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  1. Andrew Decker

    Andrew Decker

    2 days ago

    I switched from ptsd meds to CBD as well works great

  2. Josh


    7 days ago

    As the sponsor portion, as someone in recovery, don't get me started with that decaf fake pot cbd shit. Same shit, just the thc pulled out. How people past drug tests. Just cause something's legal doesn't make it ok.

  3. zach swartz

    zach swartz

    9 days ago

    What is that intro song?

  4. Texmex56


    16 days ago

    Sheeeewww Douglas lake, man that was my first tournament and let just say It was perfect tennessee weather😂 if you consider 30 degrees and a 5lb bag good 😂

  5. Nikki Richards

    Nikki Richards

    18 days ago

    "Come on, be bigger!" "That ones thick, got some wait to it for being a small one..oh it's a female!" "Did I leave it in there?" "Its a giant, I dont know what to do with something this big" All Thats what she said moments... sorry I'm bored🤷‍♀️ Love how ya pack Lil Hershey around! Get it in the boat by any means, like the good ol days!

  6. Lane Hughes

    Lane Hughes

    18 days ago

    It’s crazy I’m on this lake all the time only live like 5 minutes away and you where here



    19 days ago

    My home lake

  8. Carlos Concepcion

    Carlos Concepcion

    20 days ago

    Just ordered mango canadip. Let's see how it is. Thanks.

  9. Jacob Tucker

    Jacob Tucker

    20 days ago

    When the hell do those American Flag GS Sun protection hoodies come out?

  10. Shane Yates

    Shane Yates

    20 days ago

    The new camera guy is badass at what he does this guy and cam is are awesome at what they do I am loving all of the content I'm rooting for you Rob

  11. Shirley Paslay

    Shirley Paslay

    21 day ago

    Tell Cami to get a small dog sling. Then she can walk the baby everywhere. Stops them from stopping every minute to smell and pee.

  12. Brett McKenzie

    Brett McKenzie

    24 days ago

    Glad your anxiety has gotten better

  13. ralph ups

    ralph ups

    24 days ago

    over here in london, mom & pop's are crying out for c.b.d & oil products for their ill children. but are turned down, so the street seller rules here. some body ,is losing out on a large amount of revenues that could be put to very good use indeed.👈😒👺👀👀👀👀👉🦉 could you ask if that product could be drank as a tea.? because they look like the expensive tea bag over here.?

  14. Ryguy3000


    25 days ago

    Cannadips does have a THC dip though.

  15. E W

    E W

    25 days ago

    Never seen cbd you pack a lip with but hell yea!

  16. Donald Watson

    Donald Watson

    25 days ago

    The intro and outro and editing in this video is so good! Keep it up! Also, what's that intro song?

  17. Cramsey 0824

    Cramsey 0824

    25 days ago

    You should have came on up to my neck of the woods and fished south Holston lake in Bristol when you were there.

  18. Deni Gong

    Deni Gong

    26 days ago

    Rob needs a joint or 2 anyway

  19. Josh Cassell

    Josh Cassell

    26 days ago

    Bro whoever did this video needs a award

  20. Adam Prine

    Adam Prine

    26 days ago

    100 years old with no advancement. But yet Outlaw Dip has advanced the game and also tobacco and pesticide free. Huh.

  21. Bassjunkie


    26 days ago

    That shirt is fire!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Grayson Powell

    Grayson Powell

    27 days ago

    If only I was 21 Cannadips could help me with my nic addiction

  23. Jason Deaver

    Jason Deaver

    27 days ago

    Not to be one of those guys but there is thc in the cannadips

  24. The RyGuy

    The RyGuy

    27 days ago

    Thanks for the discount ordered 7 different cans 🙏💯 hope it works

  25. DoCo Bassin

    DoCo Bassin

    27 days ago

    That hoodie is sick! I need that!

  26. Rad Reeling Fishing

    Rad Reeling Fishing

    27 days ago

    Mistake guys, at 3 min 11 sec you put cannabiscbd instead of cannadips

  27. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson Stroup

    27 days ago


  28. braydonj1


    27 days ago

    Just wish I could order them and get them in Canada! Struggle with PTSD as well however not a huge fan of the drops I can get currently but definitely helps! Would love to get some dips!

  29. yossi Birstin

    yossi Birstin

    27 days ago

    I want the CBD I live in Israel I checked and it's only in the United States

  30. redeyetrucker67


    27 days ago

    CBD can still show a positive for marijuana on a DOT random drug test

  31. Drew Glenn

    Drew Glenn

    27 days ago

    What song is that that start at 11 minutes in?

  32. Chase Shaw

    Chase Shaw

    27 days ago

    Glad my home lake was nice to u.

  33. Tommy Wilkinson

    Tommy Wilkinson

    27 days ago

    The amount of time and money you waste on catching 2lb fish is astonishing.

  34. Blake Daponte

    Blake Daponte

    27 days ago

    When are they going to deliver canadip to Canada?? I want to try those

  35. Mark Tuscan

    Mark Tuscan

    27 days ago

    if you like catching small mouths you should come up to Pennsylvania and fish the Susquehanna you would love it and on a good day you should pull atleast 20+ by the end of the day ....

  36. blake kulik

    blake kulik

    27 days ago

    The one week I’m not in dandridge, they are there

  37. matt dedmore

    matt dedmore

    27 days ago

    Kind of cool to see the cannadip add, especially being from humboldt county

    • Shirley Paslay

      Shirley Paslay

      21 day ago

      Well, that and Mendocino

    • Shirley Paslay

      Shirley Paslay

      21 day ago

      The "drug capital" of California

  38. Dustin Stanley

    Dustin Stanley

    27 days ago

    Why has Rob lost so many views?? Seems crazy to me one day up and not even 100k. Keep up the hard work man.

  39. One Colorado Jeeper

    One Colorado Jeeper

    27 days ago

    Shout out to the new camera guy production is on point sir... Good shit Rob... 🇺🇸

  40. Kyle Rivenburgh

    Kyle Rivenburgh

    27 days ago

    Hey rob, I just wanted to let you know I got some of the cannadips but your code was not workin. I know you get recognition for each person you send there so I wanted to let you know I tired but it kept saying invalid discount code.

  41. Grimes Finds

    Grimes Finds

    27 days ago

    Hope you catch 20+ pounds Today

  42. Bass Raider

    Bass Raider

    27 days ago

    Another great tourney video🤙

  43. Austin Gudmunson

    Austin Gudmunson

    27 days ago

    I went fishing at douglas last summer and caught a 6 liber before we even launched

  44. John Pilcher Fishing

    John Pilcher Fishing

    27 days ago

    Rob was having a hard time hitting bottom. Lol. Need a heavier weight.

  45. Chris Ernspiker

    Chris Ernspiker

    27 days ago

    That hoodie will be in my shopping cart day one 🔥

  46. Raymond Murray

    Raymond Murray

    27 days ago

    Do cannadips ship over seas as we cant find anything

  47. Grits and Glamour

    Grits and Glamour

    28 days ago

    Cannadips ROFL 🤣 😂😂😂

  48. Aj Crowe

    Aj Crowe

    28 days ago

    Your maybe 10 minutes from where I live. I fish that dock quite a lot actually. Hell yeah

  49. Kris Marsh

    Kris Marsh

    28 days ago

    This intro was sick

  50. Andrew D

    Andrew D

    28 days ago

    cannidips is the shit

  51. bailey campbell

    bailey campbell

    28 days ago

    Nice to finally see a Googan finally fishing the region! You and the other Googans should come back and give tennessee a chance!!

  52. J Dadosky

    J Dadosky

    28 days ago

    Rob what happens when your tolerance builds up to the Canadips? Or is that not how it works?

  53. Nicholas Estes

    Nicholas Estes

    28 days ago

    I want a job in the fishing industry.

  54. YT Jordan ClapZ

    YT Jordan ClapZ

    28 days ago

    I rlly like this editing job with me music in the start

  55. M Jones

    M Jones

    28 days ago

    Stay positive and it will eventually happen

  56. jack. cadman

    jack. cadman

    28 days ago

    Can someone explain. Him having to fish with other people?

  57. William Eriksson

    William Eriksson

    28 days ago

    These pouches looks exactly like Snus that we have here in sweden.

  58. Night Wing

    Night Wing

    28 days ago

    Yo I fish douglas all the time but I don't have a boat. I'm actually about to go hit the river.

  59. BeastTexan !!!

    BeastTexan !!!

    28 days ago

    Can anybody tell me the song?

  60. Marshland Outdoors

    Marshland Outdoors

    28 days ago

    Keep pushing brother you are making waves👍👍

  61. Martin Olsen

    Martin Olsen

    28 days ago

    I don't think I've ever seen Rob throw a drop shot. Cool to see him do different stuff then his usual content.

  62. Booze Machine

    Booze Machine

    28 days ago

    Beer is good food

  63. James Miller

    James Miller

    28 days ago

    If you see this comment Did you go during the rod runs??

  64. Thayne Hallyburton

    Thayne Hallyburton

    28 days ago

    The edit was absolutely fire! The damn commercial killed one banger spot for me as i was diggin the mid video edit.

  65. Nathan Koontz

    Nathan Koontz

    28 days ago

    I live on douglas lake

  66. Caleb Leger

    Caleb Leger

    28 days ago

    I love that you are challenging yourself now and taking yourself to your max potential. I'm sure it gets old catching the same fish on the same lakes. Keep growing man, I'm loving the tourneys.

  67. Hunter Mcelreath

    Hunter Mcelreath

    28 days ago

    Love it dude! NO FILTER!

  68. Edward Deleon

    Edward Deleon

    28 days ago


  69. Max Sult

    Max Sult

    28 days ago

    Love how Hershey is just chillin in your jacket 😆

  70. Brendan Spangle

    Brendan Spangle

    28 days ago

    So is this dip alternative legal for ages like 15 and up? Or is it like normal dip where you have to wait until 21?

  71. Edward Reidt

    Edward Reidt

    28 days ago

    I love the Yorkie

  72. BassinWithBrandon


    28 days ago

    The editing in this video is freaking SICKKK!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  73. John Cloud

    John Cloud

    28 days ago

    Awesome video, great fishing, that shirt is DOPE! I will be checking out the Cannadips for my dad who suffers from PTSD (Vietnam) Thanks Rob

  74. Curtis Forrester

    Curtis Forrester

    28 days ago

    Humboldt county native here love to see my home county reaching out to help ya bro. Best of luck out there. What an amazing day for ya

  75. Dragon Dem

    Dragon Dem

    28 days ago

    if only there was thc in it.... it would be solid!!! cbd is great but i will say a little thc helps alot

  76. Crunchy Mason

    Crunchy Mason

    28 days ago

    Doesn’t the cannadip stuff hurt ur gum or teeth?

  77. Taylor Sytnik

    Taylor Sytnik

    28 days ago

    Any recommendations for a new fisher gonna be getting into it

  78. Benjamin Oswalt

    Benjamin Oswalt

    28 days ago

    That was a DOPE intro!!!

  79. Matthew Evans

    Matthew Evans

    28 days ago

    Keep up the grind brother and keep being you, good luck in the future events

  80. Johnny Rocket

    Johnny Rocket

    28 days ago

    Why don't you us outlaws dip

  81. Ashish Bhatti

    Ashish Bhatti

    29 days ago

    any idea what that song is, its sick!

    • Evan Cabral

      Evan Cabral

      28 days ago

      Chains by Deraj, its a song from Artlist a music licensing platform

  82. Axle Chastain

    Axle Chastain

    29 days ago

    I gotta stop the dip so I'm going to try this!

  83. Ron Porter

    Ron Porter

    29 days ago

    Man if I could travel to the US just to fish with you now that would be the dream

  84. Upstate Angler

    Upstate Angler

    29 days ago

    i bought a log right when you showed it on instagram should be here tomorrow

  85. KamoKreature 12

    KamoKreature 12

    29 days ago

    Somebody give the feller that edited this video a medal and a beer!!!!

  86. Tyler S

    Tyler S

    29 days ago

    Lol this is like a copy cat Brandon palinuk video 😂

  87. Fishing Freak

    Fishing Freak

    29 days ago

    The tournament videos are the best cant wait to see you get a check👍

  88. Nick Williams

    Nick Williams

    29 days ago

    That intro was cool

  89. Cyrus Safar-Fashandi

    Cyrus Safar-Fashandi

    29 days ago

    Is there any way y’all come back with the OG hoodie with the second amendment?

  90. caleb dean

    caleb dean

    29 days ago

    Pro Tip: next time you hand feed line do it palms up funneling it down between your feet , definitely helps with line wrapping around cleats, reels, etc.

  91. Cliff


    29 days ago

    Paralyzed with severe muscle spasms. Small amount of anxiety in large crowds. Go through 1 can of Copenhagen Long Cut a day. Just ordered the wintergreen and the mint, let's see if I can kill 3 birds with 1 bullet. Thanks for recommendation and not being afraid to speak your truth

  92. Juštice


    29 days ago

    Yooo he’s on the home lake baby let’s gooo

  93. Kayak Angler

    Kayak Angler

    29 days ago

    I’m liking the new editing

  94. zachary singel

    zachary singel

    29 days ago

    Was on this lake during the tournament and saw you fly by. Bad ass session

  95. Maria fishnfooo Rivas

    Maria fishnfooo Rivas

    29 days ago

    Keep this series rolling!!!

  96. Dillon West

    Dillon West

    29 days ago

    HOLY F/(k lunkers is on my home lake holy sh$t and it had to be when I was deployed too damn

  97. Brett Tuma

    Brett Tuma

    29 days ago

    doge to the moon

  98. Daylon M

    Daylon M

    29 days ago

    How do y'all bait cast light weight bugs? I can't

  99. Christopher Wiley

    Christopher Wiley

    29 days ago

    Rob your doing great it takes time and courage u got both of them just keep on trucking along

  100. Brad Hodge

    Brad Hodge

    29 days ago

    Edit is getting wayyyyy better in this one