We add a HELLO NEIGHBOR Imposter Mod in Among Us!

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Mod maker: @Lookumz

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  1. Nettie


    47 minutes ago

    Sundee: and if your not lying it will turn blue Me on dark mode: nah I’m not lying but it didn’t turn blue

  2. Vincent Dueño

    Vincent Dueño

    3 hours ago

    Hello neighbor real name is mart

  3. Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong

    3 hours ago

    I did but It don’t work

  4. FS2V11-KWAN Hin Loek Criston [p]

    FS2V11-KWAN Hin Loek Criston [p]

    5 hours ago

    It is so scare

  5. Xinyue Yuan

    Xinyue Yuan

    5 hours ago

    Idea:baby mod Baby impostor can... have candy and have cavities bed for wall find milk mini game Can transform to adult

  6. Shaun Crawford

    Shaun Crawford

    6 hours ago

    imposior cs aego you kil

  7. hy dw

    hy dw

    6 hours ago

    The awesome cross dewailly guess because rutabaga erroneously camp about a weary helium. ablaze, far tune



    8 hours ago

    good and like

  9. Creep118


    9 hours ago

    Sssunde’s always the imposter in the second round i think

  10. Jerry Mobley

    Jerry Mobley

    9 hours ago

    Can you do a mod of more backyard Agin

  11. Oahu Gaming

    Oahu Gaming

    9 hours ago

    I played hello neighbor.

  12. Christian Lambert

    Christian Lambert

    11 hours ago

    Mod idea alarm clock

  13. Molly Crist

    Molly Crist

    12 hours ago

    Grandpa mod

  14. Nang Non

    Nang Non

    13 hours ago

    How comeYou never made a Siren head mod

  15. Daniel Fares

    Daniel Fares

    16 hours ago

    I have a idea do a granny mod

  16. Adam Budd

    Adam Budd

    16 hours ago

    Nicovald got a key

  17. roy george

    roy george

    16 hours ago

    makemechagodzila mode

  18. Noelle Life

    Noelle Life

    19 hours ago


  19. Hayden Spaulding

    Hayden Spaulding

    Day ago

    It turn white I guess I'm lying

  20. Hunter Gaming

    Hunter Gaming

    Day ago

    This is the coolest mod you have done

  21. Ryan Salvador

    Ryan Salvador

    Day ago

    What About Cuphead, Batim, Geometry Dash & Plants Vs Zombies 2 Role Pls SSundee

  22. Jared Castro

    Jared Castro

    Day ago

    Even though I am not, apparently I am lying since my like button turned black...

  23. Fast films Fast movies and fast shorts

    Fast films Fast movies and fast shorts

    Day ago

    This should be called the secret neighbor x Among us mod

  24. Carmen Leyva

    Carmen Leyva

    Day ago

    Yea I play the game

  25. aurora florence

    aurora florence

    Day ago

    yo kate is a psyco

  26. Abraham salazar

    Abraham salazar

    Day ago


  27. Sketchyboy 64

    Sketchyboy 64

    Day ago

    Go to replies

  28. Sketchyboy 64

    Sketchyboy 64

    Day ago

    If you want to hear about the crew mates

  29. The bup!

    The bup!

    Day ago

    this mod is like super smash bros. ultimate but 9 vs 1

  30. Oli Aung

    Oli Aung

    Day ago

    i got a medal today



    Day ago




    Day ago

    4:18 Hit by the helloıam the the hello neighbor

  33. Doruk Atinc

    Doruk Atinc

    Day ago


  34. Jayden zeller

    Jayden zeller

    Day ago

    Hey maybe a taco bell in among us???

  35. 1978bhatu


    Day ago

    Pranav you sus

  36. J.A. Knobben

    J.A. Knobben

    Day ago

    The scary treehouse Andy doo=headbolw campfire Terry= failrace campfire monstertree 😆😆😎🤣😂😋😜😲😶 please

  37. Madison B

    Madison B

    Day ago

    I know (hello naber)

  38. Vaga


    Day ago

    Are you just gonna do among us now

  39. Joury Alghamdi

    Joury Alghamdi

    Day ago

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  40. Haha yes

    Haha yes

    2 days ago

    Can you do a pet mod?

  41. Tryxn _

    Tryxn _

    2 days ago

    Bro it turned black

  42. Hunter Ivey

    Hunter Ivey

    2 days ago

    My internet is dieing

  43. KenZFireCharge911


    2 days ago

    Ssundee was having Waaaayyyy too much fun with this mod.

  44. EndStoneNinja 09

    EndStoneNinja 09

    2 days ago

    How about Sick role where Imposter can shoot slime at the Crewmates and also infect one Crewmate and lay virus traps on the floor and also there could be a flu meter that rises when ur near the sick imposter

  45. Lui Terez

    Lui Terez

    2 days ago

    Crusty craaaaaaayyybPizza is the pizza for me

  46. Taekwondo Kid

    Taekwondo Kid

    2 days ago

    Do you scary teacher

  47. Anthony Meachen

    Anthony Meachen

    2 days ago

    Play hello neighbor

  48. Luc Canal

    Luc Canal

    2 days ago

    I play hello neighbor

  49. Stephanie Penner

    Stephanie Penner

    2 days ago

    Do a fortnite mod

  50. Tahagaming


    2 days ago

    Tricky mod:tricky is a antagonist in a series called “madness combat” everyone has a gun everyone has to kill tricky tricky has 10000000 hp everyone’s gun does 75 damage tricky can do a mini game that u have to dodge the red Ashroyd in madness combat 11 lasting for 25 seconds 2nd ability is throw hes stop sign updated soon

    • TheGamers LIFE

      TheGamers LIFE

      Day ago

      Nah that Is way way way too much HP it would take ages to kill them

  51. JaydinPlays


    2 days ago

    I love how he always does the face when he is the imposter XD

  52. RedstoneCreeper


    2 days ago

    Do a illusionist role mod

  53. Zo Tomi

    Zo Tomi

    2 days ago

    Plz Dundee plzzzzz do an Friday night funkin mod I’m begging of u

  54. Parvez and Ishana Vlogs

    Parvez and Ishana Vlogs

    2 days ago

    This game is real

  55. Paola Fashoni

    Paola Fashoni

    2 days ago


  56. Paola Fashoni

    Paola Fashoni

    2 days ago

    Sunddee i link a cut g

  57. waterman stonebrake

    waterman stonebrake

    2 days ago

    The grubby gruesome care bizarrely transport because psychology nomenclaturally injure regarding a madly croissant. lying, quickest triangle

  58. Rozaldo Sinanasi

    Rozaldo Sinanasi

    2 days ago

    I have cried when Ssundee had a hard talking.Oh god

  59. Adhyayan Bhadra

    Adhyayan Bhadra

    2 days ago

    In hello neighbor among us the kill was scary

  60. crystal merino

    crystal merino

    3 days ago

    More mods like this where they all have to escape as a team

  61. Ratni Nalle

    Ratni Nalle

    3 days ago

    I like how the code to join there game is lookcum

  62. LucaDaBooka


    3 days ago

    My like button White

  63. Pine Forest

    Pine Forest

    3 days ago

    Ngl, the glitches in this mod are kinda hilarious. Like how you can set off two traps at the same time.

    • SomeGuy


      2 days ago

      It’s like the actual game

  64. Addib Rayyan

    Addib Rayyan

    3 days ago




    3 days ago

    Next Episode: The Pizza Mod Another idea : The Lion King Mod Another idea : The Servant Mod Another idea : Everyone is the impostor except for one...

  66. Mireille Marasigan

    Mireille Marasigan

    3 days ago

    Next mod teddy: -move the tail to go invincibile -kill with stomp -jump -do a game To play a jumpscare game not to get scared -throw -pickup -liquid In vote Plsss Edit: i thank of this in mah brain

  67. Ziva MacNeal

    Ziva MacNeal

    3 days ago

    I really liked it but I kind of want to see you more as crewmate

  68. TheAmazingPresto


    3 days ago

    15:19 last video

  69. Kim Stars

    Kim Stars

    3 days ago

    Evil Barbie: can turn people to plastic, trap people in her car,make them play dress up, trap people in her hair

  70. Whitney Dumas

    Whitney Dumas

    3 days ago

    Can you make a sandy pool mod

  71. Mohamed Mostafa

    Mohamed Mostafa

    3 days ago

    Day 6 of asking plsssss make a micky mouse role as the imposter

  72. Linda Nicole Salazar Hernandez

    Linda Nicole Salazar Hernandez

    3 days ago


  73. Black Hexagon

    Black Hexagon

    3 days ago

    This is the fifth video I am asking Ian for a grim reaper mod

  74. Stinky bean

    Stinky bean

    3 days ago


  75. Rajinder Sandhu

    Rajinder Sandhu

    3 days ago

    I played before but I what’s dumb

  76. samuel hart

    samuel hart

    3 days ago

    I want a flash mod

    • miko foin

      miko foin

      3 days ago

      can u make a meme mod

  77. Kirk Dunwell

    Kirk Dunwell

    3 days ago


  78. Julie Dill

    Julie Dill

    3 days ago


  79. Funkydogs49


    3 days ago

    I made 6 channels and subscribed to you

  80. Anthon Vanne A. Anub Arausa

    Anthon Vanne A. Anub Arausa

    3 days ago

    Hello neighbor is my favorite game I trow boxes in his windom in act 1

  81. Monica May Noah

    Monica May Noah

    3 days ago

    C I know that game

    • Monica May Noah

      Monica May Noah

      3 days ago

      I have played hello neighbor and among us with no mods

  82. A K Gowrishankar

    A K Gowrishankar

    3 days ago

    wow you try too hard and it worked!

  83. Sana Hussen

    Sana Hussen

    3 days ago

    You Sandy Brae you're my brother band

  84. crisanto doloque

    crisanto doloque

    3 days ago


  85. Anej Podhostnik

    Anej Podhostnik

    3 days ago

    i watch loafX playing this

  86. Video Dima

    Video Dima

    3 days ago

    Good video

  87. William Cunningham

    William Cunningham

    3 days ago

    Piggy mode

  88. Games Leeman

    Games Leeman

    3 days ago

    Those wrench snipes where sane

  89. Ambigeye Seenevassenpillay

    Ambigeye Seenevassenpillay

    3 days ago

    My like button turned black

  90. Stina Davidsson

    Stina Davidsson

    3 days ago

    can u make a meme mod

  91. horned devil

    horned devil

    4 days ago

    I was lying mine was white Lol

  92. TearingAnger


    4 days ago

    ive played all the alphas and the xbox one

  93. Jonathan Lin

    Jonathan Lin

    4 days ago

    Put a trap in the line

  94. Aly Abobakr

    Aly Abobakr

    4 days ago

    you got me like: BACK OFF BIFFLE 9:59

    • Aly Abobakr

      Aly Abobakr

      4 days ago


  95. buttered  bread

    buttered bread

    4 days ago

    Ian you should play secret neighbor( you can play with your friends one of you is the neighbor the others are children and they have to collect the keys that are hidden around the house) i think you'll enjoy playing it pls can you play it

  96. ShukLea Chok

    ShukLea Chok

    4 days ago

    I found you in among us

  97. Sasmita Mishra

    Sasmita Mishra

    4 days ago

    Sorry I'm late but I watch hello Neighbor video's but this mod is the best and lookumz is the best at making mods.

  98. Quartz ForGold

    Quartz ForGold

    4 days ago

    Ssundee tell Zud, Lookums or Loaf to make a SCP mod

  99. Jordan Ashley

    Jordan Ashley

    4 days ago

    This is the oly mode you can’t report

  100. Quirino BG

    Quirino BG

    4 days ago

    8:25 Henwy shouted like a Zombie

    • Justin Hundal

      Justin Hundal

      3 hours ago

      Yeah lol 😆

    • Rabt# 2000& Peachey

      Rabt# 2000& Peachey

      11 hours ago

      He did