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  1. Rudy Mancuso

    Rudy Mancuso

    Month ago

    Enjoy! Links in description on how to own the art & nfts!

    • Ugliest name Ever

      Ugliest name Ever

      13 hours ago

      Can you start saying oh my gosh

    • Amber Trewin

      Amber Trewin

      2 days ago

      Find the imposter❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Daksh Chauhan Comedy

      Daksh Chauhan Comedy

      14 days ago

      Rudy i need help making a song i really need your help

    • Gibran Santana

      Gibran Santana

      19 days ago

      @Rudy Mancuso, you was great; nevertheless, it is important that you know what you are doing is transduction. In the other hand, a appreciate you a lot, because I am musician too.

    • Liam Williams

      Liam Williams

      20 days ago

      You finally remembered you USgone password



    31 minute ago

    Sounds like tenet

  3. Lin Li

    Lin Li

    6 hours ago


  4. J Mac

    J Mac

    16 hours ago

    I think Elon would be delightited to send you to the mars as his first customer.

  5. marlen


    16 hours ago


  6. Murtaza Zafar

    Murtaza Zafar

    20 hours ago


  7. _-__-_


    Day ago

    Sire back with the bang:)

  8. Scary kids 🤯

    Scary kids 🤯

    Day ago

    This is more incredible then deez Nu-

  9. Tumi.A Akinrinade

    Tumi.A Akinrinade

    Day ago


  10. Tumi.A Akinrinade

    Tumi.A Akinrinade

    Day ago

    I'm like obsessed with this video

  11. Tumi.A Akinrinade

    Tumi.A Akinrinade

    Day ago

    You're so fucking talented!!!!!

  12. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez

    Day ago

    take 2 looks nice

  13. Reina_Kousak.a


    2 days ago

    Rudy why you always gotta : 😐

  14. sameem weam

    sameem weam

    2 days ago

    Know sell this for a million dollars it’s better than bekaso

  15. NamanNBhatt


    2 days ago


  16. Nancy


    2 days ago

    He is so talented and creative dang

  17. Sam Chen

    Sam Chen

    2 days ago

    The electric guitar was the coolest, imagine if you had paint blasting out of a cannon behind you on every strum

  18. Anoop S babu

    Anoop S babu

    2 days ago

    Is it art ?

  19. Sylvia Forest

    Sylvia Forest

    2 days ago

    This is creativity to the max! It's so aesthetic and wonderful. You have an incredible talent!

  20. Trend Slash

    Trend Slash

    2 days ago

    Guy selling NFT

  21. Jaunelimone


    3 days ago


  22. Debajit Borah

    Debajit Borah

    3 days ago

    this guy is creative as hell ! ive never seen such talent on you tube at least

  23. Prantik


    3 days ago

    painting and music at the same time.



    3 days ago

    Woooooowwwww this is super awesome 😍 😍 😍

  25. Ясмин Кадирова

    Ясмин Кадирова

    3 days ago

    I also wanna try it. I am sure that combination of painting and music is out of this world experience👍🌈

  26. Darwin Malazarte

    Darwin Malazarte

    3 days ago

    He's painting music.

  27. Simple videos

    Simple videos

    3 days ago

    I am wondering umm wtf why he now did a video after a year or two

  28. Jj Jake

    Jj Jake

    3 days ago

    Take two is the best

  29. Nikisha - Taylor Bain

    Nikisha - Taylor Bain

    3 days ago

    rudys friends: hows ur youtube channel going rudy: what the hell is youtube, oh dammit i forgot thanks

  30. itsMindz


    3 days ago

    When your teacher says Show your work:

  31. Vaishnavi Parasa

    Vaishnavi Parasa

    4 days ago

    please don't dissappear.

  32. The Werf

    The Werf

    4 days ago

    Finally he is out of jail

  33. Skateboard is Awesome

    Skateboard is Awesome

    4 days ago

    Let’s go he is baaaack

  34. Max Brady

    Max Brady

    4 days ago

    Please remake a bunch of the songs you've done on USgone in art form it would be incredible

  35. Layla Ghalib

    Layla Ghalib

    4 days ago

    Bruv forget this you’ve been gone for a whole 2 months I think if not then 1

  36. lizzy quiroz

    lizzy quiroz

    4 days ago

    What cool super cool

  37. Eleven 011

    Eleven 011

    4 days ago

    God : how much talent you want Rudy : yes

  38. Smeena Siddiqui

    Smeena Siddiqui

    5 days ago

    A very well team of this outstanding painting music.

  39. Evan Herrera

    Evan Herrera

    5 days ago

    The king is back

  40. Viridiana Ortiz

    Viridiana Ortiz

    5 days ago

    Pls upload more we love your videos

  41. Rabia kayc

    Rabia kayc

    5 days ago

    Its so amazing 😻 I like this. That's exactly the synesthetic brain 🤤🎉

  42. idk


    5 days ago

    Talent and thank God ur alive I thought u died

  43. Axel Aldave

    Axel Aldave

    5 days ago

    Miss u

  44. Sofia Dorito

    Sofia Dorito

    5 days ago

    Does he know how to play every instrument or what? 😁

  45. Nirmal B V

    Nirmal B V

    6 days ago


  46. Nirmal B V

    Nirmal B V

    6 days ago

    You have challenged the music field

  47. Nirmal B V

    Nirmal B V

    6 days ago

    Mind blowing

  48. Ahmed Hany

    Ahmed Hany

    6 days ago

    2 is the best one

  49. Aromal M.

    Aromal M.

    6 days ago

    The wait was long *but it was worth it*

  50. Leonardo Wallach

    Leonardo Wallach

    7 days ago

    OMG this is incredible!

  51. W A L E E D RDd

    W A L E E D RDd

    7 days ago

    Come on Rudy !! Your better than that .

  52. Bruce Bredder

    Bruce Bredder

    7 days ago

    Does anyone know what his black boots are called i want to get some.

  53. Julieanna Barran

    Julieanna Barran

    7 days ago

    Wow Love it

  54. ShadowStormzz


    7 days ago

    I wish I can just have this on repeat

  55. Alex Helms

    Alex Helms

    7 days ago

    Ruby is still there I like his content and everything don't worry I ain't going to take my opinion on anything else I genuinely like him I don't know about like the other stuff though that might have been wrong about that

  56. Alex Helms

    Alex Helms

    7 days ago

    But either way I still love real Ruby and his content are awesome

  57. Alex Helms

    Alex Helms

    7 days ago

    Why is there Palestine propaganda in my this video Ruby you couldn't tell me something cuz like I'm kind of terrified maybe that's just it's whatever I just don't understand that Mexico Israel and all kinds of stuff just people spamming up and saving save somebody I don't understand so are you saying that all like the Mexicans the Palestinians and the Israel are all wanting to save the same person or something very unlikely these are like a world apart the only one that are closest is Palestine and Israel which are two separate countries in my opinion but I already know that some people are going to say and no I'm not from the Middle East and I'm pretty sure neither is Ruby I'm pretty sure that he's from Mexico so if he's from Mexico there's no reason to go around spread in propaganda probably not but you never know about either Palestine or Israel I don't care unless he's part Israel or Palestine or something what's your pretty much the same thing kind of but Ruby I think it's from Mexico he's even pretty much confirmed this and his USgone channel and I've never even looked into his stuff so I don't even know and I'm pretty sure he does somebody tell me in the comments so cuz I don't know for sure so and I might be wrong just tell me I don't know I'm willing to accept responsibility for being wrong about this I don't know what's going on I just want to know

  58. Xylem Cocktail

    Xylem Cocktail

    8 days ago

    Change your pfp pic

  59. Manisha Pattnaik

    Manisha Pattnaik

    8 days ago

    He is so creative love him and his work 😍

  60. double Gamersyt

    double Gamersyt

    8 days ago

    You are the most talented person

  61. ketan shelar

    ketan shelar

    8 days ago

    That’s fucking awesome!!!!!

  62. Sagar Mali

    Sagar Mali

    9 days ago

    Love from India ❤️❤️

  63. Márton Bata

    Márton Bata

    9 days ago

    Its awsome

  64. alfred chan

    alfred chan

    9 days ago

    Can someone tell me what song is it, I wanna learn to play that piano piece

  65. Sharissano


    9 days ago

    Dam dude

  66. Kobb1k


    9 days ago

    Take 2 looks absolutely outstanding, so does the rest of them❤

  67. rohit s

    rohit s

    9 days ago

    GTA IV vibes 😌🥺

  68. Joseph Marchio

    Joseph Marchio

    10 days ago

    My name is RUDY TO !!!!!!!!!



    10 days ago

    150 rupeya dega

  70. Elnathan Seonyane

    Elnathan Seonyane

    10 days ago

    Great brother love you vids

  71. Sylwia W

    Sylwia W

    11 days ago

    this is just beyond... indescribably beautiful.

  72. Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter

    Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter

    12 days ago

    Do sketches

  73. Luchon 1

    Luchon 1

    12 days ago

    Number 2

  74. Montage Tv

    Montage Tv

    12 days ago

    This is totally insane✨

  75. Camaka Great

    Camaka Great

    12 days ago

    i liked the "Take 1"

  76. Danny Dorsey

    Danny Dorsey

    12 days ago

    In presence of a legend!

  77. M어치아니제비


    12 days ago

    Why do you not post not more

  78. Cortes Imundos

    Cortes Imundos

    12 days ago

    As vezes eu tenho orgulho de ser brasileiro!

  79. Lalhming Mawii

    Lalhming Mawii

    12 days ago


  80. Pieter Ferreira

    Pieter Ferreira

    13 days ago

    Love ur vids ❤️

  81. Explore Create Capture

    Explore Create Capture

    13 days ago

    Okay this is sick🔥

  82. Hana Ashraf

    Hana Ashraf

    13 days ago

    Rudy be like ya man we need something hmmm takes tuqila and sips and Poor's on paper and be like ya man this is it

  83. Samrat Palunwa

    Samrat Palunwa

    13 days ago

    The only decent member in the Shot Studios.

  84. Jayden PH

    Jayden PH

    13 days ago

    19’s music be like

  85. Sands Boys

    Sands Boys

    13 days ago

    Please upload more!

  86. imsoong rai

    imsoong rai

    13 days ago

    This is a savour from the youtube shorts

  87. Hanna W

    Hanna W

    13 days ago

    Looks like an art students dream

  88. Blanca Robledo

    Blanca Robledo

    13 days ago

    Bring back senior grinch

  89. mushili


    13 days ago

    Mate u r amazing.. just.. how

  90. Dipzy


    13 days ago

    rudy has a gift

  91. Ali Jabbar

    Ali Jabbar

    13 days ago

    Is anyone going to talk about Rudy’s voice change

  92. Clark 34

    Clark 34

    14 days ago

    Finally I thought u disappeared

  93. Myrah


    14 days ago

    is this on spotify?

  94. coco melon

    coco melon

    14 days ago

    wow. just. wow

  95. Ilham


    14 days ago


  96. Sabrinananabatman


    14 days ago

    bro whatttttttt

  97. Top Dribbler

    Top Dribbler

    14 days ago

    When your art teacher says be creative

  98. •ϲℓοω∂γℓγѕѕα•


    14 days ago


  99. Mason Boyland

    Mason Boyland

    14 days ago

    rudy is cool and a nice person and he should uplaod more on this channel

  100. stop


    14 days ago

    You know I'm so used to his mexican accent. But this is above all levels of art and music, everything in it is just beautifull . I love it :)