STUDIO TOUR !! *house transformed into a complete YouTube studio*

STUDIO TOUR ... finally !!
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  1. Charley Marie

    Charley Marie

    Day ago

    Her favorite spice is not a big dill

  2. Joy Segars

    Joy Segars

    Day ago

    Put honey on canker sores three times a day and pain will go down by day 2! XO

  3. ZaMi OrBr

    ZaMi OrBr

    2 days ago

    She even donates the expensive dresses and doesnt ask for anything in return. She is so kind ♡

  4. Yanah Kapri

    Yanah Kapri

    3 days ago

    I watched this video to see how I can model my SMALL room for filming and got called broke lol the mounted lighting is smart tho!

  5. CLARA Miranda

    CLARA Miranda

    3 days ago


  6. Kaytlyn Navarrette

    Kaytlyn Navarrette

    6 days ago

    Me in Arizona my whole life😭 never seen one before

  7. Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette

    7 days ago

    You are so funny!🤣

  8. Andrea Daet

    Andrea Daet

    7 days ago

    Could you please share the link of that cute caterpillar squeaky toy, my dog looks happy when he heard it squeak 🥺

  9. Rebecca and Zachary's epic channel

    Rebecca and Zachary's epic channel

    7 days ago

    She is donating her strawberry dress!!😢

  10. nuas Em

    nuas Em

    8 days ago

    The effort you put into each video Mia 😳 Im so proud to be your followers for years and happy to see you progress and improvement

  11. Kassy McLaughlin

    Kassy McLaughlin

    9 days ago

    How about random gift renos to youtube fans, you would pick the rules like pick a number from 100. Then do a raffle for the closest winner or a question from a previous episode

  12. Kassy McLaughlin

    Kassy McLaughlin

    9 days ago

    Mia you inspire to to learn interior design. Plus my professional organization hobby

  13. Anjali Ram

    Anjali Ram

    9 days ago

    Its such a shame that she doesnt get moe views because Mia deserves all the views in the worldd. She is so dedicated and her attention to details is compendable. ❤️🙌🏼

  14. LoveParis19


    9 days ago

    The strawberry dress😍😍 ugh i wish i could have one. Also mia you are truly amazing. You really work your butt off and put so much heart and soul into your channel. I have been watching your videos for a long time and I personally want to say thank you for being you! Every time i watch tour videos you brin me so much joy. You are so silly and yourself and i adore it. We love you mia!💗

  15. TheEliseRodgers


    12 days ago

    Still want a tour of the storage unit!

  16. Alyssa Mendoza

    Alyssa Mendoza

    12 days ago

    Please tell me where this outfit is from😭

  17. Yen Nel

    Yen Nel

    13 days ago

    i hope to have one of your dresses

  18. Lauren Mokwa

    Lauren Mokwa

    14 days ago

    Not sure if anyone is curious but I was able to find the cat salt and pepper shaker holders on Amazon if you just search "cat salt and pepper shaker holders" :) Ordered mine!

  19. Servet Pehlivan

    Servet Pehlivan

    16 days ago

    How come she has under 500B views ??!! She is actually doing amazing !

  20. hannah samir

    hannah samir

    16 days ago

    I knew you put so much effort in your videos but wow that’s more than I expected you’re amazing♥️♥️

  21. onedirectionfan


    16 days ago

    Omg Mia has the one direction perfume on top of the shelf

  22. Erica Martin

    Erica Martin

    17 days ago

    The come on in clips 😂😂😂😂

  23. Jade Dixson

    Jade Dixson

    17 days ago

    Someone please tell me where to find the overalls

  24. Christina


    17 days ago

    ""Barbie Fashion Show" I've almost beat this." 🤣😂😅

  25. Christina


    17 days ago

    Mia, you are a queen. I really hope your making progress figuring out the cause of the eczema. If you make it public, maybe your subscribers can help? Stuff like that can really take it's toll, I know, my sister had severe eczema with got particularly bad during her pregnancies. Not sure if you've ever heard of it but Dr. Wheatgrass (Australian brand) is recommended for skin conditions. It's good, I've bought it and used it and given it to my sister. It's really healing. Also maybe a dietary supplement of turmeric and black pepper (the black pepper activates the key cucumin ingredient)- is good for generalised inflammation.

  26. A P

    A P

    18 days ago

    wowz mia is such a hard worker, hard work really pays off! and i've never seen such a wholesome and positive comment section, no negativity at all. there's not one thing to be negative about. i actually don't think I've ever seen a single negative comment on any of mia's videos..! such a great community

  27. Areeba Choudry

    Areeba Choudry

    19 days ago

    Yesss storage unit tour!!

  28. E L

    E L

    20 days ago

    Can you show us your wig haul

  29. Mari Mendoza

    Mari Mendoza

    20 days ago

    So cool!!!

  30. SheenaPower05


    20 days ago

    So strange to have a bathroom off the kitchen, handy I guess but so strange

  31. Rebecca Kelley

    Rebecca Kelley

    21 day ago

    Why are you moving studios?

  32. Jane van der Voort

    Jane van der Voort

    21 day ago

    I was surprised that Mia will be donating even the ‘to die for’ Matoshi dresses even though she isn’t sponsored in almost all of those videos!! Not being sponsored for items makes way better ,more honest reviews, in my opinion.. That to me makes you more down to earth than most youtubers !! ( I actually never watch sponsored review videos )

  33. heaven trinidad

    heaven trinidad

    22 days ago

    what do you use those wigs for?

  34. From Busan

    From Busan

    22 days ago

    I knew Frigidaire was a fridge brand but it's actually the first time I see one! I thought it was an old brand that stopped making fridges omg

  35. Michelle james

    Michelle james

    24 days ago

    Your chair cushion is backwards because the zipper is showing 😁

  36. Arenas.Family


    25 days ago

    Maybe it’s the Californian in me but is anyone else paranoid of blocking stairs and doorways in case of an earthquake?

  37. Tatiana Smeltzer

    Tatiana Smeltzer

    25 days ago

    so amazing to see all the hard-work you go through to make your videos!! 🥺🥺 I just love your channel and your personality :) 🥰🥰

  38. clem clem

    clem clem

    26 days ago

    hi mia can i ask for one dress ❤️ for my sister's sweet 16

  39. Natasha Thomas-Anderson

    Natasha Thomas-Anderson

    26 days ago

    Storage unit

  40. Syd


    27 days ago

    Oooooh a staging the house video would be super cool. No one ever discusses the process on youtube in a fun way.

  41. Nicola Pye

    Nicola Pye

    27 days ago

    That was so interesting to watch

  42. Sharlene Guevarra

    Sharlene Guevarra

    28 days ago

    Goals for myself lol. In love with every thing.

  43. It's Kate

    It's Kate

    28 days ago

    I want that pink tile table so bad!!!!! Lol

  44. Victoria Lehnart

    Victoria Lehnart

    28 days ago


  45. Yummy Foods

    Yummy Foods

    29 days ago

    You are sooooo cute ❤️ and beautiful home too.... love from UAE 🇦🇪

  46. Amanda


    29 days ago

    animals make us happy 🥰 they must be gifts from God ❤️

  47. Amanda


    29 days ago

    that is actually an awesome chair to find for free! my only worry with furniture like that is bed bugs :(

  48. Alixe Terracher-Lipinski

    Alixe Terracher-Lipinski

    29 days ago

    Omg this is the first one direction perfume on your shelf isn't it??? I looove that scent but unfortunately I can't get it anywhere anymore because it came out so long ago

  49. The Magic of Disney 929

    The Magic of Disney 929

    Month ago

    Yes film your storage room

  50. Sayali Gaikwad

    Sayali Gaikwad

    Month ago

    What is that laptop thing holder called?? I really need it

  51. Faithwerks Designs

    Faithwerks Designs

    Month ago

    Your an organized hoarder with a purpose lol Love the spaces though!

  52. j


    Month ago


  53. Sarah Arrowsmith

    Sarah Arrowsmith

    Month ago

    If Mia got a PO box I'd love to ship things! Hopefully post covid or you could do the 2 week no touch tactic. Please let us send you fan mail!

  54. Sarah Arrowsmith

    Sarah Arrowsmith

    Month ago

    So enlighteneing! So professional! I can only imagine how proud and on board the whole family is. Mia, you have such a lovely family that supports you! Making me a proud Canadian and a proud fan! Love the behind the scenes

  55. Millie Holbeck

    Millie Holbeck

    Month ago

    Where are those overalls from? I love them!

  56. maddi stevenson

    maddi stevenson

    Month ago

    **** the cat salt and pepper shaker holder is on Amazon! ****

  57. lovelyamanda


    Month ago

    This video sucks

  58. Alyssa Explains It All

    Alyssa Explains It All

    Month ago

    Mia is the Mr. Rodgers of USgone 😂. She literally created a fake home to use as a studio, and I can just see her changing I to her house shoes and putting on her sweater when she walks in the door 😂😂😂

  59. Cathelina M

    Cathelina M

    Month ago

    When I started having wrist issues, I learned to use my left hand for my mouse. It's been a life saver. Not sure if you will see this...ergonomic is a great thing you've done.

  60. Isabella Jessup

    Isabella Jessup

    Month ago

    I love mia so much ! I get canker sores all the time and they're awful!

  61. Alexi Booysen

    Alexi Booysen

    Month ago

    So does Tate kinda work for you? He moved out but he still has a desk??

  62. minna hernandez

    minna hernandez

    Month ago

    I’m subscribed to you and never see your content on my page. I’m not sure why that is. Unless I look you up I never see your uploads.

  63. aceheller11


    Month ago

    100% wanna see the storage unit tour

  64. Amanda Brook

    Amanda Brook

    Month ago

    I'm so impresses. You've done a really good job with it

  65. Rosa Carlino

    Rosa Carlino

    Month ago

    Loved seeing everything! Youre awesome Mia :D

  66. T S

    T S

    Month ago

    MIA!!! I’m literally blown away. I was NOG expecting this awesomeness!!!!! You deserve everything and more thank you for such great content!

  67. Alexa Canty

    Alexa Canty

    Month ago

    Mia does your mom work for you?

  68. Mia Unverzagt

    Mia Unverzagt

    Month ago

    How she says garage kills me

  69. Mia Unverzagt

    Mia Unverzagt

    Month ago

    Video idea Mia tries spray painting/ graffiti style

  70. Saviola Monteiro

    Saviola Monteiro

    Month ago

    Your mom's got a really steady hand. Can't believe she was walking around and yet the footage isn't shaky.

    • Kassandra Gonzalez

      Kassandra Gonzalez

      Month ago

      I caught a part in the video where she said something like “moms in charge of the gimbal” which is like a tripod that is meant for smooth filming and stability so even if you walk around the footage doesn’t detect the movement.

  71. Jenny Johnson

    Jenny Johnson

    Month ago

    So I haven’t watched you in a hot minute but back then you didn’t have one million subs and now you have over 3!!!! Congrats girl!

  72. Sarah Varadian

    Sarah Varadian

    Month ago

    Wow! I never knew that being a USgone was so hard! Good for you! Your a hard working and it pays off.

  73. Goth Empress

    Goth Empress

    Month ago

    I think your mom is a baller videographer. She's gotten really good.

  74. Siya ,9th-A,37

    Siya ,9th-A,37

    Month ago

    I think you should play Roblox copy and paste if u also want Mia to play Roblox And you are my fav USgoner 🥰❤️❤️

  75. Vicky Jones

    Vicky Jones

    Month ago

    Mia I also have a shark obsession!!! Love you more now!!

  76. Ashley Nicole

    Ashley Nicole

    Month ago

    Wait was that the one direction perfume I saw 😍😂

  77. professional fangirl

    professional fangirl

    Month ago

    Mia always motivates me to work harder

  78. Anushka Doshi

    Anushka Doshi

    Month ago

    The basement storage room is really really cooooooollllll...🤯

  79. 4 Girls rule

    4 Girls rule

    Month ago

    I LOVE this place so why sell it?

  80. Marisa Irani

    Marisa Irani

    Month ago

    How is mama Maples not laughing not even a giggle behind that camera. I feel like she is literally always laughing 😂

  81. Amber FICKE

    Amber FICKE

    Month ago

    I love all the video ideas you mentioned!

  82. Bastiënne


    Month ago

    can we appreciate the outfit!

  83. Daisy Blackwell

    Daisy Blackwell

    Month ago

    I watched the ads and liked because I've never seen another USgoner mount all their lights and microphones like you....What a professional 😇🥰💕

  84. Nikki Quaglia

    Nikki Quaglia

    Month ago

    When you squeaked Chip’s toy my dog came running wanting to play 😂

  85. Lily Nicolas

    Lily Nicolas

    Month ago

    Chip is so spoiled it’s so cute you can really see how much they love chip and i think it’s so cute ☺️

  86. Chairina Yasmin

    Chairina Yasmin

    Month ago

    Such dedication shows how you deserve all the love and support, you're just incredible!!! Now, let me find my own chair and desk so I'll be fine in the next 5 years lmao

  87. Just Us

    Just Us

    Month ago

    Anyone realise that when Mia stood in front of the octopus,the Mickey Mouse ears aligned with her head perfectly!!!!!!

  88. AOR Sisters

    AOR Sisters

    Month ago

    About your allergies I think you might be right about you being gf because my friend and sister are celiac and they both get bad excima when they eat gluten, I hope this helps. I love your videos!!



    Month ago

    Mia You are Truly an amazing young woman. Your mom is such a sweetheart and You have that same beautiful personality.

  90. gabiimg333


    Month ago

    It’s so amazing to see how hard you work and how much effort you put into each end every video! Love you Mia!

  91. whateveruresolve2be


    Month ago

    Question (maybe you addressed it before but I missed it) why aren't you moving out? I mean you're old enough and financially independent?! Don't you want your own space?

  92. Emily


    Month ago

    where is the cute rug under the dining table from? could you help me, please?

  93. Nicole G.

    Nicole G.

    Month ago

    Wow ! I was not expecting those lights. And that setup for your laptop is awesome. Love the thought of the whole studio! Super cool.

  94. Megan


    Month ago

    The outfit she's wearing is 🍄✨VIBES✨😜

  95. Someone


    Month ago

    Does anyone else think she says garage funny😂

  96. liezelore


    Month ago

    The best!💗 I really need a video where you show how you film a USgone video

  97. Lavender Kiss

    Lavender Kiss

    Month ago

    You can really tell how much money she puts back into her business! She’s so dedicated! We see you Mia we see you!

  98. Abigail Lopez

    Abigail Lopez

    Month ago

    im stuck at work for 10 hours and mias videos are the only thing getting me through these hours

  99. Alexandra M.

    Alexandra M.

    Month ago

    Mia, you have the best content🤍🤍

  100. Alexandra M.

    Alexandra M.

    Month ago

    Mia, you have the best content🤍🤍