Pyra & Mythra in Smash :)

They did it. They really did it.
Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2 are coming to Smash Ultimate.
I'm so happy. :)

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  1. Flip idk

    Flip idk

    31 minute ago

    Pyra is superior to Mythra, please debate me if you believe otherwise.

  2. Treyvion Falcon

    Treyvion Falcon

    Day ago

    they should add kyoko and misako from river city girls

  3. Jonathan Colón

    Jonathan Colón

    3 days ago

    what about dio/jotaro :) :) :) :)

  4. Rachel Watson

    Rachel Watson

    4 days ago

    finally i found the video SilvaGunner used for their Crossing Swords rip

  5. Help me Killer

    Help me Killer

    4 days ago

    Rayman please

  6. Alternate Universe Animation

    Alternate Universe Animation

    4 days ago

    My ideas for the final slot are Waluigi, Sans, or Keith (Fnf boyfriend)

  7. Petra Macneary

    Petra Macneary

    5 days ago

    I was the exact same and had never even played a xenoblade game later i bought xc2 and fell in love

  8. Christian Feliciano

    Christian Feliciano

    6 days ago

    Steve and Pyra/Mythra are my favorite DLC characters, based on their origin and moveset.

  9. Dale the Charmeleon

    Dale the Charmeleon

    7 days ago

    I recently got Pyra/Mythra...just yesterday actually. They are amazingly fun. I may just play Xenoblade 2 after today.

  10. Sepfate Roblox

    Sepfate Roblox

    7 days ago

    999k views let’s gooooo

  11. Rogal Dorn

    Rogal Dorn

    7 days ago

    Another fallen brother to Slaanesh.

  12. Edo Edi Essum

    Edo Edi Essum

    7 days ago

    "i am tired of references" stop being lame.

  13. Christopher Fleming

    Christopher Fleming

    8 days ago

    Reimu getting in would be amazing

  14. Joe Mama The Third

    Joe Mama The Third

    8 days ago

    Please ask for amogsus

    • Terry Bogard

      Terry Bogard

      4 days ago


  15. cam!


    9 days ago


    • Terry Bogard

      Terry Bogard

      4 days ago

      @cam! lol

    • cam!


      4 days ago

      @Terry Bogard Oh sorry, my bad. I thought I was talking to my dad, Tom Brady. You two have the same initials!

    • Terry Bogard

      Terry Bogard

      4 days ago

      @cam! I don't even know who you are

    • cam!


      4 days ago

      @Terry Bogard Tf why not? Are you breaking up with me??

    • Terry Bogard

      Terry Bogard

      4 days ago

      @cam! no lol

  16. Oliver Channing

    Oliver Channing

    9 days ago

    Why couldn’t we have MORAG or ZEKE The zekenator! Or tora! Meh meh meh!

  17. Rak Man

    Rak Man

    11 days ago

    Fuck pyra Pyro for smash

    • Terry Bogard

      Terry Bogard

      4 days ago

      Playable characters better than random leak

  18. Me You Weaboo

    Me You Weaboo

    11 days ago

    Lyn or Dante are gonna be in the game by the time the Fighter's Pass is done I was here

  19. Hi im a dragon

    Hi im a dragon

    11 days ago

    Me who has wanted to play xenoblade for forever but has no money

  20. Isaiah Z #2 / Toxicity

    Isaiah Z #2 / Toxicity

    11 days ago

    “If I’ll be honest, I’m tired of references.” Jojo fans could never with that sentence

    • MD Burhan

      MD Burhan

      4 days ago

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  21. Michael Hansman

    Michael Hansman

    12 days ago

    i disagree

  22. TheTolnoc


    12 days ago

    Imagine if we get Geno and a Rivals of Aether rep.

  23. Evan Young

    Evan Young

    12 days ago

    ALPHAAAAA,,,,,,, where's the pyra, mythra funny video???????

  24. Eric Aragon

    Eric Aragon

    13 days ago

    Does this guys really still play smash?

  25. Daniel McCarthy

    Daniel McCarthy

    13 days ago

    I love playing para

  26. Axel


    13 days ago

    I just realized what kind of fighter Sora would be if he got in: an entirely different breed. The way he swings his sword is magic, he'd be able to use most of his aerials for recovery. He's the kind of fighter to turn jab into an aerial combo where he gets in 4 extra hits without even touching the ground. Depending on what Sakurai would be willing to with him, he could be the most unique wielder of the blade in smash by far.

  27. Tepig lover

    Tepig lover

    14 days ago

    If the next charcter is Fortnite noob I will be sad😑

  28. JTAcer


    14 days ago

    Man, really waiting for that video about the characters you were really excited to see.

  29. Elijah Gamer

    Elijah Gamer

    14 days ago

    You forgot to make a video about them.

  30. Astral Syn

    Astral Syn

    14 days ago

    I just want Dante and Sol Badguy to get in and my life will be complete.

  31. mario


    15 days ago

    Funny F-air

  32. TriCobalt


    15 days ago

    I didn't play a lot of smash until I decided that Pyra/Mythra looks like really fun, and..I play it almost daily now

  33. Charlie Kendall

    Charlie Kendall

    15 days ago

    I’m hoping for a stance-change Shantae fighter!

  34. Gamma Bursta

    Gamma Bursta

    16 days ago

    Nintendo watches your videos confirmed 🌚🌝

  35. Obama Orb

    Obama Orb

    16 days ago

    Anyone else just not care who else they add because they already added Pyra/Mythra?

  36. AtomicPenguin07


    17 days ago

    I hope monster hunter gets a rep in smash considering Rathalos is in the gane

  37. Invidia


    17 days ago

    My boy Rex got clowned, but it was absolutely fucking worth it.

  38. Torkild Lippert

    Torkild Lippert

    21 day ago

    Soo... elite smash vid soon?

  39. Stephanie Goldstein

    Stephanie Goldstein

    21 day ago

    Still waiting for the video

  40. Typical Texan

    Typical Texan

    21 day ago


  41. PixalatedAnt Official

    PixalatedAnt Official

    21 day ago

    He says hes excited but hasnt recorded a doc video

  42. Devdoesitbest


    22 days ago

    Thank God they added 2 anime sword fighters on one

  43. Mcmemes Basement

    Mcmemes Basement

    22 days ago

    I know it will never happen but i would love to see Arthur Morgan and John Marston from RDR2.

  44. Henry Bergeson

    Henry Bergeson

    22 days ago

    4:02sad joker noises

  45. anonymous


    23 days ago

    love it, would also have loved nia or poppy/tora in the game. No they need to add shantae. also, Lyn would be fucking awesome btw. ALSO MASTER CHIEF OR DOOM SLAYER.... FUUUUUUUUUCK

  46. Meatball


    23 days ago

    You got the predictions. Now it's my turn. The terrarians, a tag character that switches between terrarians in melee, ranged and mage armour. I'm not saying specific armours as they could be different styles for them. The final smash could be the stardust dragon flying in a pattern. Like Pyra/Mythra they would all have the same normal attacks and different specials. Or the lunatic cultist but I haven't thought about them as much. They could be a Mii character like Rex.

  47. Crash Test 01

    Crash Test 01

    23 days ago

    Luck. I wanted Shadow in the game for a long time.

  48. B Mac

    B Mac

    23 days ago

    I know nothing about Xenoblade. I just glad they added more anime

  49. mr.E E

    mr.E E

    24 days ago

    i think they stole your ideas

  50. Renee Ury

    Renee Ury

    24 days ago

    I cant wait until Phil comes to smash

  51. Just Cozi

    Just Cozi

    25 days ago

    Rewatching this to relive the hype after starting my own Xenoblade 2 playthrough, and let me tell you, the music he used in the beginning hits so different now.

  52. Corvax


    25 days ago

    If groovyle isn’t one of the remaining two dlc I will find a way to mod him into this god forsaken game

  53. MotoGinji


    27 days ago

    Here I am still hoping for Travis Touchdown, even though he is a mii costume and my dreams are shattered.

  54. Bader Alshatti

    Bader Alshatti

    27 days ago

    Stalin shares the battle

  55. martin billue

    martin billue

    27 days ago

    Dante and Vergil for DLC 🤷🏼‍♂️

  56. Marek Peplinski

    Marek Peplinski

    28 days ago

    NoW wE jUsT nEeD aMoNg Us In SmAsH

    • Absinu


      17 days ago

      Hehe, red sus, am I right?

  57. Justin Ridley15

    Justin Ridley15

    28 days ago

    Me: Oh shit another anime sword fighter god damn it Me after playing pyra and mithra: This is the best addition to smash yet

  58. Ethan


    28 days ago

    Crash or Dante seem like the safest bets if we get anything at all.

  59. Hedgehog0zero


    28 days ago

    If we get another Pokémon... what if it was Darmanitan? Has an ability that works like a stance switch/inverted gauge. Then again.. I suppose a Red DK is something you can already pick 😒 So maybe Haxorus? Or if we keep with the stance theme, maybe Aegislash?.. nah that doesn’t make any sense 🤔😓

  60. Quinn Tolman

    Quinn Tolman

    29 days ago

    as a person who has played against the two, they are completely and utterly broken and you get destroyed while versing them no matter what skill level the player is.

  61. King Uzumaki

    King Uzumaki

    29 days ago

    getting Pyra and Mythra into Elite Smash??????? PLEASE DO THIS

  62. Orcone


    29 days ago

    Waluigi in smash ?!?!??!

  63. hugesean7768


    29 days ago

    i want sora or roxas and have the choice to switch between goofy or donald

  64. Player 1

    Player 1

    29 days ago

    Can some tell me if they want Spyro or crash in smash like me

  65. Chace Albernaz

    Chace Albernaz

    29 days ago

    alpharad can you start wanting paper mario in smash, so he can get into smash

  66. LedLobster


    29 days ago

    Everyone Gangsta untill they add Morrigan next

  67. Grimm


    Month ago

    Bro I need a yo kai watch rep

    • Sean Tawodzera

      Sean Tawodzera

      26 days ago

      Inazuma eleven now

    • Player 1

      Player 1

      29 days ago

      No thanks bro

  68. Kevin Phan

    Kevin Phan

    Month ago

    I know a lot of people don’t want another Pokémon rep but I want that gen 8 music. Plus I’m sure people would be more accepting if they threw in Poké Floats with the DLC but we’ll see

  69. Swagg Surfer

    Swagg Surfer

    Month ago

    Travis Touchdown is the final character his new game No More Heroes 3 comes out in August

  70. Hayden Fittin

    Hayden Fittin

    Month ago

    Would it have been possible for "that" character to always stand in the background and have a reaction to the newest Dlc character getting hit which would be a reference if you get what im referencing to in Xenoblade Chronicals 2 and this would make sense because of it.

  71. MEATY _

    MEATY _

    Month ago

    I just see big booba

  72. Curtis Newton

    Curtis Newton

    Month ago

    Honestly it just makes me so happy to see Jacob this happy

  73. Mr_SusMann


    Month ago

    waiting for Dante/Vergil now lol

  74. Purple Dude

    Purple Dude

    Month ago

    But what about waluigi in smash?

  75. Bryan N

    Bryan N

    Month ago

    I love normie Jo being completely confused. I mean, so am I but hearing him is amazing.

  76. Joshua S.G.G.

    Joshua S.G.G.

    Month ago

    Mythra in SSBU reminds me so much of Lyn from Project M. Super fast sword users who can chain together attacks, it's so incredibly satisfying and fun, even if landing KO's is problematic. Never played any of the Xenoblade games, but having an absolute blast with Mythra, as much as I did Lyn in PM.

  77. Hunter Thorne

    Hunter Thorne

    Month ago

    i genuinely think master chief has a good chance to be the last dlc character, try to line up with the new delayed release, and since he was added to fortnite makes me believe that microsoft has already approached nintendo

  78. Steven Andersen

    Steven Andersen

    Month ago


  79. Hero Five

    Hero Five

    Month ago

    Can you bring back ness red blue and green please

  80. xSoporific


    Month ago


  81. Michael Moreland

    Michael Moreland

    Month ago

    I wouldn't doubt 2b tbh, they gave P/M jiggle physics so lewdness is a-o-k to smash it seems.

  82. Another Profile

    Another Profile

    Month ago

    So I like how alpharad uploads all the footage to alpharad plus... good idea but I would love to watch a mythra video on the alpharad channel. Please?

  83. zoroark MASTER

    zoroark MASTER

    Month ago

    "I’m such a huge Xenoblade fanatic" Says the guy who never finished XCX.

  84. Eeve the Eevee

    Eeve the Eevee

    Month ago

    im a trans girl and im so happy that there is a cute girl that im good with

  85. Quakenburg


    Month ago

    I think maybe Hat Kid in Smash...

  86. Trainer LSW

    Trainer LSW

    Month ago

    I’m sorry but..... these two weren’t the highlight for me... don’t hate them.... but a certain JRPG... one I love coming back.... was the true highlight!

  87. A D O

    A D O

    Month ago

    For some reason I want the TimberMan to make an appearance

  88. LardDude32


    Month ago

    Okay but what if Nintendo and KFC Gaming pair up and Colonel Sanders becomes a DLC fighter?

  89. Lachlan Macrae

    Lachlan Macrae

    Month ago

    I know I'm a bit late but I have a few issues with them 1. Character wise, they bring nothing to the table, its JRPG character #12 but this time its from a game where you collect women that they got model designs from porn and there is furbies that have sex robots. They are just an anime zelda/sheik from melee, speaking of which... 2. Their playstyle is basically the same as said zelda/shiek; perfom a 50 move combo as mythra to get them to 30% and then play pyra until they get hit by one of your 'you die instantly' moves, rinse and repeat until you finally win and then leave the person you lost to 5 times in a row after winning once. It is literally something old and you gotta love the new and in no way improved bat within, am I right! 3. I feel like DLC spots should be reserved for characters from different franchises and genres (good examples being banjo & kazooie, min min and steve). we don't have any horror or first person shooter characters so why not instead of wasteing it on another JRPG sword fighter, instead have someone like a resident evil character, master chief or even Crash as a major 3rd party suprise? I don't know if any one will see, care or care too much about this, but I was just annoyed over this characters inclusion and I tried to be happy about it but I just don't agree with the idea that "Pyra and Mythra belong in smash!"

    • Player 1

      Player 1

      29 days ago

      This is so true

    • Sean Tawodzera

      Sean Tawodzera

      Month ago

      They deserve to be in smash

  90. Judah Yang

    Judah Yang

    Month ago

    Xenonblade 2 2?

  91. Leo French

    Leo French

    Month ago

    Where is ma boi geno

  92. jacksau


    Month ago

    Shantae plz

  93. Xero Metal

    Xero Metal

    Month ago

    Sakurai: we hope you weren't expecting too many fighters *proceeds to add Inkling, Ridley, Simon, Richter, King K Rool, Daisy, Dark Samus, Chrom, Isabelle, Ken, Incineroar, Piranha Plant, Joker, Hero, Banjo, Terry, Byleth, Min Min, Steve, Sephiroth, and Pyra/Mythra* That is 22 brand new characters even if 5 of them are just Echo Fighters

  94. Samuel Whitmire

    Samuel Whitmire

    Month ago

    Can we get funny genie though?

  95. Nanje John

    Nanje John

    Month ago

    kan you draw pyra pls i want to draw draw draw draw I se

  96. Kantor


    Month ago

    When I saw the trailer. I was torn. On one hand Pneuma in smash. On the after story dlc. :

  97. Pengu Sunay

    Pengu Sunay

    Month ago

    Its funny because when i started playing xenoblade chronicals two mythra and pyra came out which was cool

  98. Lukas Rainbow

    Lukas Rainbow

    Month ago

    "But they´re Anime so i´m happy" And for the fact that they have... you know... i´m happy too :D

  99. Rhivan


    Month ago

    I just want a FE character that doesn't use a sword. I myself really want an Axe girl in the game. Camilla or Edelgard would be very different from any other FE character and I'd love to see them.

  100. Shrimpter


    Month ago

    Blonde sword waifu, aka Mythra