I cannot stress the importance of the builder in NBA 2K22. Of course gameplay is always going to be the most important aspect in any NBA 2K game but the builder has to be done correctly in NBA 2K22 if its going to have a successful MyPark mode.


  1. Joe Knows

    Joe Knows

    10 days ago

    The most important aspect of an NBA 2K game is ________________?

    • James Covington

      James Covington

      5 hours ago

      content, as in yours

    • ImTheeBrown


      Day ago


    • Swerve BG

      Swerve BG

      2 days ago

      If it’s like 2k19

    • NotYourNormalBoys


      2 days ago


    • Colethepan


      3 days ago

      Delay roinne hear me out fix the fucking game 😐

  2. Brandon Burr

    Brandon Burr

    5 hours ago

    y’all put too much thought into the builder lmao no matter how fancy or different it is you essentially just picking a build and gonna pick your specialty on the court. the gameplays the most important thing they need to worry about

  3. Don’t Get Caught Slipping

    Don’t Get Caught Slipping

    8 hours ago


  4. Pattywinter5081 GG

    Pattywinter5081 GG

    11 hours ago

    Questions??? If I got a ps5 but want to play with my friends on ps4 will I be Able to do so?

  5. Uncle__Drew91


    13 hours ago

    At this point we all know that it is too late for 2k22 to invite professional testers like Joe. I mean that's the best thing that could happen to 2k. I just don't understand the 2k producers ..they dont give a shit about the Community and the Game. All they see is the $$$ That Gamers put on My Team & VC

  6. Coach Smoke Elite Skills

    Coach Smoke Elite Skills

    15 hours ago

    Everybody shouldn’t be able to shoot on 2k thats not how the nba is.

  7. Rubes Gaming

    Rubes Gaming

    16 hours ago

    Yo fr someone gotta get Ronnie connected to this man

  8. Claude McWilliams

    Claude McWilliams

    17 hours ago

    Call 2K so you can go their and help them OUT they need it

  9. Brdy Vrs

    Brdy Vrs

    20 hours ago

    Anyone know if pc is going to be on next gen or current gen?

  10. Jackson


    Day ago


  11. Vis Santana

    Vis Santana

    Day ago

    Also, I make on average 20-30 builds and max out 10-15 so o get it

  12. Vis Santana

    Vis Santana

    Day ago

    This all I gotta say. If a 6’10 SF can’t use KDs jumper because of height. Then a guard under 6’6 shouldn’t be allowed to use any big jumper.

  13. Pr0d. Dr0gan

    Pr0d. Dr0gan

    Day ago

    All I wish is that they take out the pay to upgrade

  14. Arjan Virk

    Arjan Virk

    Day ago

    They need to add a new build system if it's the exact same like the attributes and builds it's going to be shit 100%

  15. Sparing Pickle

    Sparing Pickle

    Day ago

    Bruh are you slow? The double archetype is the same as the pie charts. Just in the shape of pie charts. Your video doesn’t make any sense. Nice try though 🤣🤣🤣🤣



    Day ago

    Old shot meter plz

  17. Fura Tokamu

    Fura Tokamu

    Day ago

    To be honest, I do think NBA2k22 is gonna be a great game. It's just that they need to start learning how to be extremely critical about what they are doing. Because 2K is also developing 2 other sports games, WWE and Golf. At that point they need to start hiring more people to diverse and try to build up these games to be DOMINANT in the sport games franchise. I feel like they are also stressing themselves out too much.

  18. Kapsalon


    Day ago

    I Dont care 2k18 was one of the best 2k

  19. Deathovertreason


    Day ago

    I’m tired of that damn pie shit

  20. Nicola


    2 days ago

    When you make a new player in next gen it switches your other builds to look the exact same as the new one, something about that gets on my nerves

  21. Dkay47


    2 days ago


  22. Mekuto Fumoto

    Mekuto Fumoto

    2 days ago

    We need cross platform

  23. Anthony irvin

    Anthony irvin

    2 days ago

    In my honest opinion I thought next gen was perfect for the builder until they got to the pfs

  24. OhTryAgain


    2 days ago

    What jumpshot is that?? At the beginning of his video

  25. EBomb


    2 days ago

    I don’t think they have anyone testing the game before release tbh

  26. Kemp


    2 days ago

    I don’t want lebron dunking on my whole starting five in the paint anymore

  27. AJ Calarco

    AJ Calarco

    2 days ago

    i couldn’t agree more

  28. Keithwin3 !

    Keithwin3 !

    2 days ago

    People definitely underrate how fun 2k18 was and builds were way more entertaining

  29. andrestewart49


    2 days ago

    He makes too much sense lol 2k won’t do it.

  30. Trent Bullock

    Trent Bullock

    2 days ago

    Wonder why they won’t do cross play

  31. Marcus Miller

    Marcus Miller

    2 days ago

    Weird that 2k won’t take advantage of its resources to make the game enjoyable

  32. Pistol Graan

    Pistol Graan

    2 days ago

    bro they not gonna change anything its just a cash grab im done 2k

  33. Ollie Purbrick

    Ollie Purbrick

    3 days ago

    i want the 2k21 next gen builder

  34. ShadowHayden Yt

    ShadowHayden Yt

    3 days ago

    Is it just me or I realized how much miss 2k19, I think the jump shot meter was so good too.

  35. HHBLxCrOwD23


    3 days ago

    I think it’s the builds also. I make a lot of rare builds and I feel like they should be just as dominant as play shots IM THE FIRST ONE TO BUILD A 2way3ptShotCreatoer. And a few more not to say but anyway I’m hoping I can make my builds and have a better game experience I have fun I just think the builds that my rare builds should be better then what everyone else make cause of how plan it is. Like you said ply/shot glass lock I have a rare big also. Ppl watch my stream and I’ve seen two of my rare builds so I know they watching I’m just not big time yet. But yes change that 2K

  36. Joker🃏


    3 days ago

    will you need to play online and pay monthly in order to enter the city in this 2k22?

  37. Kevin Torruella

    Kevin Torruella

    3 days ago

    2K16 had the best park experience

  38. MurdaXChris


    3 days ago

    aye errybody send this to ronnie2k

  39. L0rdAquarius 04

    L0rdAquarius 04

    3 days ago

    Joe offering services for free, no way 2k passes this up right? 😅

  40. That’s Tuff

    That’s Tuff

    3 days ago

    I don’t know about those main 3 builds because my Athletic Finisher can be a beast if u can’t keep up

  41. sad Wizards fan

    sad Wizards fan

    3 days ago

    This year builder was a good idea, But the way it was executed was poor

  42. That Kid Jay

    That Kid Jay

    3 days ago

    I just noticed you were only at 900k I thought for sure you would be at at least a mil minimum like tf

  43. Caleb Archer

    Caleb Archer

    3 days ago

    I agree so much, there needs to be more builds that are EFFECTIVE, I am so tired of EVERYONE being a playshot

  44. Weird Flex but okay

    Weird Flex but okay

    3 days ago

    I wish there was like a website that shows all build names and how to get them.

  45. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    3 days ago

    Never seen a more efficient USgoner

  46. Like Bxndito

    Like Bxndito

    3 days ago

    Bring back the options store

    • dcoog anml

      dcoog anml

      3 days ago

      Never seen a more efficient USgoner

  47. Ty and Desii

    Ty and Desii

    4 days ago

    GOO BACK TO 2K20 dribbles and shooting

  48. Angel Gonzalez

    Angel Gonzalez

    4 days ago

    Rendering on the right: *Expectation* Rendering on the left: *Reality*

  49. joe


    4 days ago

    Too easy to freaking score

  50. Underrated!


    4 days ago

    Looking at the bullshit you doing on the park is the reason I stay off that park😭😂😂

  51. Cody Hellman

    Cody Hellman

    4 days ago

    Still have not played next gen 2k21 😂😂

  52. Optimum_ Fiji

    Optimum_ Fiji

    4 days ago

    The 2k16 clips😭💔

  53. Raw Da Gawd

    Raw Da Gawd

    4 days ago

    Keeping real 2k don’t give two fucks every year a game release by Christmas 8 patches game is clearly not ready

  54. 2kBroadie


    4 days ago

    Consistency and animations

  55. javaun neal

    javaun neal

    4 days ago

    Ronnie just remake 2k17 frl

  56. Not Labeled

    Not Labeled

    4 days ago

    I think double archetypes should come back because it’s easier to balance but you could add in new archetypes instead of sharpshooter, shot creator, lockdown, slasher, glass, and post. Like you could add a captain build, a complete role player that helps his teammates without having the ball unlike a playmaker who has to have the ball in his hands to help his teammates with dimer.



    4 days ago

    These pros right here not 2k lol

  58. Jabari Marcano

    Jabari Marcano

    4 days ago

    Either way 2k players are gonna find a exploit in the game no matter what 2k does. They made pie charts to limit that freedom and then when asked for more freedom with the builder, the community finds out what is the most OP build and exploit which ruins the fun of the game. I thought this current gen builder was nice and hopefully they implement a fun experience no matter what build a person makes.

  59. mybadd bruh

    mybadd bruh

    4 days ago

    i wanted to preorder it but i saw this and immediately starting remembering what went wrong so now im deciding

  60. ThomasT86


    4 days ago

    They need to fix spam dribbling, fix the defensive players speed and reaction,stop zens,bring back the old spin moves from 2k16 and 17, lower how much stamina is drained on offense and defense,add an lateral movement speed badge for defense etc

  61. Robert Davis

    Robert Davis

    4 days ago

    They should make it where you choose which categories you think you'll excel in and give a multiplier for gains in those categories but it should react to how you play, if you shoot a high % from 3 it should up your rating slightly. If you do the right layup or dunk, it should up your dunk slightly, if you have low turnovers or high assists it should up your playmaking. Ect

  62. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    4 days ago

    Never seen a more efficient USgoner

  63. Sevisneffo Hansen

    Sevisneffo Hansen

    4 days ago

    Bro they needa make the 2-way post playmaker again

    • qopoy dnon

      qopoy dnon

      4 days ago

      Ian heard nun bout next just a new city I might be playing current gen if it’s the same broken next gen game😂

  64. Not A Local

    Not A Local

    4 days ago

    They need to see how the game plays at different internet speeds I don’t wanna have to be on NASA WiFi to green a fucking shot 2k

  65. Bill Panagiotopoulos

    Bill Panagiotopoulos

    4 days ago

    Time to start watching your videos again

  66. lilzMind __

    lilzMind __

    4 days ago

    2k17 or 16 is the answer simple

  67. OG GetScoped

    OG GetScoped

    4 days ago

    I thought there was cross-gen

  68. Doe Doe Bird

    Doe Doe Bird

    4 days ago

    Mannnn u mad a EXCELLENT point about the 2k testers. U can tell they don’t know anything about 2k and sometimes even basketball. It’s sad. Like u can bring in guys that knows how to make they dunks …jumpers… layups exactly like nba players. It’s so dumb. The signature dunks layups and shots don’t even look like the nba players exact shots dunks etc. been saying this for years

  69. TYB Senseii

    TYB Senseii

    4 days ago

    DRIBBLING BRING BACK 17’s dribbling!!!

  70. Put U Smooth

    Put U Smooth

    4 days ago

    Ngl , watching these 2k15 clips is bringing back come crazy memories

  71. •vibezz •

    •vibezz •

    5 days ago

    They said they won’t have a demo

  72. Mark Anthony Fran

    Mark Anthony Fran

    5 days ago

    For me the most important aspect of an NBA 2K game would be gameplay in general, how I can customize my own player to my liking, just like the old NBA2K games. I hope they fixed the A.I of players in mycareer and I hope that 2k22 does not freel like what they did on 2k21 where it feels like 2k20 still. I perfectly agree with you on the builder and that also, concerns me. Also, nobody wants to be playing the same way, all of us want to be unique in our own way I think total freedom on the builder would be a good route to take.

  73. 568 _thomasaikpa

    568 _thomasaikpa

    5 days ago

    Is funny cause every year when the new sport game is going to get released there is so much hype and shit and when the game came out ppl say old game was better 😂

  74. Alexaplaysakpase


    5 days ago

    “I’m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ”

  75. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    5 days ago

    Can’t wait to see how the game play aspect and builder system will be



    5 days ago

    Still no cross play OMG

    • bcvbb hyui

      bcvbb hyui

      5 days ago

      The Gameplay

  77. Zwervoo


    5 days ago

    Most def gameplay

  78. Los Gvng

    Los Gvng

    5 days ago

    9:00 .. FACTS 💯

  79. Verti XF

    Verti XF

    5 days ago

    Ian heard nun bout next just a new city I might be playing current gen if it’s the same broken next gen game😂

  80. Evil Morty

    Evil Morty

    5 days ago

    What is ur background music playin its sound so familiar like a a young nudy song or something lmk💯

  81. Brandon cabiness

    Brandon cabiness

    5 days ago

    I just hope 2k22 current gen isn't going to be dull asf

  82. xYou_ThoughtXx


    5 days ago

    Not everyone got to play next gen so I would be happy if they keep it the same

  83. Fats


    5 days ago

    Vote Here On What U Guys Want Double Archetypes Inside Outside Balanced Or Next Gen Builder Or 2k17 single archetypes

  84. F Banks

    F Banks

    5 days ago

    They need to add 2k17 player card (Stat Chart). Had an avg for every stat. Great way to show everyone what side of the ball your dominant on. ADD +/- stat TOO

  85. KingWalf


    5 days ago

    I’m fine with 2k19 coming back. I miss my Post scoring Shot creator

  86. Evenmixer


    5 days ago

    Like last year you spoke the truth... 2K needs testers that spent hours on 2k builder and not testers that won't play the game once he's out 1 THING that says it all, I've never saw a player that used the more red less green piechart This is so dumb it's way weaker than the classic red/green piechart

  87. Wow Nige

    Wow Nige

    5 days ago

    yk that moment when some of your friends have next gen but some have current and you gotta spend 100 on a game plus vc🥲

  88. Wow Nige

    Wow Nige

    5 days ago

    shout out to kellhitemup95 he was the TRUE park goat

  89. Wow Nige

    Wow Nige

    6 days ago

    2k15🥲 what started it all for me

  90. LocalSupaStar T.V

    LocalSupaStar T.V

    6 days ago

    Good knowledge 🔥🔥

  91. CrazyTv


    6 days ago

    The Gameplay

  92. Blue Baller

    Blue Baller

    6 days ago

    I want them to add every shot meter from 2k15-2k21 to 2k22 because 2k15 and 16 had the best meter

  93. adviceheadache


    6 days ago

    Ik 2k already has the builder for this year bur for next year they should make it so the build can be based if any nba player current or historic

  94. Demetre Carter

    Demetre Carter

    6 days ago

    In 2K20 I had an all around 2 way 6 foot sg. He was op.

  95. Seth 717

    Seth 717

    6 days ago

    🗣🗣🗣 speaking facts if everyone makes the same build it makes the game trash

  96. Jeffrey Williams

    Jeffrey Williams

    6 days ago

    New sub thanks

  97. Atlas Casper

    Atlas Casper

    6 days ago

    Are we just going to ignore how Zion dropped off that random?

  98. Jon Carl

    Jon Carl

    6 days ago

    The inner work and the people

  99. ButteryAssNigga


    6 days ago


    • Deto Qcney

      Deto Qcney

      6 days ago

      Everyone send this to Ronnie!

  100. Ben Baum

    Ben Baum

    6 days ago

    Honestly, hot take: I never had next gen so I couldn’t say for sure but if they hadn’t done it so power forwards got double badges from everyone else then next Gen would’ve been the best my player builder. If builds at all positions had like 2 thirds the badges as power forwards then I think it may have been one of the best my player buildera