1ngSlasher


    Day ago

    My favorite part of bdg vids is that they ARE chaod, but they DO legitimately try to convey information.

  49. 662 Tetsuma

    662 Tetsuma

    Day ago

    Brian looks so good in this video Seriously why is he so attractive

  50. Warren H

    Warren H

    Day ago

    Babish crossover when

  51. Oscar Gil Ferrer

    Oscar Gil Ferrer

    Day ago

    how many cherries are "a whole bunch of cherries" more or less?

  52. kennedy dubose

    kennedy dubose

    Day ago

    pov: ur the ice cream maker seller dude that brain got the ice cream maker from and ur watching this video.

  53. Jacob Lambert

    Jacob Lambert

    Day ago

    Ordinary ice cream

  54. MrXav360


    Day ago

    what if you don't have an icecream maker 😓

  55. Kuppikahvikeisari


    Day ago

    You should have explained what the heck is old bay

  56. teddy wilczak

    teddy wilczak

    Day ago

    brian has bi wife energy

  57. Nicholasryan17


    Day ago

    That outfit is just horrible hahaha

  58. Aceofacez10


    Day ago

    good vid push the limits of weird ice creams write a cookbook

  59. A lethe ia

    A lethe ia

    Day ago

    1... hun, cars don't fly. 2 wtf is old bay?

    • Veem


      Day ago

  60. A lethe ia

    A lethe ia

    Day ago


    • A lethe ia

      A lethe ia

      Day ago


  61. A lethe ia

    A lethe ia

    Day ago

    lichi weird??? oh Brian you sweet bread, lichi ain't weird. try durian for ice, it tastes great but you have to prepare it outside

  62. iop erty

    iop erty

    Day ago

    I like your shirt

  63. Alex Addams

    Alex Addams

    Day ago

    If you live in the UK, eggs marked with the Lion can be eaten raw so you can avoid the cooking part. has more details.

  64. Gabriele Inzerillo

    Gabriele Inzerillo

    Day ago

    I love you so much that I looked up for possible flights from Italy to Baltimore

  65. N. A. Minch

    N. A. Minch

    Day ago

    could we get a full vid of you experimenting with the cherry until perfection

  66. Jayden Apollo

    Jayden Apollo

    Day ago

    Brian, you’re bonkers. I have to go out and buy old bay now

  67. Matthew Bester

    Matthew Bester

    Day ago

    Poor Americans, worrying about raw eggs.

  68. Greta Jurkute

    Greta Jurkute

    Day ago

    shout out to my fellow Europeans having absolutely no frame of reference for what the last ice-cream is made out of lmao

  69. Sploosh


    Day ago

    This video has been in my recommended for over a week so I finally caved in and watched it

  70. Angelo Menssoccer

    Angelo Menssoccer

    Day ago

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  71. Eoghan Ó Muirí

    Eoghan Ó Muirí

    Day ago

    boycott ben & jerrys free palestine

  72. ically fang

    ically fang

    Day ago

    I like this part of youtube

  73. Art


    Day ago

    i love the mullet thing he has going on

  74. Jason Schuler

    Jason Schuler

    Day ago

    Where's the Lao Gan Ma ice cream??

  75. Shiverskill


    Day ago

    Surprised there wasnt pepcorn ice cream

  76. AzureinkVI


    Day ago

    6:24 *B I G K U S A*

  77. omagakii


    Day ago

    not nasty enough, unsubscribing

  78. Dave Brook

    Dave Brook

    Day ago

    Stop putting your hands in you hair dude. We don't do that in the kitchen. Also I am absolutely going to make old bay ice cream.

  79. wholegrainmilk


    Day ago

    Pep Corn icecream when?

  80. YVNG P00T

    YVNG P00T

    Day ago

    Bro just become a food youtuber already

  81. Taylor Noel

    Taylor Noel

    Day ago

    5:25 "you might be wondering: 'where is the *pina* of the pina colada coming in?' and... it's not right now!" such natural speaking it's inconsistent. dunno why but that made me laugh. good job

  82. Micah Jayne

    Micah Jayne

    Day ago

    Almost forgot he was from Baltimore until he hit us with the Old Bay ice cream

  83. unus because i'm not a masochist like annus

    unus because i'm not a masochist like annus

    Day ago

    The only illegal ice cream is grape bc it's ridiculously difficult to make and EXTREMELY toxic to animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc)

    • unus because i'm not a masochist like annus

      unus because i'm not a masochist like annus

      Day ago

      Like by "EXTREMELY toxic" I mean a dog takes a lick and drops dead in SECONDS it's terrifyingly poisonous for pets

  84. Alec Armijo

    Alec Armijo

    Day ago

    So you definitely made Cherry Garcia, that’s a thing. I love you, you are great.

  85. Juhea Yahng

    Juhea Yahng

    Day ago

    Ah, Professional Cookingshowman, my favorite Kojima character

  86. Puff TMD

    Puff TMD

    Day ago

    Cold bay

  87. thaifighter


    Day ago

    I'm upset he didn't do a laogonma ice cream

  88. Postulate 5

    Postulate 5

    Day ago

    There's a bronx night market across from my school that has fried ice cream you should go sometime (preferably when I'm on campus plz)

  89. Except Jerr

    Except Jerr

    Day ago

    Yo that surprise khezu crossover made me proud aight

  90. Kate Shaefer

    Kate Shaefer

    Day ago

    BBQ Ice Cream?

  91. Kenzie Rabbit

    Kenzie Rabbit

    Day ago

    I'm actually really curious about the hush puppy old bay ice cream because I can't have hush puppies anymore due to gluten but this could be a way to get that flavor profile.

  92. olivia russin

    olivia russin

    Day ago

    Now I want to make ice cream

  93. Mark Albert

    Mark Albert

    Day ago

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  95. David Battisti

    David Battisti

    Day ago

    Brian...where's the "Ice creams" counter?

  96. Robert Genova

    Robert Genova

    Day ago

    DOES HE WATCH KURTIS? the folks w the explosion edit.

  97. Krelekar


    Day ago

    poppyseed birthday cake was my *JAM* growing up old family recipe that cemented my love for poppyseeds

  98. Megan Belanger

    Megan Belanger

    Day ago

    If you use quail eggs you won’t get salmonella

  99. Nina Nooneknows

    Nina Nooneknows

    Day ago

    The level of craving I have for that pina colada ice cream rn...