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Tim Slavens Crash at Lights Out 12!

Tim Slavens Crash at Lights Out 12!
(Video via Straight Line Media/Kyle Christ)
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  1. Incognito12000


    6 hours ago

    Still had the presence of mind to bring her back into the lane.

  2. Joshua Vasquez

    Joshua Vasquez

    19 hours ago

    Yeah but... what was his time??

  3. Mark P

    Mark P

    Day ago

    note to pit crew: "add more down force to front end"

  4. The Truth

    The Truth

    Day ago

    Strong wind

  5. THE Fourth Willie

    THE Fourth Willie

    2 days ago

    Now THAT'S a story I would tell my grandkids.

  6. Marcel Velazquez

    Marcel Velazquez

    2 days ago

    V1...rotate :)

  7. Geraldine Giron

    Geraldine Giron

    2 days ago




    2 days ago

    Pause at 0:16 fighter jet taking off! That should be a poster pic. looks to be about 10ft off the ground!

  9. Bryce Sattler

    Bryce Sattler

    3 days ago

    *"And then she flew.."* 🏆

  10. Ajrokz


    3 days ago


  11. fcporto porto

    fcporto porto

    3 days ago

    What was the 1/4 mile time

  12. Da KiD

    Da KiD

    3 days ago

    ****DISCLAIMER**** no birds were harmed in this film

  13. Da KiD

    Da KiD

    3 days ago

    That anti-gravity cheat code is 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Genesis


    3 days ago

    This car is so fast he dont need wings to take off

  15. Ofentse Mwase Films

    Ofentse Mwase Films

    4 days ago

    Watched this video atleast 27 times hoping to finally see the crash!

  16. David R.G.

    David R.G.

    4 days ago

    Looks like the shute might of pulled the front end down a guessing he didnt win this though.does anyone know if he won this ? Im also wondering if you have to have any wheels on the ground when crossing the finish line ? looked like he probably crossed lanes before the finish line.also does anyone know if getting airborne can increase your speed at all ??

  17. Graeson Maddox

    Graeson Maddox

    6 days ago

    is there a reason he doesn't have a wheelie bar?

  18. SirMarkFrancis


    6 days ago

    I didn’t see anyone crash, i saw a car fly and had a rough landing.

  19. Gman the Outdoorsman

    Gman the Outdoorsman

    6 days ago


  20. Silent Bugzz

    Silent Bugzz

    7 days ago


  21. positive productions

    positive productions

    7 days ago

    i knew flying cars was coming soon..

  22. Scotsman


    7 days ago

    maybe next time he'll take the mobile phone laws a bit more seriously

  23. Frank Rizzo

    Frank Rizzo

    10 days ago

    How pathetic that the majority of these dunces don’t know it’s fake.

  24. JayJericho


    13 days ago

    Sorry man...I accidentally hit the wrong switch. I wanted Gravy but ended up hitting Gravity.

  25. MrPooPooJohn


    13 days ago

    Whats more amazing he didn't even spill his beer.

  26. Robert Donovan

    Robert Donovan

    14 days ago

    Any health exemption and or foreign representation means beyond not upheld all time all cases

  27. Andrew S

    Andrew S

    15 days ago

    this type of drag racing is so stupid

  28. Roguewindow 758

    Roguewindow 758

    15 days ago

    Meanwhile GTA San Andreas: Fly car cheat activated

  29. Hogfire


    15 days ago


  30. Baba Booey

    Baba Booey

    16 days ago

    Just shows you how light these cars are.

  31. goingbroke 123

    goingbroke 123

    16 days ago

    What's the time tho

  32. Sir Excellence III

    Sir Excellence III

    16 days ago

    Confirmed; he did win.

  33. Andruschka Winowitsch

    Andruschka Winowitsch

    17 days ago

    Is this real? How lomg did he stay in the air?

  34. Lotni


    18 days ago

    This is not the airport buddy

  35. W


    18 days ago

    Crash? Nigga flew

  36. Trident Trident

    Trident Trident

    18 days ago

    Its like- ok I'm going airborne again, I've gotta pull the parachute to land it as straightas I can.

  37. Will Fishing

    Will Fishing

    19 days ago

    He forgot to put the flaps down

  38. That Gaming Channel

    That Gaming Channel

    19 days ago

  39. Emran Ghias

    Emran Ghias

    19 days ago

    That's a winner to me

  40. Mason Reppeto

    Mason Reppeto

    19 days ago

    downforce? whats that?

  41. quetzalcoatl


    19 days ago

    holy shit this is one of the craziest things ive ever seen

  42. Jonathan H

    Jonathan H

    19 days ago


  43. Nick Nick

    Nick Nick

    20 days ago

    This guy can fly! Landing.....

  44. Jake Saunders

    Jake Saunders

    20 days ago

    First thing tim said bet is get fire gear off me i gotta change my boxers n wash that shit off that ran to the foot mr my gear

  45. viasevenvai


    20 days ago

    What was his 30’? ....vertical.

  46. JohnToga


    20 days ago

    Thats not a camaro its a plane who u tryin to fool?

  47. Gabe G

    Gabe G

    20 days ago

    Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

  48. ash catchem

    ash catchem

    20 days ago

    The mustang was like WTF 😯

  49. Duke Reguardless

    Duke Reguardless

    20 days ago

    a bit too much horsepower but enough airtime

  50. randalljames


    21 day ago

    Well I have seen some attempts at "one ups" before but trying to "one up" Cruz Pedregon's vegas flight? epic..

  51. Matt Berry

    Matt Berry

    21 day ago

    i was wondering why the guy down the end of the strip was putting a jacket on after the crash... oh wait thats the fireman thats meant to be ready to go...

  52. Bob Kong

    Bob Kong

    21 day ago


  53. Troy Street

    Troy Street

    21 day ago

    It starts with sounding like a rocket about to take off and then one does

  54. unleasheth


    22 days ago

    "Semi-crash"....Well? What happened to him?

  55. Darron Sanderson

    Darron Sanderson

    22 days ago

    Lol. Reminds of when they asked Michael Jordan if he could fly. He said:"For a little while". 🤣

  56. TORAS gaming

    TORAS gaming

    22 days ago

    The power behind these beasts

  57. Rick Foley

    Rick Foley

    22 days ago

    "You are cleared for touch and go...and touch."

  58. grim joker

    grim joker

    22 days ago

    he was just trying to be the first Camaro in space

  59. Bryan f

    Bryan f

    23 days ago

    Someone put RedBull in the tank

  60. abu bahkhar

    abu bahkhar

    23 days ago

    Thats why they invented spoilers

  61. davegbp


    23 days ago

    he clearly needs driving lessons from Dom Toretto

  62. Nicholas Tomaselli

    Nicholas Tomaselli

    23 days ago

    Just like back to the future2

  63. The Black House

    The Black House

    23 days ago

    Damn that was at least 5 ft in the air

  64. Paulie


    23 days ago

    the car didnt move,the world around it did.

  65. Miccrhaafetl


    24 days ago

    Anything can fly if you're going fast enough.

  66. Mike McDermott

    Mike McDermott

    24 days ago

    And he won the race!

  67. LazyLion


    24 days ago

    bought a car. built a plane.

  68. DR H

    DR H

    24 days ago

    Give this guy a pilot’s license.

  69. Floyd The droid

    Floyd The droid

    24 days ago

    So good to see the chute deployed early, nice pull stabilised the car, hope the chassis is ok, nice drive.

  70. Misophonia ASMR

    Misophonia ASMR

    24 days ago

    super odd it was like he had a jet engine

  71. Chad Sanborn

    Chad Sanborn

    25 days ago

    He turned his car into a plane.

  72. Black Noir

    Black Noir

    25 days ago

    inspecting that frame will be a bitch

  73. Bose


    25 days ago

    he got in the air for about 2-3 seconds that's crazy

  74. CeDeeTV


    25 days ago

    Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down ... if you know you know

  75. Poverty Spec

    Poverty Spec

    25 days ago

    Every Garbage Manufacturing product should be fired into the sun.

  76. Black Zero

    Black Zero

    25 days ago

    He didn't crash. He Flew

  77. Matt Gomez

    Matt Gomez

    25 days ago

    That was UGLY ".....That car is violent !!

  78. Doug Stevens

    Doug Stevens

    25 days ago

    Nearly 3 seconds of airtime. That must have been the longest 3 seconds of his life!

  79. Mick Dan

    Mick Dan

    25 days ago

    Is the red car considered to be winning or not?

  80. ThatsMyPurse IdontKnowYou

    ThatsMyPurse IdontKnowYou

    26 days ago

    Still probably rolled out a better 1/4 mile than me lol

  81. TEEKA


    26 days ago


  82. Peter Gniech

    Peter Gniech

    26 days ago

    This guy has a horse shoe up his ass. Very lucky driver for he was cleaning his shorts out at the end of the track .

  83. Shotgun Arms

    Shotgun Arms

    26 days ago

    the greatest pass in the history of drag

  84. Jorge Luis Tonuellas Sr.

    Jorge Luis Tonuellas Sr.

    26 days ago

    Wow. That was something....

  85. La Paloma

    La Paloma

    26 days ago

    Looks like the parachute is what caused the rear to lift and float

  86. khaleel mills

    khaleel mills

    26 days ago

    The flying cars we actually get in the future

  87. RC4life 4tec2.0

    RC4life 4tec2.0

    26 days ago

    That was fucking insane!!! guy had wings that day for protection, excellent landing 👌

  88. Willoughby1888 of Honah Lee by the Sea

    Willoughby1888 of Honah Lee by the Sea

    26 days ago

    At 00:14 it appears that his narcist windshield ejected just to steal all the attention, and the cars structural integrity was compromised...but it could be my eyesight for all I know, or all that pharmaceutical lsd25 that had been freely provided and easily procured in the 70's for me and earlier for those vintage famous older peers everyone enjoys using in movies that go "boom"er. Am I wrong...?

  89. Grayson Walker

    Grayson Walker

    27 days ago

    Did he have wheelie bars??

  90. Ravis Maximus

    Ravis Maximus

    27 days ago

    Reck a car because you have to keep in it very stupid

  91. Sebastian Colombey

    Sebastian Colombey

    27 days ago

    Dude that car Flys 🚗



    27 days ago

    Rode that fucker out like Bodacious in the 90's!

  93. Zombert


    27 days ago

    Doctor: So Mr. Slaven, do you have any memory of an event that could have caused your herniated disks? Slaven: No, not really... Oh wait...

  94. PangSub


    27 days ago

    so, it's a jet plane, then

  95. WolfHeart


    27 days ago

    Bad ass



    28 days ago

    HOLY SHITT, It flew because the fiberglass front end became a freaking parachute. He had to be shitting bricks and I'm glad he came down safely.

  97. JCB


    28 days ago

    The amount of torque and force it requires to send a fking car airborne like that is unreal



    28 days ago

    They said we would have flying cars in the future and here it is.

  99. jimmynickelz


    28 days ago

    I believe I can....

  100. Not_Real


    28 days ago

    0:16 he was floating