So I FINALLY Got a PS5...

Go to for 15% off your ENTIRE ORDER! Brought to you by Raycon.

So I FINALLY Got a PS5! Hell, it's about time! I'm going to be checking out a few PS5 games, giving some first impressions. And I'll stack the Playstation 5 up against the Xbox Series X and give a sort of 'Final Verdict' on the console wars.

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  1. The Act Man

    The Act Man

    10 days ago

    Go to for 15% off your ENTIRE ORDER! Brought to you by Raycon. TAKE THAT, SCALPERS!!!

    • Games For Cykits

      Games For Cykits

      Hour ago

      Please go play dreams, also that constant talking isn't a sony thing, it's a spiderman thing that's literrally his thing, have you never seen a spiderman show?

    • Mark Wilde

      Mark Wilde

      2 days ago

      Microsoft bought Zenimax and after contractual obligations expire, will be providing Xbox exclusives through those companies.

    • Mohammad Bin Thaneya

      Mohammad Bin Thaneya

      2 days ago

      So I can here him say how bad the story is

    • Mohammad Bin Thaneya

      Mohammad Bin Thaneya

      2 days ago

      Do review on the last of us part 2 pls

    • Alex Sao

      Alex Sao

      6 days ago

      Thats what she said

  2. Go4Pro


    Hour ago

    Artstyle is butchered

  3. Games For Cykits

    Games For Cykits

    Hour ago

    Welp time to try to get a ps5 for 499 also astro playroom isn't a tech demo there's a full game..... oh the ps4 but i'm pretty sure you can play it on ps5

  4. Endoe Kronic

    Endoe Kronic

    3 hours ago

    So PS5's best game so far is SPIDER-MAN?

  5. LeftHookLarry


    3 hours ago

    Time to dust the man cave Actman

  6. Bloogle McDoogle

    Bloogle McDoogle

    4 hours ago

    They rebuilt Demon's Souls from the ground up how could it be laziness? lol

  7. Thorluis2


    4 hours ago

    Your dog was adorable.



    5 hours ago

    *--- Final Fantasy XIV ---* *--- Play entire A Realm Reborn and Heavensward ---* *--- FREE with no restrictions on playtime ---*

  9. Snagu


    5 hours ago

    PS+ games are not free. Sure they are not full price but you still pay for the subscription fee, so they are not free. Why the hell are people saying things that are not true lol.

  10. Capitate Cab

    Capitate Cab

    6 hours ago

    You look like the descendant of AVGN with that thumbnail

  11. LightningXG


    6 hours ago

    10:59 some people are fuming rn



    7 hours ago

    Rhino is Russian so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was voiced by the same guy who did Nikolai

  13. Bruh Bruh

    Bruh Bruh

    7 hours ago

    12:39 you're breathtaking

  14. Frog Governor

    Frog Governor

    8 hours ago

    I sold 8 ps5 for 1,500 and boy do I love my new toys thank you people

  15. Syed Hussain

    Syed Hussain

    8 hours ago

    No we don’t know. Please don’t hide your casual racism. What does he have the swagger of?

  16. Archer Landers

    Archer Landers

    12 hours ago

    I see dog in background. Aaaawwwwwweee

  17. Kaiser of gaming

    Kaiser of gaming

    13 hours ago

    I feel like Xbox will win the secondary console war its like the Wii was a runaway success Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 where they aren’t winning it’s just a battle for second place which is kinda sad same here. Xbox series x ( just gonna refer to it as Xbox and ps5 as ps5) just has a great safety net you can sell your Xbox one then get a Xbox series x you can still play all your favorite Xbox games on series x. Also game pass exists so Sony’s kinda screwed like ps5 yeah it has exclusives but like as a Nintendo gamer I would get a series x to get all the games for 360 and one but I can also play bango kazooie the Xbox series x is way more appealing to a Nintendo gamer then the ps5 then agin I guess I could just get a series s if I just want to play games I can’t play on switch.

  18. Kt4 is gud

    Kt4 is gud

    15 hours ago

    Ps5 is unironically worse than the ps1 ps2 and ps3 because less games and you need to buy online.

  19. Onye Nacho

    Onye Nacho

    16 hours ago

    0:27 - Void damn... Those armpits.... Do you ever shave them?

  20. AyoTheo


    16 hours ago

    Who would've thought a controller would sell a whole console for The Act Man.

  21. Kaiser of gaming

    Kaiser of gaming

    17 hours ago

    Noice ace attorney music.

  22. Kalcron


    17 hours ago

    15:31 Impressive armpit hair.. thats man pits!

  23. Sir Prize

    Sir Prize

    17 hours ago

    Love how Battlefield 1's music has turned into Act Man ad music.

  24. A- ROD1299

    A- ROD1299

    17 hours ago

    Felt that mission passed . . Just not yet 😪 +respect

  25. Caleb_C


    18 hours ago

    Idk if you noticed, but in Astro’s Playroom, in GPU Jungle, the score is repeating “GPU.”

  26. صهيب البلبيسي

    صهيب البلبيسي

    19 hours ago

    can you review uncharted 4

  27. Eric el Nomada

    Eric el Nomada

    20 hours ago

    Yourr sound system needs an audio interface... Optical chord problem solved!

  28. Juhani Mustola

    Juhani Mustola

    21 hour ago

    Thanks Act Man! You so soup.

  29. SomeCovertRebel


    22 hours ago

    Act man's neighbour watching him through the window: "HONEY, THE NEXT DOOR KID IS DOING WEIRD SHIT AGAIN"

  30. zperdek


    23 hours ago

    What a coincidence. I got mine last week too. After half year of waiting but without scalper "help".

  31. Strangerunderurbed ™

    Strangerunderurbed ™

    Day ago

    Meh, only good game they have is DeS remake.

  32. Jordan


    Day ago

    I have always thoroughly enjoyed how Act man uses the Battlefield 1 theme. love that theme, glad it hasn't died.

  33. allen0088


    Day ago

    Should of got an series x. You got the wrong console

    • glo da fister

      glo da fister

      Day ago

      He already has one, you didnt even watch this video huh

  34. TheyNamedMePlayer


    Day ago

    I wish the series x controller was cooler

  35. DragonNinja 365

    DragonNinja 365

    Day ago

    Talking and quipping during fights is kinda spiderman's thing though.

  36. Swimmin_Eagle


    Day ago

    Ps5s really aren’t that hard to get for retail. Make a Twitter and wait for drops. Took me a week after I made a Twitter and that was back in March.

  37. willo


    Day ago

    But isn't there a plug to put in the controler for the mic

  38. willo


    Day ago

    I got my ps5 the day after this

  39. King Of Red Leopards

    King Of Red Leopards

    Day ago

    Sounds coming out of the controller? Let me introduce you to the speaker on the wiimote 😜

  40. J Murphy Park

    J Murphy Park

    Day ago

    The controller is cool but the left stick is in the WRONG SPOT!!!

    • Robert Savageau

      Robert Savageau

      Day ago

      @J Murphy Park Well, I wish you luck in your quest to find a PlayStation 5, I believe you can do it!

    • J Murphy Park

      J Murphy Park

      Day ago

      @Robert Savageau Haha, no worries! I have the same argument with my buddy all the time. I actually am bummed the new controller is so cool cuz I don’t think I can use my Razer controller, gonna have to learn to use the symmetrical sticks :) Now if I can only find a PS5.

    • Robert Savageau

      Robert Savageau

      Day ago

      @J Murphy Park You’re right, it’s all about personal preference, sorry if i was being mean, I didn’t know if you were kidding or not.

    • J Murphy Park

      J Murphy Park

      Day ago

      @Robert Savageau First means better? VHS is better than Blu-Ray? I was kidding it’s obviously about personal preference, but the left stick is often used for moving forward and it’s much easier to control if it’s not down in the center of the controller.

    • Robert Savageau

      Robert Savageau

      Day ago

      More like Xbox’s is in the wrong spot, PlayStation beat Xbox to the gaming market by 6 to 7 years.

  41. brentstah


    Day ago

    I love my ps5 got it a couple weeks back no scalper myself (800 dollar gamestop bundle with stuff I'd buy eventually)

  42. Márcio Pacheco

    Márcio Pacheco

    Day ago

    Just to say I´m with Chief on that one!

  43. marco Antônio

    marco Antônio

    Day ago


  44. BE2002


    Day ago

    I want PS5 for Christmas!

  45. Alex


    Day ago

    Play Ghost of Tsushima!!

  46. Commodorr’s cousin

    Commodorr’s cousin

    Day ago

    Where the hell did you get that?

  47. Wally G

    Wally G

    Day ago

  48. Potatoman5560


    Day ago

    17:41 I see you act man persona 5 is ready to go

  49. Elijah Coley

    Elijah Coley

    Day ago

    Use a duster bro

  50. onyosix


    Day ago

    Is it just me or does The Act Man give off strange cuck vibes?

  51. dfly2916


    Day ago

    This video is hilarious. I’m subscribing lol

  52. Rockador


    Day ago

    Did I just watch the Act Man slowly go insane?

  53. David Hancock

    David Hancock

    Day ago

    Flexed too much; downdoot

  54. BoinkyFishy


    Day ago

    honestly the prices these scalpers are putting out for a PS5, you can buy a PC that's like, *as strong,* if not stronger with that kind of money lmao

  55. Rogetinez


    Day ago

    I've never seen such good quality before, that I just want to play all day forever and not let go.

  56. Will Purdon

    Will Purdon

    Day ago

    Can you now officially say that the dual sense triggers are better than the Xbox elites triggers? I remember you saying in a vid that the dual sense triggers probably wouldn’t be better.

    • Will Purdon

      Will Purdon

      Day ago

      It’s was in small text at the bottom of the screen

  57. EvShrug


    Day ago

    @9:34 The DSS can play audio from a speaker inside the controller… just like the DS4, but not many games used it (but Warzone and the MW reboot did, for example). Earlier in the video, Act Man claims a quick computer update made headsets “just work” on the Xbox for free… this isn’t entirely accurate. While Astro did manage to pay Xbox a license fee and push a firmware update to their Mixamps, the vast majority of other headphone and headset makers did not pay the royalty fee to Microsoft (and Sony, they charge the same per-unit-built fee). However, the PS4 supported generic USB drivers for stereo audio, and so does the PS5… now with the added benefit of passing along the Tempest 3D spatial audio (3D audio). So while Act Man paid $240 to get his Astro A60 to work over optical… he probably could have also gotten it (or at least that Mixamp that came with his A40) to work “for free” with the PS5 if he had just plugged it in via USB, and it would have been upgraded with spatial audio. My $90 Creative G5 I got for my PS4 now works even better on PS5. The key advantage for PS5 audio is that it has USB (UAC1) support, and gives spatial audio to people that way.

  58. EvShrug


    Day ago

    By the way, those Raycons won’t work with the PS5. … without a lot of adapters. Won’t work with Xbox.

  59. DoomOfConviction


    Day ago

    I have a friend buying ps5s with bots just for friends. Best friend ever!

  60. Jonas Vanneste

    Jonas Vanneste

    Day ago

    weird question , does anybody know how much it would cost to make a decent zombie game ? like a triple a game for ps5/x and vr release

  61. Sir Caco

    Sir Caco

    Day ago

    What do you mean "finally", with the availability out here, you could say we're still basically in the launch window

  62. whiteandnerdytuba


    Day ago

    Another reason Xbox cult is better, no required hardware upgrade

  63. Joga Dom

    Joga Dom

    Day ago

    I’m not sure what kinda money you’re making on these vids, but you have the perfect kind of voice for voices overs and commercials.

  64. Duke of Wrexham

    Duke of Wrexham

    Day ago

    "Why is hotline miami so awesome?" isn't as scary as it sounds

  65. Name First

    Name First

    Day ago

    i cracked up when he started fighting scalpers

  66. AtomicGrenade21


    Day ago

    I got one a few weeks ago and can't believe how fast it is compared to the original ps4

  67. MikeXone


    Day ago

    I bout mine on offerup for 700 well worth it everything loads so fast between apps and games fuc it🤷🏾‍♂️ i got tiered of waiting

  68. Henrik Frejlev

    Henrik Frejlev

    Day ago

    Can’t believe they got to borrow Solid snake from Super Smash Bros!

  69. Mh Rab

    Mh Rab

    Day ago

    Dude shave your fkn armpit.



    Day ago

    My dude gumby finale got it!! Proud of you toy Story

  71. Darkness runner

    Darkness runner

    Day ago

    Cry of fear review

  72. Arm Head

    Arm Head

    Day ago

    You can plug the headset directly into the controller.

  73. Traci Miller

    Traci Miller

    Day ago

    I got it during 2020 hahaha

  74. Sasori


    Day ago

    yeah i got one too 3 weeks ago i really love it

  75. clone trooper 2694

    clone trooper 2694

    Day ago

    The constantly talking works for spiderman

  76. Patrick Kilroy

    Patrick Kilroy

    Day ago

    Love how every console wars discussion ends inconclusively. Keeps Sony and Microsoft on their toes! That competition makes for better products. Never let them rest.

  77. zikTG Personal

    zikTG Personal

    Day ago


  78. zikTG Personal

    zikTG Personal

    Day ago

    17:25 is one of your complaints that spiderman is QUIPPING TOO MUCH? 😂 I don't know why this bothered me so much 😅 I was just playing spiderman miles morales again and I remembered this comment you had made and got upset with myself for agreeing with you 😂 like.. It's spiderman man.. He's not gonna shut up

  79. Joonas Anttiroiko

    Joonas Anttiroiko

    Day ago

    17:40 Well... Spidey is a talkative hero. It's kinda his thing to talk and joke a lot and throw one-liners around. Not the meme-levels of Deadpool, but still.

  80. Archangel_Omega


    2 days ago

    5:00 ok you need to clean up that table there's so many dust there

  81. FearMySpeedo


    2 days ago

    I still prefer the Xbox tbh. But I still respect you playstation bros

  82. Hunter Pavlosky

    Hunter Pavlosky

    2 days ago

    I now want The Act Man as a DLC character in Mortal Kombat 11 and battlefront 2. Lmao Raycon earbuds being his weapon.

  83. FrostyWahlly


    2 days ago

    There is one game you forgot about that is exclusive to ps.... God of War.

  84. Dune Ink

    Dune Ink

    2 days ago

    No scalpers. Got it

  85. Dnalor H.

    Dnalor H.

    2 days ago

    I'd think it'd be best if I either save up enough money to buy one or just wait a couple years for a price drop.

  86. Max Darter

    Max Darter

    2 days ago

    Why does he look like he knows how to fight

  87. Rosanna Moquete

    Rosanna Moquete

    2 days ago

    Is someone gonna tell this guy that the headphone output is on the controller.

  88. Conrad Kellog

    Conrad Kellog

    2 days ago

    The thing about happiness is that you only know you had it when it's gone. I mean, you may think to yourself that you're happy. But you don't really believe it. I’d like to feel happy again Act man, I suggest you review fallout 4.

    • FearMySpeedo


      2 days ago

      Shit game no

  89. Saad Naddaf

    Saad Naddaf

    2 days ago

    I don't know why this is the 4th time I've watch this

  90. Laserjet1776


    2 days ago

    Nice PS5 Bro.

  91. restlessfrager


    2 days ago

    Shit so what you're saying is that the PS5 is only worth it due to exclusives? If only there was a way to play those on PC... Oh wait.

  92. Nick L

    Nick L

    2 days ago

    I don't think I can go in my highschool bathroom so easy, I'm 25. Where else do fun people draw penises?

  93. Some Crusader

    Some Crusader

    2 days ago

    You didn't say exaggerated Swagger of a black teen I hate you now unsubscribed

  94. Lester Crest

    Lester Crest

    2 days ago

    Scalpers are singlehandedly ruining this generation of consoles change my mind

  95. joel


    2 days ago

    Bru... I m not the only one that saw the DUST under your tv Time to clean 🧹🪣

  96. SaDisTicPriNgLe


    2 days ago

    If only next generation consoles were actually in stock dammit

  97. Blue bramar564

    Blue bramar564

    2 days ago

    I can’t wait for the PS5 to not sell out instantly 😁

  98. Awesome Arreguy

    Awesome Arreguy

    2 days ago

    Have you seen the back 4 blood trailer yet? If not, I think you should check it out it’s made by the same guys who made left for dead

  99. acoustov


    2 days ago

    i'd fucking hope that the gamecube is symmetrical