Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein


  1. Cinnamon Bear

    Cinnamon Bear

    4 minutes ago

    Imagine how many dictionaries he had to read to create all these rhyming sentences 👁👄👁

  2. Emilio


    18 minutes ago

    3:55 he shakes the hand he got stuck in the wall lmao nice touch

  3. DSBeastPlayz


    2 hours ago

    The family in the house was scared of NF but not the camera man?

  4. Isaac Shelton

    Isaac Shelton

    3 hours ago

    Ya know

  5. shelly .j

    shelly .j

    3 hours ago


  6. Ashley Caron

    Ashley Caron

    5 hours ago


  7. Alb traum

    Alb traum

    5 hours ago

    Brah who is this 🤨 he should make one track with Emin3m 🥳

  8. Reden Salh

    Reden Salh

    6 hours ago


  9. Reden Salh

    Reden Salh

    6 hours ago


  10. Reden Salh

    Reden Salh

    6 hours ago


  11. Reden Salh

    Reden Salh

    6 hours ago


  12. lifected


    7 hours ago

    Dude wow this is amazing honestly the transitions are so smooth I could watch this all day

  13. jonmartin bellamy

    jonmartin bellamy

    7 hours ago


  14. FireRavenWolf


    8 hours ago

    so we just gonna ignore the car scene

  15. Sing Cover

    Sing Cover

    8 hours ago

    This like When I Grow Up

  16. Saul Gonzalez

    Saul Gonzalez

    8 hours ago

    Nf, unbroken. Bars, legendary. Beat, shattered

  17. Sam Paton

    Sam Paton

    10 hours ago

    NF needs to get up with pentatonix cause that would be fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



    10 hours ago

    Nf your song inspired me to keep try not give up so fast

  19. Moussa Alim

    Moussa Alim

    11 hours ago

    Woww shit this IS amblivebel

  20. Agoraphobic Giant's Gaming

    Agoraphobic Giant's Gaming

    11 hours ago

    how did i miss this for so long?

  21. Jason Murray

    Jason Murray

    12 hours ago

    Ja bru Very nice

  22. Hollis Kelly

    Hollis Kelly

    12 hours ago

    Other rappers curse girls big butts in flex money and cars NF. Likes to sit on the light post walks around with a shopping cart likes the float above a couch I like the sword fight with chairs but that’s very unique to me

  23. ItalianGal89


    13 hours ago


  24. Alexandru Sirbu

    Alexandru Sirbu

    14 hours ago

    I think, i gave y 1 million views

  25. Shaboli


    15 hours ago


  26. Scott Fackler

    Scott Fackler

    16 hours ago


  27. David Derricott

    David Derricott

    16 hours ago

    Idk if I'm making movies or music videos

  28. Stephen Kounelis

    Stephen Kounelis

    17 hours ago

    My favorite song is clowds

  29. Pistache


    17 hours ago

    The apple at the end...

  30. DeNice LookAtEmTwice

    DeNice LookAtEmTwice

    20 hours ago

    You’ve ever seen somebody so talented the media neglects it. Yea me to. This man is talented to say simply.

  31. lexi marsh

    lexi marsh

    21 hour ago

    i cut and burn myself every day, but your songs help me live. your my biggest inspiration, and i know you get these comments all the time. but i just wanted to say that you are so strong and i strive to be like that, like maybe one day i will have enough strength to confront the pain im going through. and i know you probably dont care, but i lost my mom too, she also ended her own life. and my dad abuses me... but thats not what im scared about, im scared for my little sister, shes only 6 and i dont want this life for her. anyways, this is getting long, but yeah, i just wanted to tell you that you are amazing..

    • Mandla Mbuyazwe

      Mandla Mbuyazwe

      8 hours ago

      May God bless you and your family ❤🙏

  32. Jad Mhmd

    Jad Mhmd

    21 hour ago


  33. Ben Mcnally

    Ben Mcnally

    21 hour ago


  34. Patricia Osterwalder

    Patricia Osterwalder

    22 hours ago

    first time hearing nf it was vvvvvvvery good

  35. Samuel Scott

    Samuel Scott

    23 hours ago


  36. Rulerd Wind

    Rulerd Wind

    23 hours ago

    crianças, n façam isso em casa.

  37. Roger Jolla

    Roger Jolla

    Day ago

    Nf should make a league of legends hero promo video..

  38. David Tidwell

    David Tidwell

    Day ago

    Love il

  39. dwayne clinkscale

    dwayne clinkscale

    Day ago

    Yeas yeas Thank you NF very much. Yes it was balsy move played. Yes you checked mate.

  40. sprsr


    Day ago

    Why is watching my kids take his first steps unbelievable?...... Even nf knows ama stay virgin

  41. Chris 7

    Chris 7

    Day ago

    Thanks Nate for not going Hollywood 🙏🏻

  42. wisdom squad

    wisdom squad

    Day ago

    "Bill Gates could'nt pay his rent cause he's too broke... where am I going with this."

  43. Nollie McCain

    Nollie McCain

    Day ago

    Love this vid...fuckin cool 😎

  44. Akimbo


    Day ago

    Such an underrated artist

  45. Vex


    Day ago

    This man needs to make a song called unknown

  46. Reena Rose

    Reena Rose

    Day ago

    Wait a min, hold up; I think da store and forest scene were actual places to not just edits...imma have to watch the behind the scenes making of it. Love the lyrics his bars always be on fire 😻🔥 idk what to say just so catchy it's got my attention

  47. Reena Rose

    Reena Rose

    Day ago

    Woah the transitions on point it drew me in everytime the beat dropped, the part with the cars I thought it was a movie scene then I'm like no it was a real recording for a true artist #nf ur amazing bro keep up da great work!!!😛💚💙💗💖💓

  48. Reena Rose

    Reena Rose

    Day ago

    O M G dang NF dis hit should be off the charts dude. You rock! Felt the beat the lyrics. You got into it. All ur songs are good. #bestrealrapperalive #realmusic 😮🤐🙌🏾😶🤤😚😁😊

  49. Alexis Hamel

    Alexis Hamel

    Day ago

    do all the thing you sing happen to you

  50. Outtytires!


    Day ago

    This is the best "Clouds" there could ever be. My friends bully me for liking you.. Saying your a wannabe "emo" but I don't let them stop me, they are not the boss of me. DO NOT LET ANYONE CONTROL YOU ITS NOT THEIR LIFE.. Have a nice day!

  51. Saint Cration

    Saint Cration

    Day ago

    This dude is going through spatial rifts that's taking him everywhere like what?

  52. Bence Mészáros

    Bence Mészáros

    Day ago

    Wow i literally cannot stop listening to this album SINCE IT DROPPED. Like to the stage i am honestly scared.

  53. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    Day ago


  54. Jade Marie

    Jade Marie

    Day ago

    I love how raspy his voice at the end

  55. Srdq


    Day ago


  56. Mercedes Swan

    Mercedes Swan

    Day ago

    So glad my boyfriend introduced me to his music. I’ve fallen in love with all his songs and it’s all I listen to! Thank you Nate. You’re awesome

  57. Dylan Fischer

    Dylan Fischer

    Day ago

    NF doesn't make music videos he makes movies based around his music

  58. Dylan Fischer

    Dylan Fischer

    Day ago

    the one man that could actually stand to em

  59. Alim Moussa

    Alim Moussa

    Day ago

    This is very good for speed

  60. cameron hunsberger

    cameron hunsberger

    Day ago

    nf is fire

  61. Anai Sanchez Salcedo

    Anai Sanchez Salcedo

    Day ago

    This songs fire

  62. Mini Mello

    Mini Mello

    Day ago

    The best could learn the song in 2 days

  63. foreverstrong85


    Day ago




    Day ago

    nf fire man

  65. Ronin Carrington

    Ronin Carrington

    Day ago

    I wish I could rap I could rap the beginning of pay my dues but not the thing

    • Ronin Carrington

      Ronin Carrington

      Day ago

      I mean hole thing

  66. William Graulau

    William Graulau

    Day ago

    daym. da best of the best.

  67. Joshua Cook

    Joshua Cook

    Day ago

    demons speak in my mind time to release find an escape from this insanity they call life. hope they call a depression looking for things only in your mind.

  68. Iceman


    Day ago

    NF= No Farting

  69. Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter

    Day ago

    "Pile-up on route 7, all units respond. NF is rapping again & something's on fire."

    • Nəbilim Ala

      Nəbilim Ala

      18 hours ago Hard

  70. Mausumi Biswas

    Mausumi Biswas

    Day ago

    The transitions were far better than tiktok cringe.

  71. Staticplate 9473

    Staticplate 9473

    Day ago

    The end bass distortion reminders me of the black widow trailer

  72. The Sisters

    The Sisters

    Day ago

    For the bullys stop you are putting people down to make you feel better about your self if you done like keep it yo your self yin know how much worked put in to this video just to get hate

  73. Pierrejo PJ

    Pierrejo PJ

    Day ago

    NF you bracking boundaries ✌️

  74. Martin Zanin

    Martin Zanin

    Day ago

    Even in italy yuo make yourselft heard!!!!!!

  75. nagendra bhat

    nagendra bhat

    Day ago

    This is lit🔥🔥soo smooth 😍😍

  76. Khan Babahi9807

    Khan Babahi9807

    Day ago

    Good song

  77. Vegeta


    Day ago

    Doctor: I’m sorry you only have 1 minute left to live Me: *plays this song* Doctor: this is more than a minute Me: awww God: It’s okay I’ll allow it past.

  78. Щербина Георгий

    Щербина Георгий

    Day ago

    Кто после скайенг?

  79. Chloe Beauchamp

    Chloe Beauchamp

    Day ago

    Nf, you’ve got talent. Better than Eminem? -Heck ya. That’s right people, I made the call.

    • Chloe Beauchamp

      Chloe Beauchamp

      Day ago

      I love how there’s no cursing in his rap. In my eyes, that already makes him better than Eminem. I agree with you though. He’s real close.

    • thepussv 6618

      thepussv 6618

      Day ago

      Talent: a lot Better than Eminem: not yet Thats just my opinion.

  80. Daker Labowschawitz

    Daker Labowschawitz

    Day ago

    This guy is garbage

    • Nikki


      Day ago

      Yeah bud four syllable rhyme scheme and kept it going homage to Bruce Willis and his movie and to Royce with a ton of hidden eggs and co directs and produces his videos not to mention that amazing car scene at the end. My gosh you look salty as hell

  81. Ashlee p

    Ashlee p

    Day ago

    You are literally all I listen to everyday ,I think I may be superfan lol an Im in canada so ill probably never get the chance to show my love at a show, so just wanted to send sum love from Canada, your great nate xoxo

  82. SSW Rocket League

    SSW Rocket League

    Day ago

    NF just built different lol just so good..smooth..sheeeeeeeeSH!!!

  83. Just Believe

    Just Believe

    Day ago

    Looks like there are 10,000 HATERS here waitin'' to SPEW out that negative shit, YEEEEEEE!!!! DOPE SONG BROTHA!

  84. OfficialRyanFouracre


    2 days ago

    3:19 WWE 2K22 brought me here.

  85. Duane Schwingle

    Duane Schwingle

    2 days ago

    You better back up, slowly.

  86. Geneva Alcendor

    Geneva Alcendor

    2 days ago

    M&m who?

  87. Geneva Alcendor

    Geneva Alcendor

    2 days ago

    When he said when they come around like homieeeee I fell to the ground and started bowing to this song

  88. Geneva Alcendor

    Geneva Alcendor

    2 days ago

    I learned this whole rap the first time I was guessing the words I got all of them I love this song nf you need to do another song like this no joke my man

  89. ghosty


    2 days ago

    3:19-4:13 was insane for me mate

  90. Metaeb - Mysterious

    Metaeb - Mysterious

    2 days ago


  91. Relief Hub

    Relief Hub

    2 days ago

    Love the blasts at the end.

  92. Caitlyn Andrus

    Caitlyn Andrus

    2 days ago

    Ayeee! Brian!!

  93. lisa andrud

    lisa andrud

    2 days ago

    Brian Andrus!! Awesome cameo!! 😊

  94. Foxtime


    2 days ago


  95. Frøstie


    2 days ago

    And if you are the best rapper in the world your songs make me so motivated

    • Frøstie


      2 days ago

      I meant to say you are the best

  96. Philimon Michael

    Philimon Michael

    2 days ago

    He's gotta be the most relatable rapper I've ever listened to

  97. JR 76

    JR 76

    2 days ago

    Only NF can shutdown a highway to make a video 💯

    • Nəbilim Ala

      Nəbilim Ala

      18 hours ago Hard

  98. Red Black

    Red Black

    2 days ago

    Eminem and NF are the definition of real music. Why don't we have more of these guys

  99. עמרי אגסי

    עמרי אגסי

    2 days ago

    Reminds me Blessings of Big Sean & Drake

  100. עמרי אגסי

    עמרי אגסי

    2 days ago

    Reminds me Eminem