Toyota Hilux Gets Dropped 10,000ft (HILUX TEST #4)

Well folks it all leads up to this! We drop the “indestructible” Toyota Hilux 500ft then 10,000ft from a helicopter. Will it still run and drive?? We’re just getting started 😬

HUGE thanks to @heavydsparks crew for helping out!
Go check out his mini movies.


FPV DRONE pilot:


  1. WhistlinDiesel


    Month ago

    I actually kinda cried editing the end of this video ngl. Hilux memorial in description

    • Dwi Apridayanti

      Dwi Apridayanti

      5 days ago


    • Random Thoughts Productions

      Random Thoughts Productions

      6 days ago

      Damn imma buy a hilux

    • David J.

      David J.

      26 days ago

      You've proven once and for all that the Hilux is the ultimate zombie apocalypse truck. There's a reason why every guerrilla drives 'em. They need no oil changes, no maintenance, nothing. You can't hardly kill the things even if you try.

    • Bruda Miranda

      Bruda Miranda

      Month ago

      Oohhh no! sad day! I sorta thought it would made the 500'

    • FBI-Fipo


      Month ago

      Poor little truck 😭😭 500th reply btw

  2. EdnK MwaXity

    EdnK MwaXity

    2 hours ago

    hello, it's test 👍👌 nothing to say, say about the next Toyota that you are going to test try on the land cruiser double cabin pickup I really want to see what happens with your really great tests 👌👌 Big up of New-Caledonia ✌️👊

  3. ironcraft101


    4 hours ago

    And on that day whistlindiesel's heart grew three sizes

  4. Nethusha De Alwis

    Nethusha De Alwis

    4 hours ago

    hey diesel brothers

  5. Wyatt James

    Wyatt James

    7 hours ago

    I'm ngl I'm mad why do it to that beauty. Do it to a chevy

  6. T G

    T G

    9 hours ago

    Hilux did a pretty good job imitating a dodge… it’s dead and it only cost a shit ton of money. Funny vid tho

  7. Pawel


    9 hours ago

    no good

  8. superchef78


    19 hours ago

    Hate all the empty talking in the beginning. Just show the drops.

  9. Theo Xydias

    Theo Xydias

    Day ago

    now it would be amazing if you restore it :D period.

  10. skateMNvx1000


    Day ago

    okay no way that cost 100000 dollars a minute. straight lies

  11. Tayne Elliott

    Tayne Elliott

    Day ago

    you posted it on my birthday

  12. Tayne Elliott

    Tayne Elliott

    Day ago

    holy shit do it to a ford ranger

  13. Jeep Commiehunter

    Jeep Commiehunter

    Day ago

    Nothing like the wealthy entertaining me! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED! YES YES I AM!! go wreck something really really expensive! Or give it to me I'll do it!🇺🇸🎇🎆🎊🎉

  14. TheCCPfearsANZ


    Day ago

    pretty sure 500ft and 10,000ft it is going to hit the ground at the same speed

  15. Ricette easy di Nico Caty

    Ricette easy di Nico Caty

    Day ago

    Final test. Toyota hilux 1000 point. Stupid guy 0 💩💩💩

  16. Momento Pana

    Momento Pana

    2 days ago

    Smity sube esta wea luego pahenry

  17. Crown Vic Police Interceptor

    Crown Vic Police Interceptor

    2 days ago

    Loved seeing the “ toy “ ota helux being treated like UTV driving like ATV and Dropped like I dropped glasses when I’m half awake.

  18. Devin Work

    Devin Work

    2 days ago

    Where is the Toyota hylux jars at for sale

  19. Læsu Dan

    Læsu Dan

    2 days ago

    4:21 anxiety level 💀 one mishap and , the heli falls before toyota 😅😳

  20. Travis Young

    Travis Young

    2 days ago

    Imagine buying a hilux off of wish and you got to see it and that’s there

  21. razzyjr12345


    2 days ago

    The truck view felt like getting dropped from a tornado

  22. Braskus


    3 days ago

    I wanna see the video of trying to start the engine. I would also like to point out the rollbar was STILL not that bad.

  23. Zach Hart

    Zach Hart

    3 days ago

    This is insane dude, I love these vids!

  24. david alvarez

    david alvarez

    3 days ago

    Eres un mounstro

  25. YOUNG_Gngr


    3 days ago

    I respect you. I’m gonna miss the “little truck that could”

  26. Man G1ng3r

    Man G1ng3r

    4 days ago

    If you ever get a 3rd gen dodge let me get some interior parts before it's destroyed 😂😂 struggling here

  27. II-IDropBodies-II 2

    II-IDropBodies-II 2

    4 days ago

    when you toner 40 you are going to be called wd40

  28. Edwin Roca A.

    Edwin Roca A.

    4 days ago

    Creo que está prueba fue estúpida, no demuestra ni indica nada.

  29. jonathan chou

    jonathan chou

    5 days ago

    Lie? That height is just 1000 ft not 10000ft!

  30. 杨顺清


    5 days ago


  31. Dwi Apridayanti

    Dwi Apridayanti

    5 days ago


  32. TheBeastUnleashed


    5 days ago

    Someone get jeremy clarkson

  33. Intense Pein

    Intense Pein

    5 days ago

    100k a minute? Damn I got the wrong job lol

  34. momtaz pervin

    momtaz pervin

    5 days ago

    U should be sentenced to 5 years in prison for killing this hilux

  35. momtaz pervin

    momtaz pervin

    5 days ago

    Can any passenger survive this freefall impact

  36. Brent R

    Brent R

    5 days ago

    Yeah, but did the front axle break?

  37. GroovyChu


    5 days ago

    Can I use this car for a music video

  38. Jeremy Lakenes

    Jeremy Lakenes

    6 days ago

    Looks like the Air Force ran out if bombs again... now they use Toyotas as projectiles

  39. Dakota Elkins

    Dakota Elkins

    6 days ago

    Dude how much did it cost for permits and everything all in to drop that thing all the times you did? Just curious. It was freakin awesome btw but sure you knew

  40. muhammedyasar 0k

    muhammedyasar 0k

    6 days ago

    Your so crazy man in the world

  41. Ashton Larson

    Ashton Larson

    7 days ago

    Not sure if I'm happy or sad. But I know this: you need to move to Florida sir.

  42. MelodicChronic


    7 days ago

    The first 3 videos were awesome, and as cool as it was to see a vehicle get dropped from that high, I REALLY wish it wasn't this one. That truck proved to you that it was worth keeping around, and you killed it anyway. Should have just stopped after the 3rd video. . . this one just made me sad.

    • Jake


      5 days ago

      stfu cry

  43. Andy Askew

    Andy Askew

    8 days ago

    Tires look fine....

  44. Idaholandho


    8 days ago

    Should buff out

  45. Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew Mitchell

    8 days ago

    I have mixed feelings on whether or not to like this. I better get a free t-shirt out of the deal. And that one of those gay ones I want the maroon whistling diesel Hilux edition in a size large because I'm not a p****

  46. Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew Mitchell

    8 days ago

    Okay this is the moment that you sell out.

  47. Gims Vui

    Gims Vui

    8 days ago

    Today's trucks are for baby's! RIP Toyota!

  48. I share with you

    I share with you

    8 days ago


  49. Lukas Schilf

    Lukas Schilf

    9 days ago

    I deal like the truck was apart of me

  50. Mrdumbfellow


    9 days ago

    "Thanks gopro" for real what the hell !

  51. Terrell Spivey

    Terrell Spivey

    9 days ago

    Epic! Lol It started to propel like a Heluxcopter! Lol did you really pay 100k a minute for the Helicopter ride!?

  52. Neill L

    Neill L

    9 days ago

    I’m a Jeep dude but I would 100% sell it if I could get a hilux. Those things are bombproof

  53. Mason Brannan

    Mason Brannan

    9 days ago

    After watching all of the hilux videos I bought one for my new daily beater

  54. Bambam Rubble

    Bambam Rubble

    10 days ago

    Bro, I get all the abuse and ultimate testing but why the heli drop? You still coulda maybe fixed the truck up. These things are beautiful machines. I'm so sad right now.

  55. The Shooters Apprentice

    The Shooters Apprentice

    10 days ago

    Im more impressed with the video editing. top notch.

  56. L .S .H '

    L .S .H '

    10 days ago

    Next video .my girl adventure

  57. Hobby428


    10 days ago

    Now do the same to a New Tacoma.

  58. Lifes Eternal

    Lifes Eternal

    10 days ago

    You need to get an American Humvee Hummer H1 and test that vehicle I know some dudes in the military that try there hardest to destroy those trucks and they keep on being a service vehicle.

  59. Παναγιώτης Καλδής

    Παναγιώτης Καλδής

    10 days ago

    What nonsense and waste of resources...



    10 days ago

    It flattened from impact but it didn't obliterate. That's insanely impressive.

    • egdrums 66

      egdrums 66

      6 days ago


  61. Kris Gomes

    Kris Gomes

    10 days ago

    Dude you should really think about testing the new Toyota hilux see if it's built as good doubtful but would be very interesting.?

  62. RedNova


    10 days ago


  63. Lizzkid Lloyd

    Lizzkid Lloyd

    11 days ago

    wonder how many of your friends you treat like shit and everyone has to be your slave if not you embarrass them infront of everyone. no one has to jump within half sec u tell them to do something ......your straight up pathetic thing of a person that in fact does use his daddy's money..........i hope everyone quits on you bec you definitely aren't a friend to anyone... everyone please go watch the video called why I quit working for wistlendiesel.......more like whistlendicksnass

  64. Eduardo Santos

    Eduardo Santos

    11 days ago

    Isso é uns bestalhados

  65. 2007 Fummins

    2007 Fummins

    11 days ago

    It would have been funny if he did this with the squatted truck because when he was destroying the squatted truck it was refusing to die

  66. Kevin Adair

    Kevin Adair

    11 days ago

    Too bad Cody is a little deceiving child. Check out "Freed Diesel" for what's left of the Good Content Gang.

  67. UnseenSpirit


    12 days ago

    Please throw all try money you can and save this truck! Or pin it on a wall like art in a mansion you will own one day :)

  68. mu ma

    mu ma

    12 days ago

    This Hilux saga is awesome, because it was epic. In the literal sense. Thanks for the content. Greetings from the Netherlands

  69. click slide bang

    click slide bang

    13 days ago

    Bet if it caught the bed first it would have made it

  70. مرحبا مسهلا

    مرحبا مسهلا

    13 days ago

    انشهد انه موتر

  71. Ben Warrick

    Ben Warrick

    13 days ago

    I wish old WhistlinDiesel would get hold of a regular F-150 4x4 and see how well it can perform. One of the newer ones with the torquey little turbo charged engines with the 10 speed transmissions.

  72. Jonathan Cabral

    Jonathan Cabral

    14 days ago

    That hilux deserves to be restored 😂

  73. Greg Thibodeau

    Greg Thibodeau

    14 days ago

    That truck trusted you, and was willing to take anything you threw at it, until you threw the entire planet at it.

  74. Blanc_Sal


    14 days ago

    The only car that came the closest to challenging god himself

  75. Timothy Fawks

    Timothy Fawks

    14 days ago


  76. lou antonucci

    lou antonucci

    14 days ago


  77. bBrain


    14 days ago

    So, how about something big going super sonic on rails into a squatted truck?

  78. John Slechta

    John Slechta

    14 days ago

    How much for the K02s?

  79. James


    14 days ago

    Actually my man, Terminal Velocity is due to the gravity pulling on all objects equally. This was proven by Neil Armstrong dropping a feather and a bowling ball on the moon (where there is no interference from the air changing the rate at which an object can attain terminal velocity) and they both fell at the same rate

  80. Muhammed Samil

    Muhammed Samil

    14 days ago

    I don't why am crying

  81. mustafa fawzia

    mustafa fawzia

    14 days ago

    good job bro

  82. Anzacer


    14 days ago

    Would like to see a hilux durability test for a modern hilux see if it stands up to its predecessor

  83. 35627819028353729-4984653


    14 days ago

    Is this kid mega rich?

  84. kerry gordon

    kerry gordon

    14 days ago

    How fast do you think is was dropping when it hit the ground?

  85. jattatheart111


    15 days ago

    this guy has too much time and too much money. He destroyed a perfectly good car. There are families out there without vehicles and would love a good car donated to them. But instead this fool destroys one just for the sake of entertainment.

    • Baba Booey

      Baba Booey

      13 days ago

      Bababooey does not ccare

  86. Shad0wscale


    15 days ago

    My girlfriend found highlights of this through super car blondie. Now I show her all these glorious vids

  87. bbdrummer


    15 days ago

    Best material on USgone! 👏🏼 love it!

  88. Michael Kramer

    Michael Kramer

    15 days ago

    Whistlin you need to buy another hilux and keep it on farm just as a play toy/ work equipment would get good content from it as well

  89. ivan muwuluzi

    ivan muwuluzi

    15 days ago

    This got me shed a tear, seeing my dream work truck being killed. Its a great sad video

  90. Kron's Clips

    Kron's Clips

    15 days ago

    If it landed on 4 wheels it would drive (I think)

  91. Dom Andretti

    Dom Andretti

    15 days ago

    What hoodie is he wearing ?

  92. Bozin_Ru


    16 days ago

    Basically beamng drive in real life

  93. Chunk Mcgrizzle

    Chunk Mcgrizzle

    16 days ago

    I feel like the hood constantly flipping up is the hilux giving the world the middle finger in defiance of all things considered danger

  94. Andrew Yang

    Andrew Yang

    16 days ago

    Now, it even proof that Toyota trucks are solid built vehicles. Who can ask for anything more, "Toyota!!!" Buy more Toyota.

  95. pierce tiobech

    pierce tiobech

    16 days ago


  96. mohawksniper79


    16 days ago

    4.8 Hillary's out there😁

  97. Sean R

    Sean R

    16 days ago

    Oh no it's in a flat spin, no pullin' out of that.

  98. Raffa Multirock

    Raffa Multirock

    16 days ago

    10.000 ft? Really? Liars

  99. 5taticip


    16 days ago

    I would love to know what hoodie you were wearing, I want one.

  100. Mark  Rimmer

    Mark Rimmer

    16 days ago

    Yeah! Gravity is a real B**ch!