TRUE STORY that happened to a flight attendant at the airline I worked for! 😱 #shorts

It was the biggest tea during my time working there. We also had a fundraiser to help the poor mom who got stuck 😭😭😭😭
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  1. Angelo Dela Cerna

    Angelo Dela Cerna

    Hour ago

    Flight attendant was probably fat, reason why she didnt notice she's preggy

  2. neyugN hnA

    neyugN hnA

    2 hours ago

    I am confusion… How’d the pregnancy go unnoticed throughout those 9 months?? Wouldn’t the belly grow bigger?

  3. Stephen Sinitsyn

    Stephen Sinitsyn

    3 hours ago

    How fat do you have to be not to notice??

  4. Aaron Candis

    Aaron Candis

    3 hours ago

    So was she from Dubai or? I’m so confused why she brought up Dubai

  5. rosii._.dochii


    3 hours ago

    Wait did she actually-

  6. farhanfmx


    4 hours ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's alright to have a baby outside UAE without marriage and come to UAE after. Also the aftermath of giving birth without marriage are so scary here. God bless

  7. TheDark Whisper

    TheDark Whisper

    4 hours ago

    I read that a few years ago, an American flight attendant complaint that the airline companies are discriminating the female gender by not allowing pregnant, and or, married women as cabin crew. For those who don't know, there's reason why they shouldn't be allowed. One, complication for flight schedule. Pregnant women tends to have more issue, and working in a kinda stress workplace can cause harm to her carriage. If her carriage died due to the stress, the airline can be sued. Then, the complication in schedule such as go on labour out of notice, causing lack of cabin crew. The airline had to give notice to other employee to replace the women instead. There is more but this is just a short reason on why they did it.

  8. Peaceful Fren

    Peaceful Fren

    4 hours ago

    Based Arabs

  9. TomatoSoup


    4 hours ago

    Excuse me? Is that even possible?

  10. Cherry Pie

    Cherry Pie

    5 hours ago

    The law changed a few months ago. Cohabitation is allowed now. So I guess having sex before marriage is allowed also though I'm not entirely sure if they consider cohabitation as also having sex.

  11. catherine zomuanpuii

    catherine zomuanpuii

    5 hours ago

    is the person who gave birth you or other?

  12. Mailen Jaimes

    Mailen Jaimes

    7 hours ago

    This happened to my mom she was pregnant with me for 5 months and didn’t know. They had to abort me but the day they where going to take me out I popped out lol

  13. Dildor of Destiny

    Dildor of Destiny

    7 hours ago

    She greenscreened herself into a bathroom photo, nice touch

  14. BigKev 182

    BigKev 182

    8 hours ago

    Everytime I hear this song I think of american horror story asylum. For that reason I'm out!

  15. Amanda Goins

    Amanda Goins

    8 hours ago

    PERHAPS SHE DID KNOW and didn't want to get arrested for premarital sex so she fled the country when she was almost due!

  16. Santiago Vera

    Santiago Vera

    10 hours ago for 9 months she didn’t realize she didn’t have her period

  17. Julia Rodrigues

    Julia Rodrigues

    10 hours ago

    But like did she not notice her period stopped for 9 months

  18. Fougere J.M.

    Fougere J.M.

    10 hours ago

    To all the non-French people who don't understand the song 😭😭😂😂😂

  19. xbox clips

    xbox clips

    12 hours ago

    Damm this a bop

  20. Gian Almiranez

    Gian Almiranez

    12 hours ago


  21. Efficient Future

    Efficient Future

    12 hours ago

    Just stay in australia

  22. Jayden Suero

    Jayden Suero

    12 hours ago

    did the singer just say... NICA???

  23. Do


    13 hours ago

    Is the song singing 'dominique' ?

  24. Miguel Ramirez

    Miguel Ramirez

    13 hours ago

    Cap 🧢 she knew dam well

  25. Aws XBL

    Aws XBL

    13 hours ago

    Okay how can you be pregnant for 9 months and not notice the entire time :/

  26. Stephan Nieto

    Stephan Nieto

    13 hours ago

    Pretty difficult for a woman to not know she's pregnant for a full 9 months, fake story for sure just for views

  27. Jazz Fluff

    Jazz Fluff

    14 hours ago

    What do you even do at this point?

  28. Cynthia King

    Cynthia King

    14 hours ago


  29. NSR Skyline

    NSR Skyline

    15 hours ago

    Very lucky, fuck the UAE.

  30. Hi Dee!

    Hi Dee!

    16 hours ago

    Ummm. What is the name of the song?

  31. Thomas Broden

    Thomas Broden

    16 hours ago

    Yep that makes perfect sense😑

  32. yvngking


    16 hours ago

    How fat do you gotta be to go unnoticed

  33. joshua mclellan

    joshua mclellan

    17 hours ago

    The amount of people saying god helped her and she had a mothers instinct or luck to get out of Dubai fail to even think, why is there a law like this in the world?

  34. BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars

    BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars

    17 hours ago

    Cook that baby up, they are best when prepared up to an hour after birth

  35. Anita S

    Anita S

    17 hours ago

    About to happen 😍😍

  36. Kaitlyn Atkins

    Kaitlyn Atkins

    18 hours ago

    What happend then did u go back????

  37. b0nanz9_ csgo

    b0nanz9_ csgo

    18 hours ago

    Y'all talking about the pregnancy all i wanna know is the background music 🙂

  38. abb criss

    abb criss

    19 hours ago

    All the comments being like "This really is a thing" Yeah we all seen I didn't know I was pregnant.

  39. zugzugzugzuguwu


    19 hours ago

    this is so obviously satire😭😭

  40. Actinium Anarchy

    Actinium Anarchy

    20 hours ago

    How do you have absolutely no clue YOURE pregnant...

  41. SE T

    SE T

    20 hours ago

    And what happened? Australia would have not even allowed her to go on a plane.

  42. Dominik stolz

    Dominik stolz

    20 hours ago

    How do you know that your country is absolutely bullshit and should be bombed with napalm ? When it's ILLIGAL TO HAVE SEX WTF MIND YOUR OWN SHIT GOVERNMENT

  43. ErikaResponding


    21 hour ago

    Can we just take a moment to say fuck UAE laws?

  44. Salma Esquivel

    Salma Esquivel

    21 hour ago

    Ok why is nobody talking about how she broke a law in a country and the staff not worrying whatsoever and they just like "u can't come back to dubai"

  45. SafetyFooT


    22 hours ago

    What a ridiculous law. I sometimes forget that there are a lot of countries stuck in the Middle Ages ☹

  46. Dashel Pias

    Dashel Pias

    22 hours ago

    Wouldn’t that hurt by your self..? Also very blessed :)

  47. Torrin Santana

    Torrin Santana

    22 hours ago

    that's crazy how is she that skinny and never had a stomach or nothing how did the baby have room to grow

  48. ViroX


    22 hours ago

    True story

  49. Pira Starborn

    Pira Starborn

    23 hours ago

    Damn, welp that sucks.

  50. Yumna


    23 hours ago

    But why is it - I and me??? 😏😏 Shouldn’t it be she ????

  51. David Turner

    David Turner

    23 hours ago

    Of all the things that never happened, this happened the least.

  52. ok


    Day ago

    Whats the song in this?

  53. RestoredLife


    Day ago

    Yeah I don't buy that story, ever. Baby starts moving and kicking at some point. You can't tell me you never felt at least a slight movement 🙄 I call bs.

  54. Gracee Low

    Gracee Low

    Day ago

    Well she can apply visa for her n her child unless she wanna die in her own country

  55. Darth Blade

    Darth Blade

    Day ago

    American horror story is where I first heard this song. Hbu?

  56. Irene Jagna

    Irene Jagna

    Day ago

    I thought its Australia why shes telling laws of UAE im confused lol

  57. SimplyRosaline


    Day ago

    I sometimes get cramps too 😂😅😆

  58. JustForFun Hun

    JustForFun Hun

    Day ago

    Well, ur beautiful.

  59. ええつさん


    Day ago


  60. War Mango

    War Mango

    Day ago

    Ooooooh noooooo

  61. A Barbie Named Ken

    A Barbie Named Ken

    Day ago

    Imagine just being perplexed about not knowing you were pregnant and not fucking outraged at the fact that she would be arrested if she went home because of sexist purity culture laws. Like imagine being so out of touch that you're more concerned about the surprise pregnancy than it being a criminal offense to have sex before marriage and then being stranded in another country with a baby you didn't ask for and didnt prepare for. Imagine. Imagine how egregious that would be. But yes, the already widely known act of being pregnant and not knowing is what's shocking here.

  62. 쮼出


    Day ago

    I thought this whole thing was a damn joke until i read the title

  63. Prahlad NARAYANAN

    Prahlad NARAYANAN

    Day ago

    oh shit

  64. - Storm The Pokè-Fox -

    - Storm The Pokè-Fox -

    Day ago


  65. spartan1010101


    Day ago

    If u spend 9 months without a single period and didn’t figure out you’re pregnant I think you gonna have a bad time in life

    • McThunder Gacha

      McThunder Gacha

      6 hours ago

      maybe the lady is a bit aged so she thought that her period stopped? idk

  66. Parker Psillides

    Parker Psillides

    Day ago

    You should just stay in Aussie land you kid will have a way better time

  67. MYButterfly222


    Day ago




    Day ago

    Wait- everyone's talking abt "her pregnancy" but look at the caption ;^; it's not really happened to her ;^;

  69. god christ

    god christ

    Day ago

    Man I love this song tho I heard it on American horror story part2

  70. ꧁Lyla꧂


    Day ago

    Yeah but did she keep the baby

  71. Tcpjam3r332 6

    Tcpjam3r332 6

    Day ago

    How is that even possible to not notice a human growing inside you? I call bullshit some trickery here Fs.

  72. Vaughn Anderson

    Vaughn Anderson

    Day ago

    Most people in these situations give birth at like 7 months scary situation!

  73. George Dennert

    George Dennert

    Day ago

    How tf u 9 months pregnant and not even know???

  74. john smith

    john smith

    Day ago

    Slag should’ve been arrested

  75. Kayla Alspach

    Kayla Alspach

    Day ago

    Is that a legit law in dubai?

  76. Jacob The dude

    Jacob The dude

    Day ago

  77. undertale francais

    undertale francais

    Day ago

    Ok c une musique francaise dans une video anglaise wtf

  78. CosplayMemories14


    Day ago

    What in hells bells kind of law is that?!? Whom ever made that law and still enforces it, I look forward to bringing them to hell with me.

  79. CoLD_ Elite3

    CoLD_ Elite3

    Day ago

    Baby can now fly ☺️

  80. Tasi Harris

    Tasi Harris

    Day ago

    My worst fear in a single video 😬

  81. Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen

    Day ago

    Wtf????? I dont believe this but I know it might be true. Its just so hard to believe

  82. Keshav Nathoo

    Keshav Nathoo

    Day ago

    Everyone: Talking abt her being pregnant Me: Dominique nique nique...

  83. Luc Hamel

    Luc Hamel

    Day ago

    Pourquoi une française qui parle pas de personne enceinte je comprend pas 🤔🤔

  84. D Name

    D Name

    Day ago

    Also hold up HOW TF DO YOU NOT KNOW YOURE PREGNANT, genuinely asking here, does it just not come up in the *9 months* of carrying a child? Or idk a few weeks after whoever the father is does the deed? Don’t you feel like anything during that time? Genuine question, I’m not even being sarcastic

  85. 🍀


    Day ago

    I did not know that is illegal whaaaat??? why on earth...? was the attendant an uae citizen? how cruel is that :(

  86. D Name

    D Name

    Day ago

    That bathroom scene was just her dying, you can’t fool me

  87. Andy


    Day ago

    Trolls are the reason we can't have nice things anymore. Bless this lady and her new family God or no God.

  88. iibobabubbles


    Day ago

    Woah I’m sorry for you also how’s the kid going:)

  89. Punchysphinx 11

    Punchysphinx 11

    Day ago

    How do you not realize your pregnant?! Was there not even a baby bump. Or contractions, or kicks, or anything?!? That’s insane!

  90. Nickie Jenkins

    Nickie Jenkins

    Day ago

    She knew probably just scared to say anything

  91. Clue


    Day ago

    Why would you use a french song if u don’t know wjat it means? It could be racial slurs, it isn’t be it could be you ´never know

  92. Divinity


    Day ago


  93. Graze


    Day ago

    Wait how. How small of an organism was that baby for you not to be able to notice you were pregnant?

  94. Mentally Special

    Mentally Special

    Day ago

    How does someone not know they are pregnant 😂

  95. Zac Armstrong

    Zac Armstrong

    Day ago

    How can you be nine months pregnancy and not even realise????

  96. DJE beenz

    DJE beenz

    Day ago

    How do people even consider this as being real? It’s a really bad lie and has so many holes

  97. H40 Army

    H40 Army

    Day ago

    Full story

  98. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez

    Day ago

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is why laws that control women’s choices and anatomy suck 😀 #ProChoice. Like, why do you want to control when people have sex?!!!

  99. Toko H

    Toko H

    Day ago

    I like the song