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SIBLINGS vs ONLY CHILD ... Little siblings are the easiest to bribe into doing all your chores!

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Siblings are told to take out the trash by their mom, then the only child is asked by her mom to take out the trash.


  1. YouTube


    10 days ago

    The accuracy🤣

    • Zachu Ray Cabahug

      Zachu Ray Cabahug

      4 days ago

      Lessssgooo I found youtube's comment, for the past many years I finally found it

    • Tricky Slayer

      Tricky Slayer

      5 days ago

      Wow a comment from USgone. But for real the only child one is accurate af

    • LoopsTroopsThe2


      5 days ago


    • Elisha


      5 days ago

      Omg yt

    • TheJetMan750


      5 days ago


  2. Stephanie Pogue

    Stephanie Pogue

    14 minutes ago

    The disrespect I'm a only child we dont get every thing handed to us why say we do like really

  3. very tired

    very tired

    Hour ago

    hahaha nah only children are forced to do it this ain't right

  4. Blu DaWolf

    Blu DaWolf

    2 hours ago

    Wish my mom was like the only child mom I'm an only child and only get treated like garbage when I do quite a bit around here

  5. cherry blossom

    cherry blossom

    2 hours ago

    Siri correct you Brianna but I think that's the youngest child

  6. Sajna Begum

    Sajna Begum

    2 hours ago

    I’m the oldest and I have to do more chores🥲🥲🥲

  7. Sunjida Ahmed

    Sunjida Ahmed

    2 hours ago

    Me: Being the only child this relatable 😌😁✨✨

  8. Dani Nathaniel

    Dani Nathaniel

    2 hours ago

    Me being an only child it is so realistic I swear it’s creepy also when I take out the trash before my mom wakes up she gives me a slight clear with a smile soooo

  9. 리바이 애커만

    리바이 애커만

    2 hours ago

    so true🤣

  10. feeny weeny

    feeny weeny

    2 hours ago

    I do that with my little brother but give him a penny and he’s so happy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. one addition

    one addition

    2 hours ago

    As the oldest child, I accept this stereotype.

  12. °l i l y°

    °l i l y°

    2 hours ago

    the only child is me and my mom and dad i say i will do it but then *mad* so thats how i give up from that 😌 im not the only child i have 2 siblings im the younger

  13. CrxyingSumi


    2 hours ago

    The only child one us me my mom had texted me saying she was going to clean my room before I get back home like omg and then when I wanna buy something with my money she’s like aren’t you gonna scan it with the other stuff and I saw no an she’s like no just do it and we get in the car and she over handing me like $40 then putting $30 in my account like bruh be a only child like being your moms life it precious

  14. Gon Freecs

    Gon Freecs

    2 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that she grabbed the towel in the beginning

  15. The Wolf

    The Wolf

    2 hours ago

    I am not only child but my best friend is when I hear him on the phone his mom is telling him to do almost everything in the house

  16. Alberto paguro

    Alberto paguro

    2 hours ago

    The middle child is me and my mom and my sister the sister eating the chips my mom saying to take the trash out when it’s not full and me have to take that trash out😤😤😤

  17. Backsans 21

    Backsans 21

    2 hours ago

    I’m an only child wish it worked that way

  18. Gahana Gautam

    Gahana Gautam

    2 hours ago

    Excuseeeeee me !!!!!!!! THAT IS NOT THE SCENARIO WITH " only child" its actuallly very very different 😏😒

  19. ★SophiaPanda★


    2 hours ago

    Lol my big brother

  20. CallMeMermaid_YT


    3 hours ago

    The middle child is me giving money or anything and making my sister do ny chores

  21. °Brittany Olson°

    °Brittany Olson°

    3 hours ago

    I miss being the only child

  22. Jack Springs

    Jack Springs

    3 hours ago

    Where did the second trash bad come from? I MUST KNOW!

  23. Oi Oi

    Oi Oi

    3 hours ago

    It’s all fun and games being the only child until your mom starts emotionally abusing you

  24. My Random Thoughts

    My Random Thoughts

    3 hours ago

    what that shirt called I want it

  25. Pixieplays


    3 hours ago

    The only child one is wrong

  26. gamerboy


    3 hours ago

    You have noooo idea what being an only child is like your about 5 million years away from being correct about the only child

  27. sniper monkey

    sniper monkey

    4 hours ago

    That last one ain't true but the rest are

  28. Insert Name Here

    Insert Name Here

    4 hours ago

    Not all only children, but some of them are bratty

  29. Twana Stanley

    Twana Stanley

    4 hours ago

    The only child

  30. Twana Stanley

    Twana Stanley

    4 hours ago

    That's me

  31. ★༓☾𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 𝕐𝕋☽༓★

    ★༓☾𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 𝕐𝕋☽༓★

    4 hours ago

    Dude people doesn't really know about the only child I do all of chores and my mom burned my hand with steaming hot water cause I got a D in my test at third grade

  32. Clownie’s Carnival

    Clownie’s Carnival

    4 hours ago

    “I SAID I INSIST” why so aggressive?😭

  33. Elijah Schubick

    Elijah Schubick

    4 hours ago

    Always like your videos sorry i

  34. Mew Mew Samurai

    Mew Mew Samurai

    4 hours ago

    Me an only child: I- uh my mom gets mad at me when I don't take the trash out and also she gets annoyed when I'm in my room too much

  35. Lion Gaming193

    Lion Gaming193

    4 hours ago

    Being the only child its relatble

  36. Brooke Liber

    Brooke Liber

    4 hours ago

    I am a only child lol

  37. luna


    4 hours ago

    Omg me when I was the only child 😢 now I am the oldest

  38. Da real SkidTheSkeleton

    Da real SkidTheSkeleton

    5 hours ago

    I’m an only child this is inaccurate

  39. skfamily sk

    skfamily sk

    5 hours ago

    I'm an only child my I'm def if i don't throw the trash ;-;

  40. Sodapop Curtis

    Sodapop Curtis

    5 hours ago

    Man I wish that’s how the only child worked🥲💀

  41. Funtime Foxy Fan 영원히

    Funtime Foxy Fan 영원히

    5 hours ago

    Then she be like “I always to everything in this household!”

  42. Joao P De Sousa

    Joao P De Sousa

    5 hours ago

    I am a single child and my mom is strict as hell

  43. Yellow


    5 hours ago

    Is that a Minecraft tnt block in the background on the shelf above the sink

  44. John F Kennedy

    John F Kennedy

    5 hours ago

    Why did you stop being a nurse?

  45. Bubble Pop

    Bubble Pop

    5 hours ago

    No literally before my mom got pregnant with my little sister she was just like that how the only child is it’s crazy how accurate that was

  46. DC SN

    DC SN

    5 hours ago

    my whole life as an only child is a lie

  47. Mason Singleton

    Mason Singleton

    5 hours ago


  48. Svetlana Moldokulova

    Svetlana Moldokulova

    5 hours ago

    I’m an only child and people treat me like 95% the same way 👏👏

  49. Felipe Arroyo

    Felipe Arroyo

    6 hours ago

    Im oldest child ik how it fills lol

  50. RemRoo S

    RemRoo S

    6 hours ago

    Me as an only child I’m in my room 24 seven so my parents just do everything for me and they never asked me to do anything because I know I’m going to head to my room back after I only come out at like dinner and get a drink and then I’m just back to watching USgone

  51. Sunny Bunny

    Sunny Bunny

    6 hours ago

    Same but it's the middle and the oldest swapped

  52. squeezy Bread

    squeezy Bread

    6 hours ago

    This makes me wish I was a only child

  53. Ariel Chun

    Ariel Chun

    7 hours ago


  54. TinMan BuckTwoMin

    TinMan BuckTwoMin

    7 hours ago

    Being an only child. Yeah no I need to take out the trash sadly but it's keeps me from being lazy so I think it's kinda good so yeah idk

  55. Kyle Taylor

    Kyle Taylor

    7 hours ago

    As the oldest and only child I can confirm this is true- it’s confusing

  56. Jacob Stanton

    Jacob Stanton

    7 hours ago

    No no, no wrong wrong wrong the oldest has to do it the middle child either has a choice or asks the oldest child and the youngest if they do it there praised like a good or they don't have to it at all but my dad does it now so meh Btw I'm the old kid out of the siblings I live with so

  57. Abigail Nimaro

    Abigail Nimaro

    7 hours ago


  58. DS1 Knox

    DS1 Knox

    7 hours ago

    That’s offensive to me my best friend is a only child😥😥🥺🥺

  59. Ricardo Samorio

    Ricardo Samorio

    8 hours ago

    Ok this on inaccurate cause im an only child and my mom doesn't insist in taking out the trash i just take out the trash when its full or when my mom told me too

  60. Queenjuliana


    8 hours ago

    That’s not true that never happens when your an only child

  61. S.P Says

    S.P Says

    8 hours ago

    I'm the middle child and I'm the quite one and I do listen to my parents when I do my chores

  62. XxAsha _Not_FoundxX

    XxAsha _Not_FoundxX

    9 hours ago

    Me as the youngest child: ....

  63. darkArt Queen

    darkArt Queen

    9 hours ago

    I'm an oly child and I have to do all the chores

  64. Galaxy


    9 hours ago

    The only child one is true for the first 5 years of their life

  65. Fire Wolf

    Fire Wolf

    9 hours ago

    “I said I insist” yup that is my mother at times.

  66. Ami Hoang

    Ami Hoang

    9 hours ago

    Where are the camera s

  67. Kellara Dooley

    Kellara Dooley

    9 hours ago

    My little sister loves ur content and u

  68. Aubrey


    10 hours ago

    Im guessing you have siblings 😀

  69. Lissa Kurcak

    Lissa Kurcak

    10 hours ago

    Nope ik the youngest and i dont do that only if i get mc for tonight XD

  70. 𝓳ꪖꪀ𝓳ꪖꪀ-𝘴ꪖꪀ


    10 hours ago

    That’s not how being the only child works, at all. I can have everything that makes me happy taken away because I didn’t empty the dishwasher.

  71. Ever_Red_Angel


    10 hours ago

    My older brother was the favourite… it’s funny because I can do more stuff than him… but he turns 19 in a month and I’m 6 years younger than him

  72. Reya Patsalides Roblox

    Reya Patsalides Roblox

    10 hours ago

    I am an only child and i do not get treated like this it doesn’t depend on the number of children it depends on the parents and how they want to treat their children

  73. •halo the angel •

    •halo the angel •

    10 hours ago

    I’m the only child and uhm my mom or dad takes the trash out

  74. Vhexp


    11 hours ago

    Wtf is this

  75. Lunar Star

    Lunar Star

    11 hours ago

    Me an only child: that was not accurate. Its a lot more like the oldest sibling

  76. Wolf_man3912


    11 hours ago

    Me: “being only child” Also me: *if only life could be like this*

  77. MendyLeyla


    11 hours ago

    So not true. It's hard to be an only child. U don't have sibling to annoy or play with all your childhood and all the house work is on you. You can't even pay of a little sibling if you are not in the mood. 🤣🤣

  78. Lily rose

    Lily rose

    11 hours ago

    The only child wishes

  79. The Pineapplewolf

    The Pineapplewolf

    11 hours ago


  80. Roblox kids!

    Roblox kids!

    11 hours ago

    My brother is actually literally the middle child and he also scams me out of my money too

  81. Ashley Ellis

    Ashley Ellis

    11 hours ago

    Me being an only child: This is not true for the only child one but I love your content

  82. Brooklyn Odom

    Brooklyn Odom

    11 hours ago

    I’m an only child and that is not true at all!!

  83. Fingers and bloxburg

    Fingers and bloxburg

    11 hours ago

    I am a only child and I get screamed at to take the trash oct

  84. spaghetti plays

    spaghetti plays

    11 hours ago

    I'm technically an only child in my life and anything like that only child

  85. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook

    12 hours ago

    That is NOT how being the only child works haha, I have to do all the chores without any siblings to lessen the work load haha

  86. Ellie W

    Ellie W

    12 hours ago

    That’s not how being annoying only child works we get just as much work done and stuff as poeple witjbsiblings

  87. Otterpopp


    13 hours ago

    Girl the only child is not true at all

  88. K-Khloe


    14 hours ago

    I can really tell that your not an only child not gonna lie

  89. qlamouroki


    14 hours ago

    is nobody gonna talk about the older sibling also taking the towel to throw away 💀

  90. lia keir

    lia keir

    14 hours ago

    Me being the first and the second lol

  91. Aesthetic Arts

    Aesthetic Arts

    15 hours ago

    Me, an only child: *as if*

  92. Kill You

    Kill You

    15 hours ago

    Why you take the towel with the trash

  93. Kim Molina

    Kim Molina

    15 hours ago

    *Me that has to do it as the youngest* 🥲

  94. OooOoO GOn

    OooOoO GOn

    16 hours ago

    As me being a only child that is not true lmao

  95. シzeyyo


    17 hours ago

    as the only child, i wouldnt take out the trash by my own will, and if my mom asked me to and if i refused she wouldn’t probably talk to me for a day.

  96. Kimberly Radford

    Kimberly Radford

    17 hours ago

    I'm the older sibling so I know how the older sibling feels

  97. Roblox tik toks☆

    Roblox tik toks☆

    17 hours ago

    Why dont you take her oyt so you dont need to do it anymore🤣😂

  98. Mitchelle Mae Camilon

    Mitchelle Mae Camilon

    17 hours ago


  99. Vīrtûåł Ænįmę łifė

    Vīrtûåł Ænįmę łifė

    17 hours ago

    I’m an only child and this is my life: My mom: Heyyyyyyy honeyyyyyyyy Me: yes mom? Mom: Take the trash out, do the dishes, and get me a cup of tea while you’re at it Me: ok….

  100. BS119 Suma Poonam.D

    BS119 Suma Poonam.D

    17 hours ago

    Same with my mom and my friend's mom 😒