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  1. CamaKat


    9 days ago


    • B Hop

      B Hop

      Day ago

      @vikesfan 1 Wasn’t his fault clown 🤡

    • SupremeREACTS


      4 days ago

      God is good u will get a new one. I wish u were in Indianapolis to collaborate 🙏🏿

    • vikesfan 1

      vikesfan 1

      4 days ago

      Stick to cars you can handle!! Instead of putting these bad ass cars in the junk yard!!

    • eric mcclure

      eric mcclure

      4 days ago

      A youtuber will buy that and rebuild it I bet lol and you got a demon f it

    • Kaelin Horton

      Kaelin Horton

      5 days ago

      I send my prayers bro

  2. TyFrom 3401

    TyFrom 3401

    2 hours ago

    Shid me if a rapper in my shid I’m make sure he give me the bread beforehand too fix it

  3. Bk boyz66

    Bk boyz66

    2 hours ago

    Glad you ok tho bro🖤

  4. Big_64_


    4 hours ago

    No cap that’s a easy fix

  5. James Manuel

    James Manuel

    6 hours ago

    google:Many people believe, and have likely been told, that if the airbags go off after a crash, the vehicle is automatically considered a total loss. This is not true. While a crash that is severe enough to set off the airbags will usually cause enough damage to total the car, it doesn't always.

  6. odaliz carmona

    odaliz carmona

    8 hours ago

    Crazy , but as long as everyone is good !!🤍🤍❤️

  7. Tyffany Tyffany

    Tyffany Tyffany

    11 hours ago

    They gone send you car to the auction somebody going to rebuild it and be driving it

  8. Michael Perez

    Michael Perez

    11 hours ago

    Yup insurance will consider it totaled once all the airbags pop. But if you choose too you can fix it on your own with whatever the insurance gives you.

  9. Johnny Venturino

    Johnny Venturino

    11 hours ago

    If you don't be careful in the Demon then this will happen again so take it easy my man.

  10. Colees World!

    Colees World!

    16 hours ago

    Bro I literally just lost my impala. 2 weeks ago. Story on my page. Trying to get in another charger ASAP!! Need $1500 more

  11. 4 Tee

    4 Tee

    18 hours ago

    He's gonna wreck the other one to, in the other video he clearly doesn't pay attention its only a matter of time, by the way that car is totally fixable

  12. Cameron Wilder

    Cameron Wilder

    18 hours ago

    its aight tho get that ass back in the demon u deserve that car💯🔥

  13. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    22 hours ago

    As long u ok cam

  14. Leroy King

    Leroy King

    23 hours ago

    Dam wish you could have sold me the radio out of it....

  15. Gerardo Morales

    Gerardo Morales

    Day ago

    what the fuck does this have to do with rappers ? cmon now

  16. Big dick dukka dukkka

    Big dick dukka dukkka

    Day ago

    not da famous cat bro

  17. Deven Stewart

    Deven Stewart

    Day ago

    U was real positive about it and towards the other driver and all that was some big homie talk



    Day ago

    God is good and things happen for a reason always 💚

  19. Joshua Alvarado

    Joshua Alvarado

    Day ago

    Just now watching your USgone channel hope you have a speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

  20. King


    Day ago

    Who wrecked it?

  21. zeil 1time

    zeil 1time

    Day ago

    Judah garage gon scoop that bihh up right quickkk lol

  22. SameOleClift


    Day ago


  23. errol stafford

    errol stafford

    Day ago

    What rapper wrecked the car? He should be fixing it or getting you one exactly like it

  24. Flyyy Jr

    Flyyy Jr

    Day ago

    Happy ur still alive

  25. Avakin trades

    Avakin trades

    Day ago

    Who wrecked it

  26. Phat Gav

    Phat Gav

    Day ago

    Thanks for the shout out

  27. Renaldo English

    Renaldo English

    Day ago

    Most Importantly…….you GOOD Bruh ! Et new whip is Getting ready to be something else though.🙏🏽✊🏽

  28. Jayden Richardson

    Jayden Richardson

    Day ago

    Who wrecked it!

  29. Regathering


    Day ago

    man id be crying like as bitch

  30. George yantin

    George yantin

    Day ago

    Keep ur head up u going be good my boy God got u

  31. NoT_Alp_213


    2 days ago

    its all good yoo sometimes you have to lose things to gain better things in life.

  32. Bans One

    Bans One

    2 days ago

    Who crashed it?

  33. armando cruz

    armando cruz

    2 days ago

    it's fixable bro what you worried about

  34. jrellz_ va

    jrellz_ va

    2 days ago

    Sorry that happen to u bout Bruh. Thx GOD y'all made it out Safe with minor injuries. 🙏💯

  35. Doski Mazarati

    Doski Mazarati

    2 days ago

    Hml next time you in piqua my guy that's my area? PM about car🤘🏽👑 937

  36. karl powell

    karl powell

    2 days ago

    God tryna speak to you young brother

  37. Big Jay West

    Big Jay West

    2 days ago

    As long as you’re good everything else is material bro. Stay positive

  38. Geelo Bucks

    Geelo Bucks

    2 days ago

    I had a charger Gt I wrecked mines to 🤦🏾‍♂️

  39. Clevante Deejten

    Clevante Deejten

    2 days ago

    let me buy it

  40. Frank Bean

    Frank Bean

    2 days ago


  41. Adnan Mehic

    Adnan Mehic

    2 days ago

    Which auction she gonna go to ?

  42. only 1 sleepy in Detroit

    only 1 sleepy in Detroit

    2 days ago

    I sick I'm waiting to see at an auction I'm buying it 😂😂😭

  43. random guy

    random guy

    2 days ago

    Main reason why I dont take my Redeye out in the rain only if i really got to and that the exactl limit

  44. Fyb raines

    Fyb raines

    2 days ago

    the view goddamn u going up😮‍💨💯💯🔥🥤

  45. Estelo Abellanosa

    Estelo Abellanosa

    2 days ago

    it was bound to happen.

  46. THEREALgxm


    2 days ago

    Why you lie on the rappers thou. You wrecked your own shit😩



    2 days ago

    To young for that type of car ,need to be in a Honda or something

  48. Mike G

    Mike G

    2 days ago

    That’s no total they just don’t want to fix it wtf

  49. Mosey


    3 days ago

    Me waiting for auction so I can buy it 😭😭😭

  50. MarleyyTG


    3 days ago

    Damn rip to the cat could been worser and dat shit hurt me. Keep ur head up more blessings to come otw bruh

  51. Cesar Velasquez

    Cesar Velasquez

    3 days ago

    I’m happy you are good & nothing serious happen💪🏽. I rather see hellcat get all damaged not you gang 💯



    3 days ago


  53. Gabriel Jose

    Gabriel Jose

    3 days ago

    Little does he know his next video is about to go viral on the trending page with his new car.

  54. Lorenzo Brown

    Lorenzo Brown

    3 days ago

    Doghouse axle should be good

  55. Jordan Beck

    Jordan Beck

    3 days ago

    Thts far from totaled g front end damage ain’t nun if u got the money to fix it 💯💯💯

  56. lazoVEVO


    3 days ago

    Glad Yu Good Lil Brother ❤️ Much Love 🤝🏻

  57. Fraze Siareno

    Fraze Siareno

    3 days ago

    I know the feeling bro I lost my 5.0 like this years ago but you gone shake back hard asf I got a 2010 srt8 charger now

  58. Sterling Barksdale Jr SrbJr2

    Sterling Barksdale Jr SrbJr2

    3 days ago

    Maybe don’t let them drive it bro

  59. Bobby Robert

    Bobby Robert

    3 days ago

    that bih was clean asf tho bruh you did yo shit with that one

  60. Bobby Robert

    Bobby Robert

    3 days ago

    ik how you feel bro thank god you alive bro

  61. Matthew Rourke

    Matthew Rourke

    3 days ago

    Boosie help a friend out!

  62. Ziggie Smalls

    Ziggie Smalls

    3 days ago

    let me get the motor

  63. June Cain

    June Cain

    3 days ago

    Ain’t nothing but a car

  64. Theodore Christian

    Theodore Christian

    3 days ago

    Bruh who tf was driving 🤦🏽‍♂️🤔

  65. harry Allen

    harry Allen

    3 days ago

    Please don’t let it go to the junk yard if it’s totalled just put the engine and wheels etc in a truck

  66. IlSxpremelI


    3 days ago

    “at the end the day they just cars” that shows good character stay up bro

  67. Poket AKA JIMBO

    Poket AKA JIMBO

    3 days ago

    “Idk what he goin thru so I’m not goin talk down on him” 🙌🏻💯

  68. California Poon Tappa

    California Poon Tappa

    3 days ago

    If air bags for out it's typically totaled

  69. Tyler Sherry

    Tyler Sherry

    3 days ago

    Its only the bumper and the hood

  70. Rob


    3 days ago

    I don't understand the title.

  71. viral guy

    viral guy

    3 days ago

    No biggie

  72. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    3 days ago

    "Life Gave Me Lemons But I Made Lemon Lime" Jump Back Mane You Still At Tha Top

  73. Marvelous Salomon

    Marvelous Salomon

    3 days ago

    im not a hater but i think he desurve it for letting crazy people who smoke to much like rappers drive it ofc they will knock it and i bet they dint pay you for recking your shit

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      3 days ago

      It is totaled is totaled

  74. shane flournoy

    shane flournoy

    3 days ago

    When you act like idiots in a car what do you expect to happen.

  75. mr man

    mr man

    3 days ago

    wats even more crazy is me n my friend had the same thing happen .. wrecked my car he wrecked his days later 🤦🏽‍♂️

  76. tyler238


    4 days ago

    U say bruh one more time

  77. CoolKid2x


    4 days ago

    who crashed it

  78. Kadeem Coleman

    Kadeem Coleman

    4 days ago

    Happy everyone good. Now, sell it to @goonzquad

  79. Sniper Gang

    Sniper Gang

    4 days ago




    4 days ago

    Sorry bout yo car bro You gone come back though💪🙏🙏



    4 days ago

    So he wrecked his own car?

  82. carmelo clayton

    carmelo clayton

    4 days ago

    Btw rappers didn't wreck it you did smh

  83. Brandon C

    Brandon C

    4 days ago

    Get new motormounts for my new ride we be good

  84. Brandon C

    Brandon C

    4 days ago

    I buy it

  85. Brandon C

    Brandon C

    4 days ago

    And mew windshield for 300

  86. Brandon C

    Brandon C

    4 days ago

    I buy it for 10k grt new headliner put in and new bumper and hood

  87. Carvisionist


    4 days ago


  88. Bigg Papa Clay

    Bigg Papa Clay

    4 days ago

    Not to be that guy. But when I was watching Kai and all them drive the hellcat. I was thinking it was only a matter a tile before somebody crashed it

  89. Benson Right

    Benson Right

    4 days ago

    It is totaled is totaled

  90. breezy_téë


    4 days ago

    Am just glad that you alive

  91. Kahleb Biscoe

    Kahleb Biscoe

    4 days ago

    Why the title say the rappers finally crashed if it was u

  92. Nelson alvarez

    Nelson alvarez

    4 days ago

    Better take parts out for resale!

  93. noahs fault

    noahs fault

    4 days ago

    Car is not totaled, if you don’t fix it the auction will and make bank off it , you can probably find all the oem parts online for cheaper then new and pull the frame car don’t look to bad I seen worse be fixed

  94. j Harris

    j Harris

    4 days ago

    Reason why I HATE DRIVING TODAY. Everyone gotta be in rush, like chill you gon get there. But longs U Good G 💯

  95. Majuana Johnson

    Majuana Johnson

    4 days ago

    God spare you for a reason You can another can You have life God Blessing Be safe🙌

  96. GEETHANG 82


    4 days ago

    Glad u OK youngin be safe you'll bounce back

  97. Benjamin Ely

    Benjamin Ely

    4 days ago

    God bless you bro and praying for u g come back soon CamaGang

  98. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    4 days ago

    I know if it would have been Boosie he would have bought u another hellcat

  99. Ace Pacino

    Ace Pacino

    4 days ago

    This the first time I seen you in the backseat

  100. Itz Joeigh

    Itz Joeigh

    4 days ago

    Who wrecked it

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

      4 days ago

      be savable tbh.