Riding The Craziest Roller Coaster In England

We went to England's coolest Theme Park... and it was absolutely insane lol

Mates - @Ph1LzA @Wilbur Soot
Edited by Tom & Elodie (@elodiegif on twitter)

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  1. Tom Simons

    Tom Simons

    Month ago

    ONE VLOG A WEEK BABY! its only gonna get more mental from here hahahah. consider subscribing

    • Angel Aguilar

      Angel Aguilar

      20 hours ago

      @Cassidy _ink_harem no

    • Cassidy _ink_harem

      Cassidy _ink_harem

      16 days ago


    • 04_weeb_smp_29


      22 days ago

      Bro isnit wort it

    • Unkn0wn


      28 days ago

      Tommy you would hate Dollywood

    • willow


      29 days ago


  2. V1p3r


    2 minutes ago

    Tommy: We wanna go play the dream smp Wilbur: We are going home Phil: It’s the first ride

  3. Molly Hsu

    Molly Hsu

    5 minutes ago

    Wilbur:'your a child, you just pointed at a stuffed animal and said "dog"' Me: but.... he is a child .,."""

  4. Leafy_artie


    21 minute ago

    "I can take the blade" In pvp? I didnt think so lmao Theres so much high pitched screaming in this 😭 I think tommy really likes georgenotfound

  5. ELder Gaming07

    ELder Gaming07

    26 minutes ago

    Am string Liek bull

  6. Gaming Callen

    Gaming Callen

    31 minute ago

    To go flamingo land in Yorkshire plz do a at flamingo land its in england

  7. Jake142 Yt

    Jake142 Yt

    32 minutes ago

    How is Tommy on that ride his a kid lol

  8. miruna teleaba

    miruna teleaba

    37 minutes ago

    Alternative title: Why Techno is the favorite child

  9. Ahmad Sahak

    Ahmad Sahak

    37 minutes ago


  10. vishveshwar raj soni 7

    vishveshwar raj soni 7

    59 minutes ago

    f in the chat for tommy

  11. margot pepple

    margot pepple

    Hour ago

    Hold on I’ve been on this ride

  12. Fox glass

    Fox glass

    Hour ago

    Tommy need friend that's why he want the dog

  13. Alissa


    Hour ago

    *visits uk just for this theme park to go through each pain that is showcased in this joyride*

  14. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy

    Hour ago

    Wilbur out here being the best damn wingman ever.

  15. Jayden Isaac

    Jayden Isaac

    Hour ago

    yo thats tuff bud

  16. Marie M

    Marie M

    Hour ago

    Will: for l’manburg. Tommy: I-No

  17. x._the_Dsmp_Fan_ .x

    x._the_Dsmp_Fan_ .x

    Hour ago

    I just imagine technoblade commenting just like" DID YOU JUST CALL ME A BIG PIG" 😂

  18. Charlie Sharp

    Charlie Sharp

    Hour ago

    He didn't buy u Clarence 🥲

  19. Ray TPN

    Ray TPN

    2 hours ago

    Watching my favorite USgoners Amusement Park videos are my favorite kind of content, my two favorite USgone videos are this one and Sam and Colby's overnight qt an Amusement Park video

  20. Lily gacha

    Lily gacha

    2 hours ago

    A 6 year old on the blade:😄😄 tommy:😰😱😨AHHHHHHHH! (No hate it was just a litle fun😂)

  21. xxlefty rp

    xxlefty rp

    2 hours ago

    I like how he went through all that just for a rejection

  22. Romel Maurin

    Romel Maurin

    2 hours ago

    hi Tommy I like your videos 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  23. katselfe


    2 hours ago

    8:45 what the hell

  24. Music_Illusion071


    2 hours ago

    7:25 I went on this one in Disneyland- it wasn’t bad lmao

  25. Precious Faith Alabon

    Precious Faith Alabon

    2 hours ago

    All of that trauma for nothing wow

  26. The Reveluv

    The Reveluv

    3 hours ago

    I love how tommy is acting like me when I was 7

  27. Wait what?

    Wait what?

    3 hours ago


  28. ShadowFox 395

    ShadowFox 395

    3 hours ago

    This is no hate comment I really do love you though your videos are amazing

  29. ShadowFox 395

    ShadowFox 395

    3 hours ago

    I'm sorry but if I was personally her I wouldn't date you because I like being single but I hope she likes you I really do and I wanted to know that she better date you or she's dead you're like a literal brother to me and I want you to be happy but if she does not like you or breaks your heart I'll break your neck have a good life and I hope you guys get married in the future by Future brother

  30. Filip kras

    Filip kras

    3 hours ago

    Bro I've been on the skinny water ride but not in the same place

  31. IDontLikeToSpace


    3 hours ago

    That shirt tommy is wearing is awesome, if only there were a cool website to get it on

  32. Filip kras

    Filip kras

    3 hours ago

    The blade is a smaller version of river rocket in illinois six flags

  33. Deanna O'Connor

    Deanna O'Connor

    3 hours ago


  34. Kitana Gaming

    Kitana Gaming

    4 hours ago

    I feel bad for tommy🥲

  35. {AdApAt}


    4 hours ago

    I went on a up down thing at a local carnival- twice

  36. Masked_Gacha01


    4 hours ago

    “no entry? no entry!? zoo wee mama-“ *intense flashbacks to the 3rd grade where was was death over the diary of a whimpy kid books*

  37. Ryan Odland

    Ryan Odland

    4 hours ago

    Holy damn

  38. Ryan Odland

    Ryan Odland

    4 hours ago


  39. Zoe _ Roblox

    Zoe _ Roblox

    4 hours ago

    I Like The Way they Keep Screaming "gogy" XDDDD

  40. Banana_Hammock


    4 hours ago

    Fun fact of The Smiler: The most serious incident occurred on 2 June 2015, when a loaded train collided with an empty test train, causing serious injuries to a number of riders. ... On 27 July 2015, it was stated by Merlin Entertainments chief executive Nick Varney that The Smiler would "not be opening this summer".

  41. Those_kids


    4 hours ago


  42. ꧁BunBun꧂


    5 hours ago

    oh poor tommy ---

  43. Fire bonnie

    Fire bonnie

    5 hours ago

    Finally me and tommy have something similar

  44. Reza Azzarella

    Reza Azzarella

    5 hours ago

    The divergent plier structurally applaud because wren curiously expect round a legal helicopter. wooden, old-fashioned eggnog

  45. Jessica Wells

    Jessica Wells

    5 hours ago

    Oook Tommy it's okay also when you guys were leaving and wil ran into the branches made me laugh pretty hard please don't mind me i have a weird sense of humor

  46. bannana awwmann

    bannana awwmann

    5 hours ago


  47. Aya Mostafa

    Aya Mostafa

    5 hours ago

    Just try wb

  48. Baseball 9 Wolfs

    Baseball 9 Wolfs

    5 hours ago

    Dude why am I shaking? 😰

  49. Kobes T

    Kobes T

    5 hours ago

    he went through all that ... and she didnt even know who he was...[face palm]

  50. sticking4free 2 • 999 years ago

    sticking4free 2 • 999 years ago

    5 hours ago

    If I was Tommy, I would freak out cuz the sniper got into an accident

  51. Persuisix H

    Persuisix H

    5 hours ago

    As someone who has been on a roller coaster that has a 210 foot drop, that goes at 75 mph, 13 times, I can confirm that they are cowards, and its really fun to do stuff like this

  52. Diplodoculus


    5 hours ago

    I went on oblivion and before I went through the drop my life flashed before my eyes

  53. K-Dance Sings

    K-Dance Sings

    6 hours ago

    Tommy: "CLARENCE". Wilbur : * SMACK*

  54. pokeman 1212

    pokeman 1212

    6 hours ago

    Por tomi

  55. ✨ sleepiness ✨

    ✨ sleepiness ✨

    6 hours ago

    i well marry you tommy your funny and kind and more u-u

  56. Timothy Mergenthaler

    Timothy Mergenthaler

    6 hours ago

    @ I love this part

  57. Bby_bella.luv1


    6 hours ago

    6:03 Tommyinnit: PLEASEE

  58. Hello to the person reading this

    Hello to the person reading this

    6 hours ago

    why did the thumbnail remind me of zenitsu- Edit: Why does HE remind me of zenitsu

  59. Ariana


    6 hours ago

    They think those rides are scary i rode orion at kings island and i was less scared than them😅

  60. Mushroom Zoe

    Mushroom Zoe

    6 hours ago

    I’m gonna subscribe cause I feel bad for him

  61. WingThings


    6 hours ago

    Alternate video title: Wilbur scares Tommyinnit for 20 minutes and 14 seconds and Phil tags along

  62. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya

    6 hours ago

    It’s so sad that someone doesn’t like Tommy Like if I wasn’t a Lesbian and I was his age I would slide right into his dms-

  63. Aurora and More

    Aurora and More

    7 hours ago

    Poor tommy I feel bad for u



    7 hours ago


  65. ThatOneRandomKidOnYT


    7 hours ago

    I waved tm u but u missed me :(

  66. Alexander Pacheco

    Alexander Pacheco

    7 hours ago

    Philza telling wilbur “you need to stop” was a classic dad moment

  67. Faith Fuentes

    Faith Fuentes

    7 hours ago

    Tommy looked like he was about to just Break down and cry🥺

  68. aniela•mck14


    7 hours ago

    Wilbur is the best wingman XD

  69. Tsm Ontror

    Tsm Ontror

    7 hours ago

    when you play mc its gay when your outside ur cool :3

  70. Conner Jacobson

    Conner Jacobson

    7 hours ago

    I’m surprised Phil’s old man body is able to withstand all the g forced

  71. Joe-Tom Williams

    Joe-Tom Williams

    8 hours ago

    How come Will can't oblivion

  72. Addy


    8 hours ago

    Whoever: oh you stuck tommy: wait reall- whoever: just kidding Tommy: WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHY

  73. ? Kito Animates ¿

    ? Kito Animates ¿

    8 hours ago

    I would go on this

  74. LionRoar


    8 hours ago

    the closed captions failed to translate

  75. meeks


    8 hours ago

    Video: Tommy getting a girlfriend Philza Da Dad: Insane at video games Wilbur Big bro: The encourager Tommy little bro: get a girlfriend

  76. Madilynn Seidel

    Madilynn Seidel

    8 hours ago

    Me going on all of these rides except the smiler when I was 5 then me doing the smiler when I got tall enough, didn’t whine once

  77. Connor Seaturtle

    Connor Seaturtle

    8 hours ago

    How inconsiderate can you be by risking yourself and other people's bodies at the expense of a video?

  78. Addyson Renner

    Addyson Renner

    8 hours ago

    10:25- it’s true

  79. Iaan Shadow

    Iaan Shadow

    8 hours ago

    14:59 where tommy screams goooogggggyyyyyyy

  80. Lexi The Cat

    Lexi The Cat

    9 hours ago

    Rode the smiler twice in 10 minutes today. Was really fun. Shame about the flooding earlier in the day.

  81. Cem Geylan

    Cem Geylan

    9 hours ago

    What's the music at 8:17

  82. carmelinda posante

    carmelinda posante

    9 hours ago

    #stoptommyabuse tommy we need to get you a few wives tho

  83. Random stuff ;}

    Random stuff ;}

    10 hours ago

    Me and tommy both say “dog”

  84. Martha Galaxy Girl

    Martha Galaxy Girl

    10 hours ago

    I went on all the rides he did and I am just like Tommy I hate roller coasters but I was so disappointed that I didn’t want to go on it after I did it was so much fun

  85. Ev Harris

    Ev Harris

    10 hours ago

    I went through n oblivion and I’m only ten

    • Ev Harris

      Ev Harris

      10 hours ago

      First ride I went on

  86. Alivia_playzz


    10 hours ago

    For the ladies 😏

  87. emerald flames

    emerald flames

    10 hours ago

    not me actually crying at the end

  88. Grinning Honeybeee

    Grinning Honeybeee

    10 hours ago

    He looks like he’s going to break down and cry please I feel so bad- THAT BETTER BE ACTED OR SOMETHING PLEASE

  89. Hylodatus


    10 hours ago

    In case you didn't know The smiler holds the world record for the roller coaster with the most inversions (14)

  90. Phil シ

    Phil シ

    10 hours ago


  91. Antonio Negrea

    Antonio Negrea

    11 hours ago

    Go to 8:46

  92. Anime~Simp


    11 hours ago

    I love how he screamed Gogy on 2 of the rides

  93. pink_moka


    11 hours ago

    Wilbur: you have a good presentege of drowning :me: ... Your lucky I don't know how to swim bc I'm 7 years old

  94. ramzi abbas

    ramzi abbas

    11 hours ago

    absolute reject

  95. Naja Mohoric

    Naja Mohoric

    11 hours ago

    Tommy: being normal snd having crush on gilr Me: 👹🔪 where does this girl lives. Asking for a friend. Please tell me Im not the only one

  96. XxFireball101xX


    11 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed that Tommy’s mask is pink, or am I color blind?

  97. Topnach Cubing

    Topnach Cubing

    11 hours ago

    i need a part 2 where they take the girl on the smiler too

  98. Zayne Razzaq

    Zayne Razzaq

    11 hours ago


  99. Sofie Zippe

    Sofie Zippe

    11 hours ago

    Poor Tommy he Deserves better

  100. Julia Josephson

    Julia Josephson

    11 hours ago

    tommy heres a hint i was just like you wheen i was 9 i HATED rollercoasters but i started small and worked my way up to big also wheen you do big coasters close your eyes on the rail and breath

    • Julia Josephson

      Julia Josephson

      11 hours ago

      that was a hint but now im sad for tommy POOR TOMMY who EVER THE WOMAN WAS IS A JERK TOMMY NEEDS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!