the fastest bridging method in minecraft

Today camman18 plays not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other Minecraft but challenge like that, but Minecraft short from TikTok camman18! It was HILARIOUS.

I, camman18, answer the question: What's the fastest bridging method in Minecraft?


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This Minecraft but challenge makes the funniest Minecraft videos without any funny Minecraft mods! Somehow this is the NEW funniest Minecraft video / tiktok / short ever! Instead of any other Minecraft challenge in Minecraft 1.16.4, this is a Minecraft video in Minecraft 1.16.5 in 2021!

The goal was to try to inform / speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me, camman18 from twitch / tiktok / twitter , playing Minecraft Java 1.16.5 and not Minecraft Bedrock.



  1. RoCaBa


    Month ago

    "sprint jumping while bridging is impossible" Bedrock players:*laughs in C++*

    • Dūskēr_


      4 hours ago

      Wait its easier on bedrock?

    • Whitecraine


      7 hours ago




      16 hours ago

      Hmmm you cant do that in bedrock I’m literally mobile

    • Z Star

      Z Star

      Day ago

      LOL TRUE

    • Nashann Fryer

      Nashann Fryer

      3 days ago

      Yeah it is possible

  2. Boombastic


    10 minutes ago

    *Bedrock laughs*

  3. Archie Metcalfe-Megginson

    Archie Metcalfe-Megginson

    2 hours ago

    If you see this your amazing!!!

  4. Noah Hellyer

    Noah Hellyer

    5 hours ago

    Wait is he backwards god bridging? That’s illegal

  5. itz_*cuteberry25


    6 hours ago

    On blackman go bed wars is fast

  6. Flamingo's Football Cards

    Flamingo's Football Cards

    9 hours ago


  7. Vincent Kong

    Vincent Kong

    9 hours ago

    96% of the comments be like: bedrock players: PATHETIC 3% of the comments: *normal comments* 1% of the comments: other

  8. Coral Ruttan

    Coral Ruttan

    11 hours ago

    *A wild Teddynator appears*

  9. Mister Boarder

    Mister Boarder

    15 hours ago

    It's nearly impossible Camman does it easily Me: bruh

  10. Flamingo_Sus


    19 hours ago

    Yeah shifting and unshifting is annoying for me in bed wars, its giving me sticky keys

  11. LIL GUJ


    20 hours ago

    I Sprint forwards and place blocks In pe

  12. • Sam •

    • Sam •

    Day ago

    I'm a bedrock player but I have no idea what the comments are talking about

  13. Obsi1


    Day ago

    Andromeda bridging can only used by German.Otherwise it’s illegal

  14. Jaydogpro200 Gaming

    Jaydogpro200 Gaming

    Day ago

    Him thats the fastest Me on bedrock edition BLOCK RUN BLOCK RUN BLOCK RUN



    Day ago

    If you play in Bedrock edition and try will the Andromeda bridge be easyer or harder?

  16. Jonaseyyy


    Day ago

    you didnt even godbridge it was a moonwalk godbridge is sideways

  17. Jerry Cherry

    Jerry Cherry

    Day ago

    Did anyone else notice Miku in the background?

  18. Quinn Charlotte Apolonio

    Quinn Charlotte Apolonio

    2 days ago

    "Sprint jumping is impossible" bedrock edition (i forgot the part REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so here) players: *can't stop laughing* LOLLLLLLLLL

  19. ShadowBlade7


    2 days ago

    Ez just scaffold like me I’m joking don’t hack

  20. never made

    never made

    2 days ago

    I did the last one now I can't I suck now

  21. Jacob Madrigal

    Jacob Madrigal

    2 days ago


  22. Jacob Madrigal

    Jacob Madrigal

    2 days ago

    You name a galaxy about to hit the M I L K Y W A Y

  23. AllForMe


    2 days ago

    me: 67% sensitivity dream: 100% WITH GOD BRIDGE

  24. Johnlongears


    2 days ago

    how is this the most viewed bridging video on youtube its the only bridging video to pass teddynator's "All bridging techniques in Minecraft"

  25. slide


    2 days ago

    Another way: press w and then when you will see black outline place the block and keep going I have done it like in skywars bedwars

  26. floppa cat

    floppa cat

    3 days ago

    Making a bridge machine

  27. NoobForever


    3 days ago

    @camman18 if you see this can you ask some people to do a diagonal andramona bridge.

  28. skeppynewLOL


    3 days ago

    andromeda if its impossible so u cant call is the fastest bridge in minecraft cause no player even do that long to really test legit it even with mod it still make u go faster alittle bit Speed telly is the fastest bridge in minecraft go about 8 block persecond and can do it legitly

  29. Maria Nina Balano

    Maria Nina Balano

    3 days ago

    “The perfect loop doesn’t exi-“ -Me Laying down on the couch 2021

  30. Nashann Fryer

    Nashann Fryer

    3 days ago

    For java edition players it's impossible to telly brige

    • Jonaseyyy


      Day ago

      u mean for noob players like u

  31. Nashann Fryer

    Nashann Fryer

    3 days ago

    In bedrock edition telly bridgeing is the fastest

    • Jonaseyyy


      Day ago


  32. Nashann Fryer

    Nashann Fryer

    3 days ago

    And adramada bringing is not the fastest telly bridgeing is

    • Jonaseyyy


      Day ago

      no it isnt bruh

  33. Nashann Fryer

    Nashann Fryer

    3 days ago

    I've sprint jumped while bringing thousands of times because I'm a Minecraft world record pro I think 🤔 ... Tele bringing is indeed poseble

    • Jonaseyyy


      Day ago

      bruhhhh u cant type

  34. [The King]

    [The King]

    3 days ago

    Get this comment to 5’000 dislikes

  35. Jorge Trevino

    Jorge Trevino

    4 days ago

    I know a bridging even faster but ok

    • Jonaseyyy


      Day ago

      andromeda is the fastest bruh

  36. Juno


    4 days ago

    Crouch bridging is by far the safest though

  37. Elfat Kazma

    Elfat Kazma

    4 days ago

    "Sprint jumping while bridging is impossible " Bedwars players : laughs in victory

  38. Ram Jarred Mohamad

    Ram Jarred Mohamad

    5 days ago

    In bedrock edition we bride no crouch no god bride just look straight or down and place block

  39. Liam Pagatpat

    Liam Pagatpat

    5 days ago

    You should show this to technoblade 😂

  40. Gavin Keeren

    Gavin Keeren

    6 days ago

    No its roblox bc i can very easy to hack itu

  41. Lucas Lu

    Lucas Lu

    6 days ago

    theres an even faster one called hurricane storm but it requires two people to do it

  42. Antreas Louka

    Antreas Louka

    6 days ago

    I can in mobile

  43. MrDigThis


    6 days ago

    I remember seeing someone Adromina Bridging. The dumb kid was playing Bedrock Edition

  44. Wither


    6 days ago

    Bedrocks players: you have no power here Edit: if you know bedrock you may think jump bridging is the fastest but no it’s actually my bridging

  45. harvey mendezabal

    harvey mendezabal

    6 days ago

    I already know that telly brige is fastest

  46. Bazki


    7 days ago

    Idk why but in my minecraft i can just spring and Bridge by clicking left button on mouse then run and hold it

  47. EiksYT


    7 days ago

    I guessed it right

  48. ann geo

    ann geo

    8 days ago

    Lol the loop, and bedrock players be like I can mj and jump bridge

  49. Nazeela Zildjian

    Nazeela Zildjian

    8 days ago

    Bedrock minecraft player:i dont need to sneak just GO GO GO!!!

  50. Chunteng5552


    8 days ago

    Andrommeda Briging and using a speed potion is super speed

  51. dareca garib

    dareca garib

    8 days ago

    ▪︎|Not me not crouching walking sideways|▪︎

  52. EpicTerraGaming


    8 days ago

    Everyone talking about bedrock edition meanwhile here's scaffold

  53. EpicTerraGaming


    8 days ago

    Trapdoors: Allow me to introduce myself (Place it right under the block on the top)

  54. Haris Bakrudeen

    Haris Bakrudeen

    9 days ago

    If you do the last one you're crazy

  55. CuppedTea


    9 days ago

    whats that .83 in shift bridging??????? how can you do .83 of a block??????

  56. SimpleKiwiPlaysGames


    9 days ago

    Java thinking there good: Bedrock players: we are the true champions : literally sprint jump bridging

  57. Its_Daniella


    9 days ago

    If minecraft finds out we all know all these secrets be like: Me: mincraft i now your secret Mincraft: **bands me** Me: dont cry dont cry dont cry DONT BAND ME Mincraft: •_•

  58. Turbo pk

    Turbo pk

    9 days ago

    Speed telly is faster than Andromeda method lol Speed telly is 7 block per second

  59. TeeBeat


    9 days ago

    You forgot about the cyclic storm principle

  60. Mabelle Fontilon

    Mabelle Fontilon

    10 days ago

    My cousin got a glitch he just click the other block and that block is now infront i dont know how he did that

  61. SingSushy


    10 days ago

    i think god bridging is easier than shift and unshifting

  62. Hsiao Hsu

    Hsiao Hsu

    10 days ago

    0:24 Bedrock players : hey I’ve seen this one Java players : what did you mean that is not added Me : jump bridge goes brrrrrrrrrrrr

  63. familiasantinelli2


    10 days ago

    The Perfect Loop Dons Exist:

  64. indiolet


    10 days ago

    "sprint jumping while bridging is impossible" bedrock players: *idiot you spoke too soon*

  65. Hazelnut


    10 days ago

    Fastest speed bridging is anvils

  66. Alessio231_


    10 days ago

    Perfect loop

  67. TemperedFrog


    10 days ago

    ik someone that can andromeda bridge in bedrock edition he look crazy

  68. Miklas Stewart

    Miklas Stewart

    10 days ago

    I can telly brige all of them is easy

  69. UnoYoshiBlu


    10 days ago

    Just have speed 5 and hold down right click on bedrock edition.

  70. Brayden Shackelford

    Brayden Shackelford

    10 days ago

    By yourself

  71. Dxrk.


    10 days ago

    Minecraft Bedrock?

  72. Caiden Kerr is amazing13 Kerr02

    Caiden Kerr is amazing13 Kerr02

    10 days ago

    It's jump bridging

  73. Erased Lein

    Erased Lein

    10 days ago

    I know literally every bridging method and telly bridging is very fun

  74. Insuroo


    10 days ago

    Bedrock players: *h a h a*

  75. gamingkeks284LP


    10 days ago

    Bedrock jokes aren't funny

  76. FareeqGames


    10 days ago

    The thing is u gotta make another bridge on top of ur head first .-.

  77. ragon jr

    ragon jr

    10 days ago

    I think I do the best bridging

  78. حمودي ab6

    حمودي ab6

    10 days ago

    I did it on the Android pocket edition

  79. Uku Koppel

    Uku Koppel

    11 days ago

    I am pe player and i am like amaramada briging is possiple with out hacks

  80. Blanca Lagman

    Blanca Lagman

    11 days ago

    My bridging style is jump place below

  81. Amongtale Last sabotage

    Amongtale Last sabotage

    11 days ago

    I'm always fast I'm practice every time

  82. TheSheepGamez


    11 days ago

    This is pretty cool I saw this before

  83. Mr beast Jr

    Mr beast Jr

    11 days ago

    Take yo L java players 😂😂

  84. popiy


    11 days ago

    Miku bridge

  85. Frosty Cranky

    Frosty Cranky

    11 days ago

    "Shifting and unshifting" Windows: Sticky Key activated!

  86. Marshalla artz

    Marshalla artz

    11 days ago

    Hmm hatsune miku..

  87. L k

    L k

    11 days ago

    No it s ploteczklet

  88. Breh


    12 days ago

    Actually there is a glitch in bedrock that allows you to bridge while looking infront bridging, i saw people jumping and sprinting while doing this glitch bridge in hive

  89. Dog Cat

    Dog Cat

    12 days ago

    I can telly bridge

  90. babydino207 gamer

    babydino207 gamer

    12 days ago

    Lol doesn't know bout bedrock bridging

  91. Jilzu


    12 days ago

    Bedrock belike: Hahaha ez

  92. RuedaYT


    12 days ago

    I can god bridge btw

    • Jonaseyyy


      Day ago

      who cares btw

  93. Z0LDYCK


    12 days ago

    There are faster telly versions than the normal telly aswell the fastest being speed telly

  94. Reese Olivero

    Reese Olivero

    12 days ago

    me not know that you shift to bridge ITS SO MUCH EASER

  95. Jerry


    12 days ago

    Mobile players: so your challenging me?

    • Jonaseyyy


      Day ago

      pc bedrock players: so your challenging me?

  96. Idk what name should I put

    Idk what name should I put

    12 days ago

    He's character neck is cracking

  97. Mark Vormair

    Mark Vormair

    12 days ago

    Perfect loop

  98. Princesa Gonzalez

    Princesa Gonzalez

    12 days ago

    If it's impossible then how did you do it??????

  99. DSX_SHOT


    12 days ago

    Nice end to start transition