Real Captain America Shield That Actually Bounces Back! - OVER 100 FT BOUNCE!!!

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Here's how I made a real Captain America shield that actually flies and bounces back. It's made of carbon fiber with a fiberglass ring to provide bounce while keeping maximum strength. The shield magnetically connects to the users wrist and can be thrown overhand like Captain America.

Thanks to @Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced for the extreme levels of salt in this video.

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  1. Nice minecraft und mehr

    Nice minecraft und mehr

    28 minutes ago

    Pls do as next the glider from avatar aang

  2. Nico


    59 minutes ago

    The small fiberglass prototype reminds me of the tron disc in tron legacy being thrown in the 1v1 arena. Looks fun 😯

  3. Aamir Hussain Sidiqui

    Aamir Hussain Sidiqui

    Hour ago

    Make a sniper gun (awm/L96)

  4. Soham Manna

    Soham Manna

    4 hours ago

    Hey, make a nanotechnology iron man suit

  5. Snehal S Panakkal

    Snehal S Panakkal

    4 hours ago




    4 hours ago

    This shield is epic

  7. Evan


    4 hours ago

    film yang melawan hukum fisika nak aku ekoti di dunia nyata, otak kau dimano?

  8. Kai Obadja

    Kai Obadja

    5 hours ago

    You should do the tesseract lol but a laser and make it flare with blue smoke or gas. ORR you could make Loki's spear hehehehe.. also i subbed cause u cool

  9. Ken is Back

    Ken is Back

    5 hours ago

    This is literally the best thing that i have ever seen in this USgone app what....😳

  10. Deepthi Thomas

    Deepthi Thomas

    5 hours ago

    Make lron spider suit

  11. Rocco :U

    Rocco :U

    6 hours ago

    It would be really cool if he made a TemPad from Loki.

  12. King Khardo

    King Khardo

    6 hours ago


  13. Tanjiro Kamado52

    Tanjiro Kamado52

    7 hours ago


  14. Dominic Gray

    Dominic Gray

    9 hours ago

    Make a working sonic screwdrive from the British tv show Doctor who pls i love the show i am British

  15. JC


    9 hours ago

    Also make Spider-Man’s iron spider legs

  16. Lod Rapas daluz

    Lod Rapas daluz

    9 hours ago


  17. Hi


    10 hours ago

    Use all of your creations at the same time you’ll be/look so 😎 cool

  18. Filipe Serafim

    Filipe Serafim

    10 hours ago

    It's just an idea and I'd love to see it, but could u do the case from Kingsman: The Golden Circle that has a gun inside and then expands itself as a balistic shield? It'd be just awesome!

  19. Captain Kraken

    Captain Kraken

    10 hours ago

    When is he going to post again

  20. Honza Múčka

    Honza Múčka

    12 hours ago

    I need that shield 😱

  21. doiteverysingleway


    12 hours ago

    if you haven’t already you should make thors hammer that has electricity and only certain people can pick it up, if thats even possible

  22. JBK Barkham Films

    JBK Barkham Films

    13 hours ago

    How about making a retractable batman grapple gun Arkham Series style

  23. Samuel Asamoah

    Samuel Asamoah

    15 hours ago

    Make a Thor hammer but make it Come back

  24. Kanakaratnam Gudivada

    Kanakaratnam Gudivada

    15 hours ago

    Telugu lo chepu bro

  25. Ali Khan

    Ali Khan

    15 hours ago

    Make iron man infinity war suit with thrusters just like the fight scene in infinity war against thanos

  26. Diana Day

    Diana Day

    18 hours ago

    Next time make it white

  27. Diana Day

    Diana Day

    18 hours ago

    make a hulk suit all in 1

  28. D Spohn

    D Spohn

    18 hours ago

    Can you make a skate board that works in sand? With some type of wheels that would flow through the sand and be able to propel the weight of a person? I work on the beach!!

  29. supermariosayan


    18 hours ago

    Some speed shose

  30. Govind G

    Govind G

    18 hours ago

    new video?

  31. Nehemiah Brown

    Nehemiah Brown

    19 hours ago

    How do I buy your stuff

  32. Joel Joseph

    Joel Joseph

    19 hours ago

    did he quit youtube :(

    • music time

      music time

      19 hours ago

      Its It's been long time

  33. Sukruth Kandukuri

    Sukruth Kandukuri

    19 hours ago

    Give me

  34. Avir Army

    Avir Army

    21 hour ago

    JLazer how to make this hoop i will try



    21 hour ago

    The real ant man 😂👍

  36. Dark Bot

    Dark Bot

    22 hours ago

    Maaaan! I seating and think ..... WHAT ABOUT GHOST RIDER?????????? Like his fire chain? Or fire bike? Or born suit?

  37. Teyia


    22 hours ago

    Marth's sword from fire emblem

  38. spidr-man 2.0

    spidr-man 2.0

    23 hours ago

    thors hamre

  39. Euan Lough

    Euan Lough

    Day ago

    How did you take that video of the boomerang and the frisbee? They look so cool

  40. Marco FD

    Marco FD

    Day ago

    Make the odm gear from attack on titan

  41. Cheezy Cream

    Cheezy Cream

    Day ago

    You should definitely try and make the Spray-On-Shoes from cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  42. Arpan Andreasderly

    Arpan Andreasderly

    Day ago


  43. ChaCha Belafantá

    ChaCha Belafantá

    Day ago

    I subed and liked please can I get a shout out

  44. Vijayan Raghavan

    Vijayan Raghavan

    Day ago

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  45. Midevil J

    Midevil J

    Day ago

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  46. HuzyAnimates


    Day ago

    can u make ODM gear from attack on titan. It would be dope if it worked

  47. Mahakal Official

    Mahakal Official

    Day ago

    Be A Shaktimaan

  48. Des And Troy

    Des And Troy

    Day ago

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  49. Collin Irish

    Collin Irish

    Day ago

    You should make Thanos his sword

  50. The Dog

    The Dog

    Day ago

    Try to get a part 2 out on the. Falcon and the Winter soldier and try to make a a mini bug with a camera or something

  51. Branko B

    Branko B

    Day ago

    Oh and if you don't use the Edith v3 than I would love that

  52. chicken nugget

    chicken nugget

    Day ago

    Pls make zed's hidden blades from league of legends

  53. Leighton Salmon

    Leighton Salmon

    Day ago

    It was actually confirmed that he does calculate the trigonometry of the bounce. The serum gave him the ability to work problems faster than the average human so he can just quickly calculate were and how hard to throw it so it can bounce back to him. And there are a few examples of him calculating wrong and it doesn't come back to him

  54. Djmck 2010

    Djmck 2010

    Day ago

    A 360, no scope, backflip, McTwist... HAHAHAHAHA

  55. cobra 123

    cobra 123

    Day ago


  56. Wasp_87


    Day ago

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    John Crowder

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  58. Radial Guy

    Radial Guy

    Day ago

    That person who made the sync arm is really cool, if you were the guy who did that and was featured in this video gg dude

  59. Jabberd


    Day ago


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    Elisha Joseph Lucas

    Day ago

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    Lex Macaluso

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  62. Smukkovitzch


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    Day ago


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    Max Michael

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    Universidad Del Wrestling

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  68. no topic

    no topic

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    Ripped Jeans

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  70. Ripped Jeans

    Ripped Jeans

    Day ago

    Guys youri Leenmans could lose function in his arm. He asked if J-laser could make him a strap on arm so that he can use him arm again. Guys help youri.

    • Ripped Jeans

      Ripped Jeans

      Day ago

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    Badi boys

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    Tracee Hugginss

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    Sylvia Marie Navarette

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    Belive '-'

    Day ago

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    Dev Goyal X F roll no. 9

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  78. Dev Goyal

    Dev Goyal

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    D4 Dancepoint

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    YT VlOG Gaming's

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    2 days ago




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    Kalyan Charan RK

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    Khristian Zion Saclolo

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    mujahidah nasuha

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      Jayson Medina

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    Mohamad Abuzar

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    Dookie 123

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    Mo Mentum

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    Jhordygusman Rafaelramos

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    Mo Mentum

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    marcus butler

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    Narmada Barik

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    TechSavvyFan #1

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