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  1. Royal Family

    Royal Family

    Month ago

    This is our home until our next and PERMANENT home is BUILT ❤️ Stay tuned for this journey

    • Chosen Warrior

      Chosen Warrior

      4 days ago

      Let him go !!!!! You to blinded to see the red flags queen , his a narcissist, and you are too humble and too sweet for being treated like that

    • Zaida Rodriguez

      Zaida Rodriguez

      Month ago

      Kids get into everything's, always gotta be safe.

    • Zaida Rodriguez

      Zaida Rodriguez

      Month ago

      Clarance before your spark up, make sure the gas stove was off 💯

    • Anonymous Person

      Anonymous Person

      Month ago

      Why get a different house. That is is beautiful as is. But that's just my humble opinion 💁🏽‍♀️

    • Notthe princessdaee

      Notthe princessdaee

      Month ago

      Media room should be down stairs in the basement

  2. Kel & Clif

    Kel & Clif

    11 hours ago

    I think the kids should definitely take the rooms that have the shared bathroom. This way they could each have their own room and then share the bathroom. Why would you make them share a room with all the space?

  3. Nicole Geduld

    Nicole Geduld

    2 days ago

    You really should use that jack & jill room for your boys. the other extra room could be a play room for them and there'll be enough space for little desks and an area where they can do their home work. They'll start school before you know it.

  4. Sincerely KeiMichellee

    Sincerely KeiMichellee

    3 days ago

    It’s called a mudroom because you take your muddy/dirty shoes off in that specific area to avoid tracking mud around your home 😊



    4 days ago

    Clarence energy was draining throughout this whole video..he complained about everything😕.... queen I am proud of you,your home is beautiful ❤️ you came along way.. awhile clarence came out up out his mothers basement.... you're on a major platform where you can do better than his selfish ass fr....congrats on beautiful home ❤️💯

  6. Chosen Warrior

    Chosen Warrior

    4 days ago

    I couldn’t finish the whole video, Clarence was irking my soul fr he treats her like If is a competition like dude thinks his better then anybody . Ugh queen leave him

  7. Anastacia M

    Anastacia M

    5 days ago

    lol y’all really love having lots of stairs

  8. Ashley Lyles

    Ashley Lyles

    6 days ago

    I didn’t want to say nothing because I know queen is tired of our asses. I fucking love you queen. But that damn Clarence. I be reading you sometimes and I see that you just want your family happy and together. I feel you do see Clarence ways but you ignore them for peace. I’m just gone say this. I know you see everything we see but your not over it. One day and I hope you remember this .... one of these USgone videos are going to be a horrible confession. Guess what queen, you will not Lose not one fan because your heart is gold and we fucking love you!!!



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    6 days ago

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    _KüçükPavel _

    6 days ago

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  31. Abi Bir Kere Hunharca Gülsene Lütfen Bizim İçin??

    Abi Bir Kere Hunharca Gülsene Lütfen Bizim İçin??

    6 days ago

    I am a person who constantly fights with her own self each and everyday,

  32. LezWoN


    6 days ago

    I struggle with low depressive energies,

  33. ImThatBlasian


    7 days ago

    I think the boys should get their own rooms. And the other room should be the recording room.

  34. Q MARIE


    7 days ago

    I definitely think the media room should be in the basement. Keep everything separate from the peaceful bedroom areas

  35. Lo Anderson

    Lo Anderson

    8 days ago

    Queen went in the closet and the camera person zoomed into her face 😑 didn’t show it at all

  36. Anterria Oneal

    Anterria Oneal

    8 days ago

    I have that fridge it’s amazing

  37. ixchel jane

    ixchel jane

    8 days ago

    If they don’t make that jack and Jill the kids room they selfish 🤧

  38. Dimond Dystany

    Dimond Dystany

    8 days ago

    This is amazing. Love the island in the kitchen!

  39. Diorr Bandzz

    Diorr Bandzz

    9 days ago

    Queen need a mind of her own !

  40. jessica moon

    jessica moon

    9 days ago

    wow he needs to grow up..its true what they say that for the most part men dont mature until past 35.

  41. Caramelskin Beauty

    Caramelskin Beauty

    9 days ago

    Congratulations you both deserve this

  42. aryion clark

    aryion clark

    9 days ago

    I love y’all but I wish he took more consideration to queens ideas like that’s her house too but maybe im reading it wrong.

  43. aryion clark

    aryion clark

    9 days ago

    I think they should either have the separate rooms with the connected bathroom or share 1 room and make the other room the playroom with the connected bathroom. and if anybody get scared they can go to each other room

  44. Bleu Essence

    Bleu Essence

    9 days ago

    After reading the comments I guess Clarence is not allowed to have a different opinion from Queen. Also he is the most organized of the two so it only make sense for him to take the lead...I guess it's because many not used to having a strong opinionated man who knows how to take charge in their home... not abusive but heading his family in the direction that's best for them all...

  45. Adaliz Gutierrez

    Adaliz Gutierrez

    10 days ago

    For Christmas y’all can put the stockings on top of the mantle it would look nice cuz of the fire place

  46. Shalysha Summit

    Shalysha Summit

    10 days ago

    I’ve always liked them together when everybody judged their relationship and this is the FIRST time I’m not feeling him at all!!! Every joke she makes he just stares at her and does this dumb arrogant chuckle like he’s laughing at a clown embarrass themselves. Controlling everything, just making shit awkward that wasn’t even awkward. There’s definitely a disconnect. It’s like the reasons he fell for her are things that annoy him now.

  47. Ashonte R

    Ashonte R

    11 days ago

    It is a big room but the jack and Jill makes more sense 😒

  48. Well N

    Well N

    11 days ago

    They can’t even talk right but we out here paying them for what loool

  49. Nyapukah THABACH

    Nyapukah THABACH

    11 days ago

    Are you guys gonna get an interior designer?

  50. Dinasty Selby

    Dinasty Selby

    11 days ago

    give the kids the jack and Jill room definitely

  51. Royal Black Community

    Royal Black Community

    11 days ago

    I never see you guys makeing pleasure in the Garden..Frustratful always in House

  52. Nyaa Kay

    Nyaa Kay

    11 days ago

    Ion appreciate how y’all doing my boy Clarence in these comments. 🙄 he ain’t Chris !

  53. Nyaa Kay

    Nyaa Kay

    11 days ago

    You guys definitely need a fence.

  54. Tia mines

    Tia mines

    12 days ago

    I feel Clarence should make an apology video to the subs and most definitely to Queen. I understand we’re all human and go through things but what goes on behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors. Never let another man/woman see y’all having issues. That just makes it easier for someone to come in and persuade what’s “yours”. Love your Queen regardless King. God blessed her w/ that name for a reason. 😉

  55. Maamu Chullu

    Maamu Chullu

    12 days ago

    nice bro

  56. MeshiaDionshayy


    12 days ago

    I stopped watching Queen for bout a year because of Clarence , come back to look at the new house because maybe he’s changed , but i still get the same weird childish immature vibe from Clarence , but then again I’m not with them 24/7 so idk , but from what I’m seeing Queen still deserve better

    • Zra J

      Zra J

      12 days ago

      Agree 100 percent. I stopped watching because of him. I would subscribe to Queen's channel if Clarence wasn't in the picture

  57. IceyyHot


    12 days ago

    The jack and Jill room needs to be the kids room. The room in the basement should be a studio or a media room.With that being said, there should be two guest rooms leftover.

  58. Clara Bryant

    Clara Bryant

    13 days ago


  59. Kvolio __

    Kvolio __

    15 days ago

    When there basement pantry is the size of my only pantry 🥲

  60. Lee Doll

    Lee Doll

    15 days ago

    Idk I love Queen but her taste in men are TERRIBLE. Raise your standards Queen PLEASE.

    • Ms Gray

      Ms Gray

      14 days ago

      THIS! She goes for looks instead of personality which is why she gets the short end of the stick.

  61. Amayah Sullins

    Amayah Sullins

    15 days ago

    aww themed kids bathrooms are so cute

  62. Amayah Sullins

    Amayah Sullins

    15 days ago

    it’s more convenient to have them in the same room

  63. Amayah Sullins

    Amayah Sullins

    15 days ago

    a mud room is to take ya shoes and coats off so you don’t carry your mess around the house

  64. Latoya Young

    Latoya Young

    16 days ago

    I like queen idea they should have separate rooms with the connected bathroom it's only right. That looks like a kids bathroom



    17 days ago

    Queen has such high vibrational vibes and Clarence has low vibrations... UGH

    • Ms Gray

      Ms Gray

      14 days ago

      They’re very much Unequally yoked.

  66. Skylar Nix

    Skylar Nix

    17 days ago

    8:53 “I got dressed first”😂😂

  67. Sabrina Mohamed

    Sabrina Mohamed

    18 days ago

    Did y’all tour the house before u moved in ?🤣 from the way y’all looking at it haha 😂 Clarence hates everything it seems like

    • Ms Gray

      Ms Gray

      14 days ago

      Doubt it. She didn’t even know the oven was blue. Smh...

  68. Kaliyah’s TV

    Kaliyah’s TV

    18 days ago


  69. Saucepebble


    18 days ago

    Make the big room that clare thinks could be the boys room into a play room or a multi purpose room for queen.. Let Clare decorate the basement his basement ideas are a vibe and better than the rest. The jack and jill rooms are perfect for the kids!! N the big space at the top with the view make it a big chill area for y’all and the kids ( or go to Pinterest “open loft ideas”) or buy a table (pool, hockey) Queen we love clarence but use ur ideas and work on this house yourself or with an designer and give clare free will on the basement .. DO NOT LET THEM KIDS SHARE A BED ROOM... That house is wayyyyy to big to share a room ... def make a movie room inna basement

  70. LoReeser Ware

    LoReeser Ware

    18 days ago

    15:08 I laughed SO HARD AND UGLY on this part, Queen kills me😭😭😭

  71. andni eimaj

    andni eimaj

    19 days ago


  72. Exit Chat

    Exit Chat

    20 days ago

    "Uhh a quick kind of guest." Too funny. 😂

  73. Bebe Patton

    Bebe Patton

    21 day ago

    I think y’all are amazing!!! Definitely have grown so much together. Y’all must be doing something right cause the hate in these comments is too strong!! WOW 😳

  74. Elide Gallardo

    Elide Gallardo

    22 days ago

    The boys NEED SEPARATE ROOMS!!!!!!!!

  75. Shantel Peace

    Shantel Peace

    22 days ago

    That’s A nice Azz House I need that I would have my meditation Room My Workout Room Craft Room fa the kids

  76. myia townsel

    myia townsel

    22 days ago

    Love the house a blessing ❤️



    22 days ago

    Coat hanger🤣🤣🤣 room

  78. Jeremiah Care4U

    Jeremiah Care4U

    22 days ago

    Homeonwership is a great investment.

    • Ms Gray

      Ms Gray

      14 days ago

      They said they’re renting it

  79. Jeremiah Care4U

    Jeremiah Care4U

    22 days ago

    Love the new crib!

  80. Deletha Bryant

    Deletha Bryant

    22 days ago

    I don’t like Clarence anymore he be trying to make my girl queen look like a dumbass like all of her ideas was just bad . He trying to make everything bout him and don’t even laugh at her funny and flirtatious jokes his energy In this video is a 0 . And definitely believe he uses queen for clout it seems like he just be annoyed by queen and she adores him and is too blind to see 🙄

    • Ms Gray

      Ms Gray

      14 days ago

      Exactly. Too bad she’s too blind to see it..

  81. briana greer

    briana greer

    22 days ago

    I think most definitely the room downstairs , leave the jack and jill rooms for the kids , btw love yall 💕

  82. Sierra Dior

    Sierra Dior

    22 days ago

    Idk if he was just having a bad day but he seems so negative like his vibe is off .

  83. Kimberly Edmonds

    Kimberly Edmonds

    22 days ago

    Why does all of the USgoners move so much

  84. Laniyah G

    Laniyah G

    22 days ago

    Wheeeewwww yall dragging this man in these comments. The energy does seem a lil off but still love them both! ❤

  85. feliciaMonee216


    23 days ago

    At this point she has three kids 🤦🏾‍♀️ and she ain't leaving him, y'all ain't listen to her album? 😂🤷🏾‍♀️

  86. Antashia amari Taylor

    Antashia amari Taylor

    23 days ago

    You should do a challenge to see the last one who leaves the small door in your closet 😭that would be funny

  87. Sermeek


    24 days ago

    I feel like Clarence def should’ve smoked before this video 💀

  88. KeepinUpWithCookie


    24 days ago

    Basement should be a man cave or women cave

  89. KeepinUpWithCookie


    24 days ago

    Your closest is another bedroom lol it’s nice fr put a couch in that thang 🤣

  90. Alicia Suckoo

    Alicia Suckoo

    24 days ago

    Media room in the basement

  91. Social Anxiety and Me

    Social Anxiety and Me

    24 days ago

    Clare had some pretty good ideas. Can’t wait to see how the house comes together.

  92. Soleil Quiles

    Soleil Quiles

    24 days ago

    I think cj and legend should have the jack and Jill room. They should be separated. And the media should be downstairs. I think the big room with the kitchen downstairs should be the “event” room. So have stuff y’all would use and your guests would use but don’t put too many things cause it could be crowded during New Years, Christmas and cookouts.

  93. Kriza Henry

    Kriza Henry

    24 days ago

    Hey Royal family. I think this time you guys should use a interrior designer . The house is beautiful and it's so many things you can do with it. But if you do the wrong things it can take away from the beauty of the house. Can't wait to see it come to life

  94. De'Asia Parchment

    De'Asia Parchment

    24 days ago

    Yall definitely doing too much in these comments.

  95. De'Asia Parchment

    De'Asia Parchment

    24 days ago

    Idk why yall would make them share a room. CJ is getting older he need his own space. I love yall queens way of mocking clarence had me on the floor. Ctfu

  96. personaldanceparty


    24 days ago


  97. kaylin b

    kaylin b

    25 days ago

    The home is beautiful... I wonder why they used a photo of a home that’s not theirs? I’m a realtor, The screenshot on the video is from a home for sale in Dallas, TX they aren’t the renters or buyers

  98. Nevaeh Chambers

    Nevaeh Chambers

    25 days ago

    house too big for them to share a room with bunk beds .

  99. Zora Hammonds

    Zora Hammonds

    25 days ago

    When your a family of 10 I’m using a dishwasher. If you want you can come clean these dishes🤷🏾‍♀️

  100. Keyanah Codrington

    Keyanah Codrington

    25 days ago

    Nah I gotta stay out this comment section. You people are wayyyy to involved in their lives. Anyways congrats y’all 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾