We add a TIKTOK Imposter mod in Among Us!

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  1. Krystal Brock

    Krystal Brock

    20 minutes ago

    Can you wish me happy birthday

  2. Rosita Ramirez

    Rosita Ramirez

    21 minute ago


  3. Sofus Pedersen

    Sofus Pedersen

    33 minutes ago

    Comment 67 of asking for another Pixelmon series

  4. Waveq


    34 minutes ago

    I watch TickTock

  5. G&I Productions

    G&I Productions

    34 minutes ago


  6. G&I Productions

    G&I Productions

    34 minutes ago


  7. Ben Gallo

    Ben Gallo

    58 minutes ago

    I actually hit the like button 200 times

  8. Tina Francis

    Tina Francis

    Hour ago

    i have

  9. Shadow Playz_YT

    Shadow Playz_YT

    Hour ago

    roses are red ssundee's character is blue you know what else is? the like button is too

  10. uma Prasanna

    uma Prasanna

    2 hours ago

    Ninja hattori role

  11. Micaias Wilson

    Micaias Wilson

    2 hours ago

    i likemyour vids

  12. Lady Aov Aov

    Lady Aov Aov

    2 hours ago

    The leg mod pls

  13. phuongdiep pham

    phuongdiep pham

    2 hours ago

    Dancing & duet & vival & selfie & low Dancing & duet & vival & selfie & low & hack

  14. Jace Barkley

    Jace Barkley

    2 hours ago

    u ar ma fovarate us toobor :)

  15. Jace Barkley

    Jace Barkley

    2 hours ago

    i love amgose!

  16. kevin airgood

    kevin airgood

    2 hours ago

    I watched a TikTok video before and the like button turned white what’s up with that.

  17. hi


    2 hours ago

    Can you make a round rolls 6 in Among Us

  18. hi


    3 hours ago

    Can you make a cartoon cat mod in among us

  19. Takhmina Sharopova

    Takhmina Sharopova

    3 hours ago

    can you make ghost imposter

  20. Pizzala Family

    Pizzala Family

    3 hours ago

    I just lost my tooth just now :)

  21. Ray Renzi

    Ray Renzi

    3 hours ago

    I saw you in one of the games I was playing a a few weeks ago!!!

  22. benito rivera

    benito rivera

    3 hours ago

    quieres jugar en mi partida se llama RED 9009

  23. Crowman


    4 hours ago

    I have lost all faith in humanity

  24. Андрей Ширяев

    Андрей Ширяев

    4 hours ago

    Wy you dont put mod link😡

  25. UserGuest 8392

    UserGuest 8392

    4 hours ago

    *Cringeness at its best…*

  26. Saba Abedini

    Saba Abedini

    5 hours ago

    Give me a link, oh my God, I did not find a tick mode in everything I looked for, a link for Android and PC.

  27. jane hernandez

    jane hernandez

    6 hours ago

    im on my phone so the like will turn black



    7 hours ago

    how to join tiktok among us i have among us app



    7 hours ago

    4:51 taffic light!

  30. xxfnaffan?xx


    7 hours ago


  31. thomas shaw

    thomas shaw

    7 hours ago

    Make TikTok as nightmare versions

  32. Cheryll Rosal

    Cheryll Rosal

    8 hours ago


  33. Acidshorts


    8 hours ago


  34. garry marshall

    garry marshall

    9 hours ago

    What's tikok ???

  35. dj kano

    dj kano

    9 hours ago

    It's black

  36. Hanna Ysip

    Hanna Ysip

    10 hours ago


  37. Hanna Ysip

    Hanna Ysip

    10 hours ago


  38. Proy_plaz


    10 hours ago

    My like butten is white

  39. Maylou Dimalig

    Maylou Dimalig

    10 hours ago


  40. UmersoomroRTY=YT


    10 hours ago

    3:30 😯

  41. asd asdsadsd

    asd asdsadsd

    10 hours ago

    The axiomatic ox naturalistically pedal because secretary presently film unto a tense position. late, military gosling

  42. Penelope Motter

    Penelope Motter

    11 hours ago

    Tick-tock mode into a new one and you can charge your phone

  43. orangered


    11 hours ago

    i love new color in among us

  44. Daymian Gamer

    Daymian Gamer

    12 hours ago

    i have not watched tiktok but i will still like

  45. xerN


    12 hours ago

    my like button turns orangeeee

  46. jinan bhuiyan

    jinan bhuiyan

    12 hours ago

    It is black

  47. Pink Leo

    Pink Leo

    12 hours ago

    Me who hasn’t watched a tik Tom video and on mobile:ssundee wasn’t lieing

  48. Charmaine Skea

    Charmaine Skea

    13 hours ago

    Jokes on you… *my like button turned black*

  49. jessica molina

    jessica molina

    13 hours ago


  50. Arnie De Guzman

    Arnie De Guzman

    13 hours ago

    I like kissing faces

  51. Cassie Carroll

    Cassie Carroll

    13 hours ago

    IM imposter

  52. Jane Noveda

    Jane Noveda

    13 hours ago

    Please next mod in among us is the ice cream man

  53. FocuR Gaming

    FocuR Gaming

    13 hours ago

    I HATE tiktok

  54. Shamsiah Mohd Jais

    Shamsiah Mohd Jais

    13 hours ago

    I like the beat box til tok and I'm better and Spencer x

  55. Joe Hunting

    Joe Hunting

    13 hours ago

    How do you get loafx’s skin color

  56. Marvin Simeon

    Marvin Simeon

    14 hours ago

    what happened to him???

  57. sima parsa

    sima parsa

    14 hours ago


  58. Among Us & BLOODY BUNNY

    Among Us & BLOODY BUNNY

    14 hours ago

    Le peluche en la cama y el auto el 👍

  59. Andrae Madriaga

    Andrae Madriaga

    14 hours ago

    I no Tiktok

  60. Izzys snack Attack

    Izzys snack Attack

    15 hours ago

    *hit the like button if you watched a tiktok!* me whachted a million tic tok which means ten

  61. Nezuko Kamado

    Nezuko Kamado

    15 hours ago

    I watch Yo Tik Toks!

  62. Anup Khadka

    Anup Khadka

    15 hours ago


  63. Kneko Blair

    Kneko Blair

    15 hours ago

    You can’t say Friday night Punkin stuffing Artis

  64. Christine Cabral

    Christine Cabral

    15 hours ago

    I've seen meny

  65. Rebecca Gillard

    Rebecca Gillard

    16 hours ago

    sigls was always around the burning dancing bodies

  66. Yeriel Albino

    Yeriel Albino

    16 hours ago


  67. Sarah Jermey

    Sarah Jermey

    16 hours ago

    I love this

  68. ava_idk


    16 hours ago

    DA heack

  69. ava_idk


    16 hours ago


  70. Jaela Weeks

    Jaela Weeks

    17 hours ago

    Do A Likee mode where everybody gets an iPad in and they go on the iPad imposters they get to hack the iPad and the crew mates have to do dances and they have a line in that line is there a charger and if it goes all the way dead then they die and if they get the most like they go viral and they can dance

  71. Aeryth Simsuangco

    Aeryth Simsuangco

    17 hours ago

    I have never seen a tik tok

  72. Jaela Weeks

    Jaela Weeks

    17 hours ago

    How about Likee Mod

  73. Jasmine cuevas

    Jasmine cuevas

    17 hours ago

    Person that stole your likes

  74. Sotiria Giannakakis

    Sotiria Giannakakis

    17 hours ago

    How do you have these mods

  75. Mila S

    Mila S

    18 hours ago

    i sub

  76. King Rayden

    King Rayden

    18 hours ago

    Bruh of course we know what Tik Tok is

  77. Crystal WOrsenA

    Crystal WOrsenA

    18 hours ago

    Can you do a Rick roll mod? Here’s how it works: the impostor can turn into the famous Rick Astley and here are his abilities. Ability 1: the move is called “jumpscare.” He sings “you know the rules, and so do I.” He loads a gun, points it a the screen, and then yells “SAY GOODBYE!” Shooting the screen. Ability 2: it is called “ Rick roll.” You have to lead a player in a room, then turn into Rick Astley and use this ability. It allows you to literally stab someone in the back but change into a crewmate. Ability 3: the move is called “mic drop.” You equip a microphone and drop it on a random player. They sing for 30 seconds. Ability 4: this ability gets unlocked in settings. You turn it on and what it does is make the lobby 20 players allowed. Only the game owner can see it in the lobby. But in the game the imposter has this ability. What it does along with getting more people in is you get to kill 2 people of your choice. But it has a 500 second cool down. I call this move the “Say Goodbye” move. Please look at my suggestion and at least consider making it a mod. By the way, this suggestion is based off the Rick roll meme.

  78. Temporarily Cookie Eater

    Temporarily Cookie Eater

    19 hours ago

    Only OG’s remember the old thumbnail

  79. WEEGEE


    19 hours ago

    5:06 Tick-tock I'm a foot *What the...*

  80. Jennifer Oleary

    Jennifer Oleary

    19 hours ago

    I mean sunndy

  81. Jennifer Oleary

    Jennifer Oleary

    19 hours ago

    I think helloiamk8 has a crush on Sunday

  82. Sheila Hon

    Sheila Hon

    20 hours ago

    I’m not lying but it turned white

  83. Roselea Procenko

    Roselea Procenko

    20 hours ago

    Do the zombie mod

  84. Fernanda Benalcazar

    Fernanda Benalcazar

    20 hours ago

    SSundee went GOD MODE at the end 13:31

  85. Quinzardyoutube


    20 hours ago


  86. Jack Cat 101 & bby_pink_fox_196 & LukeLovesOranges

    Jack Cat 101 & bby_pink_fox_196 & LukeLovesOranges

    21 hour ago


  87. hlawn chinpar

    hlawn chinpar

    21 hour ago

    Oh got a lot of peoples day I’ll kill all of the people

  88. hlawn chinpar

    hlawn chinpar

    21 hour ago

    And it’s also funny when someone is invisible and the imposter is busy hacking the guy

  89. hlawn chinpar

    hlawn chinpar

    21 hour ago

    It is so funny when they do the kissing face

  90. Devin Lin

    Devin Lin

    21 hour ago


  91. Tony Öberg

    Tony Öberg

    22 hours ago

    How could he go from one of the most enjoyable mc youtubers to among us tik tok irl sussy sus videos

  92. muffin


    22 hours ago

    Btw the like butten turns white-

  93. Teela Carrick

    Teela Carrick

    22 hours ago

    I love TikTok

  94. Liam Smurphy

    Liam Smurphy

    22 hours ago

    Tiktok sucks

  95. Adelle Sanya

    Adelle Sanya

    22 hours ago

    I Love you boy's name is?

  96. Aman Tamky

    Aman Tamky

    22 hours ago


  97. Dzhem Ahmedov

    Dzhem Ahmedov

    22 hours ago


  98. Dzhem Ahmedov

    Dzhem Ahmedov

    22 hours ago

    The like button turns white for mr

  99. BROOKE Reid

    BROOKE Reid

    22 hours ago