Removal of Special Effects (SFX) | Makeup vs No Makeup

Removal of Special Effects (SFX) | Makeup vs No Makeup

Removing special effects sometimes takes a lot of effort.
This video contains the most satisfying videos.
Here you can compare the look with makeup and without it. (Makeup vs No Makeup) Girl Removing Makeup.

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  1. SHIELA 陳湘怡 CHEN


    Hour ago

    oh god oooommmgggg that is hert 😱

  2. Tomasz Dubrowski

    Tomasz Dubrowski

    Hour ago


  3. Muhamad Noraiman

    Muhamad Noraiman

    Hour ago

    🇮🇱🖕🖕🖕 🇦🇪👍🇲🇾🤝

  4. Clarcké Geraldo

    Clarcké Geraldo

    2 hours ago

    The neck is always the painfullest

  5. yemaung aye

    yemaung aye

    2 hours ago


  6. Aaliyah fun World

    Aaliyah fun World

    4 hours ago

    Thous looks so painful and sadistfing

  7. Sharese Scott

    Sharese Scott

    5 hours ago

    umm okay

  8. Denise Gangi-Pollacek

    Denise Gangi-Pollacek

    9 hours ago

    Me: that’s so satisfying do it again!!!! Them: NOOOOOOO IT HURTS!!!

  9. Eve Ray

    Eve Ray

    10 hours ago


  10. Emma /emo / ❤️🌸  -_- '

    Emma /emo / ❤️🌸 -_- '

    13 hours ago

    I feel sorry for you

  11. Nick Jardine

    Nick Jardine

    13 hours ago

    01:56 The way she said OH MY GAWD I was like 😶🤣😂

  12. -ColasSoda-


    15 hours ago

    Pain ain’t no Beauty

  13. Randi Rutledge

    Randi Rutledge

    16 hours ago

    Ah I can see

  14. Terry Burch

    Terry Burch

    17 hours ago

    You should use loshen

  15. Saswati Bhunia

    Saswati Bhunia

    17 hours ago

    Handsome sqidward made me laugh soo hard LOLOLOL

  16. Bunnxgamer


    19 hours ago

    Is this asmr

  17. Grace Alice

    Grace Alice

    21 hour ago

    I hate it

  18. Younes Younes

    Younes Younes

    22 hours ago

    Xf3m3 😁😁

  19. Laetitia Blaevoet

    Laetitia Blaevoet

    22 hours ago¿??

  20. Spinning   child of the year Of 2021

    Spinning child of the year Of 2021

    Day ago

    The the paper one I would just yank it off ignoring the pain

  21. Carlos flores

    Carlos flores

    Day ago

    I love it

  22. Carlos flores

    Carlos flores

    Day ago

    It’s very satisfying

  23. Bloody Muffin

    Bloody Muffin

    Day ago

    Alternate title : watching people wince flinch and cringe for 13 minutes.

  24. Nita Enyeart

    Nita Enyeart

    Day ago

    Girl: I have school tomorrow Me: Just say that you have a really bad sun Burn Believe

  25. K Mitchell

    K Mitchell

    Day ago

    Can we just take a minute to to appreciate how much effort they put into their makeup looks just for video

  26. Arielle Kess

    Arielle Kess

    Day ago

    What do they do with all of their ball caps

  27. Hayley Cummins

    Hayley Cummins

    Day ago

    I love Sydney Morgan's eyes ! They are so beautiful..

    • Nick Jardine

      Nick Jardine

      13 hours ago


  28. Jaasiel Odonoghue

    Jaasiel Odonoghue

    Day ago

    Like my vidos

  29. Asha Muhina

    Asha Muhina

    Day ago

    i love the devil one the best

  30. Happy Dhillon

    Happy Dhillon

    Day ago

    If u rip it off fast then it hurts a tiny bit less So u can try it if u want

  31. maniac mondays

    maniac mondays

    Day ago


  32. Valuese Peric

    Valuese Peric

    Day ago


  33. Brook Mccubbins

    Brook Mccubbins

    Day ago

    STOP USING MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES !! You scrub to hard and damage the skin by using a rough/chemical wipe on your face 🙁 it’s better to use a microfiber wash clothes or towel so it gets all the makeup off !

  34. Alma Kavari

    Alma Kavari

    Day ago

    All of them take a shower and the makeup is really scary most of them tho

  35. Wolf


    Day ago

    You used gum?!?,?,

  36. Jamie Stone

    Jamie Stone

    Day ago

    8:54 is my favorite



    Day ago

    i dont like the devil one

  38. Kanika Malik

    Kanika Malik

    Day ago

    This is the 2nd reason why i dont do makeup😂😂😂

  39. Mr sloth

    Mr sloth

    2 days ago

    At 8:32 did the girl say yum or yuck ?

  40. Wendy Brockman

    Wendy Brockman

    2 days ago

    The makeup is so goood tho

  41. Solange Bangulwa

    Solange Bangulwa

    2 days ago

    Mirooooooo hiue

  42. abimael rivera

    abimael rivera

    2 days ago


  43. Akuma K

    Akuma K

    2 days ago

    It’s not meant to hurt!! My makeup teacher said it shouldn’t hurt and if it does your doing it wrong!! The way is to use the correct solvent that’ll break down the adhesive and with a brush slowly peal away and it should come right off no pain nothing! No doubt they’re talented but for the sake of their skin I wish they’d use more solvents!!!

    • Ayumi Hokusae

      Ayumi Hokusae

      4 hours ago

      They’re doing it quick for the TikTok time limit and it depends on what they use. And if they do this many times they are slight professionals

    • Michelle Singh-Seudat

      Michelle Singh-Seudat

      7 hours ago

      Thanks for the info!

    • I am creative

      I am creative

      13 hours ago

      They are trying to do it fast couse of tik tok time limit

  44. LovelyCats #Stopanimaltesting

    LovelyCats #Stopanimaltesting

    2 days ago

    Wow why would people do this to their own beautiful skin? Skin is so pretty why would you want to ruin it with all of that make up? Wiping your face and peeling stuff off of it a lot isn’t good for your skin and body!

  45. Nicole Stanley

    Nicole Stanley

    2 days ago

    love ti

  46. Chucky


    2 days ago

    Yep that we are going to her all these days are going to be nosey for a few weeks now answer my question is someone else to get tatted to get tatted to get tatted to gettatted

  47. Love cat😻💖

    Love cat😻💖

    2 days ago


    • Cynthia Chapman

      Cynthia Chapman

      2 days ago

      Ow aww😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  48. Alaris Ramirez

    Alaris Ramirez

    2 days ago

    at 9:51 is that from Bruno mars

  49. Kenna’s world!

    Kenna’s world!

    2 days ago

    Sooooooo satisfying

  50. stephanie munk-adair

    stephanie munk-adair

    2 days ago

    The most painful part is the neck

  51. Derp_Queen Gacha

    Derp_Queen Gacha

    2 days ago


  52. Janalyn fun life

    Janalyn fun life

    2 days ago

    Today’s lesson is “beauty is painful”

    • Triggered Khushi

      Triggered Khushi

      Day ago


  53. Corinea N

    Corinea N

    2 days ago

    Haha don't be mean to yourself

  54. rebecca cauchi

    rebecca cauchi

    2 days ago

    I don’t get the fact why they’re putting like glue and stuff on their face please help me

  55. Abraham Ortega

    Abraham Ortega

    2 days ago

    I think they should of taking a shower to take off the showe to get off the make up instead making this videos and they should stop the make up on neck instead

  56. Victor Krishnan

    Victor Krishnan

    2 days ago

    So satisfying

  57. Navya Mandal

    Navya Mandal

    2 days ago

    The most of it is from my fav one

  58. Vishaan Gungadhur

    Vishaan Gungadhur

    2 days ago

    And now we can say BEAUTY is pain . Ohh

  59. Shaine Co

    Shaine Co

    3 days ago

    thats soo sadiousfiying🐱🐱🐱

  60. ッt_n_z_a_r_i_n_g_a_m_e_i_n_g ッ

    ッt_n_z_a_r_i_n_g_a_m_e_i_n_g ッ

    3 days ago

    She can just put water then can take it of 🙄 my brain : iam so smart ! me try it: jeez owwwww!!!!!

  61. Chloe Zhang

    Chloe Zhang

    3 days ago

    For Sydney_arts literally for like the peeling I will rip it of like wax😳

  62. Strawberry 124

    Strawberry 124

    3 days ago

    0:21 is she okay she listening to body

  63. lilscopeabc123jr davis

    lilscopeabc123jr davis

    3 days ago


  64. Kemi Collinson

    Kemi Collinson

    3 days ago

    Just been my mums bday ant this just mad her day

  65. Bird.


    3 days ago

    Not me watching in the middle of the night

  66. Priscila Raposo Pri

    Priscila Raposo Pri

    3 days ago

    Don't do that anymore that scared me 😱🤯

  67. Lauren Playz

    Lauren Playz

    3 days ago

    This scared me so badly… 🤣

    • Shukaia Abdulmajid

      Shukaia Abdulmajid

      2 days ago


  68. Bunny Gamer

    Bunny Gamer

    3 days ago

    Does it hurt 😞

  69. Alexa hadassah Santos

    Alexa hadassah Santos

    3 days ago

    Everybody say makeup is pain

  70. Becky Byerly

    Becky Byerly

    3 days ago

    That candle one tho…lol 😂😂😂

  71. Ryan Dior

    Ryan Dior

    3 days ago

    Sydney baby we love you but it looks painful

  72. Funny videos

    Funny videos

    3 days ago

    that might just work

  73. Ice Water

    Ice Water

    3 days ago

    And every gotta hurt

  74. Ice Water

    Ice Water

    3 days ago

    Everyone who are in the TikToks: owww is this beauty is?? Cuz it's pain beaty pain also they will why do i even wear makeup whyyy

  75. Samantha Gaming Roblox

    Samantha Gaming Roblox

    3 days ago

    Me: *not moving* *confused what theyre doing* *making myself think that "Beauty is pain"*

    • Maria Jordana

      Maria Jordana

      2 days ago

      Yeah beauty is PAIN

    • Lila kim

      Lila kim

      2 days ago

      Our pfps :D

    • Lila kim

      Lila kim

      2 days ago

      O hi

  76. °clear sky°

    °clear sky°

    4 days ago

    Why do you have you stick just draw it there so you can just wash it off less painful

    • °clear sky°

      °clear sky°

      4 days ago

      So weird

  77. Zehra Suleymanli

    Zehra Suleymanli

    4 days ago


  78. iiandyvxbesii


    4 days ago

    The next day one might hurt alot

  79. Nelly Marroquin

    Nelly Marroquin

    4 days ago


  80. It your girl jenevaeh  Jenevaeh

    It your girl jenevaeh Jenevaeh

    4 days ago

    U know that feeling when u want to not take of y’all makeup cuz it is so Beautiful

  81. Aria Sear

    Aria Sear

    4 days ago

    “OMG ow” she said

    • Saccboy_Zayzay192


      2 days ago

      Wat one

  82. Aria Sear

    Aria Sear

    4 days ago

    Wow a lot of pain in one video

  83. Shannon Mayer

    Shannon Mayer

    4 days ago

    Sydney skin looked like it was burning on fire 🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥

  84. Trish Zammit

    Trish Zammit

    4 days ago

    When u take off your pay tax push down on your skin

  85. Cori Hogg

    Cori Hogg

    4 days ago


  86. Darlene Dilliha

    Darlene Dilliha

    4 days ago


  87. Laura Freeman

    Laura Freeman

    4 days ago


  88. shakira Melville

    shakira Melville

    4 days ago

    Did Nicholas on arcilla look soul real.

  89. Robbiemae Anniban

    Robbiemae Anniban

    4 days ago

    I'm scared of peel of face mask and you just see them almost peeling of their skin 😭

  90. locolowco64


    4 days ago


  91. James Neale

    James Neale

    4 days ago

    Why do yall sound the same ???!!

  92. Dakota Walker

    Dakota Walker

    4 days ago


  93. Alinah padilla

    Alinah padilla

    4 days ago

    you look so cool

  94. COCOxx Strawberry

    COCOxx Strawberry

    4 days ago

    Im scared now D:

  95. tartyfish


    4 days ago

    This looks painful

  96. Idiot sandwich💅

    Idiot sandwich💅

    5 days ago

    3:15 just noticed her eyes color change l8e she had teal eyes before now there grey

  97. Karissa Vala

    Karissa Vala

    5 days ago

    omg this happen to me before i was trying to be a zombie by putting green on my face and it would not come of LOL

  98. chaela yambao

    chaela yambao

    5 days ago


  99. Panda Girl

    Panda Girl

    5 days ago

    And this is why I don’t do make up