Queen Lizzie | Ep. 1 | Minecraft Empires 1.17

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Empires SMP is a 1.17 vanilla server with some other fun Minecraft USgoners! Each player chooses a biome to rule over and builds their own empire.

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  1. LDShadowLady


    Month ago

    What should I do next to improve my Empire already? P.S check out youtooz.com/products/ldshadowlady

    • Raquel Santiago

      Raquel Santiago

      15 hours ago


    • Virginia Giddings

      Virginia Giddings

      11 days ago

      you could make a moon island or a template on top of a lily play ?

    • The6LeggedOctopus


      18 days ago

      You should build a mini castle for your axolotl guards to live in while they're not protecting you

    • Hina Iqbal

      Hina Iqbal

      22 days ago

      You should have a whale and a dolphin and fish and all the SE creatures so they can defend the amazing Queen Lizzie Joel must ball to Qeen Lizzie obviously she is the Qeen of all and will be forever

    • Rocket Robots -*_•

      Rocket Robots -*_•

      Month ago

      You could make the lily pad bigger and make your house a pink flower on the lily pad?

  2. Raw Vlogs

    Raw Vlogs

    4 minutes ago

    Her getting dirt* *she turns* AHH

  3. Raw Vlogs

    Raw Vlogs

    7 minutes ago

    Your parrot is sad bc he dIeS

  4. -`Coff3ePlànt`-


    3 hours ago

    Pov: you're from the future (3 months to be exact) and know ldshadowlady starts a war upon the server which results in friendships being broken and starting a full lore series.. (Not canon. Just a thought)

  5. CamdenPlayz


    8 hours ago

    Are We Not Gonna Talk About How She Was Wearing A Cod Head While Finishing Her First Lilypad?

  6. Mady_afton5


    12 hours ago

    Lizzie: completely ignores small island Lizzie: comes across 10 block island me: your joking right O~O I still love your channel LDShadowLady next thing to notice Parrot: mimic of dronwed Lizzie: scared me don't do that or I kill my first loyal subject Parrot: mimic of dronwed Lizzie: final wraning Parrot: whines

  7. Jana_xox_


    12 hours ago

    Lizzie you are th Queen of everything and thank you for making your youtooz avalible on My birthday thank you My Queen😇

  8. The Lydia Show

    The Lydia Show

    13 hours ago

    Lizzie: Dolphins! I love it here already. 10 seconds later: I think I made a terrible mistake choosing this biome.

  9. Karla Bingol

    Karla Bingol

    13 hours ago

    I think you should make a farm

  10. Boo Bity

    Boo Bity

    15 hours ago

    This is perfect wait this is actually so perfect there grass here we don’t bring our own grass here

  11. •°•Gl!tçhy•°•


    21 hour ago

    Are we going to ignore she always says “Am I the bad guy?”

  12. Yuki._.ジほの


    22 hours ago

    I want that minecraft seed cause I WANT TO MAKE A EMPIRE🥴

  13. your weird Uncle

    your weird Uncle

    Day ago

    The moment she said ocean biome I thought pirate

  14. Rejay Ortillo Carino

    Rejay Ortillo Carino

    Day ago

    I love your vids thx lord you have new vids

  15. Hopeless anime addict

    Hopeless anime addict

    Day ago

    She’s the bad guy. Duh~

  16. frogcorset


    Day ago

    “This time I’m staying on the boat.” *immediately jumps off boat*

  17. Maddy💕


    Day ago

    Lizzie, What happened to Crazycraft?

  18. Vandana Shankar

    Vandana Shankar

    Day ago

    Every series Lizzie says Lizzie - "Am I the bad guy??" Me seeing every series when she says it 😐😐😐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. That ramdom person that wanna be on YouTube

    That ramdom person that wanna be on YouTube

    Day ago

    1.Axelotel eat any live fish in buckets 2.Axolotel kill all ocean life except turtles and dolphins 3.if there are no drowned,cod,salmon,tropical fish,etc etc but there are some dolphins and turtle then you will find axoltel

  20. rhea Doll

    rhea Doll

    Day ago


  21. ꧁ insert_name ꧂

    ꧁ insert_name ꧂

    Day ago

    Rip parrot

  22. Rome The Minecraft Player

    Rome The Minecraft Player

    2 days ago

    Me watching back in episode 1 and oh my gosh so much have change in her empire

  23. Darwin Watterson

    Darwin Watterson

    2 days ago

    The creeper at 9:30 ...

  24. ꧁𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕚 𝕟𝕘𝕦𝕪𝕖𝕟꧂

    ꧁𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕚 𝕟𝕘𝕦𝕪𝕖𝕟꧂

    2 days ago

    Lizzie was my entire childhood and in my opinion they will always be superior.

  25. Salmonfishead 1

    Salmonfishead 1

    2 days ago

    Every body:o The other guy:D LOL Me: ok

  26. laura daines

    laura daines

    2 days ago

    Lol lizzie just buliding lilypads then she kills her pet lol

  27. Goldie Nightmare and Goldie night

    Goldie Nightmare and Goldie night

    2 days ago

    Cool better than mine. I was trying to make a sunflower field like an actual sunflower Village

  28. GRRR


    2 days ago

    9:33 so nobody else saw that creeper?

  29. Pinky Gal

    Pinky Gal

    2 days ago

    *O* *M* *G* It's been so long since I watched you!! I remember loving you when I was younger-- and tbh you still are the funnest and best USgoner *EVER!!*

  30. Random Person

    Random Person

    2 days ago

    rewatching this series while waiting on a new episode :))

  31. Nami


    2 days ago

    I miss when you use to post often, i get that you can't post as much as you did years ago, but i'm still very happy that you still post every week, I use to watch your videos and feel safe, and I still feel the same way now, and have ever since you started to post

  32. Froggity Frog

    Froggity Frog

    2 days ago

    My favorite line “ You won’t believe the day I had Mr parrot! *I murderd somebody* “

  33. Kirsten Curry

    Kirsten Curry

    2 days ago

    You should have your own mermaid based skin for this series

  34. _Bee.Animatez_


    2 days ago

    'Where there's redstone, there's diamonds' - Wadzee 2021 that's actually really true Lizzie proved it-

  35. Aes


    2 days ago

    Hopefully she can get a heart of the sea one day

  36. Tes Tutorials

    Tes Tutorials

    2 days ago

    when I watch lizzy I feel like I can be an innocent child again, i miss it, ty lizzy

  37. JustJess10


    2 days ago

    It’s not an ldshadowlady series if she doesn’t make a graveyard in the first 3 episodes

  38. JustJess10


    2 days ago

    how in the freak does this video have 997 👎🏻



    2 days ago


  40. Chotiros Hol

    Chotiros Hol

    2 days ago

    I’m sorry for your loss

  41. TImothy Gable

    TImothy Gable

    2 days ago

    i love you shadow lady

  42. Yael Zucker

    Yael Zucker

    3 days ago

    you should make the empires videos longer!

  43. Kendall Merkel

    Kendall Merkel

    3 days ago

    I just found your channel again years after I watched you, and your content is still as amazing as it was and I love it

  44. itsILfilms


    3 days ago

    Lizzie, The Queen of the Ocean, LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I've watched almost all your videos because your my child hood USgoner that I always watch, and can I get a hi? Hope you notice this, LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHHH!!! ❤️❤️ And keep going!

  45. Malou Joaquin

    Malou Joaquin

    3 days ago

    9:31 look at the right

  46. kazuki


    3 days ago

    "am I the bad guy" Me:wait Wilbur!

  47. Gacha kola~

    Gacha kola~

    3 days ago

    Make a sea castle

  48. Misss Maaam

    Misss Maaam

    3 days ago

    Joel and Lizzie r always near each other in every server, cute



    3 days ago

    hii i like you channel :3

  50. Boo Bity

    Boo Bity

    3 days ago

    Make house

  51. Boo Bity

    Boo Bity

    3 days ago

    You there take me to your leader

  52. Boo Bity

    Boo Bity

    3 days ago

    This is perfect wait is actually so perfect there grass here we don’t have to bring our own grass here

  53. Boo Bity

    Boo Bity

    3 days ago

    This is perfect wait this is actually so perfect there grass here we don’t have to bring our grass here

  54. just killed a woman, feeling good

    just killed a woman, feeling good

    3 days ago

    4:55 for the short guys You're like short grass in Mine Craft, everyone keeps it. Meanwhile, the tall grass is punched.. and gone. ;) So stay short, you might be punched if you're a *tall boy.*

  55. Catermelon


    3 days ago

    they look like tiny balloons! *flashbacks to the pet war*

  56. Star Maceda

    Star Maceda

    3 days ago

    Does she know that her empire is the biggest empire in Minecraft so that means she didn't make a bad mistake and the axolot is a really rare animal

  57. sanjay d

    sanjay d

    3 days ago

    Every one Is saying am I a bad guy I don't understand that why is everyone is saying am I a bad guy

  58. Ugabuga Zel

    Ugabuga Zel

    3 days ago

    Lizzy: looks at map Me: I know what she’s gonna say- Lizzy: We need to take it up a notch Me: yup that’s what I thought she would say as usual XD

  59. Mariyam Zaara

    Mariyam Zaara

    3 days ago


  60. • Bee_Studios •

    • Bee_Studios •

    3 days ago

    Watching this while cuddling with my axolotl plushie is so awesome.

  61. S0da P0p

    S0da P0p

    3 days ago

    Liz you should have said “am I the vilian,in this story?” 😭❤️💅✨

  62. Evelyn Elise

    Evelyn Elise

    3 days ago

    Correction it’s a 8 block island

  63. Dhani I'm good ppl

    Dhani I'm good ppl

    3 days ago


  64. Ananya Kaushik

    Ananya Kaushik

    3 days ago

    I think you should make some souvenir's cuz other empire's won't be able to breather under the water so 🤷 make them some helmets too!

  65. Sakii !

    Sakii !

    4 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how joel's empire is in the 2nd rarest biom

  66. #?Heak_Skya¿


    4 days ago

    2:54 OMG LOL 😆

  67. tatianna


    4 days ago

    Maybe you should make a ocelot AK. Aknu send I came into Minecraft and sorry about doing to AK now I did see so sorry but please make an ocelot Island 3 + 519 please write I mean I send that came out in a couple days and I can't read so I'm using voice thing to write to a mine come out different

  68. tatianna


    4 days ago

    No you did not do it like you need hey either on top of a campfire together bees come or I know I can't fire

  69. ♧Cheotic_astheticly♧


    4 days ago

    If I was in the series I would choose the jungle biome

  70. not Fong ngai kit

    not Fong ngai kit

    4 days ago

    All the islands have grass not d

  71. Itsjohn jefferson Lorilla

    Itsjohn jefferson Lorilla

    4 days ago

    Wow your videos are so relaxing that gives me bravery playing Minecraft 💓👏🏻👏🏻

  72. Yu Ka Ming

    Yu Ka Ming

    4 days ago

    Lizzie is my childhood and my fav youtuber

  73. ☆→Emerald_Gaze


    4 days ago

    “The ocean is a cruel mistress.” Yes, it is. You’ll be drowned by the ocean itself.

  74. Hey Zuko here🔥

    Hey Zuko here🔥

    4 days ago

    Lizzie:this biome is making me thirsty Also Lizzie:*lives in ocean*

  75. Naomi Kearns

    Naomi Kearns

    4 days ago

    Make a video where you get 100 axolotl‘s and one of the names will be grapey

  76. Shawty_Eri


    4 days ago

    I forgot ur channel I’m so sorry 😞 I’m so ashamed but I subbed so.. can u forgive me??

  77. Susmita raul

    Susmita raul

    4 days ago

    Aww the baby axolotl is so cute I guess you should name him hmm I got it princess ires . 😍😍😊

  78. Michael The Hero James

    Michael The Hero James

    4 days ago

    Why are you at HALF A HEART ingame

  79. Michael The Hero James

    Michael The Hero James

    4 days ago

    You found diamonds before Redstone YOU MIGHT BE THE MOST LUCKY PERSON EVER

  80. Emma Lampe

    Emma Lampe

    4 days ago

    The parrot wasn't making those noises 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. Alicatia Beauty

    Alicatia Beauty

    5 days ago

    Best intro ever

  82. desireenotseen


    5 days ago

    When Lizzie found out about that the bees can go underwater. That was my reaction.

  83. Gavin’s Other Side

    Gavin’s Other Side

    5 days ago

    3:32 The parrot looks at her my owner is a killer

  84. Chloe Quigley

    Chloe Quigley

    5 days ago

    Lizzie no! its not the parrot that's making that noise! its a baby drown that is making that noise XD

  85. GeorgeNotFound.Mp4


    5 days ago

    Lizzie: Am I the bad guy??? wilbur: Tommy are we the bad guys? tHeN lEtS bE tHe bAd gUyS

  86. SoulBladeScythe


    5 days ago

    I was having an off day and this video made it sooooo much better! Every second cracked me up I was in tears! Thank you so much Queen Lizzie!

  87. Naru Tsukoma

    Naru Tsukoma

    5 days ago


  88. Naru Tsukoma

    Naru Tsukoma

    5 days ago

    Lizzie was my whole childhood I was obsessed. I love her sm 💕💕

  89. EV1L-VCR


    5 days ago

    I'm so glad to see lizzie still doing great:) Ily lizzie! :D

  90. Gacha_koto14


    5 days ago

    Hello Lizzy!! I learned some Minecraft battle tips the other day and I want to share them!! If you jump and hit you will get a critical hit which is more powerful A axe critical hit is more than a sword critical hit, so axes are useful for quick battles If you have a goat it may help you in battle, when they attack a mob the mob won't fight back! I hope you use my tips in the future! Sorry if you already know about them also I love your videos and you make me smile ☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

  91. hermioneinnit


    5 days ago

    Everyone thought it all started when Jimmy had his disc saga.. But no. It all started when Lizzie said "Am I the bad guy?".

  92. Layla_cutehappy


    5 days ago

    i really just like the intro lol

  93. Deisy Ponce

    Deisy Ponce

    5 days ago

    Lizzie: last warning Me: its a drowned T-T

  94. Linda Creamer

    Linda Creamer

    6 days ago

    u can breed axolotles with buckets of tropical fisH

  95. Barry Davis

    Barry Davis

    6 days ago

    You’re my new faverouite you tuber

  96. Lorcan Crowther

    Lorcan Crowther

    6 days ago

    Wait what do you mean by finall warning

  97. Lorcan Crowther

    Lorcan Crowther

    6 days ago

    He’s got dirt but. I don’t got coin

  98. Abunktepen Abunktepen

    Abunktepen Abunktepen

    7 days ago


  99. Amira Sofia Borbe

    Amira Sofia Borbe

    7 days ago

    Lizzie:am I the Bad guy? Billie:NO 'im the bad guy.... Duh' Me;dies in laughter🤣🤣😂

  100. Imogen Matthews

    Imogen Matthews

    7 days ago