Skip & Shannon react to LeBron backing Draymond Green, teams 'control narrative' | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Los Angeles Laker LeBron James gave a huge endorsement of Draymond Green’s rant about the double-standard players face when they want a trade versus when a team wants to trade them. The King posted the clip on social media with the caption 'FACTS!', and then went on to further back Draymond’s point when asked about it after the Lakers win over Minnesota. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about LeBron's decision to back Draymond Green.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon react to LeBron backing Draymond Green, teams 'control narrative' | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    2 months ago

    Are NBA players held to a double-standard?

    • L Da'Don

      L Da'Don

      6 days ago

      Jenny definitely a real one

    • Casual Observation

      Casual Observation

      11 days ago

      In real life if you want a good reference you usually have to leave on good terms. NBA's reality is the other owners don't care they could care less, they want wins and endorsements.



      Month ago


    • JGrandz Official

      JGrandz Official

      Month ago

      Are NBA players property?

    • Aramis A. Smith

      Aramis A. Smith

      Month ago


  2. Patty Schmidt

    Patty Schmidt

    3 hours ago

    Give Skip some midol please!

  3. Hải Tống

    Hải Tống

    6 hours ago

    It a contract. That why you have a no trade in the contract.

  4. Michael Berry

    Michael Berry

    6 hours ago

    What Shannon, said: "Shut it down!" Skip: "What's LeBron got to complain about...he's being paid better than all the other Negroes!"

  5. george clark

    george clark

    10 hours ago

    Skip entire take is what it is because Bron and the Lakers are involved. Everything he says has a bias to it when bron is involved.

  6. Marc Folkman

    Marc Folkman

    11 hours ago

    Rare but HUGE W for skip

  7. John King II

    John King II

    11 hours ago

    “And they both go on fruit trays” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Landscaping


    11 hours ago

    Lebron's Jersey deserved to get burned.

  9. Richard Green

    Richard Green

    11 hours ago

    Hey Skip, when you are doing business, you take your feelings out of it and do what's best!

  10. Bradley Jones

    Bradley Jones

    12 hours ago

    Shannon said "I stamped it with my thumb" pushes his thumb on the table 😅😅😅👍

  11. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

    13 hours ago

    Am I the only one who cringes at the sound of "his owner"?

  12. Tyrone Green

    Tyrone Green

    14 hours ago

    Skip bayless always find a way to take up for anyone except lebron james it's so true if u good they like u if u great u become there enemy not to many people like jordan they respect his game

  13. Adrian T

    Adrian T

    14 hours ago

    Lol If Bron disagreed. Shan be going against what he agrees on now. Skip be frequently hating on Bron though. Both funny

  14. zaxattax


    22 hours ago

    How u gonna tell somebody what they should be content about ? Shutup skip

  15. Glenn Williams

    Glenn Williams

    Day ago

    Well damn just get rid of owners and GMs and let players run the league. Geez. Its so obvious that players only care abt themselves. At least the owners care abt the actual product. They have to. But the players dont care abt anything but themselves. This is why half the time i turn on a game the stars aint even playing. What a joke of a league.

  16. collin huey

    collin huey

    Day ago

    skip is right

  17. santosonly7


    Day ago

    Lebron left at the end of a contract. He was free to go. That’s NOT what Kyrie and James Harden did.

  18. gadoy buck

    gadoy buck

    Day ago

    This white guy mad because blacks got freedom. I bet he a huge racist

  19. Sean Brown

    Sean Brown

    Day ago

    Skip needs help🤦🏿‍♂️

  20. Bryant Anderson

    Bryant Anderson

    Day ago

    you don't have to get yourself worked up since you are the dumbest personality in the media. You completely refuse to admit or acknowledge the fact that teams, no matter what the sport, can always do in the best of interest of the organization yet players get bad reps from people like you crying foul for billionaires who will always do what's their best interest.

  21. David Navarro

    David Navarro

    Day ago

    Skip is right.

  22. dave m

    dave m

    Day ago

    If you’re wonder --Steve from accounting left Fox to go work with Jake from State Farm but since he works in accounting he doesn’t have to wear khakis

  23. ugood808


    2 days ago

    Whats on ya mans nose Unc???? He still swipin!!!!

  24. Mike Lewis

    Mike Lewis

    2 days ago

    I actually think Shannon got this wrong. Players should honor their contracts, not quit, pout and cry their way to a trade. It hurts the integrity of the game. Imagine Shannon Sharpe being under contract and being upset that he's not winning titles every year so he doesn't run routes, drops passes and misses blocks. The players would beat his face in. Players should help keep players in check. But, this means contracts will be written now with specific verbiage, stating performance and effort guidelines. If you quit, you loss it all! Jordan never quit, he da GOAT

  25. Jason Williams

    Jason Williams

    2 days ago

    That's a fact,,just ask JJ Reddick

  26. The Chosen 1

    The Chosen 1

    2 days ago

    Skip tripping! # Ric Flair on em Whoooo😂😂

  27. Rebecca Isabella

    Rebecca Isabella

    2 days ago

    skip sounds very very stupid.. like I mean I laughed soo hard cozz hearing how stupid this man is... wkwkwkwk

  28. Jermaine Jackson

    Jermaine Jackson

    2 days ago

    Can somebody tell pistol Pete to hush!

  29. Anthony Johnson Sr.

    Anthony Johnson Sr.

    2 days ago

    Who gives a damn how somebody else feels about your personal business or employment decision.

  30. Nevawn Kamara

    Nevawn Kamara

    3 days ago

    Awww poor skip crying 😂😂😂

  31. 404 Productions

    404 Productions

    3 days ago

    damn i never thought I'll agree with Skip when he trashing Bron 😂 this is the first and only time lmao

  32. Dee Rich

    Dee Rich

    3 days ago

    You know what LBJ was cold blooded but damn it isn't worse than Odom did til my Mavs or Fisher doing to Houston and not to mention AK doing to the tanking 76ers

  33. Ricardo Velez

    Ricardo Velez

    3 days ago

    If this was Michael Jordan Skip would of been ok. He has a problem with everything he those! Skip is the ultimate hater

  34. Leronn Davis

    Leronn Davis

    3 days ago

    How is the Cavs doing with Allen since Allen is better than Drummond skip?? Lol

  35. Leronn Davis

    Leronn Davis

    3 days ago

    Skip how come you left out what KD did? Oh, your guy my bad

  36. Leronn Davis

    Leronn Davis

    3 days ago

    When you get fired, do they tell you ahead of time?

  37. John Prince

    John Prince

    3 days ago

    The players are in charged of the NBA now, bout time..

  38. Kayden Tariq

    Kayden Tariq

    3 days ago

    Skip should be a shame about this take he want people to hate LeBron so bad

  39. Ron Williams

    Ron Williams

    4 days ago

    Skip is sounding more idiotic than he thinks

  40. smokin truker

    smokin truker

    4 days ago

    If a player signs a deal for guaranted money and if he leaves while still under contract he should be made to pay that money back. He wants to leave well that voids the contract and you owe that money back

  41. King Rha

    King Rha

    5 days ago

    Skip said they not honoring they contract but they still on contract

  42. Mike Lisey

    Mike Lisey

    5 days ago

    Can someone get skip an asthma pump?

  43. Pasicho


    5 days ago

    When Skip left Stephen A Smith I burned his jersey.

  44. Logan Davis

    Logan Davis

    5 days ago

    Skip really played the race card😐

  45. JWaynes World

    JWaynes World

    5 days ago

    It's called a contract

  46. Shawn Salih

    Shawn Salih

    6 days ago

    Skip is the Epitome of White Privilege. Lebron didn't owe Cleveland a damn thang and he was a damn fool to go back there .FACTS!

  47. Homero Eggert

    Homero Eggert

    6 days ago

    Sharp yells and screams.

  48. Sir Creole

    Sir Creole

    8 days ago

    Lmao 😂 skip face after saying I own up to my contracts

  49. Jay P

    Jay P

    8 days ago

    Skip Baseless is always caping for the man. Thank God for Shannon.. He's the sensible voice.

  50. Jay P

    Jay P

    8 days ago

    Skip Baseless is such a clueless idiot.



    8 days ago

    And they both go in fruit traaaaays!!!! 😂😂😂 I screamed

  52. Humming Bird

    Humming Bird

    9 days ago

    skip still salty about San Antonio and kawaii lol

  53. just some ugly black dude

    just some ugly black dude

    9 days ago

    Skip sound like he bout to cry

  54. Brian Prince

    Brian Prince

    9 days ago

    Is Skip against pouting or asking out of teams? It should be their right to ask out. Pouting is unprofessional. Skip has blinders on on this..

  55. Taxationis Theft

    Taxationis Theft

    9 days ago

    I mean... they are getting paid millions to shoot a basketball... really you’re just a pawn

  56. Roger Robinson

    Roger Robinson

    10 days ago

    Y must LeBron go fix everything

  57. Curt Skeete Jr

    Curt Skeete Jr

    10 days ago

    Skip has a point

  58. Laurel Herring

    Laurel Herring

    10 days ago

    Skip you will choke...

  59. Baby Goat

    Baby Goat

    10 days ago

    Keyword here :OWNER ....boom you have it

  60. 1-800-Wavy


    10 days ago

    What people don't like to acknowledge is the fact that LeBron James played a decade in Cleveland before he left or even thought about leaving

  61. Marquis Benton

    Marquis Benton

    11 days ago

    I cringe when they call the team owner "the owner" "his owner"

  62. Da Blac Kid

    Da Blac Kid

    11 days ago

    Lebron: Skip you’re right Skip: No I’m not because you said I’m right

  63. Burner Harrison

    Burner Harrison

    12 days ago

    The laughable ghana startlingly rub because emery conventionally push since a thoughtless verse. selective, hospitable liquid

  64. MonkeyMan


    12 days ago

    I usually don’t agree with Skip but I totally agree this time. And I like how passionate he is about this topic. Love it.

  65. USMC MSgt

    USMC MSgt

    12 days ago

    Shannon: They burn LBJ’s jerseys? Skip: But why did they do it? Shannon: it doesn’t matter why.

  66. Darren Bradley

    Darren Bradley

    12 days ago

    So basically because I signed the contract only the team has the right to break it. If I want to play out my career there. I don't get that choice either. So if I want to retire there I don't get that choice. But if you want to get rid of me you can.

  67. Darren Bradley

    Darren Bradley

    12 days ago

    Skip ask yourself this question. What if the player wants to retire for that particular team he's playing for, are you saying the players not allowed that choice either?

  68. Black Night

    Black Night

    13 days ago

    Why did lebron go back Shannon

  69. Steez Unlimited

    Steez Unlimited

    13 days ago

    I don’t think there’s anyone who pocket watch more than skip. I swear ppl like him are resentful of young black men getting paid millions to entertain.

  70. Seven Mill

    Seven Mill

    14 days ago

    Skipp can you handle Shay arguments? Yes or no

  71. jkang9905


    14 days ago

    this is the best sports debate show on TV right now.

  72. kyle williams

    kyle williams

    14 days ago

    Jarrett Allen's defense or andre drummonds rebounds? Defense. Shannon

  73. Randogg Real

    Randogg Real

    15 days ago

    @Skip the players are not quitting their contract they are just asking for a transfer

  74. T V

    T V

    15 days ago

    Shannon is the master of yelling and screaming like a master and literally saying nothing

  75. Bapetista


    15 days ago

    i remember being in Florida when James moved to the Heat and Cavs fans were tweaking 😅

  76. Dark Night

    Dark Night

    15 days ago

    Skip was right.

  77. Andrew Suarez

    Andrew Suarez

    16 days ago

    i hatE when i agree with Skip



    16 days ago

    Skip sound jealous of you know who 🤣😂

  79. L Necron

    L Necron

    16 days ago

    Boohoo Kawhi got asked by the team what's the deal are you in or what? How dare the Spurs want to know if the star player ever plans on playing.

  80. Kashif Rider

    Kashif Rider

    16 days ago

    If owners have a right to trade you while you're under contract then players have a right to asked to leave that owner's team while under contract

  81. Mncedisi Khumalo

    Mncedisi Khumalo

    17 days ago

    No one sounds more stupid and senseless then skip when he talks sports

  82. master basketball master basketball

    master basketball master basketball

    17 days ago

    Jenny = moderator of the year

  83. Albertina Karima

    Albertina Karima

    18 days ago

    The general gentle jeep descriptively paste because ferryboat possibly suspect excluding a puffy leopard. cooing, left position

  84. Brandan Sampson

    Brandan Sampson

    18 days ago

    This was a great segment to watch I felt the passion from both of them honestly IMO. Great stuff

  85. Tevin Jones

    Tevin Jones

    18 days ago

    Skip has to get paid more to hate Lebron😂

  86. Jock


    20 days ago

    Glad Skip acknowledged the "racial undertone" bc the entire time he spoke was with that same undertone.

  87. Ronnie Branford

    Ronnie Branford

    20 days ago

    Lebron is ALWAYS trying to control the narrative, "I'm not a scorer", "we're top heavy", "check my stats t shirt after being swept in the finals", "that one right there made me the greatest of all time", like, always! How hypocritical for him to say it's the team/s that control it!!

  88. TheGreat Tramell

    TheGreat Tramell

    21 day ago

    Skip sound real white today “did he owe it to his owner?” When players are traded owners/gms don’t often inform the players wtf 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  89. Marco Garcia-Flores Jr

    Marco Garcia-Flores Jr

    22 days ago

    Someone should make a montage skip exhaling 😂

  90. hayden floyd

    hayden floyd

    22 days ago

    look, if your a free agent, your a free agent. if your under contract your under contract. you cant blame fans for burning jerseys, they burned their nikes too when they signed kaepernick. this is the same company that uses child workers overseas and people didnt care. people are dumb and petty. but quitting on your team when your under contract tells me your no better than a spoiled brat. everybody wants to win. work harder.

  91. Jeffrey Lanier

    Jeffrey Lanier

    22 days ago


  92. MikeyB ThailandHoops

    MikeyB ThailandHoops

    23 days ago

    Skip is like a giant baby when he is losing an argument. Skip was never an athlete, he will never know how hard it is when players don't have proper management and can't win.

  93. Geoff Guiton

    Geoff Guiton

    24 days ago

    Why not give the players a chance to buy out their contracts? For instance, give players and option to payout their remaining contracts at 25-50% of what's remaining. This would allow owners to get money back or give players the opportunity to valuate the benefit of leaving the team. Its the same option that owners have. Pay to be a free agent!

  94. Seejaygreen


    24 days ago

    Skip is a hypocrite...he left first take and didn't say anything to Stephen before he went to fox

  95. Shumon Jones

    Shumon Jones

    25 days ago

    Shannon’s for the players

  96. Shumon Jones

    Shumon Jones

    25 days ago

    Yo skip be talkin crazy but he got a point this showww😪

  97. Mikey Z

    Mikey Z

    25 days ago

    There’s a reason the NBA ratings are down 50% since the Jordan era.... These players today are softer than Charmin and the biggest crybabies. Its no wonder that people have tuned out.

  98. William Cooke

    William Cooke

    25 days ago

    These guys had me rollin'! Makes me think about me and my buddy going at it.😆🤣

  99. What Friends

    What Friends

    25 days ago

    Its amazing this video is even 22 minutes what could be less then a 5 minute conversation but I guess it has to be an issue with skip brainless there sticking so hard to an idea of "shutup and dribble im paying you" the nba is a business yes I understand but It would better for a player to ask for a trade where a team can try to get something out of them in return (they are villainized if they act out but the organizations are angels) then having those players be quiet and just leave during free agency/declining extensions and then having the fans hate them because they aren't considered "loyal"

  100. Omar Pierre

    Omar Pierre

    25 days ago

    Skip Bayless is the biggest hypocrite ever. If this was Brady it would be totally fine