Surprising Charli D'Amelio With 20 Custom iPhone 11s!!📱📞 ft. TikTok & LilHuddy (Giveaway)

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)

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  1. ZHC


    Year ago

    In case you’re wondering I want to do lots of nice things for people in need and my subscribers on my channel! They don’t need phones but I like to do nice things for everyone! Don’t worry i’ll give lots more away to you guys and others in the future! Luv u guys ❤️ If this video hits 1 million likes I will literally give away 50 custom iPhone 11s to you guys! Don't forget to enter the huge custom iPhone 11 giveaway! Please subscribe cuz I don't even have an iPhone 11 so you can have more❤️ So thankful for all of you!

    • ziva Lo-A-Njoe

      ziva Lo-A-Njoe

      Month ago

      @Sohamsta me toooo

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      جاسم علي

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    • Grwood


      4 months ago

      Omg js very very good

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      Kamari Antrobus

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  2. Brandon Lasprilla

    Brandon Lasprilla

    20 minutes ago

    parla mi ehr manita

  3. Rock Bobby

    Rock Bobby

    21 minute ago

    That dragon is lit

  4. Dubori Deka

    Dubori Deka

    Hour ago

    So sad you can’t give me the giveaway as I am from India 😭

  5. ItsPontiac


    Hour ago

    i love the donut one



    Hour ago

    Where's Bella Poarch???

  7. Mason Gunn

    Mason Gunn

    Hour ago

    i love charli

  8. Sophia Rogers

    Sophia Rogers

    2 hours ago

    Lets just appreciate how he never wears expensive stuff but he buys expensive stuff for people.

  9. Owen Jarvis

    Owen Jarvis

    2 hours ago

    is it's irony11

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    Maryann Libunao

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    you're soo rich!

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    ابو راس

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    في عرب

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    𖣔𝔾𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕒 𝔸𝕝𝕖𖣔

    5 hours ago

    That laught at charli😂😂😂😂😂

  15. fortnite gamer

    fortnite gamer

    6 hours ago

    Can i buy one you ate from were

  16. art n' crafts wid ankitha

    art n' crafts wid ankitha

    6 hours ago

    Anyone here who got I pad ...* * -

  17. iloveRose


    6 hours ago

    I wish I met Charlie

  18. meepoman


    7 hours ago

    Same I'm one year late to

  19. Jude Kurdi

    Jude Kurdi

    7 hours ago

    It’s so beautiful it’s so cute I like it

  20. Sandz Playz

    Sandz Playz

    7 hours ago

    Hi zhc

  21. strawberry kim!

    strawberry kim!

    7 hours ago

    A-S-M-R Babe

  22. Gamze Çelik

    Gamze Çelik

    8 hours ago

    İstanbula gelip keşke banada versen ZHC bu arada ben de ZHÇ (zeynep hafsa çelik) lütfen

  23. LittlenuggetGamer


    8 hours ago

    I had to rewatch that like 10 times so I could be satisfied

  24. Sara Exton

    Sara Exton

    11 hours ago

    I love your videos

  25. Shawna Couilloneur

    Shawna Couilloneur

    12 hours ago

    Same not satisfying

  26. Cwc fan

    Cwc fan

    12 hours ago

    I wanna to started when I was in fourth grade now I am going to nine grade

  27. Dovina Torres

    Dovina Torres

    13 hours ago

    hey i just wanted to tell you that Jesus dies for you, He paid the price for you, Jesus did this so that He can save you from death, sins and hell, He did this because He wants to be with you in Him, He did this because He loves YOU YESSS JESUS LOVES YOU, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT, have a great day!🤗

  28. Darealnoone


    14 hours ago

    You should make her a custom vibrat.......

  29. Jace Pizzella

    Jace Pizzella

    14 hours ago

    What if you don't use Instagram or don't have it

  30. Ana Jimenez

    Ana Jimenez

    14 hours ago

    love your vids bc your just so nice mY heart is broken when you give stuff awa

  31. Emma Williams

    Emma Williams

    14 hours ago

    The first step 3

  32. Ryan Dunn

    Ryan Dunn

    15 hours ago

    can u just do a lil scetch of a car for me? i have focused most of my life for cars ik u wont see this but if u do PLZ

  33. Coin 856

    Coin 856

    16 hours ago

    DUDE!! ASMAR!!

  34. Soriel Gabrielle Gaming

    Soriel Gabrielle Gaming

    17 hours ago

    Me too



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    I what a unicorn

  36. The imposter Family

    The imposter Family

    17 hours ago

    Can you do one for me one day please

  37. Jose ignacio gomez

    Jose ignacio gomez

    17 hours ago

    Charli usa bots

  38. funneh


    18 hours ago

    Love you videos ZHC

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  40. Cool shorts of my dog

    Cool shorts of my dog

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    I am to



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    like ZHC

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    Tamapa'a Semaia

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    hi new sub

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    KOᖇᗴᖴᗩᑎ ᗪİᒪᗩ

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    Dislike from APPLE XD

  44. Emmanuel Juarez

    Emmanuel Juarez

    22 hours ago

    Me to Im a 1 a year late

  45. Sophia Sophia

    Sophia Sophia

    22 hours ago

    I love your designs ❤️❤️. I take portraits of people .

  46. Bresnia Ninacondor Suarez

    Bresnia Ninacondor Suarez

    23 hours ago

    No es charli damelio sister es dixie damelio ya aprendann

  47. Mariam Army

    Mariam Army

    23 hours ago

    Give me oneeeee 😭😭😭😭

  48. Natalia Janicka

    Natalia Janicka

    Day ago

    kto z polski?

  49. Miro Miro

    Miro Miro

    Day ago

    respect for dex

  50. Refamisanisengludi wily clay

    Refamisanisengludi wily clay

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  51. Refamisanisengludi wily clay

    Refamisanisengludi wily clay

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  52. Refamisanisengludi wily clay

    Refamisanisengludi wily clay

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    Refamisanisengludi wily clay

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    And a minecraft case

  54. Refamisanisengludi wily clay

    Refamisanisengludi wily clay

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    I want like a blue up down is the fire right is the spider and a man flying

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    maisoon z

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    Omg I love and subscribe to ZCH

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    10X Diamond

    Day ago

    5:15That satisfaction gave off a good “peel” to it

  57. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse

    Day ago

    Ahhh !!!!!!watching it and thinking when I’ll get it🙄 bro you are at another level of art🤘🏻🔥🔥

  58. Joe Mounir

    Joe Mounir

    Day ago

    Hey I really want one but I live in Egypt

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  60. Conevalley


    Day ago

    damn they desperately need them



    Day ago

    liboron filipino say frank thankyo



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    ThAt iS dRiPy

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    Angelito Manansala

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    OMG i'm a fan or charli damielio and i came too there house amd i had a sleepover there i was so happy but when i woke up she was doing a tiktok

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    Carter Cleveland

    Day ago

    So satisfying

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    Andy Luo

    Day ago

    The apple store in his town is the richest apple store

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    Jaelyn Courtway

    Day ago

    Omg I love you're videos



    Day ago

    Zach you should do you drawling all of the emojis like scrunchie bun bun and that’s more than I even even the flags please but can you do it with crayons and markers you can only use those please can you do it

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    John Arjay

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    You’re the coolest!! 💙💙

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