Trash Talker Gets ANKLES BROKEN & EXPOSED Bad! 5v5 Basketball

I cant believe this happened at the park! i put a story post up for 10 minutes to try and get some people at the park and showed up to pure madness! Slim Reaper is an absolute beast! These were some of the most fun runs ive had at the park ever! WE BRING ENERGY!!!!
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  1. Matthew Foxx

    Matthew Foxx

    50 minutes ago

    Slim dude was killin

  2. Ficki Vlog

    Ficki Vlog

    Hour ago

    Good Game bro from INDONESIA 💪🇲🇨

  3. Tulenaa Alik

    Tulenaa Alik

    3 hours ago




    5 hours ago

    14:18 stop talking trash! What the fuck are you talking about?!



    6 hours ago

    6:20 This guy really fired if he dumped it will divert the attention back to him! Why can't you handle someone having your attention on them!



    6 hours ago

    4:59 😂😂😂

  7. Ralju Tamu

    Ralju Tamu

    6 hours ago

    My man on day he's coming for yoy guys

  8. Elvis


    8 hours ago

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  9. Paul Manno

    Paul Manno

    9 hours ago

    The wistful part appropriately file because germany neuroanatomically kiss pro a hard interactive. thankful, super minibus

  10. pedro borja

    pedro borja

    10 hours ago

    *Chris eats a bucket* *nick proceeds to dunk the ball while 50 dudes smack him in the head* 🤣

  11. Cleaner Comet

    Cleaner Comet

    10 hours ago

    Dat boi slim a bad man boi 😂

  12. TikTok Hub

    TikTok Hub

    11 hours ago

    No cap this white boy can play💯💯

  13. MOT Audio

    MOT Audio

    11 hours ago

    Slim is BOUNCY bro

  14. J4 CHANNEL


    21 hour ago

    Lil man only mad layups and been like doing all that

  15. patch YT

    patch YT

    Day ago

    10:03 mans snagging the damm ball

  16. Antonio Delgado

    Antonio Delgado

    Day ago

    Shit he supposed to dunk the damn ball!!!

  17. Jeremiah Cerdena

    Jeremiah Cerdena

    Day ago

    12:05 “you had like 2” looks at cam “aw shit caught me 4k I ain’t even score”

  18. Sipios TRUTH

    Sipios TRUTH

    Day ago

    Dude got crossed, and the ball hit him in the head LMAOO

  19. Ren White

    Ren White

    Day ago

    Nick is a junior high baby, he cry’s when people don’t play D and let’s dudes blow past him like he’s the all star player🤣🤣 haha sore player he’s the type of guy you dread being on the same team with

  20. Tony X Mylaine

    Tony X Mylaine

    Day ago

    3:01 bro kinda look n sound like melo

  21. Robert LaTorre

    Robert LaTorre

    Day ago

    Nick is a real one

  22. Jojo P

    Jojo P

    Day ago

    Why Nick acting like Travis can’t get his own bucket?

  23. Lucid


    Day ago

    Got some good hoopers in this video especially the one in the grey thermal

  24. Johnny Flores

    Johnny Flores

    Day ago

    Nick is trash

  25. Capone 600

    Capone 600

    Day ago

    Talk about nobody celebrating threes you don't even know what was going on they had their own thing going on you sound like a crybaby center of attention that's that white privilege s***

  26. Ortiz Nick

    Ortiz Nick

    Day ago

    That's looks like our north philly playground ball

  27. Anthony Castro

    Anthony Castro

    Day ago

    Nick briz, you annoyin as hell. But cool af too😂 I respect it bro.

  28. Spellingcheckguy17


    Day ago

    all my mans travis wants to do is score too big dawg

  29. Jahziel Mosley

    Jahziel Mosley

    Day ago

    Bruh he said have u ever see someone make a 3 be quiet let the have joy bc if u did sum lime that people will do the same thing to you

  30. Deon 3K47

    Deon 3K47

    Day ago

    18:21 This man shot with his right and held the form with his left loool I'm dead 💀

    • Sadeeq Mateen

      Sadeeq Mateen

      6 hours ago

      Neva seen that in my life 💀

  31. JJ


    Day ago

    my man Reaper was just chillin lol

  32. grownman206


    2 days ago

    😂 8:40 🥜🙆🏾‍♂️

  33. Marcellus Johnson

    Marcellus Johnson

    2 days ago

    Worst block attempt in history

  34. Executnr


    2 days ago

    Backcourt violation should always be enforced streetball or not

  35. Lorenzo Lucas

    Lorenzo Lucas

    2 days ago

    This is lit brkt

  36. brew


    2 days ago

    i aint gonna lie black dude in the gray cold af...

  37. Alex Michelmann

    Alex Michelmann

    2 days ago

    I’ve been called white boy probably 1000 times that shit never bothered me because I am white. I would respond and say what’s up my black guy nobody got mad. People are different colors and their is nothing wrong with that as long as you treat each other with respect. When you start dropping words like c** or n** or the countless others out there for all races then you cross the line and you should be called out. Love that he still gave him $50 that was good shit and this was good ball nicks videos always entertaining.

  38. Vincent Nolan

    Vincent Nolan

    2 days ago

    Fat guy nxt shaq

  39. Demetrius McKnight

    Demetrius McKnight

    2 days ago

    Buddy touched earth then got hit the face wit the ball after he got dunked on



    2 days ago

    we not going to talk about the guy dunked it and slamed it on his head

  41. Neubian Sosa

    Neubian Sosa

    2 days ago

    I seen this fat fool on another video heckling too

  42. Dayshawn Williams

    Dayshawn Williams

    2 days ago

    Aye niggas really be hating nick and his squad no cap 🧢

  43. Splxshy ツ

    Splxshy ツ

    2 days ago

    Yo anyone peep how nick dropped that kid and slim caught the oop and dunked it and the same kid that got dropped got hit in the face by the ball😂😂😂😂

  44. Krlos Ninguno

    Krlos Ninguno

    2 days ago

    This video is f*** shameless!!! JAJAJAJAJAJA

  45. bjarke nielsen

    bjarke nielsen

    2 days ago

    Nice sportsman ship

  46. k Louie

    k Louie

    2 days ago

    Tell others to play defense and you just letting people blow by , and “it’s fine”. Clown

  47. Brett Eiskina

    Brett Eiskina

    2 days ago

    Ol boy got crossed, almost fell and then got schmacked in the face with the ball after the dunk 😂 not an enjoyable sequence I’m sure.

  48. DJ Buenaventura

    DJ Buenaventura

    2 days ago

    Atleast DCups got 50.

  49. Benjamin Chen

    Benjamin Chen

    2 days ago

    The milky baseball indirectly glow because vacuum usually instruct on a cumbersome answer. erratic, wry brandy

  50. James Felipe

    James Felipe

    2 days ago

    Big boy aka d cup is a groupie disguised a troll. N how he shot n posed with off hand wit the 3 smfh

  51. James Felipe

    James Felipe

    2 days ago

    Who tf ask if u want the 1 or 5s esp if u sound like a girl saying it n look trash smfh

  52. SplashZach1


    2 days ago

    8:38 crazy

  53. MFM Morphene

    MFM Morphene

    2 days ago

    That boy slim got hops

  54. DrunkenWombat


    3 days ago

    Fucking loving this shit! You ever come to Australia it’s on!

  55. Miguel Mendez

    Miguel Mendez

    3 days ago

    D cups wild boi 🤣💯

  56. Ronn Dodda

    Ronn Dodda

    3 days ago

    Change your name to nick floatz



    3 days ago




    3 days ago

    6:40 Man taking a regular uncontested 3 And that happens. Who does that?

  59. Eli R.

    Eli R.

    3 days ago

    Give him the fucking ball Travis jeez 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  60. Chico •

    Chico •

    3 days ago

    Niggas Took Dude In The Green Shirt’s Hat 😂😂

  61. Martiros Foster

    Martiros Foster

    3 days ago

    Bro dude in the white tee and blonde braids dunks crazy 😱

  62. Tracy Gilbert

    Tracy Gilbert

    3 days ago

    Today's street ball is full of trash talking clowns who storm the court for every little thing. Glad I played in a different era.

  63. Ken Li

    Ken Li

    3 days ago

    That was the best street ball video around and no violence

  64. Sediq Ellison

    Sediq Ellison

    3 days ago

    Yo Nick really be walking on air

  65. Mansa.


    3 days ago

    bro dude with blue durag really speed boosted on nick lmaoo i said wtf

  66. S3S0444 张家泰BRYAN TIONG JIA TAI


    3 days ago

    13:28 so no one gonna talk bout how bouncy my man slim is ??????

  67. Johnathan Louw

    Johnathan Louw

    3 days ago

    Holy sh#t have I seen enough racism in one video 🤦🏻‍♂️

  68. Adama


    3 days ago

    12:09 exhibit A: the sky walk 12:17 exhibit B: the boost the players status

  69. Gianni Antoline

    Gianni Antoline

    4 days ago

    gotcha beanie😁

  70. Noah Reinke

    Noah Reinke

    4 days ago

    This guy ball hog

  71. Kanyon Kanyon

    Kanyon Kanyon

    4 days ago

    I dont like that big guy

  72. Derryon Jackson

    Derryon Jackson

    4 days ago

    Manz crossed him up and greened a 3

  73. Broken Token

    Broken Token

    4 days ago

    8:41 he jumped OVER HIM~!!!!!!!` HOLYYY FUUCCKCKKKKKKK

  74. Lil Curryy

    Lil Curryy

    4 days ago

    6:27 that's literally how covid spreads

  75. am702


    4 days ago

    this video was so damn good bruh holy shit

  76. Sinister Beatz

    Sinister Beatz

    4 days ago

    You cant call a mf a white boy. Niggas got no etiquette. Just say "yo my man" or "ay bro"....I been watching Nick vids and he got alot of respect for dudes inside the confines of competitive hoop banter.

  77. istar smile

    istar smile

    4 days ago

    The park jullian newman

  78. AlbertShotThat


    4 days ago

    TBH I would NEVER in my life give bruh even a dollar talkin to me like that, that’s props fr 😩😩🤣

  79. dizzy is cracked

    dizzy is cracked

    5 days ago


  80. doritos


    5 days ago

    Hey nick wtf you just levitate on da game winner u sickass crazy

  81. Eain Davis

    Eain Davis

    5 days ago

    That boy slim tuff

  82. Zealand Wylie

    Zealand Wylie

    5 days ago

    If someone ever calls me white boy or cracker than I’m going to call you a black boy and see if you get mad :)

  83. TheCapo


    5 days ago

    I'm not even going to lie to you, every single time Briz and Slim get together its a movie.... every damn time

  84. Jamari Russell

    Jamari Russell

    5 days ago

    Come to village park in Fort Lauderdale

  85. Kodack Blanco98

    Kodack Blanco98

    5 days ago

    Bro d cups to funny man!!

  86. Kodack Blanco98

    Kodack Blanco98

    5 days ago

    Yo racism goes both ways man smh fat bro needs a brizzy beating

  87. fevered hydra

    fevered hydra

    5 days ago

    Nick “ it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine”

  88. KamikaZee Zali

    KamikaZee Zali

    5 days ago

    1 mill in 3 weeks

  89. Barry Wilson

    Barry Wilson

    5 days ago

    Come to jersey

  90. carlos lopez

    carlos lopez

    6 days ago

    Fucken Travis

  91. Were you right?

    Were you right?

    6 days ago

    Seen more baby lamelos here than anywhere

  92. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez

    6 days ago

    D cup just talking shot to he hole time

  93. gilberto santiago

    gilberto santiago

    6 days ago

    I am not of basketball but I am a fan of you guys love what you guys are doing bringing all colors together in this sport. God bless you all.

  94. Ivan V

    Ivan V

    6 days ago

    Can we start a go fund me to buy D-cups a bra.

  95. Hegitt DeGuttz

    Hegitt DeGuttz

    6 days ago

    What's for dinner DCup? 🍲🍽️🍕🥪🍔🍖🍗🥩🥓🧄🥞🍟...U 50 UP

  96. Jj Stevens

    Jj Stevens

    6 days ago

    The fact that he almost it made me feel like I was there 🤣

  97. Alexander Aaron-Michael Smith

    Alexander Aaron-Michael Smith

    6 days ago

    i like how when people talk there talk but on the court they get fucked up

  98. xxTJxx p

    xxTJxx p

    6 days ago

    Yoo the dude with the hair like a ponytail I saw him in TikTok he’s girlfriend is supposed skinny I’m not the only one who saw that😳

  99. Illiad mcswain

    Illiad mcswain

    6 days ago

    Really enjoy watching your drives to the basket Nick...great explosiveness and body control!👍👍

  100. Illiad mcswain

    Illiad mcswain

    6 days ago

    That Slim guy looks pretty good

    • Illiad mcswain

      Illiad mcswain

      6 days ago

      They call a foul everytime they miss a layup! 😆😆😆

    • Illiad mcswain

      Illiad mcswain

      6 days ago

      3:43 sweet drive by the guy in grey