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The Evolution of the Nissan Z [240Z, 300ZX, 370Z, 400Z?]

From the 240Z, the 280ZX, the 300ZX up to the modern 350Z, 370Z and the 400Z of the future... the Nissan Z car is one of the longest running and most fun sports cars of ALL TIME. We run you through the evolution of the Nissan Z car and each of it's generations. S30, Z31, Z32, Z33, Z34 and the Z35!
#nissan #400Z #370Z
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  1. L- Wook

    L- Wook

    14 hours ago

    I miss my 280zx... 400? Sounds right

  2. Oneirogeist


    2 days ago

    just heard something u said...the 370z is more "blocky" than the 350z? and im imagining u mean hard angles? then i say hell no. 350z angles are soft AF @ 12:50

  3. Bobby1kenobi


    3 days ago

    Why does he keep pronouncing nissan as kneesan ?

  4. ron bal

    ron bal

    3 days ago

    The bitter taste the new supra leaved? Dude, the new supra is one hell of a car. Have you ever driven one? Guess not.

  5. Brian Romsdal

    Brian Romsdal

    4 days ago

    I have a Z32 TT and I think it’s pretty bad ass

  6. Maksym Pawliczek

    Maksym Pawliczek

    6 days ago

    The Z31 300ZX is my dream car

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      14 hours ago


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      Pinned by Ideal Cars

      14 hours ago

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  7. Call of duty Wickedtiger.

    Call of duty Wickedtiger.

    7 days ago

    It’s originally made from the Daston. Nissan bought the brand.

  8. Taimoor Siffledeen

    Taimoor Siffledeen

    7 days ago

    I have two shiro addition 300zx's

  9. Ricardo Camara

    Ricardo Camara

    8 days ago

    My cousin owned a 1971 240 z when we were teenagers it was sickest car ever

  10. WatAmIdoing


    9 days ago

    12 grand for a good example, until you live in Australia 50k⬆️

  11. Reggie N Happiness

    Reggie N Happiness

    9 days ago

    Actually I don’t want the 400z...

  12. The Kingdom of Bad Decisions

    The Kingdom of Bad Decisions

    9 days ago

    It wasn't Nissan until about 1989. Datsun was responsible for the birth of the Z car.

  13. Doris Woodrum-LaFrance

    Doris Woodrum-LaFrance

    10 days ago

    My favorite was the 280Z turbo, I had the Dallas Cowboys limited edition, loved that car

  14. Anthony C. Kelly

    Anthony C. Kelly

    10 days ago

    This guy said they lost the JDM WARs the 300zx sold more than any of the other cars.

  15. Patrick Davan

    Patrick Davan

    10 days ago

    My favorite was the 300. If Nissan took that body and then replaced the windows, lights and interior they would have an awesome model. Adding; I really don't care for this style..

  16. jay__ shephard_

    jay__ shephard_

    10 days ago

    How do I get to the other channel about ideal jobs?

  17. Captain Axan

    Captain Axan

    11 days ago


  18. flippinferdie1


    12 days ago

    Just for sh1t n giggles, celebrity Peter North use to own a 300zx.

  19. nicklegostava


    12 days ago

    I could Have gotten a Red Running Great Shape 1973 280z for Under $3000 in 2015. BIG MISTAKE NOT BUYING THAT!!! I was collecting dumb shoes at the time.

  20. Nathan Nicholson

    Nathan Nicholson

    16 days ago

    The new Z looks trash, I'll stick with 370 for now haha

  21. UdderBoy5150


    17 days ago

    Got my na z32 for 1800 but it’s an auto 😅 just gotta do the swap

  22. Darren Moore

    Darren Moore

    18 days ago

    If I could afford a 240z Cheapest one is$55k- to $120k

  23. ASN_keys


    18 days ago

    Hey is this a good deal for 8k for a genisis coupe

    • ASN_keys


      18 days ago

      2010 Genesis Coupe Runs and Drives mint No check engine lights on Well taken car of and well maintained Pulls hard and sounds amazing Hks Blow off Valve Huge custom performance engineering cold air intake ISR Performance Race exhaust Car is tuned, and has 2 step Viper Command start Touchscreen pioneer deck Command start Aftermarket tail lights Alpine type r speakers all around connected to a Sony amp Mitsi Mosho shift nob Aftermarket trunk lip Newer battery Newer turbo Boost gauge

  24. Charles Anderson

    Charles Anderson

    18 days ago

    Ok I noticed you said in one of your videos that you can make tshirts as well? If so I want one for like a bmw theme and Ford F-150 or lighting theme. Any info would be appreciated

  25. Cjoker Da Boi

    Cjoker Da Boi

    19 days ago

    280z and the 300zx are my favorite fairladies

  26. Brendan Danielson

    Brendan Danielson

    19 days ago

    First video ive come across. like the content! I hit the sub! Thx for this history

  27. Giovanni De'Medici

    Giovanni De'Medici

    19 days ago

    looks like straight out a low effort gta online dlc car to make Rockstar a quick buck. Supra was butchered now this... as time goes on cars are becoming uglier and uglier.

  28. Mark Lasch

    Mark Lasch

    20 days ago

    @1:30 the S-30 ran from ‘69-78.

  29. Emmy Riser

    Emmy Riser

    20 days ago

    Lol got my z31 for 1200 bucks 60k miles

  30. Emmy Riser

    Emmy Riser

    20 days ago

    Fucking finally someone talked about the z31

  31. That Gaijin Fella

    That Gaijin Fella

    20 days ago

    Here in Japan, the 300zx are gaining popularity. The price to buy even a half decent used one, is going up exponentially.!

  32. That Gaijin Fella

    That Gaijin Fella

    20 days ago

    Proud of my 35th 350z...even tho that bitch costs me a fortune to keep on the road....soooo tempted to get the this space......

  33. Ahmed Feroze

    Ahmed Feroze

    21 day ago

    Loved the 240, 280 and owned a '86 300zx black with tan full leather interior, T top loved it

  34. DrGavinJones


    21 day ago

    I love my 04 350Z roadster...only 67k, and still pretty reliable.

  35. vinicius mariano

    vinicius mariano

    21 day ago

    I didn't like how the 2020 z looks like

  36. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker

    21 day ago

    Cant wait for this car. The Supra was sooo disappointing.

  37. Umar Farooque

    Umar Farooque

    21 day ago

    1:40 Noice 360°

  38. Nathan Hamontree

    Nathan Hamontree

    21 day ago

    280ZXT T-tops

  39. Juan Echeverria

    Juan Echeverria

    22 days ago

    2+2 z32 cuz over 6foot.

  40. FoxNation18


    23 days ago

    Bruh I wish Mitsubishi still made fun awesome cars😭 and if money is a problem why don’t they make a special order factory for ppl for if they really want it, buy their flagship cars? Something like that jeez. Also next video, evolution of the Evolution lol😂

  41. John Delgado

    John Delgado

    23 days ago

    Idk why you would go for a 370z when you can buy a 35hr. The hr platforms are hard as hell to find for a reason, they’re faster than the base 370Z (only nismo beats it) and they’re much more reliable (plus cheaper), as well as more special since there are so mány more 370Z to go around now. The 350z hr got a 13.5 for the quarter mile and now day base 370Z do it in 13.7+ sometimes even 14s. They suffer from fuel tanks splits and svc failures.

  42. Peter Nielsen

    Peter Nielsen

    24 days ago

    I had a 2l fairlady z in Okinawa Japan. Love it. After returning home I got a a '72 240z and was the best car I ever had. Before that I had a '78 200sx which was an awesome great car. I've wanted a 280z but haven't happen yet.

  43. DropkickOfTheCentury


    24 days ago

    Man I need a job lmao

  44. Haniko808 cero

    Haniko808 cero

    25 days ago

    240z my favorite car. Viper ACR my dream car.. What's your favorite & dream car. Comment below 👇

  45. Auston Cly

    Auston Cly

    25 days ago

    Nissan's mustang 400z

  46. Jonathan Ulery

    Jonathan Ulery

    26 days ago

    Light weight? My 350z weighs 3800lbs it's literally a tank...

  47. Vikes73


    26 days ago

    I’ve owned a 280ZX and currently own a ‘96 300. I love the 300 but the 280 was actually more fun to drive. Great to see the evolution.

  48. KD


    27 days ago

    I wasn't too hyped when I saw the new yellow model Z, but maybe the aftermarket parts will change that.

  49. md.shishir chy

    md.shishir chy

    27 days ago

    can you please make a specific video on camero zl1 about's a humbol request.



    27 days ago




    27 days ago

    1st gen for me

  52. csharp57


    28 days ago

    The 90's ZX will always be the one I love. Even though I was a Honda Prelude guy

  53. Nathan Pitts

    Nathan Pitts

    28 days ago

    These guys literally never missed

  54. Enrique Del Valle

    Enrique Del Valle

    29 days ago




    29 days ago


  56. SoloRide ZX

    SoloRide ZX

    Month ago

    Z32.. ✌️🏁🌶️.. Iconic, unique.. Head of its time, born beautiful by birth, no need for any makeup..z350 was fault, Z31 ✌️🙏, Z240 💄🌶️, Z280🌹👌..

  57. Cherry Popper

    Cherry Popper

    Month ago

    Your wrong they ended the z32 only in America because they were getting too expensive and no one ended up buying them. It’s the exact same reason the Supra died off around the same time. Japan got the z32 all the way till the 350 came out

  58. Me Gusta

    Me Gusta

    Month ago

    Like the evolutions

  59. R. L.

    R. L.

    Month ago

    Loving my 370Z (Pack Version, like Sports Tourer in the US, with all in it that isn't Nismo plus Mods like KW Variant 3, Catback Exhaust and soon Carbon Fiber Parts). Not even 4 years old, looking like new, but now a car that isn't sold any more. But that doesn't matter, all the Z Generations are different and nice on their own. Definetly keeping and building it. Great affordable Sportscar.

  60. Jeff May

    Jeff May

    Month ago

    I don’t like how dude sounds like he’s in an empty room. But I do appreciate the comprehensive coverage of the history of the Z.

  61. joeyxo


    Month ago

    Prowl, Smokescreen, and Bluestreak if you know what I meant...

  62. _Даня__


    Month ago

    240z is my favorite car, I really want to buy it, but there are very few such cars now😔

  63. deno zed

    deno zed

    Month ago

    Z32 300zx owner here. Owned a lot of cars driven a lot cars and still have my 300zx after 20 years. I think nissan never could recover after the z32. A re skinned 370 to 400z might fool a bunch of people not me. Bury me in mine when it die I will never sell it.

  64. You Tube

    You Tube

    Month ago

    I dont understand what people have against automatic ?? They are faster off the line and they shift faster than 99% of the population. My 98 Supra is automatic and its a rocket off the line.

  65. Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Month ago

    Always fan of these Z cars now I remember them all too but da Nissan GTR NISMO MY FAVORITES BUT WOW THIS NEW 2022 400z is special. 400z nice one

  66. PengWin76


    Month ago

    I love them all. I'm a huge Z car fan. I drive the 370Z 2020 model in black. I love this car. It's a beaut. The new 400Z is great news for all Z fans. Personally I have the one I always wanted and in my opinion the most muscular, aggressive Z. Here's to the Z's people.

  67. Michael Bobadilla

    Michael Bobadilla

    Month ago

    Yes! Mazda and Mitsubishi!

  68. Gustavo Gonzalez

    Gustavo Gonzalez

    Month ago

    As a 350z Nismo owner you guys have no idea how much fun I have in that car. Most people don’t even know they exist and that’s probably because theirs only a total of 1613 ever made. Not to mention people have no clue about the 350z nismo 380rs 🥲 I can’t wait to see what Nissan does with the 400z nismo edition

  69. Daniel Mitchell

    Daniel Mitchell

    Month ago

    Z32 has always been my favourite Z... by a mile... but this new one... mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmm (insert drool emoji here)

  70. Neo Dawn

    Neo Dawn

    Month ago

    This was super entertaining and educational to watch, great job on the editing!

  71. Pennychaser1


    Month ago

    Still have my 93 z32tt after 11yrs. It has been good to me. Yes it can be a pain to work on but most deletes it's not bad at all

  72. I'm not Telling

    I'm not Telling

    Month ago

    I had an 87 and a 92zx. Lost interest with the 350 and 370.. seemed sorta cheap and too little. I'm excited to see this one. ...maybe I'll go back to the Z.

  73. David Gaddy

    David Gaddy

    Month ago

    The 240z is what I grew up on. In the fall of 2002 I bought my first brand new car and I don't have to tell you what it was. Just 3 years later traded that one for another new Z. I own a 2017 370z that will be gone just as so as the 400z is released.

  74. Killinm Unltd.

    Killinm Unltd.

    Month ago

    @killinm_z32 on Instagram

  75. Ya Thao

    Ya Thao

    Month ago

    My next nissan.

  76. zoxtoPictures


    Month ago

    i drive a 2004 350z! @zoxto_z33 INSTA. I'm w8in for that turbo beast :P

  77. DaveDuzzit


    Month ago

    I'm still driving my 2003 350z, and she runs great. A VR30DDTT is now telling my wallet.... it's time.

  78. Guenter Hoener

    Guenter Hoener

    Month ago

    I still have 350 z roadster, looks pretty much stock except wheels, suspension and engine modified. I have a GTR twin turbo kit from HK Power (Germany) with 4 mappings on it. 380hp for rainy days, 460hp for normal driving, 520hp for the Nuerburgring and pops and bangs. Great car and fun to drive. I used to have the Z31 turbo too. After modifieing the suspension a great car too. Very reliable and good for daily use. My ultimate Z would be the 280 with today's technology. But the best stock sports cars I had, was the C5 and C6 Corvette. A real sports car like Ferrari and the likes.

  79. Clint Earlston

    Clint Earlston

    Month ago

    I still love my JDM '92 2+2 TT Z32 that never came to the states!

  80. Robert Perry

    Robert Perry

    Month ago

    The front grill and headlights remind me of a 1950’s B rated sci-fi movie. Loose them please.

  81. Shane Tyler

    Shane Tyler

    Month ago

    WRONG s30 was from 69 to 78

  82. PHRCH


    Month ago

    Wow the history of the Nissan Z. Learned something new...the X stood for luxury. I am in love. The Z32 2+2 was my first car. 1991 Midnight Pearl Blue, leather interior, manual transmission, I even had the had the spongy OEM spoiler on the back....had to replace it twice because those spoilers would bend and warp after a while. When I told an acquaintance I had one he exclaimed “Oh no! You are one of them! That car has a cult following!” I was floored. I didn’t know that at the time even though I was part of the z club...I was the only chick there and loved it. Those guys always gave me a second opinion when it came to car issues. They were forever, swapping out parts to their cars, upgrading engines, turning NA into turbos, automatics into manual. The dude is right... why would you by an automatic Z? 🤣🤣 Well as my baby got older I had access to a lot of stock parts for free due to that club. I do believe I was a little obsessed. When parked every time I walked away from her I couldn’t help but always give her one last look. God she was beautiful. cold night of 2019 I was sitting at a traffic light for like 10 secs and out of know where a drunk driver in a commercial vehicle ran smack into me. I walked away without a scratch but I couldn’t save her. She was totaled. I thanked her for the good times and the challenges. I bought her when she was 7 years old When I tell you I loved that car!!!!! I loved that car!! I had her for 20+ years. It was a big deal for me to get her. I was told I couldn’t and shouldn’t get that kind of car (was a young mom of two at the time). Well there was the “family car” and there was MY car. That was the first car in my life that took my breath away when first laid eyes on it. The styling was ahead of it’s time. When my sons got older I taught them to drive a stick with that car. That car outlasted everyone else’s car I knew. And I drove that sucker. Every time I see a Z32 on the road today I feel some type of way...nostalgic. I miss that car. When she got even older I wouldn’t let anyone work on her I had stopped going to the dealer after a while because she was becoming a dinosaur there. I had to find a mechanic that had strong knowledge, skill, and the same love for the Z. I also preferred him being a Z owner himself. You know I found one. He treated her good. I learned the more you work on your car (dealer, swap meets, junkyard, facebook groups, z clubs) the more you become attached. The 400Z? I’m still watching and waiting. 👀 I am getting another Z32 soon this one I’ll call Xena and she will need some company in the driveway. Long live the Z!

  83. kilpel2


    Month ago

    Waaaayyy too many commercials

  84. D-MAC


    Month ago

    Mitsubishi makes car's ??? I though they made air force-1's they'd be.more reliable. Bad sarcasm from an internet troll. Priceless...

  85. Yaadu Walker

    Yaadu Walker

    Month ago

    I don’t know if it’s the wine or you look like the new z in the face

  86. Noble Khan

    Noble Khan

    Month ago

    The Z32 is obviously the sexiest z ever produced and if not the most beautiful car ever made

  87. Nathaniel Carr

    Nathaniel Carr

    Month ago


  88. yote yeet

    yote yeet

    Month ago

    Z 32 is the best looking car my all time favorites

  89. PDuh


    Month ago

    What a great video!

  90. C P

    C P

    Month ago

    The 80s

  91. Yuri -1

    Yuri -1

    Month ago

    I bought a z31 for 400$ just i don’t make much as a 16 year old •_•

  92. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    Month ago

    Dude, show me any worthy Z or Zx for less than 20k, common man!

  93. ItzNerve


    Month ago

    i dont know if its the same in the usa but here in denmark its been labeled as a veteran car so u cant drive it to work and stuff only to car meets and other things like that which is really heartbreaking for me cuz i love the 240z and its my dream car

  94. 土居達也


    Month ago


  95. TJC2 Cooper

    TJC2 Cooper

    Month ago

    I like the 370 Z over the 400Z

  96. Jose Montano

    Jose Montano

    Month ago

    That 300ZX 16:35 looks hideous

    • You Tube

      You Tube

      Month ago

      Lol ... good one

  97. Scott Weber

    Scott Weber

    Month ago

    i dislike that you forgot the hakosuka s20 1st gen model.

  98. Roger Pogger

    Roger Pogger

    Month ago

    Wangan Midnight

  99. gtpnissan


    2 months ago

    I've owned every generation of the Nissan favorites are the Z32 and the Z34 (I still have these models) my 32 has 630hp on pump fuel and my 34 Nismo is still stock. Lol .

  100. Flaws BTW

    Flaws BTW

    2 months ago

    Me watching the videos waiting on my car to show up :)