The Very Best Of Anthony Davis 2019-20 Season

Kia NBA All-Star. All-Defense First Team. All-NBA First Team. Eastern Conference champion.
Anthony Davis' incredible first year with the Lakers has had it all so far! Check out the best moments from his 2019-20 campaign, and comment below what your favorite AD memory is from this season!
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  1. Ivan Diaz

    Ivan Diaz

    3 days ago

    this season was so fun

  2. Reg Viray

    Reg Viray

    14 days ago

    don't mind me, i'm just reminiscin my baby, cos he's been missing frrrrr baby bad man come back to this form please 😭😭😭

  3. RJ2TURNT Plays

    RJ2TURNT Plays

    14 days ago

    7 months later and AD playing trash this whole season even before the injury shit sad bruh 😔

  4. Jimmy G

    Jimmy G

    15 days ago

    Whos here after the raps loss😭😭

  5. myles alexander

    myles alexander

    19 days ago

    i dont care he's sorry for joining up with LeBron. he's one of my favorite players but that was such a weak move of character. He's one of the all-time greats and he just left the challenge of having that title to his name. He's in the same boat as KD

    • myles alexander

      myles alexander

      14 days ago

      @XOTIOD my favorite team ? You jump to a lot of conclusions and you’re full of anger! At the end of the day it was a weak move and he lost the title of being called an all time great because of it !

    • XOTIOD


      14 days ago

      @myles alexander Haha keep going with the pray for you when I shut down your stupid narrative of AD making a weak move and shitting on your favorite team, your the one who is writing all caps with fake information. Butthurt pelicans fan? Suicidal warriors fan? Nets "fan" (mind a nets fan was not a concept until 2019), you seem quite triggered casual...

    • myles alexander

      myles alexander

      14 days ago

      @XOTIOD you have to be like 5 years old to be mad over a topic that’s someone else’s opinion. Grow up. I’ll pray for you

    • myles alexander

      myles alexander

      14 days ago

      @XOTIOD well you’re still wrong. AD WAS STILL WITH THE PELICANS WHEN ZION GOT DRAFTED... 🙃🙃 meaning that it wasn’t the Lakers pick 🤣🤣

    • XOTIOD


      15 days ago

      @myles alexander The Lakers traded their No.4 pick in the AD deal, it was not the Pelicans you stupid casual. If he didn't move they still wouldn't have zion and he would've played with Bron, which would not result in a championship like it did. God at least do your research before you try to make a dumb argument like that (Even if he stayed they wouldn't win a championship Zion got injured)

  6. Cdt.Causetout


    24 days ago

    Reminds me of the 80s, Magic feeding Worthy and Kareem alley oops...

  7. Lodi Juanites

    Lodi Juanites

    26 days ago

    If we had this AD from last year Back to back is easy !

    • XOTIOD


      15 days ago

      @K Baltazard Yea he has tunnel vision we should mess around with KCP or THT at point or just run LeRing and PG since we don't care much for scroder.

    • XOTIOD


      15 days ago

      He will be back hopefully by the second round, once we get our rust off and chemistry on the feeling of shitting on the 76ers or Nets in the finals will be amazing, who knows maybe even the kings BUTLER will bring him another ring, and this time they won't be able to make exuses like mickey ring lmao buthurt bandwagons.

    • K Baltazard

      K Baltazard

      15 days ago

      If we had rondo too, schroder sucks, can't find an open player to save his life...

  8. MYODB


    28 days ago

    King Davis.

  9. Kurt Cometa

    Kurt Cometa

    Month ago

    AD got robbed of DPOY

  10. udbhav singh

    udbhav singh

    Month ago

    best power forward in the world.

    • XOTIOD


      15 days ago


  11. Sale CNC

    Sale CNC

    Month ago

    please come back soon

  12. Jxzhq


    Month ago

    Anthony Davis with the block, the crowd goes wild screaming MVP, MVP, MVP

  13. PhokDaFreeWorld


    Month ago

    AD has one of the cleanest shots I've ever seen. Can't wait for him to come back!

  14. Danny Jones

    Danny Jones

    Month ago

    He differentttttttt

  15. LeBron James

    LeBron James

    Month ago

    5:50 sounds like a bear attack

  16. Ονειροπόλος


    Month ago

    To be honest AD has a better skill set than Giannis

    • XOTIOD


      15 days ago

      He really does, he can do everything better than him.

  17. Singye


    Month ago

    Man this dude is a beast

  18. Gepoy Vismanos

    Gepoy Vismanos

    Month ago

    damn there used to be fans in games?



    Month ago

    2 Corinthians 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

  20. Marky Carrillo

    Marky Carrillo

    Month ago

    I miss Ad and Bron playing together man! I want them to get another chip fckkk

  21. Moussa Hamadeh

    Moussa Hamadeh

    Month ago

    Man I’m missing showtime and fans in the arenas. AD been out too long. Wishing him and the King a speedy recovery 🙏

  22. Michael James

    Michael James

    Month ago

    Now you must worry about this Drummond, LeBron, Schroeder and Trez. When Kuz, Caruso, Kcp, Wes Matthews, THT, and Gasol start hitting them Js is over over.

  23. Jeboy Capacite

    Jeboy Capacite

    Month ago

    I miss ad playing dude

  24. Ømar Rivera

    Ømar Rivera

    2 months ago

    The franchise 💜💛💜💛

  25. Eddie Blanks

    Eddie Blanks

    2 months ago

    Anthony Davis and Lebron James are unbeatable when the playoffs comes. They are probably one of the greatest two duo’s in NBA history.



    2 months ago

    A special shout goes out to Anthony Daivs on the Lakers wishing him a Happy Birthday and a Blessed Day one Love

  27. Lord


    2 months ago

    The teammate LeBron deserves.

  28. Albert Paniagua

    Albert Paniagua

    2 months ago

    guy is too strong and too fast

  29. Visheli Dutta

    Visheli Dutta

    2 months ago

    I Lakers could get a good pf and let ad Play center then it's over

  30. Kevin Nouxer

    Kevin Nouxer

    2 months ago

    no one : AD after doing some good blocks and dunk : "AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH"

  31. Jack Frauenhofer

    Jack Frauenhofer

    2 months ago

    anyone else come back to this when he’s injured 😭

    • snooppp


      25 days ago

      he's back

    • VA Yourztruly

      VA Yourztruly

      26 days ago

      @Mike M102938 facto

    • Mike M102938

      Mike M102938

      26 days ago

      Nope, came back for his return! 🔥 will be back tomorrow.

  32. Ja-Juan Spates

    Ja-Juan Spates

    2 months ago

    That's a Nasty Dunks man!

  33. Erick Klein

    Erick Klein

    3 months ago

    Miss the fans 😞

  34. Jaden 213

    Jaden 213

    3 months ago

    DAT NIGGA AD!!!!!! If u know u know

  35. Ice Dripper

    Ice Dripper

    3 months ago


  36. Predicador Kenda AKA: Jessie James

    Predicador Kenda AKA: Jessie James

    4 months ago

    Im gonna ask: Who's better, AD or Elvin Hayes? Because is hard for me to choose🔥😂

    • Anxiety 101

      Anxiety 101

      3 months ago


    • Eddie W

      Eddie W

      4 months ago

      Anthony Bennett?

  37. Rocket Bunny

    Rocket Bunny

    4 months ago

    can someone please tell me the item names which AD always wear with his jersey? (the white shirt)

    • Tsundue 23

      Tsundue 23

      2 months ago

      If someone tells you please tag me and tell me

  38. KwikDraw 35

    KwikDraw 35

    4 months ago

    BIG man

    • Alo0nz


      4 months ago


  39. Bryce Haywood

    Bryce Haywood

    4 months ago

    Let’s gooooo Anthony Davis!!!

  40. four1sixRaps


    4 months ago

    He could go down as the Greatest PF of all time.

  41. Yung Faness

    Yung Faness

    4 months ago


  42. Almighty


    5 months ago

    Yal niggaa dumb af saying Giannis better then AD 😂 AD is the better defender, better scorer and way better in the playoffs when it matters. Who is hardest for coaches to come up with a gameplan against. A 7’0 slasher who you can foul and airballs 3s. Or a 6’11 power forward who can post up and make precision threes 😂😂🤦🏽

    • gua saya

      gua saya

      Month ago

      it's like Kobe vs Duncan,, Duncan better but kobe more skilled. ah hard to explain man. my English not good

  43. Alex Amerling

    Alex Amerling

    5 months ago

    Face of our franchise after LeBron :)

  44. J Cerqueira

    J Cerqueira

    5 months ago

    Some of AD's block are absolutely soul-stealing, leaving a trail of broken men in his wake

  45. Hauncho


    5 months ago

    Mike malones reaction was priceless on the very 1st shot!

  46. SOLJ


    5 months ago

    This is cheating, nobody beating them in a 7 game series this year

  47. Alpha umar Jalloh

    Alpha umar Jalloh

    5 months ago

    He should win MVP this season 🔥🔥

  48. MegaSherlockian


    5 months ago

    Just make Kobe 4’s as high tops and call it the AD1. Laker nation will buy it

  49. Edwin Figueroa

    Edwin Figueroa

    5 months ago

    La Lakers this year shouldn’t even be a team cause of how over powered they are ...lmao .. and I’m a Chicago bulls fan we have no chance with they’re roster /draft this year ..

  50. robert johnson

    robert johnson

    5 months ago

    I'm so glad that AD is on the Lakers. If he would of stayed on the Pelicans he would of never won a championship. I'm not saying that because I'm a Lakers fan either.

  51. englewood price

    englewood price

    5 months ago

    i remember when lakers said dont trade the young core, you giving up too much. i was laughing and saying lakers fans dont realize AD is a generational talent. when you get guys like those you trade the whole team if you have to. if kuzma was a deal breaker he should have been included as well. lol

  52. DracoFinessedYou


    5 months ago

    whos here after AD resigns max contract 5years

  53. Logan Fruchtman

    Logan Fruchtman

    5 months ago

    Just got the cash from da Lakers



    5 months ago

    5years contract extension is real!

  55. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez

    5 months ago

    Great shot blocker, sharp shooter and free throw shooter, strong rebounder ,and hustler. How much better can this player get?AD, first year with LA and he's already got a world title. Can't wait till next season.

  56. Marvin Kuria

    Marvin Kuria

    5 months ago

    this man is just beautiful

  57. knicks fan

    knicks fan

    5 months ago

    Lebron wouldn’t have averaged 10 assist without Davis this year

  58. Cam Alex

    Cam Alex

    5 months ago

    LeBron and Anthony Davis are the perfect duo but I'd love to see them 1v1

  59. Michael Garcia

    Michael Garcia

    5 months ago

    I would’ve loved to have seen Jeannie Buss’s face on during the AD game winner. Would’ve been priceless! The second highlight is awesome. Danny green yells, out of the screen and roll “YO! GET UP GET UP!” The lob was coming! AD Is the difference maker in every game he plays!

  60. Echo


    5 months ago

    Anthony Davis is a whole goat no cap.

  61. Manase B

    Manase B

    5 months ago

    why did javael headbutt the ball 5:33

  62. Steven Sollaku

    Steven Sollaku

    5 months ago

    The most talented PF ever

  63. Aey Phan

    Aey Phan

    5 months ago

    Man the Lakers always had great duos... West and Chamberlain Magic and Kareem Shaq and Kobe Kobe and Gasol LeBron and Davis

  64. wai kuen choy

    wai kuen choy

    5 months ago

    I like the way LeBron And Ad are being humble to each other, they don’t get jealous on their talents so they can lead the team to victory.

  65. dennythird


    5 months ago

    Description says Eastern conference champion? 🤔

  66. Mad Viking

    Mad Viking

    5 months ago

    AD>> Giannis Dont @me

  67. Riham C. Ayob

    Riham C. Ayob

    5 months ago

    I think davis is 100% HOT🔥🔥😂he's the reason behind my obsession in NBA 2020💗💗

  68. Slim Onee

    Slim Onee

    6 months ago

    Laker fan since 96 and AD is my fav player already🤭

  69. High School LBJ

    High School LBJ

    6 months ago

    Best big in the league. Best 1a 1b punch player in the league. Him and Bron are the best duo in the league. Won his first chip after he left NO. AD was the #1 pick n was like lebron hos first stint in Cleveland. Glad to see LA become champions.

  70. Enrique More

    Enrique More

    6 months ago

    Hey fans this is an awesome video and the song is great!!!

  71. galyyy


    6 months ago

    That first one, jesus

  72. Eric Christian

    Eric Christian

    6 months ago

    1:51 he pulled the Kyrie spin on em'

  73. Sione Laungaue

    Sione Laungaue

    6 months ago

    LAKERNATION 🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴💯💯💯👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

  74. Edrick James

    Edrick James

    6 months ago

    Ad dunked on whiteside like 4 times in the first round and ya post none of them

  75. Jeremy M

    Jeremy M

    6 months ago

    I already miss this season

  76. Jonte Graham

    Jonte Graham

    6 months ago

    Glad this talent is televised every night now that he’s in LA !

  77. So Flo

    So Flo

    6 months ago

    I don’t see the KG comparison at all lol

  78. Nicholas Moreira

    Nicholas Moreira

    6 months ago


  79. Mark Pires

    Mark Pires

    6 months ago

    Only dunks Steph curry is better

    • Jake Snow1

      Jake Snow1

      6 months ago

      Steph CURRY ISN'T EVEN CLOSE TO AD LMFAO he only shoots 3s, AD is top 3 in defense and top 5 in offense and the most versatile defender and scores at a higher percentage and is the best lob threat in the league bahahah!

  80. J


    6 months ago

    AD can do it all 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Rasha Alshareef

    Rasha Alshareef

    6 months ago

    bollywood movies

  82. Nuel Panggabean

    Nuel Panggabean

    6 months ago


  83. Fish Perry

    Fish Perry

    6 months ago

    My best friend: who is anthony davis Me: Fridas son

  84. Major Mackenzie

    Major Mackenzie

    6 months ago

    Young Greatness and legend

  85. Tony C

    Tony C

    6 months ago

    He got that ring now, it’s over!!!

  86. john gillians

    john gillians

    6 months ago

    What kind of human is a 7 foot PG ?

  87. Steven Cordero

    Steven Cordero

    6 months ago

    He’s a young 🐐. LeBron is the perfect mentor figure for him as well.

  88. Thunder3Mixes


    7 months ago

    When there was no corona

  89. K


    7 months ago

    AD should correct the way he postures before trying to jump. His knees bend too much inwardly before he jumps and it looks too scary, i bet it burdens his knees too much carrying his whole body's mass before going upwards 🙏 by the way congratulations 🎊 CHAMP 👏

  90. angela viloria

    angela viloria

    7 months ago

    His perfect shot in dunk move

  91. angela viloria

    angela viloria

    7 months ago

    Ad is a rising goat in nba

  92. mike sauce

    mike sauce

    7 months ago

    The highlight at 12:39 lmao.. Kuzma 😂

  93. FoxOnlineRulez !

    FoxOnlineRulez !

    7 months ago

    AD is nasty

  94. Micheal Angelo

    Micheal Angelo

    7 months ago

    LeAnthony James

  95. Thai Bryant

    Thai Bryant

    7 months ago

    sometimes i wonder how giannis won mvp i dont wanna say that he has no talent but when your 7 feet tall its not that hard to get 30 points just by dunking on people while ad can post up better shoot better and is just better all around in my opinion but no shade on giannis

  96. Franc Ag

    Franc Ag

    7 months ago

    those Rondo-AD spinning moves.. nice!

  97. Thai Bryant

    Thai Bryant

    7 months ago

    Ad gonna be the mvp next season

  98. SORTE


    7 months ago

    Deez look like 2k highlights sum in the gym sum at da game💀💀

  99. Ejvind Andersen

    Ejvind Andersen

    7 months ago

    OMG. To Anthony Davis.😀😀😀

  100. Xeis _ColdX

    Xeis _ColdX

    7 months ago

    AD just needs better handles and passing abilities and he’d literally be unstoppable

    • Joe


      5 months ago

      Better handles?!? He is literally the best dribbling big men in the league right now you want him to dribble like Kyrie? 🤣