Rating Celebrities I've met at Parties/Events

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  1. blodripa


    3 days ago

    Stan Lee will forever be a legend. RIP.

    • Kyro


      2 hours ago


    • Arnav Nair

      Arnav Nair

      7 hours ago


    • Fat Yoshi

      Fat Yoshi

      14 hours ago


    • Bob Adams

      Bob Adams

      14 hours ago

      Rip Stan lee man was the best

    • that nerdy pug

      that nerdy pug

      15 hours ago


  2. phantomfox yt

    phantomfox yt

    Hour ago

    ik juice wrld might not be on this list but rip legend fly high

  3. Physer


    4 hours ago

    Stan, the man

  4. Super Plush64

    Super Plush64

    4 hours ago

    I love swooshes

  5. SuperBowser CRG

    SuperBowser CRG

    5 hours ago

    Swoozie do you like Jojos bizarre adventure it’s an anime and if you ever start watching it it gets more interesting when part 3 happens

  6. THE IMX


    6 hours ago

    Obama, Kim, almost all of them: 0

  7. I play games

    I play games

    7 hours ago


  8. I play games

    I play games

    7 hours ago


  9. Jazz Ratazz

    Jazz Ratazz

    9 hours ago

    One day I’ll meet sWooZie

  10. Jacoby Hammitt

    Jacoby Hammitt

    9 hours ago

    Now I NEED you to do a part 2 about A-hole celebrity’s

  11. Idk Bro

    Idk Bro

    10 hours ago

    bruh how many celebs have you met

  12. NeickhaSuPRA


    11 hours ago

    Miss you bro🥺

  13. Nathan Griffin

    Nathan Griffin

    12 hours ago


  14. The Flower Child

    The Flower Child

    12 hours ago


  15. Minitrain


    12 hours ago

    meeting any youtuber irl would be pretty cool

  16. Madame Blackimus Prime

    Madame Blackimus Prime

    14 hours ago

    For Anthony Anderson to say that...that's not hood. That's just rude. He had no excuse to act like that. Gross. 😡🤬

  17. Irene


    14 hours ago

    I plan to be a celebrity 😤

  18. Aaron


    16 hours ago

    I love the Napoleon dynamite shirt

  19. Unidentified xox

    Unidentified xox

    17 hours ago




    18 hours ago

    Lowkey kinda snobby how Anthony was like “this is why you’re in USgone”. Like Swoozie could’ve easily had the lines memorized if they weren’t given to him literally THE MORNING OF

  21. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    20 hours ago

    0:38 My man looking down on you rn from heaven smiling with the score he got. Rip goat.

  22. Daniel Sibanda

    Daniel Sibanda

    21 hour ago


  23. The Last Word

    The Last Word

    23 hours ago

    R.I.P stan :(

    • qopoy dnon

      qopoy dnon

      20 hours ago

      Hey awesome video

  24. Gabriel Snipes

    Gabriel Snipes

    Day ago

    Bro I love Swoozie, I wanna get a pic but I live in Louisiana

  25. Ian Melrose

    Ian Melrose

    Day ago

    Back in July 2012, my parents, my sister, and I were vacationing in Rockport, MA. We took a day trip to Salem and We ate at a pizza joint and we had a celebrity run in with Tim Meadows. He was at the pizza joint with his son. My dad got to take a picture of him as well as shake his hand. We highly believe that he was in Mass for Grown Ups 2.

  26. Thatone Legend

    Thatone Legend

    Day ago

    I feel like youtubers are the worst about being celebrities like ive only met one on my life but i hear some stuff and am like bro these people are your income.

  27. Justin Chacon

    Justin Chacon

    Day ago

    My sister saw u like 2 days ago at the restaurant 😒and did not take a photo

  28. Paul Zelaya

    Paul Zelaya

    Day ago

    Yo, hold up ,hold up, do you have a back to the future hat. Love bttf

  29. John F Kennedy

    John F Kennedy

    Day ago

    Don't think I forgot about you and Kevin heart at the movies swooz YOUR BOI STILL REMEMBERS

  30. John F Kennedy

    John F Kennedy

    Day ago

    Stan Lee is a legend, man he could of made all the new marvel movies not hot garbage I miss him

  31. John F Kennedy

    John F Kennedy

    Day ago

    Noice video Rachel

  32. Night Blaze

    Night Blaze

    Day ago

    r.i.p. stan lee :(

  33. Aiden Darius

    Aiden Darius

    Day ago

    Hey uh Swoozie I have a question do Jane Pam and Warren have USgone channels Jane Pam Warren from 2girls 1cup of ice

  34. woody


    Day ago

    swoozie i know it's unrelated but can you deconfirm FTW 5 so that last piece of hope in my heart can die peacefully

    • sWooZie


      18 hours ago

      Definitely related. The script I wrote called for animation that was higher than what I myself could personally do so I hired an animator who ultimately abandoned the project in the middle of it. It was apparently too much for her too. While it sat I kept adding to it and I realized I maybe had material that could get pitched as a film. USgone search: ftw5 sWooZie interview ;)

  35. Devan


    Day ago

    My brother met you today at champs

  36. Jokerz wild boys

    Jokerz wild boys

    Day ago

    Ad ad ad ad ad Adler what happened to Call of Duty Booty Girl

    • Jokerz wild boys

      Jokerz wild boys

      18 hours ago

      Omg Adamantiam replied can you make a sequel to that vid

    • sWooZie


      18 hours ago

      She has a v serious bf rn :)

  37. Jonathan Rojas

    Jonathan Rojas

    Day ago

    Static Shock that right man

  38. blue bells fan

    blue bells fan

    Day ago

    Hey awesome video

  39. Just_amber


    Day ago

    RIP Stanley 😖

  40. Marcell Csuka

    Marcell Csuka

    Day ago

    I miss stan lee😭

  41. OnlyOfficial


    Day ago

    Yo Swooz why you be wearing these fly outfits for these stories 😂

  42. Julez


    Day ago

    tbh I'd love to just hang out with Swooz irl Swoozie if you're reading this..idk if you're still in Fl but I'm a huge fan and I'd love it if you were the first celebrity I've met irl

  43. dude.


    Day ago

    Dude.... Celebrities are no different from regular people...

  44. A-10 Warthog

    A-10 Warthog

    Day ago

    Stan Lee deserve a ♾️

  45. Sarah Lamper

    Sarah Lamper

    Day ago

    There’s a faint memory in the back of my mind of Swoozie doing a backflip and tossing a beach ball in the crowd at The Indiana Jones Stunt Show (of course at that time I didn’t know who he was)

  46. Paul Dzhugostran

    Paul Dzhugostran

    Day ago

    The picayune copy synchronously stay because editor luckily joke regarding a vengeful trade. fuzzy , conscious store

  47. rushED


    Day ago

    I feel my bros who live in the middle of nowhere and have never met any celebrity

  48. Angad Dhillon

    Angad Dhillon

    Day ago

    we need more vids swoozie pleaseeeee

  49. JZ zisk

    JZ zisk

    Day ago

    Everyone that you said 10(+)/10, I could actually see being nice guys and gals. Like Jaden and Jada Pinket Smith and Kim Kardashian (Woman is undeterred by the BS jokes and hate, always tries to stay away from drama, and still manages to keep it classy).

  50. Aubre' Burton

    Aubre' Burton

    2 days ago

    I feel bad for the homeless man):

  51. Mintz


    2 days ago

    I’ve only met Tom Holland for now I might go to fan X so maybe I’ll see more but I only got a quick 10 second interaction with him cause he was in a rush and the picture lady was like hey cmon let’s go but 9/10 he was really nice

  52. Official LaGYDip

    Official LaGYDip

    2 days ago

    Stop doing one video a month!

  53. Sabria


    2 days ago


  54. WafflesRlyf


    2 days ago

    Napoleon Dynamite

  55. wutyoface wutyoface

    wutyoface wutyoface

    2 days ago

    the mroe talk about e3 the more i gain the sadness of no e3

  56. DLX3000 D

    DLX3000 D

    2 days ago

    Swoozie hope to meet you one day I would put money on it being 12,000/100

  57. NameZei


    2 days ago


  58. elizabeth maya

    elizabeth maya

    2 days ago

    i love obama

  59. Sxidelz


    2 days ago

    Ellen is -1000000 because she’s gay

  60. J_Igbo _

    J_Igbo _

    2 days ago

    Get right with JESUS guys porn is a sin sex outside marriage is a sin so is swearing I know it sounds stupid but hell is no joke have a good week

  61. Josiah Campbell

    Josiah Campbell

    2 days ago

    Watching this and remembered that I met Swoozie 😂 back at Nike store in London

  62. corey jean-baptiste

    corey jean-baptiste

    2 days ago

    Says Kim k’s “boyfriend “ like he isn’t kanye west😂😂😂😂😁

  63. juanito K.O

    juanito K.O

    2 days ago

    Out of all the famous people the one I'd like to have met the most would of been Stan Lee. R.I.P legend

  64. That guy

    That guy

    2 days ago


  65. Sara Nightfire

    Sara Nightfire

    2 days ago

    My mom met Caroline Rhea and used to work for the Bush’s. She did alterations and she fixed their clothes for weddings. Tom Hanks she sold blueberry pies to and she met him again when watching fireworks at a private functions. He put an arm around her and asked where his pie was.

  66. Whit McWhitty

    Whit McWhitty

    2 days ago

    That sounds nice

  67. Pastel Bruv

    Pastel Bruv

    2 days ago

    So you’ve met Kim and courty but you made ad vid long ago saying you was in a pool with girls and you said let’s name them Kim and courty but you said they wasn’t but might be

  68. Bopper Art

    Bopper Art

    2 days ago

    I feel like this video was just a low key humble brag about how many celebrities he’s met 😂

  69. The Veteran

    The Veteran

    2 days ago

    Rip Stan lee

  70. ilebillybobjoe


    2 days ago

    You should’ve asked what is Obama’s last name to Obama.

  71. Jael Williams

    Jael Williams

    2 days ago

    Even if Swoozie visits Trinidad, i most likely still won't ever get the chance to meet him. :(

  72. xcheeseburgersaladx


    2 days ago

    Yo swoozie i peeped you on the new david dobrik video's comment section. What do you think ab him profiting off a fan getting r-worded? Do you still look up to him?

    • xcheeseburgersaladx


      2 days ago

      This article ☝

  73. james863


    2 days ago

    When ever I’m a celebrity they my boss for sure

  74. Jade D

    Jade D

    3 days ago

    When you talked about Stan I was like “omg I really wanna meet him! Maybe he’ll go to comic con near me” then I remembered…

  75. dabbing teruteru

    dabbing teruteru

    3 days ago

    Sneak Peek looks awesome

  76. Rock Start

    Rock Start

    3 days ago

    Nice v ,,

  77. Noodle


    3 days ago

    I voted for that thumbnail 😌

  78. ImNunzio


    3 days ago

    The whole steph rating should be way higher that was hella cool what he did. He straight up made sure that he was giving the person he was talking to his full attention throughout the entire conversation. Not many people do that and that means something.

  79. B. J. Rodriguez

    B. J. Rodriguez

    3 days ago

    How come you don’t have music in the background anymore??



    3 days ago

    I agree, Stan Lee is a literal god

  81. Some Person

    Some Person

    3 days ago

    *You met obama? Ight i’m subscribing to you*

  82. Abdi Ahmed

    Abdi Ahmed

    3 days ago

    Swoozie is like those type of girls who dress up just to stay in they room

  83. Cloud


    3 days ago

    Ive only met one celebrity ever😢

  84. Cami Castillo

    Cami Castillo

    3 days ago

    Voted for that thumbnail:p 💪🏾😈

  85. Jessica Ly

    Jessica Ly

    3 days ago

    I met Swoozie back in 2014 at VidCon, 5000/10 experience I’ll never forget! There was a big line and he was there meeting everybody in the hot sun, and he was so nice, took all the pictures I wanted, and even gave me the best hug! Didn’t even have to ask, he just gave me one :)

  86. Shadow Alan

    Shadow Alan

    3 days ago

    I miss Stan lee

  87. Tyceon's Stupid Vlogs And Stuff

    Tyceon's Stupid Vlogs And Stuff

    3 days ago

    if i met swoozie Infinite/10

  88. A egg

    A egg

    3 days ago


  89. Purple Plantain

    Purple Plantain

    3 days ago

    “He still has alot of hood in him” lol

  90. Amethyst Gekyume

    Amethyst Gekyume

    3 days ago

    Now I really want to hear the bad experiences lol

  91. 795


    3 days ago

    What hat are you wearing

  92. Eric Bautista

    Eric Bautista

    3 days ago


  93. Blue Moon VR

    Blue Moon VR

    3 days ago

    Rest in peace Stan Lee he was one of the greatest and he's a personal hero of mine I wish I would have met him

  94. Knightshade08


    3 days ago

    Stan Lee was a regular at DragonCon. There was nothing but LOVE for the man there. Even if you bumped into him saying "hi.. OMG you're..." he'd be like, "Nice to meet you, hope you're enjoying yourself, see ya later!"

  95. Kaylee Rodriguez

    Kaylee Rodriguez

    3 days ago

    yas FINALLY!!! ANOTHER ANIMATED SHORT!!!!! Im so excited bro!

  96. The Backyard Man

    The Backyard Man

    3 days ago

    he'll make a video about me when he meets me

  97. iconic


    3 days ago


  98. Thesupersubzero _

    Thesupersubzero _

    3 days ago

    Will you make something similar to this but with celebrities you had bad encounter with or is that a no?

  99. Jak t

    Jak t

    3 days ago

    From my own opinion Stan Lee is 9999999999999999999999999989999999999999999999999999999999999889999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10