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  1. Mara Abreu

    Mara Abreu

    6 hours ago

    Oh gloria. Maravilha essa notícia. Um personal traine animado para ajudar vocês na perda de peso. Parabéns. Vocês são vitoriosos.

  2. Jesus Ortiz

    Jesus Ortiz

    Day ago

    Wow...that's awesome, Tammy looks more energetic than before, she was able to move very quickly! xD

  3. 1seedeadp3ople


    2 days ago

    Why is nobody taking about the fact that this "personal trainer" is himself, also obese?????????? WHAT IS HAPPENING AMERICA

  4. JessBisme123


    3 days ago

    Tammy was getting it! She seemed really proud of herself and like she was gaining confidence by doing the work out.

  5. Pieter Maes

    Pieter Maes

    6 days ago

    It's so hard to see them struggle doing such trivial things

  6. Gaming Weirdo

    Gaming Weirdo

    7 days ago

    Oh man not the wall sits lmao that shits torture even if you aren't fat. But you gotta do what you gotta do. In the end it'll all be worth it

  7. Mona P

    Mona P

    8 days ago

    This personal trainer could use some personal training.

  8. Meabh Twomey

    Meabh Twomey

    9 days ago

    I like Chris he seems nice and he's actually trying to loose weight

  9. 3X73RM


    9 days ago

    Chris' laugh sounds exactly like Rick's from Pawn Stars :P

  10. Tanvir Alif

    Tanvir Alif

    9 days ago

    One of the things about these personal trainers is that you can just not pay him/her if you don't want to follow the instructions. He she would just go away.

  11. Tanvir Alif

    Tanvir Alif

    9 days ago

    Tony himself isn't that fit. But he looks hutki AF in front of them.

  12. cazee100


    10 days ago

    Oh my. If he was MY trainer I would be excelling cos he is VERY good looking

  13. wrlord


    10 days ago

    Fattest personal trainer I've ever seen. They're so fat I can't even see in what direction they're moving those 3 lb dumbbells.

  14. Emma Campbell

    Emma Campbell

    10 days ago

    awesome!!!! keep going tammy

  15. Pascal lifestyle

    Pascal lifestyle

    10 days ago

    The trainer is fat too

  16. Farzana Husseini

    Farzana Husseini

    11 days ago

    Yes gurlll Tammy we believe in you if you really wanna change your lifestyle and get happier So try your best and we love you

  17. Adrienne Dickens

    Adrienne Dickens

    11 days ago

    Brother Chris is a good guy. He can do voiceovers and make a lot of money. He loves his new nephew 🙂

  18. Matias Flores Hanssen

    Matias Flores Hanssen

    11 days ago

    This personal trainer is fking stupid. How tf are u going to ask them to squat when she weighs 600lb+ and the other 300lb+. He gon fk up their knees. LOW IMPACT EXERCISES FIRST

  19. Caity


    11 days ago

    Sitting on the wall .... Worse than standing in the corner, but WAY funnier.

  20. Jue spenner Spencer

    Jue spenner Spencer

    11 days ago

    Fabulous news you go girl lovely to see Chris motivated too. Tammy is totally different never moaned once love to see them loose and stick at it im willing you all the way from the uk 🇬🇧

  21. vero 2x

    vero 2x

    12 days ago

    chris is the best😭.

  22. Karina Staneva

    Karina Staneva

    12 days ago

    There is still hope for Tammy!

  23. T. Smith

    T. Smith

    12 days ago

    What’s wrong with Chris voice

  24. Ryan Rodriguez

    Ryan Rodriguez

    13 days ago

    Hey I’m 17 years old but I feel like I would be good at training them. A lot of trainers skip the part where you’re suppose to communicate and get to know you’re patient. And to know what type of person they are so they know how to get them going and pumped up and to teach them results don’t come fast and that it’s a process.

  25. nazaré de oliveira lopes

    nazaré de oliveira lopes

    13 days ago

    Gostaria que fosse traduzido para o a língua portuguesa

  26. Moxie Babe

    Moxie Babe

    14 days ago

    Good job y'all!

  27. Hano H

    Hano H

    15 days ago

    Awww she used to stand up and move quick

  28. Icy Cake

    Icy Cake

    15 days ago

    tammy really said ( 👁 👄 👁) -( )- 🍔 / \

  29. Ivan


    15 days ago

    Tony thought this shit was a dance party💀

  30. Me And 2 Noobs , BS

    Me And 2 Noobs , BS

    15 days ago

    Uhhh babies ?!

  31. nothing


    16 days ago

    Maybe she need to throw away slowly his junk food

  32. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

    Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

    16 days ago

    I gained 22 pounds in the past 3 months. I would say 5 pounds of muscle and the remaining fat. Now I'm working my ass off to get rid of that fat (I weigh 215 btw). I do 3500 jump rope swings a day with an intense 90 minute weight training. Still, unable to lose fat that easily even when cooking lean meat and complex carbohydrates by myself. Think about tamy. It's impossible to lose that kind of weight by doing these activities. Only possibility is forced starvation so that the fat stored in her adipose tissue gets used for energy.

  33. Shovel


    16 days ago

    Is it just me or is the personal trainer in need Himself or losing about 40lbs?

  34. Jen Jen

    Jen Jen

    17 days ago

    Come on Tammy we are all rooting for you!! You can do this!

  35. Cong Phan

    Cong Phan

    18 days ago

    Gran telenovela es igual que la realidad que vivimos con los políticos de nuestro país.

  36. The Don

    The Don

    18 days ago

    If they just did a lil bit you would think they would get big results. I would think it gets harder the lighter you get.



    19 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 tammy lifting up those baby weights 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Malena Puente

    Malena Puente

    19 days ago

    Awww I’m so excited for her and Chris I hope they keep at it. Honestly a trainer, diet change, and constancy is what they need

  39. bach baroque

    bach baroque

    19 days ago

    That trainer needs to lay off the beer.

  40. kokolino fame

    kokolino fame

    20 days ago

    You know you're talking about America if even the personal trainer is slightly overweight and has a belly 😳🤣🤣🤣

  41. Katarina Velkova

    Katarina Velkova

    20 days ago

    So why does she not move more? Like walk around, etc?? It might help her mental health as well...

  42. Abena Badu

    Abena Badu

    21 day ago

    aww am so proud of her



    21 day ago

    I thought he was my intermediate School gym teacher 😭

  44. Jackie L

    Jackie L

    21 day ago

    I think if Tammy just did these workouts everyday could help her mobility. Along with slowly losing each food item that isn’t healthy for her

  45. sliiim 2

    sliiim 2

    22 days ago

    they hella fckin lazy

  46. kenneth gillie

    kenneth gillie

    23 days ago

    how is tammy sweating she didnt even stand

  47. Matjaž Šparaš

    Matjaž Šparaš

    23 days ago

    So personal trainers in USA are out of shape aswel?

  48. Charlene Wolford

    Charlene Wolford

    23 days ago

    I loved this! Gives me hope. Thanks, Tammy & Chris!

  49. Serena Rossi

    Serena Rossi

    24 days ago

    I love Chris ! He's a funny lad

  50. Alexis Knows

    Alexis Knows

    24 days ago


  51. Smoothie Tyrico Queen

    Smoothie Tyrico Queen

    24 days ago

    Good video

  52. TheAcadianGuy


    25 days ago

    You know your country is fat when even the trainer is overweight lol

  53. Jennifer Donath

    Jennifer Donath

    26 days ago

    The trainer has to loose weight to..... 🙄Just saying.... 😬

  54. The Drunken Dutchman

    The Drunken Dutchman

    27 days ago

    Her arms even have a belly!

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    27 days ago


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    27 days ago


  57. wyleisha17


    27 days ago

    Chris is literally a teddy bear

  58. Paulette Lee

    Paulette Lee

    28 days ago

    Tammy you can do this 💘 you

  59. armpitfuzz


    28 days ago

    The "trainer" looks like he could use a trainer !

    • Kidley Lebeau

      Kidley Lebeau

      27 days ago

      Lol I agree😂😂😂

  60. Kyle Bennett

    Kyle Bennett

    29 days ago

    Who Ronald Mcdonald??

  61. Cherrie Ricardo

    Cherrie Ricardo

    29 days ago

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  62. Marva Williams

    Marva Williams

    29 days ago

    Bed bugs

  63. Boner San

    Boner San

    Month ago

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  64. tree house garage

    tree house garage

    Month ago

    Gooooo tammy!!!!

  65. abcd rabeet

    abcd rabeet

    Month ago

    The personal trainer looks like a middle school gym teacher

  66. Sammy Boiii

    Sammy Boiii

    Month ago

    She said do you have a crane to pick him up yet she weighs more than a crane

  67. Beth Holst

    Beth Holst

    Month ago

    Hes there to help you lose that damn weight since u can't get motivated yourselves instead you argue and dont take accountability for yourselves!!!

  68. Vindelextreme 2.0

    Vindelextreme 2.0

    Month ago

    the trainer is out of shape

  69. Meditations


    Month ago

    love whenever chris talks, there are subtitles

  70. rayraysamazin


    Month ago

    Yyeess Tammy!! Get it girl!! Do that 3 times a week and you will feel so much better! 💪💪

  71. Anon Person

    Anon Person

    Month ago

    Way to go!!!!!!!!! woot woot!

  72. Anon Person

    Anon Person

    Month ago

    im so proud of Tammy and Chris!! I hope they can continue to work out and get healthier and happier :)

  73. Edna Jean Amos

    Edna Jean Amos

    Month ago

    I gained 50 pounds when I quit smoking..That was almost 4 years ago so now no more excuses I went back to the gym and I have lost 13 pounds so far. It's coming off slow. I want to lose at least 15 more by June.

  74. Edna Jean Amos

    Edna Jean Amos

    Month ago

    I'm not trying to be mean but what is wrong with Tammys face. It looks kind of deformed. Sorry not trying to be mean. Just wondering

  75. Jessica Vilt

    Jessica Vilt

    Month ago

    This is the tammy that needs to come out more. The one doing something and not yelling every 5 minutes or less. The only thing is she gives up to easily. Chris and Amy are thr best ones on the show. Chris actually contuied , lost weight and got approved for the surgery. He and Amy are supportive .

  76. Vintage Camera Girl

    Vintage Camera Girl

    Month ago

    Trainers who use these tactics are not substantial trainers... you can not shame...shock...or put people on blast to loose weight. Believe me

  77. Jessica McAuley

    Jessica McAuley

    Month ago

    I love Chris hes so down to earth 😄😄

  78. Jackhandsley Derby ramz

    Jackhandsley Derby ramz

    Month ago

    Lifelong virgins

  79. princessofbalance


    Month ago

    I think Chris is a good energy and influence on Tammy. I really think with him helping her out shell do great!

  80. Incognito Noneya

    Incognito Noneya

    Month ago

    The personal trainer has a lot of excess far. Im lost?

  81. Jess Hull

    Jess Hull

    Month ago

    the personal trainer could also do to loose some weight....

  82. Peace BeWithYou

    Peace BeWithYou

    Month ago

    Lol the personal trainer not even that fit 😩

  83. Koonfoopanda Koonfu

    Koonfoopanda Koonfu

    Month ago

    At this juncture, this woman needs NUTRITIONAL FOODS more than personal trainers and workouts. She would lose weight several times faster with nutritional foods than workouts.

  84. Store


    Month ago

    ain't no amount of exercise gonna help her 😂😂 she's too far gone

  85. divatood


    Month ago

    The trainer is overweight himself

  86. Gainstician


    Month ago

    I guess anyone can be a trainer lol

  87. Leonor Janjić

    Leonor Janjić

    Month ago

    This guy doesn't have a clue. They need to walk. Just walk. A lot...

  88. Maria Gorie

    Maria Gorie

    Month ago

    Dang I wish I had a personal trainer I’m losing weight on my own

  89. yma


    Month ago

    why the trainer fat 😂

  90. Liana Oh

    Liana Oh

    Month ago

    I'm glad this guy is here to motivate. But as I say on every video, somebody needs to call adult protective services and have her put in a home. If she doesn't have access to food whenever she will lose weight.

  91. Taylorcrawford Walker

    Taylorcrawford Walker

    Month ago

    I believe in them both. I wanna see Tammy especially, live a sensible practical life and fall in live to live happily ever after. The fat gene is obviously in their DNA.

  92. Blake Hamilton

    Blake Hamilton

    Month ago

    The trainer ain’t even in shape hahah

  93. Guy Perez

    Guy Perez

    Month ago

    She doesn’t eat to live, she lives to eat smh

  94. Hahmzed Yuzefan

    Hahmzed Yuzefan

    Month ago

    Lol the trainer is over weiht

  95. Diego Villarreal Chavez

    Diego Villarreal Chavez

    Month ago

    how does tammy use the toilet without shattering the entire bowl?

  96. MóNICA


    Month ago

    You can Tammy...you can. :)

  97. Mabby


    Month ago

    Hurry !! Tammy keep going I know you can make. Much love



    Month ago

    Tammy just need some motivation ong

  99. Nicole Marie 303

    Nicole Marie 303

    Month ago

    Go Tammy!!

  100. Janet Barr

    Janet Barr

    Month ago

    I really like their brother he seems like a Sweet soul when he's not having to get on to Tammy I like his gruff voice too makes you stop and listen