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  1. JustJoon


    3 hours ago

    Plastic Surgeons before: Fixing wounded people's faces Plastic surgery now: "Yeah, I want a big ass and a The Weeknd style"

  2. apex 0000

    apex 0000

    3 hours ago

    Plastic surgery was made in ww1 but very crude

  3. King Stupid III

    King Stupid III

    16 hours ago

    During the Iraq War U.S. troops had to kill the majority of people they found because the Sadam Militia was using suicide bombers dressed in civilian clothing. Truly shocking



    17 hours ago

    No no plastic surgery was made in india long ago

  5. Adelisa Mujkanovic

    Adelisa Mujkanovic

    17 hours ago

    So if Hitler's nephew go a purple heart....does that mean he was an army?😂😂😂💜💜

  6. Sarabjeet Singh

    Sarabjeet Singh

    Day ago

    Plastic surgery was created in 1000BC by an Indian doctor named Sushruta.

  7. Crispychickn951


    Day ago

    Imagine getting killed by cheese

  8. Hxileybuilds


    Day ago

    I knew abt the third one from school

  9. Amber Martinez

    Amber Martinez

    Day ago

    Adolf hitler:bad Other hitler:imma just do this

  10. Pranav Pradeep

    Pranav Pradeep

    Day ago

    plastic surgery was actually invented in ancient india.

  11. FlameYT


    Day ago

    On the list of most evil people, Ms Vegan donut is #2

  12. Cleusa Coutinho

    Cleusa Coutinho

    Day ago

    wait more Paraguay didn't win this battle

  13. Codex9 Gaming

    Codex9 Gaming

    Day ago

    A century ago it was wounded soldiers, rather than celebrities, getting the latest plastic surgery. The First World War saw a huge rise in the number of drastic facial injuries. Surgeon Harold Gillies developed a new method of facial reconstructive surgery in 1917. His work marked the dawn of plastic surgery as we know it today.

  14. Boco Is here

    Boco Is here

    Day ago

    It’s nice to know he went the opposite way

  15. Dr Squatch

    Dr Squatch

    Day ago

    Took food fight to a whole motherfucking level

  16. U


    2 days ago

    Wtf , plastic surgery was being performed from thousands of yrs ago 🤣🤣

  17. Xcrozz


    2 days ago

    Hitler was bad. But UK was also bad. I'll describe it in one word: Homophobics

  18. matej Kufa

    matej Kufa

    2 days ago

    Shoot the cheeeeeeeese!

  19. Sukriti Singh

    Sukriti Singh

    2 days ago

    Bro the first ever plastic surgery was done by Susruta, mentioned it in his book - 'Susruta Samahita'. Rhinoplasty was world's first plastic surgery ever done!!



    2 days ago

    Unsubscribe this shit . Giving fake information. Lol dumb.

  21. Calvin candie's ghost

    Calvin candie's ghost

    3 days ago

    Plastic surgery was being done in india hundreds of years before WW2 by Sushruta

  22. Veneno Gaming

    Veneno Gaming

    3 days ago

    Plastic surgery thing is absolutely not true...Unsbacribed

  23. Null Blau

    Null Blau

    3 days ago

    Plastic surgery was invented in WW1 not 2

  24. Some Kiddo

    Some Kiddo

    3 days ago

    So about the marines in the Korean war. After they got sent the tootsie roll delivery, they melted it in their mouths and used it as a fix for the broken pipes on their tanks.

  25. Skittle


    3 days ago

    " sir were run out of ammunition, what do we do?" "what are you eating there?" "ummmm, cheesestale?" "Hmmmmmm" "Oh No."

  26. Whit Cornett

    Whit Cornett

    3 days ago

    Uruguay has milk

  27. Azreal


    3 days ago

    Do everyone a favor and get rid of the close up. Your hair looks like an orphan Annie wig. Stock footage is MUCH better than your face.

  28. cold war veteran

    cold war veteran

    3 days ago

    I feel like the plastic surgery fact was in ww1



      2 days ago

      Oh hello the first plastic surgeon was sage shushruta in 800bc . Go learn something

  29. Craig Kennedy

    Craig Kennedy

    3 days ago

    Get a haircut PLEASE!!!! PAINFUL TO WATCH.

  30. Dylanhder


    3 days ago

    Why can't Hitler's cousin kill him

  31. Dylanhder


    3 days ago

    Why can't why couldn't they not teach about the steel cheese ball thing

  32. the inter7city fan 2

    the inter7city fan 2

    3 days ago

    Plastic surgery was made in WW1 just saying



      2 days ago

      Oh hello plastic surgery was first invented in 800bc and not in ww1, this shit is giving fake news

  33. Rajdwip Poddar

    Rajdwip Poddar

    4 days ago

    Plastic surgery was actually invented in India don't spread fake facts

  34. Vicente Guzman paredes

    Vicente Guzman paredes

    4 days ago

    How he pronounce Uruguay you ru guai



    4 days ago

    This guy: Plastic Surgery was made during WWll India: am I a joke to You?

  36. T R

    T R

    4 days ago

    Plastic surgery was WWI not WWII



      2 days ago

      No you idiot I was in 800bc in india

  37. Osama Ban Halen

    Osama Ban Halen

    4 days ago

    They thought us all of these



    4 days ago

    Plastic surgery was invented in india

  39. walter man guy dude

    walter man guy dude

    4 days ago

    The tootsie roll thing he got totally wrong lol

  40. Frans Tilly

    Frans Tilly

    4 days ago

    Slogoman's brother

  41. SAD Shadoøw

    SAD Shadoøw

    4 days ago

    They actually used the tootsie rolls to repair the holes/cracks in their weapons and other tools

  42. Dipto Sarker

    Dipto Sarker

    4 days ago

    Isn't cosmetic surgery like older? Like a sage name Susrute invented the surgery? People who watched Sam O' Nella would get me.

  43. Scary_Storm 123

    Scary_Storm 123

    4 days ago

    I did not know that thanks

  44. Luiz Bidin

    Luiz Bidin

    4 days ago

    The Brasil one is true I learnd in School

  45. devnand


    4 days ago

    Surgery - please study about Charaka and Sushruta from india

  46. Flynn Zero

    Flynn Zero

    4 days ago

    And who new the left would adopt Hitlers ideals.

  47. Aman Thakur

    Aman Thakur

    5 days ago

    Bro plz check your facts the plastic surgery is first practiced in india by "Susruta" he teached his knowledge to everyone! To west also!

  48. a furry in a hazmat suit v.s everything

    a furry in a hazmat suit v.s everything

    5 days ago

    Adolf Hitler facts part 2...... Did you know that the wife Hitler probably forced her to marry him was a Jew? Not many people know this because they're blinded by the fact mostly that he kills them, tbh he was probably blinded by her beauty,

  49. Cognition Gnosis

    Cognition Gnosis

    5 days ago

    Actually plastic surgery was invented centuries ago by Arabs not during world War two.

  50. Martin


    5 days ago

    I love how people always ignore that the communist Stalin and Mao Zedong kill millions more than hitler, ruled longer, had worse policies and left a larger scar on the world that lasts to this day

  51. Tariq Usman

    Tariq Usman

    5 days ago

    School is useless lol

  52. Distant


    5 days ago

    With operation tootsie rolls this actually saved the Soldiers as thy where running low on artillery and then the buggy broke and they used chewed tootsie rolls as a putty to temporarily fix the buggy

  53. Veil Of Nightmares

    Veil Of Nightmares

    5 days ago

    They took "Throw the cheese" to a whole new level.

  54. Yuvraj Sharma

    Yuvraj Sharma

    5 days ago

    No plastic surgery was created in India thousands of years before that

  55. abel bramley the music and gaming guy

    abel bramley the music and gaming guy

    5 days ago

    my teacher taught me all of this

  56. Grim DevilDog

    Grim DevilDog

    6 days ago

    School also didn't teach us that Hitler was a Rothschild....

  57. Destroy the child Corrupt them all

    Destroy the child Corrupt them all

    6 days ago

    There's also plastic surgery in WW1

  58. LEO momoeda

    LEO momoeda

    6 days ago

    As a Brazillian, i dead cheese now

  59. ThatsPerty


    6 days ago

    Hitler is against anothwr hitler



    6 days ago

    Sorry you have got the fact about plastic surgery wrong. It was first done by sushruta who was Indian surgeon.

  61. deer


    6 days ago

    What's a purple Heart mean?



    6 days ago

    Plastic surgery was created in India way back in 800BC

  63. Knight of ullr 23

    Knight of ullr 23

    6 days ago

    Hey one time a Spanish and English boats where fighting and the Spanish lost and the crew washed up in ireland hungry at the time the irish killed and ate the crew of the ship but some escaped

  64. ThatOne86


    6 days ago

    Uruguay be like - yeet the cheese



    6 days ago

    plastic surgery was created way before world war in india

  66. Vincenzo


    7 days ago

    You misspeled. The battle was betwen PARAGUAY and Brazil... But you said Uruguay.

  67. troll nation

    troll nation

    7 days ago

    Fake news AH is not an evil or bad man and was only doing gods work.

  68. BLAZE


    7 days ago

    Oh no aliens, THROW THE CHEEEEEESE

  69. Elton Smith

    Elton Smith

    7 days ago

    A half nephew? Must be a European thing.

  70. MightySpark


    7 days ago

    Uruguay ftw 🥵

  71. Seraphic Mukesh Kumar Mishra

    Seraphic Mukesh Kumar Mishra

    7 days ago

    You are wrong about plastic surgery,. Plastic surgery was successfully done by the maharsi Susrut of India , and he is the father of plastic surgery. Get your facts right plz.

  72. Indominus Rex

    Indominus Rex

    7 days ago

    Do a gaming channel and stop pointing to the sky

  73. Rinkle


    8 days ago

    A. plastic surgery was invented in India long long long ago (they did nose jobs very similar to how we do today ) bro your showing pictures of World War I that's when the first extreme plastic surgery and facial Prosthetics where invented..bro come on

  74. iRBZ S.

    iRBZ S.

    8 days ago

    U got some interesting fact bro👍👍👍

  75. Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill

    8 days ago

    It was ww1

  76. UpToDateMemes


    8 days ago

    Plastic surgery was first widely used by the British during and after WW1 but the Indians have been doing it for MUCH longer

  77. tony baloney

    tony baloney

    8 days ago

    Plastic surgery has been an on going thing since war began. Took off after the Civil War then WW1 and WW2. We want our heroes to look good. The worst war movie, for showing the real horror of war is Johnny Got His Gun. Watch it if you dare

  78. Aleyyonelil Yöntressij

    Aleyyonelil Yöntressij

    8 days ago

    Why the fake deep voice though?

  79. Lonsco -

    Lonsco -

    8 days ago

    Operator: tootsie rolls? You got it!!! *somehow gets massive amount of tootsie rolls shipped to troops in battle with no questions being raised*

  80. Lil Dog

    Lil Dog

    8 days ago

    More like cool war facts

  81. Brandin Clayton

    Brandin Clayton

    8 days ago

    I really don't believe the tootsie roll thing cause just why!?

  82. Spongebob


    8 days ago

    I think this story is true but in WW1 a soldier for the Americans saw a man hurt walking over to them and the guy lifted his gun and pointed it at him but it felt weird so he looked around and when he saw no one was looking he lowered his gun and the injured man shook his head to thank him and walked back and the guy felt weird about it and apparently that guy he didn’t shoot was Adolf Hitler

  83. One Dashing HotDog

    One Dashing HotDog

    8 days ago

    🧹 😏

  84. Steven Bugal

    Steven Bugal

    8 days ago

    Shut the fuck up man Russia killed over 3 times the amount of its own nation than hitler

  85. dave ogilvie

    dave ogilvie

    8 days ago

    WW1 on the plastic surgery, and the tootsie roll came in handy for gun shot wounds... Good stuff bub!

  86. AJ!!!!


    9 days ago

    U look like slogoman

  87. Naomi FijiYT

    Naomi FijiYT

    9 days ago

    Damn so literally his own nephew is better then him damn that’s like the best thing ever 😂

    • Brandon S

      Brandon S

      23 hours ago

      @Slappy why you so worked up about a small grammatical error

    • Slappy


      4 days ago

      Then and than are different words with different meanings, genius.

  88. iiHawkMentality


    9 days ago

    fun fact abt wwi (not that shocking but i will just say it) the guy who assassinated archduke of the austria-hungary empire, gavrilo princip, was just going to get a sandwich but he just changed his mind and assassinate the archduke and the archdukes wife

  89. dio joestar

    dio joestar

    9 days ago

    they used it to fix tanks ( tootsie roll

  90. Beea Eidels

    Beea Eidels

    9 days ago

    What shocks me is that most Americans have no idea that Nazi literally means National German SOCIALIST Party. Some of them refer to the Right wing Party in America as “Nazis”, which is hilariously naive if you know anything about world history, Republicans, and the Nazi Party. It was the Nazis that made Germans give up their Right to own a gun, and it was the Nazis that started arresting people for saying things they didn’t like. They also held marches to protest Capitalism in Germany, and Hitler actually said “the Jewish people are greedy Capitalist right wingers”. Propaganda can be born of absolute stupidity sometimes, the sad part is that so many fall for something so dumb because it makes them feel better about whatever they’re supporting. They’d rather feel better and be naive, than admit to being wrong, and change their mind about something.

  91. Parl Kilkington

    Parl Kilkington

    9 days ago

    Hitler's brother lived in Liverpool UK and was married and enjoyed family life there. Before Hitler was the f*ckin nutcase he became, he himself used to go stay with his brother in Liverpool and liked England.

  92. The Blue lightning Production house

    The Blue lightning Production house

    9 days ago

    Fact: plastic surgery was invented in India during pre medival period 💙🙏🏻

  93. PorcoDaNet


    9 days ago


  94. Kane Parker

    Kane Parker

    9 days ago


  95. Lil Harley Quinn

    Lil Harley Quinn

    9 days ago

    I had a dry sneeze-

  96. Nightmare Fredbear

    Nightmare Fredbear

    9 days ago

    Yep bois. People died cause of cheese.

  97. Upasana Trivedi

    Upasana Trivedi

    9 days ago

    Plastic surgery was actually invented by sushutra (ancient Indian doctor) the reason was also to fix the noses and faces of the soldiers after war

  98. Ooga Booga

    Ooga Booga

    9 days ago

    Imagine losing to cheese

  99. Fxllen_Angels


    10 days ago

    Ik the tootsie roll one