The Season 9 Battle Pass is TERRIBLE! (Apex Legends Update)

Apex Legends Tier 100 Battle Pass Review (its bad)

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  1. John Bullard

    John Bullard

    19 hours ago

    Season 9 is my first time buying the battle pass and I only care for the gun charms and banner frames 😂

  2. RemyLordSki


    Day ago

    The devo wasn’t even made by rampart no R on it anywhere

  3. JOK3man


    Day ago


  4. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez

    13 days ago

    I agree and they only added 3 skydive emotes when they usually add 5 which is cheap🙄

  5. TimeToSnitch


    14 days ago

    Boah wenn ich nur überlege, wie es wäre, wenn man mit 120 FPS auf der PS$ zocken könnte hahahaha

  6. Smash Blade64

    Smash Blade64

    15 days ago

    I love the Evangelion Devotion skin!!!

  7. Jacobi Leoo

    Jacobi Leoo

    18 days ago

    the battle pass keeps getting worse after each season

  8. User 3133

    User 3133

    21 day ago

    I got the battle pass just for the flatline skin

  9. Steam Funk

    Steam Funk

    21 day ago

    tbh season 9 is just an average verging on bad season , i mean arenas is awesome , valks pretty good. But then we have shit like the battlepass , the olympus map changes ( which ngl did next to nothing) , the op bow , the spitfire, and sooo many charcters in need of desperate buffs/ nerfs . So step up your game respawn or people are going to go play something else.

  10. Wakin Baking

    Wakin Baking

    21 day ago

    Yes Zeus the battle pass is trash this season 😂

  11. hiyasu


    21 day ago

    The battle pass keeps getting worse, they keep making legendary skin look like stock skins and so much filler content with only 5-6 o-k ones

  12. King of the Abyss

    King of the Abyss

    21 day ago

    I just don't want to miss the valk skin.

  13. GUILLERO Cabello92

    GUILLERO Cabello92

    23 days ago

    I just get the pass for packs

  14. Ryan


    24 days ago

    “Chinese Lantern”! No! It’s Japanese my guy 🤦🏻

  15. Clannish


    25 days ago

    my opinion is Apex has the best Battlepass out of every Battel Royal, I stopped playing after season 4 or 5 and I'm back now.

  16. TimothyTimTim V2

    TimothyTimTim V2

    25 days ago

    You get a 👍 for speaking on things that shouldn’t even threaten monetization

  17. Niwa Daisuke

    Niwa Daisuke

    26 days ago

    *Neon Evangelion Genesis Devotion Skin Exists*

  18. Jesse McKay

    Jesse McKay

    26 days ago

    Cant help but think that u want the black ops 2 cherry blossom, was my fav camo besides diamond

  19. Jason apex

    Jason apex

    27 days ago

    The battle pass in my opinion is great

  20. coconut gamer

    coconut gamer

    27 days ago

    I mean it's not THAT bad at least we get 15 Apex packs

  21. Boneknock Grit

    Boneknock Grit

    28 days ago

    when they gonna stop forcing us collect those stars to complete battle pass i wonder ? dev put that stars system into the game just because some people complete battle pass before the season end.....................what da hex !?

  22. Mr Ettawakapow

    Mr Ettawakapow

    28 days ago

    Is it just me or does the legendary bow skins match to Valk's legendary skins?

  23. marcel posthumus

    marcel posthumus

    Month ago

    I am a casual player and have bought a season pass or 2 but i wont waste my money this season the whole battlepass is boring

  24. Ege


    Month ago

    Devotion skins are colours of eva unit 0 and eva unit 1.

  25. ApexBeer League

    ApexBeer League

    Month ago

    so is this a Asian culture based battle pass or just a Japanese culture

    • Boneknock Grit

      Boneknock Grit

      28 days ago

      Japan. only Japan have sakura tree. the rest only have the tree that look similar but not sakura.

  26. Jed Bex

    Jed Bex

    Month ago

    You stop getting loot containers after you hit level 500?

  27. Ben Marley

    Ben Marley

    Month ago

    Season 9 be like season 1

  28. Arkraith


    Month ago

    Zeus, looking at the flowery Valkyrie skin: "I really love this its honestly great" Zeus, looking at the flowery Devotion skin: "Doodoo"

  29. Jj Ul1

    Jj Ul1

    Month ago

    I killed Zeus in my recent video check it out if you think I’m lying 🤥

  30. jackson perez

    jackson perez

    Month ago

    Ah yes the stop Asian hate badge that’ll really convince the 5 racist people left

  31. bluelace66


    Month ago

    Dude I seriously play apex because of Zeus man keep up the good work

  32. Aidan Santos

    Aidan Santos

    Month ago

    I’ve started playin rampart cuz of Zeus, and she’s actually pretty good. I like gibby but he just feels way too beefy for me

  33. Sanny


    Month ago

    It is hella bad this why I'm not in a rush to buy it i wont even buy it

  34. Dignified


    Month ago

    2:23 "I like this one the best its kinda like a bow" _Also Bocek_ : *is a bow*

  35. Nathen Smith

    Nathen Smith

    Month ago

    I agree this battlepass is pretty garbage

  36. ForzaAzzurri03


    Month ago

    Ive played since day 1 and bought every battle pass except this season. It's fucking garbage this season

  37. jack ford

    jack ford

    Month ago

    Battlepass takes me 4 times as long to do daily quests and i'm only dying to valk+3bocek teams. if i survive it isn't because i outplayed them there is no outplaying them. if i survive its cause the valk sucks and missed her tactical so i didn't get melted by bows while i can't move or see

  38. duck noris

    duck noris

    Month ago

    I just am in for the purple finisher frames lul

  39. YT Rogue11

    YT Rogue11

    Month ago

    You missed the starter pack skin

  40. Mr. D

    Mr. D

    Month ago

    It still your thoughts about it. But it shouldn't be said on your USgone. Just be like ohh new badge and move on.

  41. Deven Rasberry

    Deven Rasberry

    Month ago

    Zeus is right

  42. Steven Powers

    Steven Powers

    Month ago

    battle pass is TRASHHHHH

  43. Genni Glassglow

    Genni Glassglow

    Month ago

    💎💎💸💸💸🌸🌸💎💎💎🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸💸💸💸💎💎 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(look up and ask HIM)*

  44. Brian


    Month ago

    Its not to change how people think lol. Just spread awareness that this shit still goes on

  45. kolim jone

    kolim jone

    Month ago

    I haven’t seen staycation but he’s probably getting wet over the battle pass

  46. Tankiman


    Month ago

    battlepass sucks. im not buying it

  47. Charles Y

    Charles Y

    Month ago

    Trash game

  48. JoshuaYo Oops

    JoshuaYo Oops

    Month ago

    let me tell you something as an artist , more than 90 percent of that you can make on photoshop in a matter of seconds - no cap

    • kolim jone

      kolim jone

      Month ago

      I'm not getting this season pass its garbage. How do you not get the military grade aka master chief. That's truly a big mistake

  49. Jackson Kennedy

    Jackson Kennedy

    Month ago

    I thought zues was muselk

  50. Ian Bailey

    Ian Bailey

    Month ago

    Holy shit you’re not lying , what hot garbage

  51. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Month ago

    I haven’t seen staycation but he’s probably getting wet over the battle pass

  52. Corey Fitzgerald

    Corey Fitzgerald

    Month ago

    It sucks

  53. GameKage


    Month ago

    They need more crypto stuff

  54. Will King

    Will King

    Month ago

    What was season5s 110 tear skin ( BTW season 7 was the last time where I like the battle pass )

    • dcoog anml

      dcoog anml

      Month ago

      Only thing I care about is 300 free apex coins

  55. Barteq _YT

    Barteq _YT

    Month ago

    1000% agree with the title

  56. RA BE

    RA BE

    Month ago

    this battle pass is so so bad , the only thing i liked is the spitfire skin everything else.... is 🐕 💦

  57. Xortified


    Month ago

    It’s not worth it to me

  58. Christopher McAbee

    Christopher McAbee

    Month ago

    Yeah, said the same thing when I looked through the BP. Hot trash.

  59. Jocha03


    Month ago

    Was there any battle pass that was particularly better than this one, rare gun skins always look trash... I guess the rare character skins are bit bland this season. as a weeb I'm loving these banner frames tho.

  60. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Month ago

    Zeus says which is the best Valkyrie skin, doesn’t look in the store for the Launch bundle skin

  61. Max Lucien

    Max Lucien

    Month ago

    The wraith skin Looks Like a Fortnite skin

  62. Adam -

    Adam -

    Month ago

    There’s only one cool looking thing and it’s a Free Skin at level 25 or something. Has a Pink texture with a Oni Mask on it.

  63. JokersOblivion


    Month ago

    I'm not getting this season pass its garbage. How do you not get the military grade aka master chief. That's truly a big mistake

  64. the stress becomes real here

    the stress becomes real here

    Month ago

    Is it me or is titan tested looking a little to much like tracer from overwatch.......

  65. Cup Of Melonade

    Cup Of Melonade

    Month ago

    Ngl I do like the Rampart skin, but the Wraith skin looks like an epic without the mask.

  66. Evan Waters

    Evan Waters

    Month ago

    The wraith skin would be better if the mask was over her face

  67. Liambrownz


    Month ago

    Does it give you bonus xp?

  68. Filip Božić

    Filip Božić

    Month ago

    Only thing I care about is 300 free apex coins

  69. Ferdinand Calisi

    Ferdinand Calisi

    Month ago

    how come i see some players playing rank with their friends even though they are just bronze i thought you cant play with friends when your lower than platinum

  70. Abdulrahman Moussa

    Abdulrahman Moussa

    Month ago

    Skins is the worst thing in Apex

  71. Jim Sterling

    Jim Sterling

    Month ago

    I feel like the couple seasons I've played of the game the battle passes are complete bullshit. Maybe 2 or 3 skins i like, but pay because I figure atleast if I play the game I will unlock something, even if its dogshut

  72. MattAlbie


    Month ago

    I love Apex. It's ALMOST the perfect Battle Royale for me. It just dropped one day out of nowhere, and was like my favorite thing. It was SO EPIC. The one thing that's missing is the BP. It always stinks. Fortnite is giving you like Predator, and like five or six other skins some licensed characters, some not, but every skin is COOL. That BP gets you EXCITED to chase it. In Apex? I'm having trouble thinking of one Apex skin I would want to chase.

  73. Aesthetic Addict

    Aesthetic Addict

    Month ago

    Honestly the last 3 BP have been meh but since I’m max level it’s the only way I really get to receive any type of rewards and apex packs so that’s really the only reason I get the BP anymore

  74. Colin Gallagher

    Colin Gallagher

    Month ago

    One hour!?! You’re lucky! I had to wait like 5-6 hours!!!!

  75. Jacqueline Clermont

    Jacqueline Clermont

    Month ago

    I'm most games sometimes The battle pass is shit. But that's the way it is in life.



    Month ago

    Mmmhhh yes... Another wraith skin....

  77. annag cocl

    annag cocl

    Month ago

    Apex battle passes have always been sub par compared to all other brs

  78. Mondoz Art

    Mondoz Art

    Month ago

    The ‘stop Asian hate’ is meant for those who don’t hate Asian people, to motivate them to be more of an ally!

    • Mondoz Art

      Mondoz Art

      Month ago

      @Dee Gee that too but respawn is genuine much more than other corps. They have way too much positive representation and closeness with fans to be that big on neo-liberal marketing.

    • Dee Gee

      Dee Gee

      Month ago

      It's corporate virtue signaling

  79. Caska Erta

    Caska Erta

    Month ago

    pass is ass, but i love the theme :/

    • Caska Erta

      Caska Erta

      Month ago

      @annag cocl only reason i got the pass is cause i had the currency from previous pass..... so it cost me nadda

    • annag cocl

      annag cocl

      Month ago

      I’ve bought the battle pass every season but I won’t be giving respawn my money anymore..don’t know what they was thinking with this one

  80. Swagga Dash

    Swagga Dash

    Month ago

    They need to get rid of the rare guns they are a waste of space, it's literally just a picture posted on the model of a gun. If you had a battlepass with the good items not including the packs it's would be like 10 lvls long.

  81. buddy im a god yeet

    buddy im a god yeet

    Month ago

    This seasons so unbalanced

  82. Bandito Soul

    Bandito Soul

    Month ago

    I think respawn should do a better job on blue skins like season 4 but gun skins are always bad they should be free

  83. papa smurf

    papa smurf

    Month ago

    Misse opportunity putting the wraith mask on top of her head rather than on her face like a mask should be.

  84. Orisa


    Month ago

    Wow so much negativity here

  85. da1bearsfan


    Month ago

    Totally agree bro the weakest season pass!!!

  86. Thaddeus Bookman

    Thaddeus Bookman

    Month ago

    anyone else want this guy to just, quit talking?

  87. Frogervik


    Month ago

    its not terrible its actually really good, i like every item of it... you only have the trauma of wanting everything bad a$$ 😒

  88. exs88


    Month ago

    Bought all battlepasses until this season, this season' pass is ass.

  89. Snowy


    Month ago

    mostly just got the pass for the wraith skin. and i like the flatline skin at the end and the first legendary devo

  90. Mike Marlow

    Mike Marlow

    Month ago

    Battle Pass= 2 out of 10

  91. senni bgon

    senni bgon

    Month ago

    Apex battle passes have always been sub par compared to all other brs

  92. Humphrey Jones

    Humphrey Jones

    Month ago

    I hope you know that the whole “stop Asian hate” is 100% bs

  93. Soul Taker2000

    Soul Taker2000

    Month ago

    Dude I always play rampart I'm glad to be part of the minority

  94. Gíbran


    Month ago

    Me, reading the title: uhhh, sure sure whatever you say

    • senni bgon

      senni bgon

      Month ago

      Out of 10 I would say 7/10

  95. K3RSMAN


    Month ago

    I’ve bought the battle pass every season but I won’t be giving respawn my money anymore..don’t know what they was thinking with this one

  96. Jhon Gaming Ngannyt

    Jhon Gaming Ngannyt

    Month ago

    Play store philippines 🇵🇭😢😢😭😪😓😓🙏🙏 Smkoy SKIN!!!😩

  97. Fandrack


    Month ago

    How is this battle pass worse than last seasons?

  98. jinchuriki13


    Month ago

    This battle pass is underwhelming but I want that reactive Devo skin so here you go Respawn 💰💰💰☹️

  99. frenchtoast


    Month ago

    i literally cannot win a single game it’s so frustrating lol

    • frenchtoast


      Month ago

      @Zylnex xd and i’ve got 15 wins so far as of now for season 9. let me know how you feel once you’re getting high kill games and then getting into a pred lobby before you automatically assume.

    • frenchtoast


      Month ago

      @Zylnex xd “no offense” dude you literally called me bad and no it’s because i’m getting matched with people who do nothing to help lol

    • Zylnex xd

      Zylnex xd

      Month ago

      No offense but the fact that u can't win a game means that u are bad at the game or maybe because the game is putting u against players with higher skill level than u

    • Pillsbury Cash boy

      Pillsbury Cash boy

      Month ago

      Optimus Prime : With the All Spark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward: a new world to call home. ... I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting.

  100. Kill Switch

    Kill Switch

    Month ago

    It says battle pass you get 1200 coins you only get 900 Hah