Testing Game Breaking Minecraft Glitches To See If They Work

Which one of these is your favorite?!
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  1. LoverFella


    Month ago

    Like this video? You'll like my server just as much, :)

    • jordanmines


      6 days ago

      @Jen_Juice yes

    • Lowell copps

      Lowell copps

      8 days ago

      Fire aspect is for a sword not a bow, thats why it didn't work.

    • Agg Tse

      Agg Tse

      9 days ago

      Lover fella the bow needs to have flame not fire aspect

    • Marjorie May Marquez

      Marjorie May Marquez

      13 days ago

      Is your client making no sense because bedrock edition cantab hardcore so the way people get the bible

    • Marjorie May Marquez

      Marjorie May Marquez

      13 days ago

      Is called two-way i'm not fire effect

  2. Dave Mineblox

    Dave Mineblox

    3 hours ago

    I never knew about any of thes things

  3. Cod T-rex

    Cod T-rex

    14 hours ago

    My man put fireAspect on a bow -_- FLAME IS THE ATTACHMENT THAT SHOOTS FIRE AROWS

  4. Dwne Villegas

    Dwne Villegas

    23 hours ago

    I now that we're the

  5. LJ Plays

    LJ Plays

    Day ago

    theres no way he put fire aspect on a bow

  6. TommyG


    Day ago

    Your bow needs flame not fire basket

  7. huw777


    Day ago

    I saw a USgoner do this to

  8. huw777


    Day ago

    That looks the same to when I did it in the overworld

  9. Crazy Cane toad

    Crazy Cane toad

    2 days ago

    The cactus one is what I used to call it A CAPTUS

  10. Cherry Fox

    Cherry Fox

    2 days ago

    Ik about bedrock ive done the lava one hoping it wouldnt save but it worked the only one i didnt know on bedrock ( i play bedrock) was the infinite build tower stakc.

  11. Asawin Pholmoon

    Asawin Pholmoon

    2 days ago

    9:51 I Love It

  12. Luke Erwin Que

    Luke Erwin Que

    3 days ago

    One more hacks use iron bars to make the zombie villager can make the process faster

  13. King Stokes

    King Stokes

    3 days ago

    4:16 the Aries don’t hit them repeatedly no matter how many arrows are going at him at once he will only take 1 damagae

  14. The MIGHTY duck

    The MIGHTY duck

    3 days ago


  15. Rudra Jinger

    Rudra Jinger

    3 days ago

    If you put two slabs on bonfire it stop the smoke

  16. Nimish Deshpande

    Nimish Deshpande

    3 days ago

    he put fire aspect on a bow😂

  17. Prodgysaad 3

    Prodgysaad 3

    3 days ago

    Me:woo tower My brother: tower go brrrrrrr

  18. Bodhi Porteous

    Bodhi Porteous

    3 days ago

    Use a shovel to put put the fire noob

  19. Logan Singh

    Logan Singh

    4 days ago

    Finally a not cursed thumbnail that is in minecraft xD

  20. Marion Lopez

    Marion Lopez

    4 days ago

    I love the nether bad lands

  21. Boybits Victoria

    Boybits Victoria

    5 days ago

    Yey i don't have to fly to stuck a block yey

  22. Max Rodriguez

    Max Rodriguez

    6 days ago

    are we going to ignore that his name is TropicCrayon?

  23. Nicole Finch

    Nicole Finch

    6 days ago

    but I thought java was better....

  24. MemesAreLife


    6 days ago

    Did u know if U add fire on each side of the defence tower they through fire balls

  25. BKFamillyBRO


    7 days ago

    I never want to see a villager again...take a guess why...

  26. Yesse Carton

    Yesse Carton

    7 days ago

    Wha did he say we bedrockers have hardcore WHERE IS IT I WANT TO KNOW

  27. Joao Felipe

    Joao Felipe

    8 days ago

    The bug off the nether happens in normal word too

  28. Caleb Persad

    Caleb Persad

    8 days ago

    You should be using flame on a bow not fire aspects

  29. Nasim Ahmed

    Nasim Ahmed

    8 days ago

    Some are pro tips

  30. Jude McCaffrey

    Jude McCaffrey

    8 days ago


  31. marcus dodge villanueva

    marcus dodge villanueva

    8 days ago

    I know the nether hack

  32. B movie TV

    B movie TV

    9 days ago


  33. Erion Aron gaming Tv

    Erion Aron gaming Tv

    9 days ago

    8:15 loverfella press alt f4 to crash it so it doesnt save ur progress untill that point and then join it will take u back to where the game last saved

  34. Pokemon Masta

    Pokemon Masta

    9 days ago

    Its flame

  35. Susan Medsger

    Susan Medsger

    9 days ago


  36. Rene Buhia

    Rene Buhia

    9 days ago

    The cactus work

  37. Napkin Knows

    Napkin Knows

    9 days ago


  38. Joje Ann Armidilla

    Joje Ann Armidilla

    9 days ago

    Add a minecraft server plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  39. ElijahEgghead


    10 days ago

    Can’t you just place them on top of each other (Thumbnail)

  40. Oliver Rennick

    Oliver Rennick

    10 days ago

    You put fire acepect on a bow you need flame

  41. Mega Mash

    Mega Mash

    10 days ago

    That works In the over world too I did that

  42. Zack Xavier

    Zack Xavier

    10 days ago

    Fire aspect in a bow Its suppose to be flame

  43. Ibnu Amari

    Ibnu Amari

    10 days ago

    Flame Not Fire Aspect Flame is For A Bow Fire Aspect Is For Sword

  44. Caelan Faithfull

    Caelan Faithfull

    11 days ago

    I give infinite fuel 9999999999999999999999999999999/10

  45. Styro Raptor

    Styro Raptor

    11 days ago

    It’s a flame arrow

  46. nebula souler beast HEROIC

    nebula souler beast HEROIC

    11 days ago

    The celebration is the 1 for among us /innersloth releasing airship trailer btw

  47. Irene Morcillo

    Irene Morcillo

    11 days ago

    You have to use flame to pute the fire on a camp fire....

  48. G D0G ツ

    G D0G ツ

    11 days ago

    Fun fact:the snow golems didn’t work beacause in the vid the zombies were burning in the day

  49. Emery Pendleton

    Emery Pendleton

    12 days ago

    I play bedrock and didn’t know that existed (I don’t have a pc)



    12 days ago

    This guy send fire aspect Ina bow but you need flame on the bow

  51. Dork 789

    Dork 789

    12 days ago

    Flame not fire aspect

  52. Kamal Arifin

    Kamal Arifin

    12 days ago

    You need flame not fire aspect



    12 days ago

    3000000 70 3000000

  54. Sharif Ulla

    Sharif Ulla

    12 days ago

    0:10 LoverFella: If you use the barrier block Me: /ban LoverFella Reason: saying the world border is a barrier block Also me: The world border isn't even a block Edit: 0:46 LoverFella: It looks like you can't do it with every block Me: Because there is a block behind it so you can't push it you dummy dumb dumb

  55. Lea M. Duque

    Lea M. Duque

    12 days ago

    Loverfella:dont be jealous to bedrock players Me:Yes dont be jelous to us :)

  56. Siti Mariam

    Siti Mariam

    12 days ago

    Bow with flame encantment will work

  57. Toby or not Toby

    Toby or not Toby

    13 days ago

    The invisible fire one was patched but it got back in to the game.

  58. Janice Deili

    Janice Deili

    13 days ago


  59. Emery Lopez

    Emery Lopez

    13 days ago

    How did your socks taste

  60. Salmon


    13 days ago

    fun fact if you jump from build limit and disconnect out 5 blocks away from hitting the ground and then reconnect and u take like 2 hearts of damage instead of death

  61. Vilmer Forsberg

    Vilmer Forsberg

    13 days ago

    I think you need to have flame on your bow

  62. SkyFung


    13 days ago

    You need BOW with FLAME enchant so that’s embarrassing

  63. The doggy Universe

    The doggy Universe

    13 days ago

    With the skeleton tower it’s easier to make a command block

  64. Cat Cat

    Cat Cat

    14 days ago

    Him not doing the tower hack to build the cactuses killed me

  65. Ernesto P

    Ernesto P

    14 days ago

    u stupid its flame not fire aspect

  66. Johnny L

    Johnny L

    14 days ago

    i did not know this was possible

  67. Sarthak Chaurasia

    Sarthak Chaurasia

    15 days ago

    3:44 for people who can't tp there here is a command /tp @s 9999999999 ~ 999999999999

  68. Vionna Loraine Tiu Sonco

    Vionna Loraine Tiu Sonco

    15 days ago


  69. Imeth Rajakaruna

    Imeth Rajakaruna

    15 days ago

    U idiot arrows doesn't burn when fire aspect on the bow. U must need flame enchantment.

  70. Joseph Fulgencio

    Joseph Fulgencio

    16 days ago

    5:46 flame on a bow no fire aspect is a sword thing flame is a bow thing

  71. noobyplays stuff

    noobyplays stuff

    16 days ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he thinks snowmen does damage to everything?

  72. ItzElementalplays


    16 days ago

    Lover fella: you can't die because of this bedrock edition glitch Me: actually u die and lose stuff

  73. Liam Calvin Arcilla

    Liam Calvin Arcilla

    16 days ago

    The cactus works

  74. Red Lopez

    Red Lopez

    16 days ago

    I keep being clickbaited by the thunbnail

  75. Dino Cute

    Dino Cute

    17 days ago

    0:27 really

  76. Aiman Eleryan

    Aiman Eleryan

    18 days ago

    u need flame to shoot fire arrows for bows k

  77. SUBHAN Khoram

    SUBHAN Khoram

    18 days ago

    The cactus tower works

  78. Ryker Kostas

    Ryker Kostas

    18 days ago

    You need flame on your bow

  79. Gamer Sky

    Gamer Sky

    19 days ago

    i know about the camp fire one

  80. Katherine Carranza

    Katherine Carranza

    19 days ago

    The end of the video: subscribe if pineapple belongs on pizza Me: PIZZA BELONGS ON PINEAPPLE!

  81. Katherine Carranza

    Katherine Carranza

    19 days ago

    you can do the cactus drop clutch just it takes some time

  82. Katherine Carranza

    Katherine Carranza

    19 days ago

    believe it or not, Iron Golems have 100 health, I Snow Golem has like 8 health and do 0 damage to anything

  83. omer yaakov

    omer yaakov

    19 days ago

    Its flame not fire aspect

  84. Dillon Smith

    Dillon Smith

    19 days ago

    You gotta be around for a long time to know snow golems actually do no damage, just knock back. It was so cringe watching him wonder why the zombies werntdying all I could think was: Freakin noobs

  85. Mini BUILDER

    Mini BUILDER

    19 days ago

    Fire aspect is not a enchantment for a bow a enchantment of the fire to the bow is flame

  86. Fergus Clarence Salvador

    Fergus Clarence Salvador

    20 days ago

    you put fire aspect on a bow your need to put flame

  87. Matthew Breadman

    Matthew Breadman

    20 days ago

    You can use the cursed nether glitch in the overworld too.

  88. punya racharla

    punya racharla

    20 days ago

    You can 2 portals in one portal

  89. Zarith Athirah

    Zarith Athirah

    20 days ago

    fun fact: crimson stair is outside a border. trust me 0:31

  90. Nash Rohan Vargas

    Nash Rohan Vargas

    20 days ago

    Hey lover fella you need flame to be enchant your bow

  91. Blaze MegaSin

    Blaze MegaSin

    21 day ago

    u stupid, in the 5:50 on the bow you have to use flame not fire aspect, and with sword and book you have to right click

  92. Nathan Vo

    Nathan Vo

    21 day ago

  93. Raith Weaver

    Raith Weaver

    21 day ago

    The fire last one was patched ik because I was messing around and I got on fire so I walked around my house and randomly woud catch fire

  94. Memeicide 57

    Memeicide 57

    21 day ago

    you had to give the bow flame...

  95. Hyacinth Ann Lam

    Hyacinth Ann Lam

    21 day ago


  96. chak wai liew

    chak wai liew

    21 day ago

    The bow is flame

  97. chak wai liew

    chak wai liew

    21 day ago

    The bow i

  98. Joshua Frankenberger

    Joshua Frankenberger

    22 days ago

    You can take out campfires with a shovel

  99. Yanick Potvin

    Yanick Potvin

    22 days ago

    to make the snowman turret thing more effishint put netherack block's around the snowman and light it up so it make's there snowballs on fire

  100. Liam Emerson Matney

    Liam Emerson Matney

    22 days ago

    Run from 2020