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These Ridiculousness clips do NOT play around when it comes to showing stuff that isn’t normally captured on camera. See for yourself.
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Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast join Rob Dyrdek and a lineup of special guests as they watch the most hysterical and absurd viral videos out there.

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  1. Jordan Stogiera

    Jordan Stogiera

    5 hours ago


  2. Sebastian Dowd

    Sebastian Dowd

    Day ago

    9:56 i think those dogs were havin a root and got 'tied'

  3. Apollo's Moon

    Apollo's Moon

    Day ago

    It would of been great but that laugh from the biggest fake ever ruins it

  4. Julie Davis

    Julie Davis

    2 days ago

    There's only one boat thats filled with sin, and its ur boat 🤣 Edit: if sex sounds like tapping it's not being done right

  5. Emily Rodriguez

    Emily Rodriguez

    3 days ago

    15:21 Chanel in severe discomfort

  6. Gwa_RSA


    3 days ago

    4:40 Steelo said something so White that even Chanel and Rob was like, 'What??' 😂

  7. Dennis Himebaugh

    Dennis Himebaugh

    5 days ago

    The big swing catches more air than the thin ones that are slightly moving. Aeronautics, Y'all.

  8. Mannitherucus


    6 days ago

    I cant watch that show because of her laugh...

  9. Artist3 Artist

    Artist3 Artist

    6 days ago

    You don't start off with powers I planted you for dad's game

  10. spidy9237


    7 days ago

    cre cre

  11. Sugar CanePlain

    Sugar CanePlain

    7 days ago

    That didn't have these when I was Alive 😂😂😂 teeww funny



    8 days ago

    my mama brought me up w/ that one..."even a broken clock is right twice a day"

  13. Duane Newstead

    Duane Newstead

    8 days ago

    Comment 666, That was a hell hound.

  14. Edgar Cruz

    Edgar Cruz

    8 days ago

    667 comments with mine meaning there was.........hmmmm

  15. Psy Kari

    Psy Kari

    9 days ago

    I have a universe story. I ended up losing my vape pen and found what I thought was my lost pen but turned out to be an old pen I had lost before my room got messy so I cleaned my room up but never found it. Moral of the story is the universe will never let unfinished business go for long haha

  16. Sphakamiso Zondi

    Sphakamiso Zondi

    10 days ago

    05:35, Rob's sneak diss at Ellen was hilarious.

  17. Ty H

    Ty H

    10 days ago

    mermaids are because sailors had sex with manatees. they had no women on ships

  18. Chastity Glassinger

    Chastity Glassinger

    11 days ago

    I'm born on September 1 first

  19. Devin insky

    Devin insky

    11 days ago

    her laugh could be used as a sound weapon

  20. dakidsnique


    11 days ago

    y'all asleep on chanel west coast

  21. Freddie’s Overbite

    Freddie’s Overbite

    11 days ago

    That girl has a horrendous laugh.

  22. tss xxb

    tss xxb

    12 days ago

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    • wally man

      wally man

      11 days ago


  23. Joseph Keller

    Joseph Keller

    12 days ago

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  24. Mr Meseeks

    Mr Meseeks

    13 days ago

    Ah, her beautiful laugh makes me wanna pull out my ears and shove them down the sink!

    • Superweinerschnitzel


      11 days ago

      And it's constant

  25. Shane Langley

    Shane Langley

    13 days ago

    You are so much cooler than Tish . o

  26. ACTINUM55


    13 days ago

    Chanel's laugh = 🐬

  27. Shawn Clarkson

    Shawn Clarkson

    13 days ago

    Earth is still flat of course why would it change into a ball flying through space at 500,000 mph 😆that's what you believe Rob? Of while spinning around the sun at 66600mph and spinning at the equater at 1,000mph and flying through the milky way at 1 million miles per hour?? Because that's what mainstream science says. 😆 there is no curvature on the oceans which covers most of it. Plenty of tests have been done with lazers and other instruments.

  28. Isac Quizaman

    Isac Quizaman

    14 days ago

    22:14 😂😂

  29. Aiden Vasquez

    Aiden Vasquez

    14 days ago

    Those are owls

  30. Aiden Vasquez

    Aiden Vasquez

    14 days ago

    Gaffing mean to trick that is what you doing

  31. James N

    James N

    14 days ago

    The popping tile was a heated floor situation gone wrong.

  32. Jimmy Rambo

    Jimmy Rambo

    14 days ago

    That ugly girls,fake laugh ruins it all

  33. Lisa Gibson

    Lisa Gibson

    15 days ago

    9:55 any of this true? Are there ghost on the set of ridiculousness ?

  34. xENasty696x XXX

    xENasty696x XXX

    16 days ago

    That robot made me feel uneasy!

  35. Verdad Hurts

    Verdad Hurts

    16 days ago

    That girl's laugh, I can't stand it!! She's so annoying.

  36. Bishop


    16 days ago

    That one dude puked so much, he made the toilet flush.

    • wally man

      wally man

      11 days ago

      Ha! Noticed that myself! ;)

  37. Moira White

    Moira White

    16 days ago

    Not proud to admit it but I too have puked so much and so hard I would have put that scene in the exorcist to shame. So long and so hard I thought I was going to pass out because I couldn't breathe nor stop to do so.

  38. Saved 1

    Saved 1

    16 days ago

    this is the stupidest show to ever be on tv. they are literally just doing what everyone else does at home and watch youtube videos. except, they replay old crap everyone already saw. what a desperate cry for fame lol

  39. Trevor Miles

    Trevor Miles

    16 days ago

    Miss the Big Guy. You can tell all were good friends, who found something fun to do and make money and take care of their families. RIP

  40. ImpeachObamaASAP2010


    16 days ago

    who decided to dress up an adult in children's clothing? who ever is in charge of the host's wardrobe should quit out of embarrassment

  41. Joey Coppick

    Joey Coppick

    16 days ago

    19:55 sometimes dogs get stuck when they do the deed. Pretty sure that's what happened there

  42. JoeTheStreetz


    17 days ago

    Guest Tyler the Creator looks like an expecting auntie

  43. Xanders Wayne

    Xanders Wayne

    17 days ago

    #HellYeahBrother Dude... How come I didn't realize you were on USgone??!!!... thanks for YT recommendation I can finally heard Channel West Coast her beautiful laugh all day long!!!...👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💯💯💯💯💯💯

    • Xanders Wayne

      Xanders Wayne

      17 days ago

      New subscriber though... 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 great video.

  44. Larry Hillock

    Larry Hillock

    17 days ago

    That laugh is the absolute worst.

  45. Lovely bamboo

    Lovely bamboo

    18 days ago

    666 on the monster drinks is obvious, stupid laughter doesn't mean you just debunked it.

  46. 357 Magnum

    357 Magnum

    18 days ago

    The vaccine mingles ur dna with nephilim DNA

  47. 357 Magnum

    357 Magnum

    18 days ago

    What makes chanel more beautiful than her appearance is her great attitude 😍😍😍

  48. Gregory Kitchens

    Gregory Kitchens

    18 days ago

    Stopped the video when the guy made fun of the woman's appearance. Bullying and body shaming isn't cool.

  49. hamed persian

    hamed persian

    18 days ago

    From Iran love your show since I was 20 years old it's so difficult to watch in iran cuz we need to buy proxy and expensive internet but totally worth it wish one day I could say hi and live chat w ya all

  50. Bankhead 1

    Bankhead 1

    18 days ago

    Can't stand that laugh

  51. Mir Bizzanks

    Mir Bizzanks

    18 days ago

    Her laugh is irritating..takes away from the videos

  52. Raycefan


    18 days ago

    She’s so pretty yet lacks so much common sense

  53. Devin Tompkins

    Devin Tompkins

    18 days ago

    Ok that cackle got old real quick

  54. JACK The All-Seeing Eye

    JACK The All-Seeing Eye

    18 days ago

    What?...no one points out that the MONSTER energy drink logo is the Yiddish for 666?

  55. Stephen Tee

    Stephen Tee

    18 days ago

    I have to turn this program off. Her laugh goes right through me

  56. Joshboston


    18 days ago

    Oh yeah... this show! With the 40-something year old guy that dresses like a 14-year old and the woman that laughs like some weird insect.

  57. graham webb

    graham webb

    18 days ago

    Time travel is real. I just bought a house and when I went inside I was taken back to the 50s

    • Niels Josefsen

      Niels Josefsen

      17 days ago

      Yes it's real, but mine is broken though. It can only go forward and go 1 sec at a time

  58. Scott Leathem

    Scott Leathem

    18 days ago

    Someone shut that dolphin up.

  59. John Wilson

    John Wilson

    18 days ago

    Her laugh is horrible

  60. kaden atyim

    kaden atyim

    18 days ago

    That rope swing is in Austin Texas lol!!!

  61. tonya Cummings

    tonya Cummings

    18 days ago

    I love all Chanel West Coast different looks!

  62. Kevin Flood

    Kevin Flood

    19 days ago

    She is Beautiful xxx

  63. max symons

    max symons

    19 days ago

    Her laugh cuts right through me

  64. David Walker

    David Walker

    19 days ago

    16:38 where did he come from 😂🤣👍

  65. GrangerGaming


    19 days ago

    I Love Chanels Laugh 😂😂💗

  66. Ant Beats

    Ant Beats

    19 days ago

    Chanels laugh is super annoying

  67. Richard Stafne

    Richard Stafne

    19 days ago

    The stupidest thing I have ever seen!

  68. Psicin co

    Psicin co

    19 days ago

    @1:13 She is perfect, I'm in love.

    • Destroyer


      7 days ago


  69. Mike Sokolow

    Mike Sokolow

    19 days ago

    This is the new mtv? No wonder people stopped watching 35 yrs ago, when music quit being part of music tv.

  70. Benjamin Thomas

    Benjamin Thomas

    19 days ago

    16.50 emett brown put a flux capacitor on his bicycle

    • Gary Barnes

      Gary Barnes

      15 days ago

      I can't believe how addicting their show is really great because of the way they get along. Interaction at it's best.



    19 days ago

    the ghost of karen

  72. robert king

    robert king

    19 days ago

    He ripped off Tosh which ripped off the internet. He sucks.

  73. Ben Bennett

    Ben Bennett

    19 days ago

    It must be nice to be Chanel West Coast. Get paid to just watch internet clips and laugh at them. That's all she does. The show would be the exact same if she wasn't there. Sorry Chanel, but you know that's true. But if you can get paid to do that, then good on ya, and keep doing what you're doing.

  74. Lee Gutierrez

    Lee Gutierrez

    19 days ago

    That laugh though 🤢

  75. Christopher


    20 days ago

    the all of a sudden dog has to deal with how the phones recording multiple objects and the shutter effect.

  76. Mark Spencer

    Mark Spencer

    20 days ago

    could be good if they cancel the 3 idiots who try to be funny, and can someone put something in her mouth, that is not laughing that is murder....

  77. blizzunt420e


    20 days ago

    Your female cohost is flipping annoying her laugh is worse than Fran geshier . Please tell her to stay silent . Thanks

  78. Dottie Black

    Dottie Black

    20 days ago

    That rebarbative cackle is like nails to the brain

  79. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler

    20 days ago

    I kinda wanna eat out Chanel

  80. diego Hernandez

    diego Hernandez

    20 days ago

    And the Devil Laughs 1:05

  81. Edgar Poe

    Edgar Poe

    20 days ago

    Ridiculousness is the crack of cable tv.

  82. Samantha Lincoln

    Samantha Lincoln

    20 days ago


    • Dammit I'm mad

      Dammit I'm mad

      18 days ago

      Don't watch it then. Who forces you to?!

  83. yapanm


    20 days ago

    Dziadostwo. Translate if have.

  84. 2010LeeG


    20 days ago

    Michael Catson

  85. Roger That! 10-4

    Roger That! 10-4

    20 days ago

    Not if it's digital.

  86. tylor anderson

    tylor anderson

    20 days ago

    She got haunted by his deliciousness

  87. Pedro Denta

    Pedro Denta

    20 days ago

    Channels face sure has gotten wrecked over the years

  88. Jewish Circumcircle

    Jewish Circumcircle

    20 days ago

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  89. Afdhal Niz

    Afdhal Niz

    20 days ago

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  90. Keith Hopkins

    Keith Hopkins

    20 days ago

    I love the young ladies laugh!

  91. 6av16


    21 day ago

    The ridiculousness of this vid is the laughter of that funny sounding girl......fmd

  92. FrankyboyFloyd


    21 day ago

    Well.... these show hosts, mostly that annoying laugh girl, could not work for the NASA...... Jesus!...

  93. M M

    M M

    21 day ago

    What is that laugh 😂 🤣🤣😂🤣

  94. Hello my name is name

    Hello my name is name

    21 day ago

    Bottoms up and the devil laughs

  95. javier guerrero

    javier guerrero

    21 day ago

    Why does sterling have his hamburger meat hanging out at 9:53 mark

  96. Karen Karume

    Karen Karume

    21 day ago

    yall crack me up bad.... keep up the good work #theghostofkaren hahahaha

  97. Giveit Allyougot

    Giveit Allyougot

    21 day ago

    after 3 minutes of her laugh, i'm good.

    • Cerinaya


      19 days ago

      Yeah her laugh can get pretty grating. I can thankfully tune it out.

  98. Ops- Javier141

    Ops- Javier141

    21 day ago

    No skull cracking I shouldn’t say that hits his back and the head

  99. bikesforlife


    21 day ago

    At first that laughter was okay but just 1 min in and it's impossible to stand it. What a waste!

  100. Keith Weller

    Keith Weller

    22 days ago

    the "alien birds" were owls lol