The LAST Games of NBA Legends

A look at the very last game of some of the NBA's all time greatest players.
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Imagery supplied via Getty Images
The LAST Games of NBA Legends


  1. Nonstop Highlights

    Nonstop Highlights

    Month ago

    Nobody will ever top Kobe's final performance.

    • WhatsHappeningJC


      6 days ago

      Durant will

    • Erdenesaikhan Surkhiisaikhan

      Erdenesaikhan Surkhiisaikhan

      7 days ago

      delete the ‘s final performace and ill be accurate

    • A black guy Dude

      A black guy Dude

      7 days ago


    • Infinity Sports Center

      Infinity Sports Center

      12 days ago

      his final performance was dope

    • Darren Abel

      Darren Abel

      12 days ago

      Wasn’t even a fan of basketball but I remember watching Kobe’s last game and it was just unbelievable how well he performed

  2. Vi Lô

    Vi Lô

    2 hours ago


  3. AmNeenja


    Day ago

    hearing about Kobe made me tear up goddamn. one of the best to ever do it. rip Mamba. gone too soon.

  4. Tony Skulas

    Tony Skulas

    Day ago

    I feel so bad for Lamarcus Aldridge he had no idea that his career would be this short

  5. Aaron Yaya

    Aaron Yaya

    3 days ago

    It’s crazy like he doesn’t even get sad talking about Kobe rip 🪦

  6. Mukhtaar Ashraf

    Mukhtaar Ashraf

    6 days ago

    You should make a part 2 with some other players like jason kidd, wade, dirk, bosh, tmac, vc ect..

  7. Young Sinoway

    Young Sinoway

    8 days ago

    MJ played PF in 1996 🤯

    • Batman !

      Batman !

      3 days ago

      It’s just a cigarette and it can not be that bad..............honey don’t you love me that’s the shit that makes me sad

  8. iwillturnthenwordintoaconvertible


    8 days ago

    And I took this personaly

  9. Wilson


    10 days ago


  10. TopMasMan13


    11 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like Kobe and Micheal are holding hands

  11. Ja'den Pride

    Ja'den Pride

    12 days ago

    I'm just a kid and I want to play in the NBA this is my bro account my name is Malaki pride and you will hear that name in a few years

  12. Peng Wang

    Peng Wang

    15 days ago


  13. 24-7 Clan

    24-7 Clan

    15 days ago

    Kobe is a god

  14. AWIE -

    AWIE -

    15 days ago

    I bet after curry's prime.. when he retire... he will drop 100 threes AahahahAHAHAHAH

  15. Millicent Huxtable Goldstein

    Millicent Huxtable Goldstein

    15 days ago

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  16. Elijah Barnes

    Elijah Barnes

    15 days ago

    Rest In Peace Kobe

  17. Bella’s Vlogs

    Bella’s Vlogs

    15 days ago

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  18. joshua moore

    joshua moore

    15 days ago

    God made it a miricle that kobe scored that many points

  19. Archer Cleary

    Archer Cleary

    17 days ago

    Are you rebound you sound like him

  20. zhongcai jiang

    zhongcai jiang

    19 days ago

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  21. zhongcai jiang

    zhongcai jiang

    20 days ago

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  22. Bee Dotz

    Bee Dotz

    21 day ago

    I didn't think Wilt Chamberlain would be in this video. How nice.

  23. Juice


    22 days ago

    Where the fuck is wade

  24. Makenzie Burns

    Makenzie Burns

    22 days ago

    That wasnt kobes last game....I bet the MAMBA is still playing with Gigi up in heaven. R.I.P the people on that helicopter

    • Makenzie Burns

      Makenzie Burns

      22 days ago

      @Juice i know i was just saying that he probably still ballin up there with Gigi

    • Juice


      22 days ago

      That was Kobe’s last game bro

  25. ryan hannigan

    ryan hannigan

    23 days ago

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  26. Anthony Ly

    Anthony Ly

    23 days ago

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  27. Zakaria Farah

    Zakaria Farah

    24 days ago

    You could at least name Tracy McGrady like why not number 2at sg

  28. Jurai Stolk

    Jurai Stolk

    24 days ago

    Youre just a copycat of highroller

  29. TjDj 125

    TjDj 125

    25 days ago

    What is the music in the background of mj

  30. The Real G.O.A.T

    The Real G.O.A.T

    25 days ago

    Rip Elgin, Wilt and Kobe, if I missed any please tell me

  31. Marvin Cook

    Marvin Cook

    26 days ago

    THAT Looked Nasty Hakeem in A Canadian Raptors Jersey Factz!!!!!

  32. Marvin Cook

    Marvin Cook

    26 days ago

    RIP 🙏 Kobe @ Gigi Thats Greatness!!!!!

  33. Marvin Cook

    Marvin Cook

    26 days ago

    R.I.P Kobe & Gigi Kobe put Up 60 On The Way out The league Heavy!!!!!!

  34. Matthew Marty

    Matthew Marty

    26 days ago

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  35. tatayaya


    26 days ago

    Why no Scottie ?

  36. Vladjomyr Santiago

    Vladjomyr Santiago

    26 days ago

    hahahhahha can you add dwade triple double?

  37. Flip More

    Flip More

    27 days ago

    MJ can watch this video. Guess who can't? 🔥🚁

  38. Ryan Jahromi

    Ryan Jahromi

    27 days ago

    Imagine averaging more rebounds than points...

  39. Parkezio's Gaming

    Parkezio's Gaming

    28 days ago

    this is why bill russell is the goat even against the odds he won the finals in his last season and game and he didnt need to score to win he had 21 rebounds he is and always will be a legend

    • Parkezio's Gaming

      Parkezio's Gaming

      25 days ago

      @snowleopardseal yeah true but he is A goat

    • snowleopardseal


      26 days ago

      He's a legend but I don't think he is good enough to be considered the goat

  40. Tanmamba24


    29 days ago

    Kb was younger than mj so stop it



    Month ago

    Fake, Michael Jordan's last game was in the bulls vs utah jazz dumby

  42. Thelegitgoodatsportz


    Month ago

    Jordam should've crossed Allen Iverson up if you know what I mean.

  43. Omar Williams

    Omar Williams

    Month ago

    Bird is sooooooo over rated.😬

  44. シD34deye


    Month ago

    rip elgin baylor 9:41

    • CoolTrey Reacts

      CoolTrey Reacts

      27 days ago

      @NickelodeonBoy 🪦

    • NickelodeonBoy


      27 days ago


    • CoolTrey Reacts

      CoolTrey Reacts

      29 days ago

      RIP 🪦:(

  45. Anjel Lima

    Anjel Lima

    Month ago

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  46. Tsank Snickers_ALT

    Tsank Snickers_ALT

    Month ago

    che who scored 87 points 26 rebounds 20 assists 10 steals and 10 blocks in his farewell game . *LOOK AT ALL THESE AMATEURS*

  47. b s

    b s

    Month ago

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  48. trey 3k

    trey 3k

    Month ago

    kobe was 38 and mj was 40 still incredible number at that age by kobe

  49. Beard Fam

    Beard Fam

    Month ago

    And this is why mj always played like shit compared to kobe

  50. Joell Adema

    Joell Adema

    Month ago

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  51. StraightLEFTfromPAC


    Month ago

    MJ’s last game had a Finals win with a winning shot. Wizards u say?? Fuck u n ur young brain!

  52. amare hinton

    amare hinton

    Month ago

    Kobe kinda retired young

  53. Adellah Katsala

    Adellah Katsala

    Month ago




    Month ago

    Leave me alone

  55. Mario Yu

    Mario Yu

    Month ago

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  56. CrySpooky-


    Month ago

    so you gone talk about kobe and not say rip

  57. uhhh hh

    uhhh hh

    Month ago

    bro so many legends had bad last games :( rip

  58. Jake S

    Jake S

    Month ago

    First off the Jazz won, not the Lakers. Secondly he ball hogged that entire game. It would’ve been embarrassing if he hadn’t scored 60.

  59. Mr. Young living

    Mr. Young living

    Month ago

    Rest In Peace kobe

  60. Drabális Állat

    Drabális Állat

    Month ago

    5:02 to be fair tho, they were out of the playoff picture 2 games before Kobe's game.

  61. Tacolegs56 _

    Tacolegs56 _

    Month ago

    What else can I say mamba out *dies in crash lol*

  62. xZalmo


    Month ago

    Mamba out😞

  63. charlene aguirre

    charlene aguirre

    Month ago

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  64. KrillinWinnin


    Month ago

    Kobe had the best last performance because he was the only one who put countless hours into the game and would practice right off of his mistakes from when he made 4 air balls to tearing his achilles now that’s a true legend🙌

  65. Binyamin Levy

    Binyamin Levy

    Month ago

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  66. Situation IT

    Situation IT

    Month ago

    Jordan won his 6th championship in his real last game, hitting the game winner. Nothing will ever compare to that real last game. 💯



    Month ago

    rip kobe

  68. Nester Arnone

    Nester Arnone

    Month ago

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  69. Nariko Sellards

    Nariko Sellards

    Month ago

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  70. ledgardo123


    Month ago

    Bro... this Kobe dude... just incredible.

  71. Iil timmey Timmey

    Iil timmey Timmey

    Month ago

    Rip Kobe 🥺🥺

  72. Iil timmey Timmey

    Iil timmey Timmey

    Month ago

    Rip koby

  73. John Williams

    John Williams

    Month ago

    Kobe's last game was a masterpiece

  74. Spencer Barclayheer

    Spencer Barclayheer

    Month ago

    who will win a 1v1 MJ or LeBron

  75. NFRoductions


    Month ago

    "Mamba Out?" "Obama Out."

  76. miranda wagan

    miranda wagan

    Month ago

    ayyy jordan is here a.k.a stop it get some help

  77. miranda wagan

    miranda wagan

    Month ago

    Rip kobe

  78. MrPbn1217


    Month ago

    If you saw Kobe’s last game they let him shoot every single shot he wanted to. It was a charity game. Don’t fucking lie it was amazing but kind of sad

  79. blaze jennifer

    blaze jennifer

    Month ago

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  80. Golu Saheriya

    Golu Saheriya

    Month ago


  81. Julian Jacobsen

    Julian Jacobsen

    Month ago

    I can't believe Shaq didn't score in his final game.

    • The Rated Rockstar™ Official Channel

      The Rated Rockstar™ Official Channel

      Month ago

      I know right 😔

  82. Malcom Johnson

    Malcom Johnson

    Month ago

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  83. Edwin Lat

    Edwin Lat

    Month ago

    Dwade and Drik?

  84. NAB 7

    NAB 7

    Month ago

    I didn’t know MJ played for the Wizards, I thought was with the Bulls the whole time

    • NAB 7

      NAB 7

      Month ago

      @Lincoln Hart no shit Sherlock

    • Lincoln Hart

      Lincoln Hart

      Month ago

      bro this mans casual NBA fan smh

  85. MOSKAW22


    Month ago


    • MegaRock


      Month ago

      @Diablo Milin so many...

    • Diablo Milin

      Diablo Milin

      Month ago

      He was the best baseball player 😔😔😔 he scored so many touchdowns

  86. Matthew C

    Matthew C

    Month ago

    David Robinson? Going out a champ!

  87. Daniel Walsh

    Daniel Walsh

    Month ago

    Where was dirk

  88. Dominic Altamirano

    Dominic Altamirano

    Month ago

    I wish Shaq would have never went to Boston! I understood the Cleveland stop, I mean they had a real shot and just think about that story line! I bet if Shaq was just a couple years younger they could have won it! I honestly didnt like any of his other stops after Miami, his legacy was set after that! His time in Boston though was no good! IMO his legacy is undeniably the most dominant player ever, but his stop in Boston sure gave his haters a lot of firepower!?! Imagine if he had just retired after Miami, or better yet imagine what could've been if Kobe could have humbled himself let Shaq run the show in LA until he retired. For sure they win at least 2 more and Kobe still would have taken over the team and maybe wins another one if not more after!?! As a Lakers fan that is a hard what if to take! I'll stop now, I could go on and on!

  89. CocaCleo Cola

    CocaCleo Cola

    Month ago

    Vince carter?

  90. rapael parcon

    rapael parcon

    Month ago

    Unliking this video because he forgot Dwade

  91. Its me ACP Plays

    Its me ACP Plays

    Month ago

    My teacher met magic Jonson in school

  92. Desaibhai Rabari

    Desaibhai Rabari

    Month ago

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  93. Desaibhai Rabari

    Desaibhai Rabari

    Month ago


  94. Brain Drain

    Brain Drain

    Month ago

    Ossie Schectman is an NBA legend. Watch our vid if you don't know who that is.

  95. Maxwell Edison

    Maxwell Edison

    Month ago

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  96. Vince Vallefuoco

    Vince Vallefuoco

    Month ago

    I almost cant believe kobe's scandal

  97. Mixtape Media

    Mixtape Media

    Month ago

    im a day 1

  98. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian Lazaro

    Month ago


  99. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian Lazaro

    Month ago


  100. Mike Morr

    Mike Morr

    Month ago

    I remember watching Kobe’s final game like holy shit this amazing!