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    Month ago

    BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE BECAUSE there's a WHOLE LOT more coming! Every single fight reaction with my FULL Unofficial Score Cards of each fight! Thank you to EVERYONE who supported the DANATUBE Experience! This is only the beginning! :D Join the RE-UP Crew:

    • Victor Cruz

      Victor Cruz

      8 days ago


    • Jase Hart

      Jase Hart

      18 days ago

      Plzz go follow me on TikTok @sportsking_999

    • Derek Paddon

      Derek Paddon

      20 days ago

      the referee was 100% to blame for the faze jarvis knockout the referee got right in the way and was acting like he was gunna break them up but huvered in the middle of them then Jarvis' right hand came over the top and knocked Michael out the most devastating punches are the ones you dont see coming and there was no way michael could have saw that punch coming with the referee in the way he couldnt even see it to block it if yxou watch it back

    • See Red

      See Red

      27 days ago

      You’re just a museum piece.

    • MysticPlayzVlogs


      Month ago

      Fight Ben azelart

  2. JenniferBaby K

    JenniferBaby K

    10 hours ago

    I’m sorry but Austin never put Bryce night night! Still a fraud,fake loser!

  3. Philip tinsley

    Philip tinsley

    12 hours ago

    FOUSEY can u plsssssssss reply to this comment I’m a huge fan of u and I live ur vids they make me smile and when blueface lunched the fan😂😂

  4. Chris From Discord

    Chris From Discord

    16 hours ago

    When faze kay came up I died

  5. Philip tinsley

    Philip tinsley

    21 hour ago

    Respect to them all trying but everyone just hating on Michael tho saying he got knocked out even tho he got pushed down and the way jarvis screamed😂😂

  6. Kanishk Ketan Chaliawala

    Kanishk Ketan Chaliawala

    2 days ago

    well social gloves is not over yet because there is gonna be social gloves battle of the platforms 2

  7. Justin Meran

    Justin Meran

    2 days ago

    lil baby was there too

  8. Ezra Reactions

    Ezra Reactions

    2 days ago

    11:38 guys i think he is speechless

  9. Jackson Matzek

    Jackson Matzek

    3 days ago

    Fousey you are shit at boxing you are a literall punching bag and your talking about how bad other people are

  10. Lesley Lopez

    Lesley Lopez

    3 days ago

    1m -

  11. Joselyn Gutierrez

    Joselyn Gutierrez

    3 days ago

    Vinnie is a humble man like the only fight I enjoyed was vinnie and deji

  12. Lil Kayden

    Lil Kayden

    3 days ago

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

  13. Gamer of  Roblox king

    Gamer of Roblox king

    4 days ago

    Can you go in the ring

  14. Mblbb Gamer

    Mblbb Gamer

    4 days ago

    Anyone remember fousey doing MortalKombat and street fight pranks in the elevator ☺️🤣🤣🤣

  15. Geb Playz

    Geb Playz

    6 days ago

    No disrespect karma hit deji becausse fousey tried saying sorry but deji didnt accept it like a man

  16. Wayz295


    6 days ago


  17. ZAY Simmons

    ZAY Simmons

    7 days ago

    It was sad when Deji lost Bc I could hear him saying “I’m a failure ima failure”

  18. Manny Moreno

    Manny Moreno

    7 days ago

    I was bored so I decided to watch this again 😭

  19. harjinder singh

    harjinder singh

    8 days ago

    Everyone should have a trophy for taking part

  20. chote detective

    chote detective

    8 days ago


  21. Brandon Germain

    Brandon Germain

    8 days ago

    History man ..

  22. Triple Gaminhlg

    Triple Gaminhlg

    8 days ago

    that riley kid is lying he just dont want people to know that he was not ready and then he blaming tannerfox

  23. bradyn Anderson

    bradyn Anderson

    9 days ago


  24. Lizbet Aguilera

    Lizbet Aguilera

    9 days ago

    Yes go Bryce hall

  25. Lizbet Aguilera

    Lizbet Aguilera

    9 days ago

    Yes go Michael le

  26. TGS Instinct

    TGS Instinct

    10 days ago

    I hope fousey likes this comment❤️

  27. Lmao Vertex

    Lmao Vertex

    11 days ago

    Watching this for the 3rd time 😂

  28. Emmad Hashmi

    Emmad Hashmi

    11 days ago

    Who needs influencer boxing tournament

  29. MIshal Memon

    MIshal Memon

    12 days ago

    Yo-yo good video

  30. Yhian John

    Yhian John

    13 days ago

    fousey's commentary was just full of 'ooooooooooooooooooooooooo'

  31. BBplayerz


    13 days ago

    Gib should have one but Taylor did good for his first fight

  32. Caroline Mayinea

    Caroline Mayinea

    14 days ago

    hate how majority of comments here are only about vinnie as if hes the only one fighting

  33. Foos3y_OW


    14 days ago

    Still to this day, I can’t believe Deji lost. The simulation really fell to pieces that day

  34. 35xfirebladeシ


    15 days ago

    respect to Vinnie and Micheal Leé and Ben this were the only tik tokers that didn’t do any beef!

  35. Ryze


    16 days ago

    I feel bad for lil baby’s son

  36. Jayceon Robinson

    Jayceon Robinson

    16 days ago


  37. Kxvin


    18 days ago

    Don’t like my comment

  38. Dragon 0OnlyFans Fans

    Dragon 0OnlyFans Fans

    18 days ago

    Cant believe jarvis won😩😩

  39. Anh Nguyen

    Anh Nguyen

    18 days ago


  40. Shabbir Rashid

    Shabbir Rashid

    18 days ago

    Super proud of you fousey!!!! You got a celeb in your video and you didn't use it as click bait or a title. So so so proud of you. Fuck everyone who says you're cringe I'm rooting for you brother 💐

  41. Shabbir Rashid

    Shabbir Rashid

    18 days ago




    19 days ago

    This kind of Fousey we want to see bro. You host things not give labour for it.

  43. Predator Catchers Alliance

    Predator Catchers Alliance

    19 days ago

    Damn he really liking all the comments

  44. Black Widow

    Black Widow

    19 days ago

    Fousey brother my g

  45. imnoop GT

    imnoop GT

    19 days ago

    ur content is getting better and better everytime u upload! cant wait to see more videos!

  46. imnoop GT

    imnoop GT

    19 days ago

    love ur videos!

  47. Sufyaan Saley

    Sufyaan Saley

    19 days ago

    :41 the kid had to see Michael Lee get knocked out

  48. TITS


    20 days ago

    U gotta stop lookin like a clout chaser u look like a fool on blue face video! Cmon man

  49. Leebrun


    20 days ago

    Nobody: Fousey: OOOOOHHHH

  50. J Cooney

    J Cooney

    20 days ago

    Bru this video is underrated ( edit thanks for the like fousey)

  51. Valerie Landeros

    Valerie Landeros

    20 days ago

    Kevin girl water fight iconic covid-19 I had to see home Barbie on USgone

  52. John Paxton

    John Paxton

    20 days ago

    Funny how you think your like this boxer or even tough you got fucked up bad when you boxed sad af 😂😂😂

  53. Frost Byte

    Frost Byte

    20 days ago

    u smile funny

  54. Kevin


    20 days ago

    Austin mcbroom is a fraud

  55. Jackoerf


    20 days ago


  56. JJ OBAMA


    20 days ago

    If Bryce won, I would have liked to versus him in a match but the offer still stands I would want to versus him

    • JJ OBAMA

      JJ OBAMA

      20 days ago

      Yo fousey set me up a match with someone this summer. anyone. I will versus him and I'm serious

  57. Hiren Reddy

    Hiren Reddy

    21 day ago

    Hiren from India Hey FOUSEY. I like your videos. I subscribed FOUSEY USgone channel. FOUSEY USgoners VS TIKTOKERS .

  58. I Like Women

    I Like Women

    21 day ago

    Fousey, come back, i need more boxing content to watch

  59. J S

    J S

    21 day ago

    Is this the one that nobody has been paid ?

  60. Ahedil Abdul

    Ahedil Abdul

    21 day ago

    Yo austinmcbroom

  61. Taylor Nevarez

    Taylor Nevarez

    21 day ago

    I wanted micheal le to win to and Austin

  62. Simba King

    Simba King

    21 day ago

    Can you please upload a vlog so I can upload a vlog and get paid so I can take my girlfriend out to dinner

  63. Hasnain Khan

    Hasnain Khan

    21 day ago

    Fousey u did a great job but pls come back

  64. Bashar Fareed

    Bashar Fareed

    21 day ago

    When you coming back

  65. Ap Da Goat

    Ap Da Goat

    21 day ago


  66. Nissi Vlogs

    Nissi Vlogs

    22 days ago

    A Quick Verse for those who are struggling in any way, “ So do not fear for I am with you do not be dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you and help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ( Isaiah 41:10) Turn to God and Jesus now and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that he died on the cross for our sins then was resurrected three days later by God and is our Lord and Savior, they want to be close to you, please ask for repentance and read your bible daily! Much love! 💓 (Clarification that I’m not. trying to force anything upon you)

  67. dylan white

    dylan white

    22 days ago

    Mans been real quiet since his boys got that ass whooped

  68. SpilledInk YT

    SpilledInk YT

    22 days ago

    loving this new content redemption ark for Fousey

  69. Ahmad -__-

    Ahmad -__-

    22 days ago

    Lil baby’s kid got backfired on his decision 😂

  70. Christin Garver

    Christin Garver

    22 days ago

    Gib got screwer

  71. Ahmed  Abubakar

    Ahmed Abubakar

    22 days ago

    Bryce hal Lost

  72. J


    23 days ago

    i’ve been subscribed to you ever since before and you just reacted to my comment earlier.. that little notif i got just made my day! thanks fousey!

  73. Aditi Verma

    Aditi Verma

    23 days ago

    Keep up the good work

  74. J. Marq

    J. Marq

    23 days ago

    Hey bro hopefully you been okay. Can't wait till you post again. Take your time I know there's big things coming. Can't wait for your book

  75. Ninja Ahmad

    Ninja Ahmad

    23 days ago

    I wish deji comes back with abs and I want to know who is he fighting next?

  76. Ahmed Al-oqaili

    Ahmed Al-oqaili

    23 days ago

    My habibi when are you gonna upload bro?

  77. Tasmiya


    23 days ago


  78. Alex Casey

    Alex Casey

    23 days ago

    Bruh you try so hard to be relevant it’s embarrassing



    23 days ago

    Thank you so much for all of you beautiful hearts. It always makes my day! ❤️

  80. Shinobidog


    23 days ago

    Yo Fousey coming back???

  81. Ingrid Torres Lazo

    Ingrid Torres Lazo

    23 days ago

    Fousey are you there???? Its been almost 3 weeks my guy…

  82. Candies in Basement

    Candies in Basement

    23 days ago

    Fousey post more 🥺🥺

  83. MBK


    24 days ago

    When you dropping a new video? What do you think about slim cheating on his wife for a trans.

  84. Kameron C

    Kameron C

    24 days ago

    14:41 you low-key took his job 😂😂

  85. ItsAmiroPlays


    24 days ago

    If I was fousey I'll rip deji for all that talk that L hurt man

  86. Subhan Rasnami

    Subhan Rasnami

    24 days ago

    step in ring

  87. Jase Hart

    Jase Hart

    24 days ago

    DDG just whipped the other guys ass all the way thru

  88. Jase Hart

    Jase Hart

    24 days ago

    Taylor won that

  89. namepi


    25 days ago

    Man you gay for real. Or like 50 said it best about Ye? “He’s a little fruity”

  90. Bryan Tipton

    Bryan Tipton

    25 days ago

    I saw your journey with dollar. (I hope I have the right person). On 6-30-21, I had my best friend of 17 years put down due to renal failure. Her name was Sissy. She was a dachshund. There's a whole in my life.

  91. Ibracs


    25 days ago

    Ey yo fousey you just hearted a comment i know you are there ma G 🤣 we are waiting for you !!

  92. Ravindu


    25 days ago

    I love it when fousey like my comment days after this to boost up the video 😂

  93. el hefe

    el hefe

    25 days ago

    805k views, your life is shit

  94. The Baseball Kid

    The Baseball Kid

    25 days ago

    We need more people in the world like Vinnie. Even after he won he was super humble. Mad Respect to Vinnie ❤️

  95. Melissa Garcia

    Melissa Garcia

    25 days ago

    Jake Paul and Austin McBroom have beef

  96. FαZє Prєdαtør

    FαZє Prєdαtør

    25 days ago

    Landon be like: "Why did I sign up for this its light work baby

  97. Eleanor Soefianus

    Eleanor Soefianus

    26 days ago

    Ben isn’t even a fucking Tiktoker he is a fking USgoner and he only got 3 weeks time to train lol y’all are literally so weird oml



    26 days ago

    A couple months ago fousey said he will have a crazy body transformation who else is waiting

  99. ŠUŹ!


    26 days ago

    Fousey is king

  100. The Raccoon King

    The Raccoon King

    26 days ago

    Post something bro missing the content