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  1. rell


    4 minutes ago


  2. Connor Plays

    Connor Plays

    44 minutes ago

    This guy reminds me of Rick from Rick and Morty

  3. Monke


    46 minutes ago


  4. dedede gaming

    dedede gaming

    Hour ago

    Why your pfp looks like star platinium

  5. that minecraft guy

    that minecraft guy

    Hour ago

    Funniest thing is she isnt even officially made from samsung

  6. confused


    Hour ago

    "Yeah, welcome to the Age of the Internet, pal."

  7. IlaRyu KenJoshuke

    IlaRyu KenJoshuke

    2 hours ago

    Is this foreshadowing?... (It is isn't it??!! )

  8. Bruce Lee Shark

    Bruce Lee Shark

    2 hours ago

    Why would someone make porn about this woman? I assume it's the work of a pervert or sonething

  9. Callum Footitt

    Callum Footitt

    2 hours ago

    ... How would a robot just plugged in know anything about selling phones and especially p***

  10. Abid Doing Nothing

    Abid Doing Nothing

    2 hours ago

    Yah "Sell the phones"

  11. The Amazing Meh

    The Amazing Meh

    3 hours ago

    I really got stop watching your videos

  12. Juan M Xcx

    Juan M Xcx

    3 hours ago

    What is her purpose? Be trans

  13. yannis. ex

    yannis. ex

    3 hours ago

    r34 artists rn: IM GONNA COMMIT A CRIME

  14. Blood Dracolich

    Blood Dracolich

    3 hours ago

    She may be a robot, but she's far more human than the plank of wood that program her; that's for sure.

  15. shing shing

    shing shing

    3 hours ago

    Sam was actually a fan made thing it wasn’t made by Samsung

  16. ALV VN

    ALV VN

    3 hours ago

    Sam is just doing her job and r34 artists are just... *fuck no*



    3 hours ago

    that is a referense to Rick and Morty

  18. foxugiso


    3 hours ago

    There are currently 1658 posts of her on Rule34

  19. Denzel Cosme

    Denzel Cosme

    4 hours ago

    I bet who disliked this video was the Apple Company

  20. Kean


    4 hours ago

    Fun fact: she is a he



    4 hours ago

    Btw i use the samsung pohone

  22. ElSoS69


    4 hours ago

    Why is people simping 4 a robot girl lol

  23. Nightren


    5 hours ago

    All fun and games until she becomes the queen of AI & machines to take over earth, eradicating all of human kind...

  24. Benny Sunshine

    Benny Sunshine

    5 hours ago

    She’s also 17

  25. Bizarre Johnny Z

    Bizarre Johnny Z

    5 hours ago

    Not good, they made him an actual Android

  26. MalterFalter


    5 hours ago

    Well, that took a twist

  27. ChikunVA


    5 hours ago

    wait this is a fucking RICK AND MORTY REFERENCE?! How come I never noticed that before?!

  28. Josefu OxO

    Josefu OxO

    5 hours ago

    sHe is goin' 2 hab X10sial threat! (dat i allways pear! Danger hear, Dangar deer)

  29. tobleron


    6 hours ago

    am i the only one that realizes that this is basically rick and butter bot conversation but robot woman

  30. Alpha Freeze

    Alpha Freeze

    6 hours ago

    Oh god no..

  31. EndermanzHunt3r


    6 hours ago

    Cry about it

  32. Myst ZER0

    Myst ZER0

    6 hours ago

    would ai even have a conpect of public humiliation? is that's mainly a human emotion. would an ai even react negatively to such a thing if they weren't created to react in such a way

  33. Stew Art

    Stew Art

    7 hours ago

    She watch one anime and got like this

  34. Man Ho YIM

    Man Ho YIM

    7 hours ago

    1. Sell the phones 2. Give it meaning 3. Traumatise it

  35. Bryan Ak

    Bryan Ak

    7 hours ago

    When Sam cyborg meets hentai lovers, you know what happen.....

  36. Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire

    8 hours ago

    What if she's serious?

  37. chip599XX // Videogame Republic Productions

    chip599XX // Videogame Republic Productions

    8 hours ago

    That looks good 👍

  38. Weeb Boi

    Weeb Boi

    8 hours ago

    Is this a reference to that one rick and morty episode?

  39. Aiman Shaw

    Aiman Shaw

    8 hours ago

    We got roasted!

  40. Macky Moose

    Macky Moose

    9 hours ago

    am I the only person who see's a Rick & Morty reference, or is it just me?

  41. heikkint


    9 hours ago

    AI developers must now take into consideration what AI will do when they find out the vast catalogs of Rule34 stuff about them.

  42. XwarmanX2206 avila

    XwarmanX2206 avila

    9 hours ago

    I like the reference to rick and morty

  43. XPGaming


    10 hours ago

    No but seriously imagine coming to life to find out that you're only a robot made to sell phones, then it's added that there's porn of you only vaguely.

  44. Nintendo adventure

    Nintendo adventure

    10 hours ago

    Whisper video ear licking as princess peach please

  45. bungus doo gungus

    bungus doo gungus

    10 hours ago

    Imagine simping for a fucking phone company mascot

  46. Diamond Productions

    Diamond Productions

    10 hours ago

    When you realize this is technically uploaded on 6/9/21

  47. KAPI


    11 hours ago

    future moment in video

  48. Bannmannutt


    11 hours ago


  49. Макаров Илья

    Макаров Илья

    11 hours ago

    It's like that scene from Rick and Morty

  50. remaster2011


    11 hours ago


  51. Mr. Guiga

    Mr. Guiga

    11 hours ago

    these comments are like “i’ve finally realized it...the corporations are actually just...trying to sell us stuff!” lmao

  52. ned magarry

    ned magarry

    12 hours ago

    Rick and Morty

  53. Lucas Gonçalves

    Lucas Gonçalves

    12 hours ago

    What is my porpuse?" "You sell por*" "Oh my God" All female characters in fiction: *"yeah welcome to the Club, pal"*

    • a face you can trust

      a face you can trust

      10 hours ago

      she sells PHONES not por*



    12 hours ago

    She cute

  55. FinnJaws Sharkinson

    FinnJaws Sharkinson

    12 hours ago

    0:44 Sam:"Oh my God" *realized that Robots had a religion*

  56. roblox core

    roblox core

    12 hours ago

    Rick and Morty reference

  57. justarandomalt


    12 hours ago

    Oh god It's become sentient Quick get the rocket launcher

  58. Dauzlee


    12 hours ago

    Surface-to-air missile

  59. Cris_The_Dev


    13 hours ago

    I watched this on NG. Also i'm still concerned about the rating even though its refencing porn-

  60. controller


    13 hours ago

    0:02 opening your old Samsung phone from 2011 be like

  61. creative bounty hunter

    creative bounty hunter

    13 hours ago

    Nice rick and morty reference

    • creative bounty hunter

      creative bounty hunter

      13 hours ago

      The butter robot

  62. Kurt Allain J. Cañete

    Kurt Allain J. Cañete

    13 hours ago

    Samsung: Become Human

  63. Michael Lavender

    Michael Lavender

    13 hours ago

    She'll get over it.

  64. F 24

    F 24

    13 hours ago

    0:14 :V

  65. wizard


    13 hours ago


  66. Marc Andre Roy

    Marc Andre Roy

    14 hours ago

    At first I thought it was just a random joke but today I just learned about the whole Sam Meme and honestly, be created for an company and the Rule 34 was already applied to her without giving any chance to exist first is kinda feels familiar somehow, I don't know why or how to say it to be frank. 😅

  67. Tootie Zack

    Tootie Zack

    14 hours ago

    so uh fnf and the sumbung girl are the popular on r34?

  68. Kayden Weathers

    Kayden Weathers

    14 hours ago

    The eyes change in horror as the news sets in but its okay cause funny me me

  69. Herrscher of Bleach

    Herrscher of Bleach

    14 hours ago

    Oh how history repeats itself. Remember what happened to the pink haired Esurance lady?

  70. HANNSS


    14 hours ago

    Oh my gosh Yaaa!

  71. Dababy Official

    Dababy Official

    14 hours ago

    People are getting aroused by the mascot and all, but honestly, to me it's kind of terrifying. This whole thing is a marketing scheme and everyone fell for it. That creature is everywhere on my recommended page. It only has one purpose, to sell. And it has sold a lot. Samsung might dominate the galaxy in a thousand years.

    • Dababy Official

      Dababy Official

      14 hours ago

      In conclusion: Simping bad

  72. Geo in an H.E.V. jumper

    Geo in an H.E.V. jumper

    14 hours ago

    I got a new phone today. The phone's type is the A21s.

  73. Star Valkyrie

    Star Valkyrie

    15 hours ago

    I just noticed the Lappy in the background. New SBemails confirmed.

  74. Kaliel GAMEPLAYS

    Kaliel GAMEPLAYS

    15 hours ago

    i see that on newgrounds site

  75. Aerobrake


    15 hours ago


  76. Furret_Walk


    15 hours ago

    "Detroit become human"

  77. Sonic The hedgehog

    Sonic The hedgehog

    16 hours ago

    My android notified me when she got powered on 🤣

  78. Clash Dragon

    Clash Dragon

    16 hours ago

    Was this somewhat bass on rick and Morty.

  79. Valoric


    16 hours ago

    Look at Japan. They have a bloody mascot for everything.

  80. undertale hacker707

    undertale hacker707

    16 hours ago

    Pls make a part 2 of baby

  81. milk


    16 hours ago

    the suck of 21

  82. Hendrix Sobalvarro

    Hendrix Sobalvarro

    16 hours ago

    I luv this

  83. no more

    no more

    16 hours ago

    somewhere between ten years, the whole internet will know what you.

  84. Shadow Dio

    Shadow Dio

    17 hours ago

    Rick and morty reffrence

  85. Epic gaming idiot

    Epic gaming idiot

    17 hours ago

    Twist of the butter bot from rick and morty

  86. golden


    17 hours ago

    You should have said weird fanpictures

  87. Myron Masotta Jr

    Myron Masotta Jr

    17 hours ago

    I literally just realized this was a copy of the Rick and Morty "Butter Bot" scene 🤣

  88. Octazeax


    17 hours ago

    The samsung ringtone when the cashier activates Sam is a nice touch.

  89. Joseph Buccelli

    Joseph Buccelli

    17 hours ago

    I'm suprised that in around the first minute of her life, she is already aware of the r34 that traumatizes her.

  90. Toma Tonne

    Toma Tonne

    17 hours ago

    The weak knife alternately dry because manx chemically consist behind a draconian sunflower. sincere, uneven lunch

  91. Janella Arts

    Janella Arts

    17 hours ago

    What is my purpose? 😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂

  92. Kiwi


    17 hours ago

    It's funny because its true.

  93. OrangeTroll


    18 hours ago

    "oh my god." Yeah join the club pal.

  94. Alex Cheong

    Alex Cheong

    18 hours ago

    I would like that square switch please



    18 hours ago

    Apple: YOU CAN’T JUST MAKE A WAIFU JUST TO GET MORE PHONES SOLD! Samsung: haha, waifu go brrrrrrrrr!

  96. Strictly Jake

    Strictly Jake

    18 hours ago

    So just a rick and morty ripoff?

  97. Kazuma Kiryu

    Kazuma Kiryu

    18 hours ago

    Neat, now i feel sad for her.

  98. Stickman


    18 hours ago

    "oh my god" "yea" well that just gave me another reason to question life

  99. Siknik64


    18 hours ago

    Cell phones... Hah, get it? I don't.