The Best FILET MIGNON I ever made, WOW!

Butter, steak and bone marrow, what can be better than that? Today I show you what might be the absolute best steak recipe I've made this year. This butter of the Gods made this wonderful filet mignon melt in my mouth. We also tried cured egg yolks that made the steaks fit for royalty. As a side dish I decided to compliment this wonderful steaks with some nice garlic fries that were very easy to make. Give this one a try guys, go out grilling and you will love it!

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✩ Butter of the GODS Recipe ✩
4 tbps Roasted Bone Marrow
8 tbsp Butter
1 Cured Egg Yolk
1 tsp Parsley
2 tsp Shallots
1 tsp Anchovie Paste
1 Pinch of Salt

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    A. Sayied

    4 days ago

    Somebody help! I've kept the marrow and yolks in an air tight container in the fridge, is that how its done or should I leave the lid off.

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    Dewayne Diggs

    5 days ago

    angel mouth be watering lol

  7. Duy Do

    Duy Do

    6 days ago

    Bone marrow is a delicacy, high end restaurant will charge you an arm an a leg for it. Here's a poor man's tip: Go to a good Vietnamese pho restaurant and ask for a side of bone marrow bowl they MIGHT have it for the cheap.

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  16. Victor Ginelli

    Victor Ginelli

    12 days ago

    I just did this today. The flavor of the bone marrow was too intense for me. Ive had bone marrow before in burgers, but it never tasted this strong. The recipe is great, i might use less marrow next time

  17. Jose Guerrero

    Jose Guerrero

    12 days ago

    What do you brush on the steaks while searing them?

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    Eric Shuren

    12 days ago

    Hey Guga! I'm going to be trying to replicate this, I just have one question for you. Once the butter is made, how long can it stay in the fridge for?

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    I finally made this but I added a twist after taking the eggs out of the fridge I put them on the grill the same with the bone marrow then threw all the ingredients into the food processor it was delicious the eggs had a smokey flavor and had a little bit of char on it but it was good 👌

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    Rhetorical Bro

    Month ago

    i watch his videos in envy. i dont got a kitchen. i microwave most of everything i eat. takeout is a luxury. my life is sad, i dream of being able to have my own kitchen to try things like this.

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      yes basting it with butter makes the butter flavour into the steak

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    Eugenio Teran

    Month ago

    Quick question: how long did the cooking of the filet mignon take? Looks like you sealed it first and then left it on the other side with no fire to keep cooking it. Extremely amateur question, I'm sure, but I am just now starting to learn cooking!

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